Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aruba: Nobody Left to Blame

Joran van der sloots undercover tape was not new, it was more of the same.
Aruba told Beth to "shut up" so many times, by so many people, in so many ways and...
...they were not giving her Natalee to bring home and bury.

The rage isn't going away.

Joran's tape was only a small taste of the savagery that lives in people attached to the dying brand known as Aruba and what is the defining moment of their lives.
So desperate and insecure that they would do or say anything to win a fight they can't possibly have had time to think about. Not even concealing the "I'm being paid to talk to you" button in defense of the van der sloots, irrationally defending themselves.

I thought I've seen parents "into" their kids, but Paulus van der sloot's co-dependence on Joran is frightening.

These misogynistic savages continue their assault on Natalee and Beth.

Rage? The Joran tape is a snippet of a campaign of hate and anger being thrown at Natalee and her family by the authorities, the public relations consultants, the parents of the murderer of Natalee Holloway, and lawyers in 3 countries.
As go the van der sloots, so goes Aruba. Their thoughts and actions perfectly in sync. Joran isn't lying as much as confused as to which story his father wants him to tell. Aruba has long ago detached from an actual Natalee Holloway. There is no evidence of her, at all.
Aruba's own moral outrage, a rage fueled ugliness you can't believe, seemed to have little in the way of sympathy for Natalee and her family.

They had to defend Aruba's honor. Not spiritual enough to realize that defending Natalee's honor was the proper guide and a defense of basic human decency. They threw in with the van der sloots.

Joran's callousness on tape brought them shame and anger. Why? Because they didn't want worldwide opinion to think of them that way?

Joran, in some ways, spoke the truth for Arubans, and they blame him, for speaking the truth, the ugliness, the insensitivity. But he has been very representative of Aruban Authorities. Did you catch the video of the empty police station when Beth showed up last year? The hot coffee on the desks and the TV still on?
Paulus van der sloot has many interesting quotes. When he met Natalee's father, the father who's daughter his son murdered, and the father of the daughter he himself "disposed of...",
when he met the father who's daughter he decided would not be brought home to be buried, when given a chance, he told Dave Holloway he would "do anything to protect his son."
The "do anything" part is understandable, but the concept of "protection" is as vague as Aruba Law. His son is now in hiding thousands of miles away.

Who is protecting whom Paulus?

Both Paulus and Joran were in sync when on separate occasions they confirmed they had more to tell but didn't want to "hurt innocent people."

Natalee's family not included.

Have they deluded themselves to such a deep extent that they believe they are actually "protecting innocent people?"
Cowering, paralyzed with fear. Joran's own sick description of Natalee's death is a description of the van der sloots, only they are convulsing more slowly. And dragging many others with them. They're not protecting anyone, especially themselves. A sadistic and masochistic family. Why should it take this much rage to help the Holloways?

The flipside to the fact that a lot of people know what happened to Natalee is there must be some crucial piece of evidence that exists, unavoidable evidence, which is preventing this from being legally declared "accident."

This theory, as politicians do, was floated many times, but it won't float. Why? The prosecution can't make an accident theory float because they don't want to share how they know Natalee is dead by the same legal standards they use to protect Joran and selectively believed lies, they cannot reveal with that same standard how and why they know Natalee is dead.

But they know.

Surely it can't be because Joran told them? Or could it? So what else could it be? Paulus told them?
Did the Chief of Police Jan van der straaten see Natalee's dead body? On what evidence did they release a press statement that one of the suspects confessed? They used the word "confessed."

They obviously didn't think it was a lie, they called it a "confession." Was that confession/story different? Another story like the one that got the security guards arrested?
You can almost see the dirty police showing Paulus evidence, then waiting for the story. The whole structure built as one Aruba defense team. And the tortured word mincing the court uses to agree.

"Look in other directions" said Anita van der sloot. And so they did.

"I'll kick her butt, for all the trouble she's cost us." Joran van der sloot.

It's Natalee's fault, and they are indignant. Not one person on Aruba has called them out, nobody. Joran's tape made them angry, because they saw a reflection. They finally saw what we all see, and they hated themselves, who wouldn't?

This myth that people are afraid to talk, to tell the truth. Should we feel sorry for anyone who lives in fear of the truth? Those who weren't scared, were paid to take their shot at Natalee

The van der sloots and Aruba, still in sync. Running and hiding.

The parents were in it for the money, the beach flasher, the insurance scam, Natalee was pregnant by her stepfather and/or the hacked up drug dealer, she ran away from her Hitler like mother, and the mysterious, just happened to be walking by stranger, yet to be identified, who came upon a sex starved girl and just said, "gee, I think I'll kill her"and after she was dead, she swam away and disappeared herself, the mountainbrook students, the security guards and on and on...

And these words were from officials, adults, not Joran, Aruban Officials.

The so called "judges" believed the hotel lie, they believed the marijuana lie, and they believed his beach story, the one where she was alive and well, sleeping. This is about the Dutch, and about Holland, they have been given yet another glimpse of their own by-products.

The rage is appropriate.