Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dutch Shame: Aruba

It wouldn't take a 10 day cover up attempt and false charges to hide an accident when a lie would suffice.

And if Natalee died of an overdose it would only take lies to blame Natalee. But no body, no overdose. So why did and does the cover up need to go on 3.5 years running?


And why would the Chief of Police and Prosecutor implicate themselves, after the fact, in serious crimes, to protect a 17 year old?

They wouldn't.

But they didn't come to Aruba because they were the top of their professions. I think van der straaten and Janssen actually believed they were doing their job. Their loyalty to their friend, a metaphor for the ruling class on a barbaric island.

These people don't make these decisions without their own cover. Calling Holland?

As easy as it is to see the cover up, it's just as easy to see it doesn't stop with a hack like Karin Janssen. Her silence now, and her coldness and inability to meet with Natalee's mom says it all for me. She lives with shame. Her only rationalization is her loyalty to Mother Holland.

But this crime was not an accident and it was certainly something that needed a reason for it's brutality.

Blame the black guys. How cynical, the Dutch didn't want the world to see who they really are, they figured they would hide behind what they believed, it had to be the black guys.

But it wasn't. It was the ruling Dutch, who don't want the world to see the worst of the worst.

Van der straaten, van der sloot and Janssen are the worst of the worst. Joran is just a by-product of how degenerate their soullessness is. Aruba is to Holland, what Joran is to his father. The repository for their waste, a reflection of the worst part of themselves, maybe all of themselves.

Natalee was still at the van der sloot house when the citizens searched Aruba. What seemed like a chase was the few honest Aruba Police chasing the dirty Police in a race to find her before she was obliterated.

The main suspect has now confessed for about the 25th time and the Minister of Justice has accused the Chief of Police of covering for his friend.

And Hans Mos, the chief Prosecutor is worried about the lack of starch in his shirts.

So another Christmas. Natalee would have been graduating from college this year, off to medical school.

Instead we have video of Joran trying to traffic girls from Thailand to Holland and Natalee is still missing, and no person is in jail.

Can you take a moment this season, and write officials in Holland and simply ask why?

Be nice, if you can, and ask that we get Natalee back to her family, back to her home. Can you forgo a few moments of time for Natalee?

Pick any name on the list, email, and ask why? Why all this pain, why all this self-consciousness?

For Christmas, let officials in Holland think of Natalee, and let them feel the shame.