Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alfonso Riveroll: Lost in Transition

Alfonso Riveroll the new head of AHATA, not to be confused with ATA or ATIA , the new spokesperson, gave a speech considered "excellent" by the paid bobbleheads.

"He was visibly excited" said A.M. Digital, a local paper. I wonder what that means in Aruba? Was the reporter under the podium?

A business owner, stepping in, probably hasn't been to Aruba in years, but is he doing this out of necessity? Is this really a pleasure Alfonso, or "just business?" With the recent comments by Hero Brinkman and Rudy Croes regarding the former Chief of Police interfering with the crucial first days, the cover up of a crime, will AHATA be commenting? Or will you support this investigation? Whatever is most profitable is the obvious answer but can that be accomplished with the truth about what happened to Natalee or is that impossible?

Is keeping her "disappeared" the strategic plan or will you help her family bury her?

Riveroll says "Aruba's image has been tarnished" and they have "fared well." "They have fared well?" Does that mean another American girl will be sacrificied soon? So you can fare well-er all over again?

Alfonso did say "they need to minimize the impact of the Natalee Holloway disappearance."

He of course doesn't mean the impact on Natalee or her family, I guess he's referring to the impact on Aruba, the country that has "fared well."

So the obvious question is how is he going to do that? Up until now they have been trying to erase the event, the crime, the savagery, from reality. Let's see: they have blamed it on Natalee and that didn't work. They have tried to frame two innocent black guys and that didn't work.
They tried to blame the media and that didn't work. They tried to use the media to paint their own picture, and that didn't work. They tried to blame Natalee's Mom and that didn't work.

They haven't tried blaming the Dutch van der sloot, the Chief van der straaten or Prosecutors Mos and Janssen. I guess because that may be awkward, the truth can do that.

Even though when the guards couldn't be framed, the Aruba Police told us that AHATA was actually in charge of the investigation, they have no legal authority.

And it's pretty obvious that the term "fared well" is a corporate slogan meant to, I don't know, do something...I guess. The brand has been damaged, he knows that, so what is he planning?

If the American market is still in their sights, they will not succeed. This is the group who pays Joe Tacopina and John Pauly, guys who don't make anyone say, "gee, I need to go to Aruba." They make Aruba seem seedy by their employ.

Will a name change help? That will not only lessen the impact of the Natalee Holloway disappearance it will be like declaring bankrupcy and starting over. So the new Aruba, whatever the name is will not be the same Aruba. Mr. Riveroll has tried this before. Last year he suggested to the Detroit Lions that if they changed their name to the Detroit Grizzly Bears they would win the Super Bowl.

It's all in a name. Aruba-murder-Natalee-vandersloot-Dutch.

They continue to pitch the word "disappeared" instead of "murdered." It's now clear this was their idea, a strategy. When it's the black guys it's murder, when it's the white Dutch guys it's "disappeared." When your a tourism board, in Aruba, you define reality.

But what now? Will Alfonso call out the Dutch? Will they do something to compel the Dutch to tell us what they already know? Will they give Natalee back to her parents so they can bury their disappeared daughter?

I'm betting no. It's still the island of blame.

Accepting reality and working toward finding Natalee is a concept lost on Aruba. Why is that? For years we've know the reason is that the truth is failure for AHATA, the truth will only forever alter the name Aruba.

Natale is not the only one to go from "murdered" to "disappeared." The Dutch have done this to Aruba also. But this is a step up from the "truth" or the murder and cover-up. Hence, they've "fared well." The truth was the goodbye wave. So the disappearance and the "mystery" is still a better option than the truth of a premeditated assault on a tourist and her murder. Will they build on that or confront the truth? "Mistakes were made" was an early-on slogan Aruba pitched. More marketing ideas from the group of letters.

Who's left to blame? Is this one last shot before you write this investment off?

Keeping Natalee "disappeared" is "faring well" in Aruba or we don't understand their "language."