Monday, June 07, 2010

van der sloot staring at "the Gates of Hell"

Great quote from a lawyer who's been to prisons in Peru.

For $50 he said, an inmate would cut Joran's throat. And for a white Dutch guy who killed a local girl, the bidding war will end in doing it for reasons other than money. It's the "Gates of Hell."

Joran is asking for a white lawyer. He used the word "Dutch" but you know... His father, the only one ever charged with Premeditated Murder died, his heart squeezed while staring at the sun on a tennis court. What a beautiful "oh shit" moment. His words of "I'll do anything to protect my son," strangling him and squeezing the life out him, like a giant hand taking him away. Or the crunching of a cockroach under your feet.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more shallow, Joe Tacopina, the lawyer who doesn't practice was reaching into his old script about the beach flasher in Aruba and theorizing there may have been a dust bunny hiding in the room who killed Stephany Flores. Gone is the "he's a sweet kid" and "he's a straight A student" and the deflection onto Natalee's responsibility.

What does it cost to shame yourself on national TV? Then he defends himself as being a lawyer before being a person. With 4 daughters, you're Gates of Hell could be way more painful than the van der sloots is.

But Joe Tacopina is in line behind Jan van der straaten, the Chief of Police, and Dennis Jacobs, the lead investigator. They had those two black guys locked up right away for 10 days and then ran away.

Jan van der straaten, for saying it was "murder," because "you've seen the evidence." Then not telling us what that "evidence" was. For asking Natalee's Mom if she had a history of seizures and not telling her why you were asking. For threatening to do nothing, instead of protecting the next Natalee, if Beth Holloway didn't leave you alone. Was that like Joran killing her because she looked into his "private life?"

Does it get any more cowardly and sleazy than these Dutch guys? And really, whatever the name of that group was that thought the Soprano's was offensive to the Italian Community, have you seen this greaseball Joe Tacopina?

Paulus Van der sloot is dead.
Joran van der sloot is soon to be dead.
Jan van der straaten is soon to be dead
Joe Tacopina will have his moment
Dennis Jacobs is soon to be dead.

Serial Killers are not born that way, they are made. Paulus van der sloot raped and killed Natalee Holloway. Doesn't seem to matter now, but all of this for Joran van der sloot? This was always about the adults, like college professors, they use the young and naiive for their own purpose, and Paulus van der sloot and Jan van der straaten did not cover this up to protect someone who would already be out of jail if charged in Aruba as a minor.