Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aruba: Nobody is that Stupid, Are They?

Three and a half years ago, two security guards were arrested and jailed for suspicion of murder.

The murder of Natalee Holloway.

The Chief of Police, Jan van der straaten said it was murder, "I've seen the evidence."

Karin Janssen the Prosecutor agreed. As did the guards lawyers. Their clients were being charged with murder.

Aruba acted quickly and decisively.

They had a murder, they had "evidence."

That evidence was the story told by Joran van der sloot. That's right, the same guy we just witnessed telling us he sold Natalee for 10k to a mysterious Venezuelan.

On the word of Joran van der sloot, a story made up before Natalee's mom ever showed up 24 hours after she disappeared.

Joran had told police he and the Kalpoe's dropped Natalee and the Holiday Inn, where she tripped on her way into the hotel.

That can't be the evidence that van der straaten said he had "seen."He had to have seen something? And something that would give him the authority to haul in security guards and broadcast that around the world.

What exactly could the Chief of Police have seen that would make one know a murder had taken place and that it was Natalee?

Since Aruba has adopted a "no body, no crime" stance, that must mean they had a body, a dead body and Natalee's dead body.

It took 10 days for them to admit the guards were innocent. 10 days, really?

What happened next is very simple, Natalee went from murdered to disappeared and the guards were released.

Joran and Paulus and 7 others were arrested for charges ranging from rape to heavy battery to premeditated murder.

Again, for an island that believes "no body, no crime" what was going on?

A press release confirming that "one of the suspects has confessed" and leading authorities to the body. Natalee was confirmed dead, by Aruban officials.

Without a body? Really? Or again, on the word of Joran van der sloot?

The next Police Chief would say that Natalee's body had been moved several times. No doubt it was in the 10 days the security guards were in jail?

Then came the official retraction. They now had a disappearance.

The Arubadirtypolice had to be complicit in this chain of custody of evidence. Is Aruba justice a self serve concept?

What else could pass for evidence in Aruba? Certainly not the word of Joran van der sloot, which they now say are all lies.

But are they all lies? Rudy Croes, Jan van der straaten, Karin Janssen, Gerald Dompig were just making this all up?

The un-solving of the murder of Natalee Holloway had to include the Aruba Police Department.

From the Holiday Inn drop off story, to now the sold into slavery story, Joran van der sloot must be branded a liar, because, it covers the crimes of the adults in Aruba.

Joran has the leverage in Aruba, he taunts them, he holds the truth. People always say, "how is this guy still walking around?" If Natalee had been killed and taken out in the ocean that night, why would they have held the security guards for 10 days? Why would the Chief of Police state her body was moved several times? Both cannot be true.

So if we can't believe Joran, can we believe the Chief Of Police, both of them? I do. They had a murder, and they had a dead body. And then they didn't.

Joran van der sloot did not make Natalee go from murdered to disappeared, the Aruba Dirty Police did.

Three and a half years later, the lawyer for Natalee's mother Beth, said it very well:

"...And the other thing is -- let me just add, Greta, you know, Aruba is a tourist island. Their commerce -- they can survive if the story is -- you know, is one aberrant act by a young man who got caught up and panicked on an accidental death of a young girl there. That they can live with. But you know, for several young men conspiring and plotting and putting someone into human trafficking, adults covering it up, law enforcement covering it up, government officials looking away, that's something Aruba can't survive."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thai Chicken: Little Paulus van der sloot

Exporting girls from Thailand to Holland? Quite the entrepreneur is Joran van der sloot.

He's all grown up. Not quite grown up like his father though.

Paulus "I'll do anything to protect my son" van der sloot has his mini-me, his pawn and his muse.

Joran van der sloot is immature and an over-rated psychopath. He just never had to "find himself" because his father would "do anything" to protect him. Not much growth opportunity for young Joran when his father will "protect" him as if being accountable for mistakes is just a minor part of that opportunity. But it is an opportunity nonetheless for Paulus.

No way Joran is just free-lancing. Although it is logical considering his "experience" that he somehow relates women and money as an opportunity. He's still being paid for Natalee and I wonder by whom?

Whatever your mind wants to conjure as to the details, it's still all about Paulus.

This much attention without resolution was not the work of a high school student in Aruba.

Once again the van der sloot definition of "protecting my son" is twisted. Maybe because he isn't "protecting my son?"

I guess Paulus is doing the tough love thing, by "letting go" and stop the enabling.

But he doesn't quite follow the whole program. Paulus pays for Joran's college education, we're told.

Protection money?

No shame too great can bring out the truth?

Denial and rationalization. Like making a mirror hoping you tolerate your own presence, regardless if it's someone else you're seeing.

They don't want to give up their freedom?

Haven't they "bottomed out" yet?

They will never escape Natalee Holloway until they "let go" of her. Until then, their own pain continues and plays out like a sad disease, eating everything in it's path.

Selling drugs, selling prostitutes, smoking weed, gambling, raping tourists,Bangbus, alcohol and excuses...

Good job, Paulus. What's next? Or do you even see a next?

Too cowardly to kill your own son? Why?

You'll "protect him" though. By letting this obscene sadist crash and burn hoping someone else will kill him? The shame and guilt of knowing your son gave his life for you, would that be too much to pry the truth from you?

And still now, even now, you have a chance for decency and you refuse. God only gives you so many chances and so many signs.

Is this latest adventure a big enough sign?

He will kill again, hopefully he goes alone.

He'll do anything to "protect" his father.

The Premeditated Murdering Paulus van der sloot.