Sunday, October 30, 2005

Natalee Hollowy: Still on the island of Aruba and not in the ocean

"I'll do anything to protect my son" Paulus told Dave Holloway. Protection from what? Being framed for a crime he didn't commit? In Aruba? I don't think so.

You were protecting him from the truth and from the consequences of his actions.

The “I dropped her at the beach” story may have been believable if told initially. But it wasn’t, it couldn’t. Paulus had not finished with the evidence. The no body no crime mantra did not yet apply.

First they needed a distraction away from the beach and away from the van der sloot property. If only…If only they had done what is always done in these cases, bring them in for routine questioning, a cursory search of the property, the evidence was there.

The Kalpoe’s and Joran van der sloot were able to get a pass on a story but the security guards were not, even though they too had a story and it was the truth!

It took 10 days to figure out that they had not lied. The van der sloot lie was accepted immediately.

But so was Paulus, friend of the police, close friends of the Police Chief. A father compelled to action in his warped sense of parental responsibility. He failed yet again as a judge.

The first was not realizing his son’s social life was costing more than his own.

A father whose idea of spending quality time with his son was in a casino gambling. A father who didn’t see the literal wall he built by allowing his son to have his own apartment, without paying rent, he taught him nothing. He created a life for his son that he wanted for himself. But he created a monster, predator and now a rapist and murderer.

The 3 suspects are often excused for lying because they were scared. The same scared suspects would not have been capable of making Natalee disappear along with all other evidence so completely in such a short time frame. And, the ocean is not the likely resting place for Natalee’s remains. The timing of the 2 stories is key to understanding why Natalee’s remains are not in the ocean.

That first night, the police either decided or were told not to bring the Kalpoes and Joran van der sloot into custody, which is normal procedure when dealing with missing persons. Eliminate suspicion quickly, but in this case they could not follow procedures and eliminate suspicion so they needed time, and a story.

This is the moment Paulus van der sloot took control of this investigation. Took control to solve a crime and then to un-solve a crime, to protect his son, Joran van der sloot. Paulus thinks that if he can work the legal system it will somehow change history. He thinks that winning is only in the courtroom. But Paulus, you’ve already lost.

Mr. Van der sloot would know what to do with evidence and how to misdirect the police, the ones he works with every day. He would know the best place to get rid of evidence.

The landfill is a place that would require legal authority and approved resources to search. Evidence gets buried deeper and deeper each day.

It’s tedious and dangerous work.

But the landfill, nothing looks out of place because everything is out of place.

The ocean would require a boat and the risk of being seen. Keep the crime insulated in as small a circle as possible, no chances. And it needs to be done quickly.

When his father said ‘no body no crime, he was describing to the 3 suspects what he had done with the evidence. This is when they came up with their second story.

Paulus van der sloot is the only one who knows where Natalee is buried.

He would do it alone to insulate himself and Joran and rope in Deepak and Satish and find a way to blame it on them if need be.

He would certainly have thought to pass blame on the Kalpoe’s if he could but he could not.

Just what did they do that necessitated killing Natalee and making sure she would not be found. There were early reports that she “hit her head, she fell and they all had sex with her.” Too bad about the Kalpoe’s. Now you must live with the knowledge that they could drop a dime on you at any moment. Sleep well? Or have you thought about getting rid of them too?

There still is no corroborated timeline from the night Natalee disappeared. The parents of the suspects only lend more suspicion and not less.

This is very, very disturbing.

Steve Croes, Paulus van der sloot and Mrs. Kalpoe cannot corroborate a consistent timeline to account for the 3 on the night Natalee disappeared.

There is no proof or evidence of any kind that links Natalee to anyone else after she was with Joran van der sloot. No corroborating evidence that Joran’s second beach story is even true. So how did the Kalpoe’s get involved and why are the Van der sloots and Kalpoes holding a proverbial gun to each other’s head?

Dompig is steering Dave away from the landfill.

He claims he is acting on rumors of stolen fishing equipment. A story that has been around for months but without evidence. Did they fingerprint the huts? Rumors?

Natalee’s remains get buried more each day in the landfill.

How can anyone doubt that Paulus van der sloot is running this investigation?

Aruba is a business.

Aruba is worried about tourism and not justice. Instead of calling in help from the FBI they hire media consultants to advise them on damage control.

Instead of asking the FBI they form committee’s to fight the negative press.

In classic and destructive style they are pointing the finger back at their largest customer.

They have shown a textbook example of how not to manage a crisis. In any form of commerce when a vendor not only doesn’t take care of a problem but also blames the customer, you only enrage the customer even more.

The racism angle exists for sure. No one likes to admit it but when the world saw the arrest of the 2 black security guards, we thought: case closed. A tragedy yes, but we’ve seen it before.

When news came that they were released and the last known person to be with Natalee was the son of someone who works in the prosecutor’s office, that’s when Aruba was blindsided and blinded.

Then, just when confirmation of Natalee’s death comes on the news, a close friend of the suspect’s father replaces Chief Dompig and Aruba officially retracts the “story.”

And Aruba cannot understand the negative press?

Unless and until the investigation is focused on Jan van der Straaten and Paulus van der sloot Aruba will continue to dig itself a deeper hole. A timeline of Paulus’ action and contacts will reveal his solving and un-solving of this crime. Your customer’s want answers and deserve answers.

The bottom will come on November 11th when a judge and not the Police will decide that Paulus is no longer a suspect in the case.

This has become a clubby legal exercise where the lawyers and judges demonstrate that they are above the law with some entitlement to the equivalent of diplomatic immunity.

Paulus van der sloot unsolved this case because he controlled the evidence and it’s destruction. He then fashioned a story to fit his version of a lie. He used his son and the Kalpoe’s as pawns. He did what his teenage son did, create fantasies and then believe them. Comfortable in the courtroom with his nose in books yet runs from the cameras and cowers in his house while Natalee’s father is down the street looking for her remains.

The Dutch in Aruba have options in Holland and will lay waste to the island before they depart.

The locals don’t have that option.

What irony. If American dollars carry so much consequence why then was the FBI not fully in charge from the beginning?

Who said, “Americans value life, we value death?” Any guesses Holland?

Cowardly men with false pride and a father who thinks he is doing what all fathers would do. Unfortunately, Paulus van der sloot hadn’t noticed what a failure he really is. Trying to revise history via the legal system won’t unring the bell that is Natalee Holloway. Your team of lawyers and manipulation with connections will not raise your stature anywhere, especially not in the eyes of your son. Nothing can replace the moment you showed who you are, running like a scared rabbit, running from your own truth.

You may walk on November 11th but you’ll always be running. Running from the truth, for the rest of your life and the lives of your family. Your son, the rapist and murderer, Joran van der sloot.

Look out your window and see a man, a father, Dave Holloway. He dug through a landfill looking for his girl. Can you comprehend that? The girl your son "dropped at the beach."

Even standing on a landfill looking for the remains of his daughter, Dave Holloway is still more blessed than you ever will be. Now he wants to say goodbye to his beautiful and accomplished daughter.

And what are you doing? Paying lawyers to keep your son in lies, working towards a career as a casino greeter? You and your family are a freak show.

There are no coincidences and there is no mystery. Mystery is a word used by lazy and slovenly nanny state employees that have lost sight of right and wrong.

Natalee’s history is not unlike Aruba’s. Once beautiful and simple. Now gone, corrupted by the Dutch, hiding behind greed.

Paulus van der sloot; there is always time for redemption, that's a gift from God. You are one confession away from redemption.

It takes courage. What's that, you don't know what that is? It's not in the courtroom surrounded by a cadre of lawyers.

It's in Beth Twitty as she knocks on doors in Aruba. It's in Dave Holloway as he stands among your wasteland looking for his daughter.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dompig explains why he needs to speak with MB Students


Chief Dompig needs to contact students regarding the stolen cameras that were supposedly found in the possession of the 2 black security guards.

Dompig said his previous boss, van der straaten cannot account for the cameras now. They may not have actually been cameras belonging to the MB students. "Since they were disposable we disposed of them," said one officer in charge of handling evidence.

"Since they were all disposable cameras purchased in Aruba, we thought it would make a convenient "story" and help us solve this crime, Aruba style." said one source.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Natalee's Mom, Beth

"I wanted to make sure that she would be as proud of me as I am of her in accomplishing our one goal and that is to find Natalee."

Beth Holloway Twitty, June 5, 2005

She is Beth, she is...

...and so are millions of others.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chief Dompig Feared Kidnapped In Aruba


Major American news media have sent tapes of recent inverviews with Chief Dompig to the FBI to verify the authenticity of the voice claiming to be that of the Chief.

You only hear his voice yet don't see him.

Sources in Aruba claim Dompig has been kidnapped and someone else is actually the voice of Dompig.

"Some of the statements coming in recent days are just unlike anything Gerald would say", said a colleague."He sounds just ridiculous and bizarre, almost blaming Natalee and her Mom for all that has happened."

Suspicions began to arise when just after Dompig claimed publicly that all roads lead back to the 3 suspects and that Paulus van der sloot was certainly still a suspect, Dompig's demeanor has changed.

Now claims of a Twitty scam and renewed interest in the Mountainbrook students seem all to coincidental.

Some claim the new Dompig has gained tremendous weight and looks very pale. "He's looking more and more like John Pauly every day," said one source. Pauly is the rotund media pimp and whore hired by Arubatruth.

"It's like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers" said Betme Croes.

It's a mystery why Dompig is now wanting to talk to Beth Holloway Twitty after Aruban officials have spent months threatening her to keep quiet.

The Prime Minister and Rudy Croes have also supported Janssen's call to bring everyone back to Aruba. "We're inviting everyone to come back to Aruba," said Croes.

Aruban officials are attempting a do-over. "By bringing everyone back we can recreate that fateful week and revise history. In some ways we can create a story and a world where none of this ever happened, said Rudy Croes."

When asked how they would handle the re-creation without Natalee , Aruban officials looked at each other and said, "Natalee who?"

November 11th is coming:

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State of the United States of America
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20520

Prosecutor in Aruba to Arrest Mountain Brook Students


Prosecutor Janssen is planning to arrest all the students and chaperones on the trip with Natalee Holloway. While Janssen will not personally interview Beth Twitty, she will have a top aide take her statements, again. "I seem to have trouble looking Beth in the eye, so out of respect to her I will let someone else speak with her," said Janssen. Under Dutch Law Ms. Janssen must take her remaining vacation days or lose them. "They just happen to coincide with when Beth will be on the island."

Janssen breaking her usual silence said,"It's good timing for us to distract attention and allow Paulus van der sloot to ensure he's back on the payroll of the Dutch Authorities."

"I miss his valuable input and help on this case and with over 200 new arrests I could sure use the manpower." gushed Ms. Janssen.

"We're fortunate as government employees to have a reset button once we've decided on an outcome," said the Prosecutor.

Ms. Janssen went on to say "she appreciates the token gestures of interest by Chief Dompig but once Jan van der straaten is back from his liver transplant everything will be back the way it was."

Prosecutor Jannsen expects that once Paulus is set up and Joran back in Holland the case will have resolution. " I will continue to do the job I've been doing until every piece of evidence is gathered and destroyed."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chief Dompig: "I am a scam, but I can't comment on that"

"Chief, you have said that Paulus van der sloot is a suspect in both the disappearence and the aftermath. How is it possible he could be released from suspicion on November 11th?"

"Chief, is this really you on the phone and how do we know it isn't an edited tape, because I see your face but your lips don't move."

"Chief Dompig, can you solve this case without implicating present or past members of your police force or the government of Aruba?"

"Chief Dompig, who was it that confessed and what happened that constituted a retraction?"

"Is it true that shortly after the statement regarding "something bad happened" you were replaced by Jan van der straaten?"

"Is it true that Jan van der Straaten is Joran's godfather? A simple yes or no would do."

"If the same situation were to happen today, would the 3 suspects be brought in immediately for questioning regardless of their story?"

"If so, why wasn't that done here?"

"Do you have all of Paulus van der sloots phone records beginning the night Natalee disappeared?"

"Did you do any fingerprint testing on the fisherman's hut?"

"Is it true that Paulus van der sloot has volunteered to clean and paint the fisherman's huts?"

"Is it true that Paulus has petitioned to have his phone records kept sealed?"

"When exactly did Paulus van der sloot stop going to work?"

"Did Paulus van der sloot ever sit at his desk while his son was in jail?"

"Exactly what evidence constituted the arrest of the Kalpoes for premeditate murder and rape?"

"You want to speak to Beth now? Wasn't it your country that didn't want her to speak?"

"Just what kind of scam are you referring to?" Are the Van der sloots and kalpoe's in on it"

"Please tell us how this scam was pulled off by the Twitty's"

Another pig in the poke, you and Pauly. Has he told you to speak but say nothing?

Listening to the chief is like listening to the radio when it's turned off.

Prosecutor Janssen is a Fraud


It isn't clear on what evidence the Kalpoes were arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder and rape.

Likely the same evidence that led to the security guards being arrested and held in jail.

Also the same evidence that is directing the searches near the fisherman's hut.

Maybe even the same evidence that prevented the van der sloot property from being searched.

And just what is that evidence Ms. Janssen?

The lies of Paulus and Joran van der sloot. Paulus still working in your office whispering advice?

Just how did you dupe the Kalpoes? The drugs they gave Joran were responsible for Natalee's death so you told them they were now party to a murder? Probably betting they wouldn't realize that maybe it wasn't the drugs but Joran alone who killed Natalee. It worked, you hooked them. But now you can't shake them.

You would have turned on them from the beginning if you could. The security guard scapegoat didn't stick so you tried the Kalpoe scapegoat and it doesn't remove the stench from Joran van der sloot.

And Ms. Janssen you worked closely with Paulus van der sloot didn't you? You and Jan van straaten were not blinded by your friendship? The Dutchies stick together don't they?

Ms. Janssen you couldn't even pick up the phone to call Beth when the suspects were released? Did your emotions or hatred get in the way?

It's a sorry state when your resignation would be your most competent and productive act.

You are unprofessional and corrupt and must be fired for incompetence, indecency and titanic cowardice.

You, Ms. Janssen are a fraud.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Paulus and Anita van der sloot: King and Queen of Aruba


The Dompigpen has run out of sunscreen in Aruba. Charged, for the second time with covering up his own police force's corruption, he has more white ass to cover than sunscreen to cover it.

"I just didn't anticipate the amount of ass that I would have to cover, " said Dompig.

Asked why he is now appealling again to the public for information, Dompig said," well I'm not appealling to the public as much as I am to my own officers. I'm hoping my officers will call the tips line and clue me in on just how much evidence they either lost or never collected."

"I'm going back to square one not because my department in incompetent, but just to make sure we haven't missed anything." Dompig refused to comment on allegations that the reason they are going back to the beginning is that there never was an investigation.

Dompig believes the previous Police Chief solved the case very quickly and just as quickly unsolved it. "Normal procedures were just not followed for some reason, and with all the media pressure some evidence may have been lost." It's a mystery!

Chief Dompig is directing the search away from the landfill.

The Chief cannot solve this case without implicating the previous Chief of Police. Aruba would like to find Natalee and see the case go away and file it under: MYSTERY.

In fact the whole of Aruba wants to cling to that word in an act of self soothing denial.

10/11 will be Aruba's 9/11 when Paulus van der sloot continues his rape of Aruba and the cruelty to the Holloway-Twitty hits a nadir.

Not even the a truckload of Hawaiian Tropic for the fat-assed spinmeister John Pauley will prevent the shitstorm that will rain on Aruba.

Dompig still cannot admit he is trying to solve a case that has been solved and unsolved by the Dutch troika of van straaten, van der sloot and Jannsen.

Titanic Aruba is heading for an iceberg, but you aren't listening. You're low rent nanny state will lose it's nanny. No more phony smiles at the tourists you despise as walking ATM machines.

Will you be there to cheer Paulus on so he can go back to working for you? Happy now that Anita is teaching your children to grow up to be, what?

Paulus and Anita. King and Queen of Aruba.

Natalee's Mom, Beth

"I wanted to make sure that she would be as proud of me as I am of her in accomplishing our one goal and that is to find Natalee."

Beth Holloway Twitty, June 5, 2005

She is Beth, she is...

...and so are millions of others.

Retracting the Truth: Van der sloots rape Aruba

Yes, Chief Dompig, go back to the beginning: Early June, 2005

Rudie Soemers, night watch commander, said the effort to find her became a criminal case two days after her disappearance.

Oduber pledged his nation's "full support and utmost dedication" in finding Holloway. "We are shocked and completely distressed at this turn of events," he said. "We will not tolerate any activities that harm our American friends or tarnish Aruba's reputation."

I contend that the retracted confession of June 11, 2005 was authentic. A SPOKESPERSON FOR THE ARUBAN MINISTER OF JUSTICE as well as THE DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER released the following information concerning the confession to the media……this was not a rumor.

"David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body."

"One of the young men detained admitted "SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED" to the woman after they took her to the beach, a police officer said, while prosecutors said the investigation was at a crucial point."

"But prosecutors refused to comment on the statement by DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER GEROLD DOMPIG (search), who told The Associated Press that the man who made that admission was leading police to the scene. He refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to a northern beach the night she went missing made the statement."

And that's where van straaten and van der sloot step in. No need to confess, "no body no crime." Retract the Truth.

Stay on message boy and we'll protect you.

Where's the body, Paulus?

Why is anyone surprised that Paulus would attempt to have his name cleared? He will probably win. I mean this is the same man who convinced a judge that his son needed to be released so he could go to college. Do you doubt he already knows the outcome? He is still a paid employee of Corporate Holland. He is attempting to move out of Aruba. No doubt Jannsen will present a weak hand so he can "transfer."

This is exactly how corporate entities handle these situations, they move people without acknowledging guilt.

I thought I would post an email this site received recently:


I'm trying to find the words to explain why I can't let go of this...and it's complex and simple at the same time.

Complex in the sense that being originally from the Caribbean (living in Canada for the past 20+ years) I've seen the lack of accountability, the surreal events, and downright unfairness of their Caribbean way of doing things. Multiply that by 1000% and that's what's happening in Aruba.

Simple in the sense that it's just about human decency, empathy towards the family of a missing girl, who could've been anyone...even me. I've travelled a lot throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, and despite my streets smarts, God knows I've been in situations that could have turned bad.

I'm pissed off by the Aruban people's passiveness. Deep down, despite obtaining their sovereignty, they are still very much dependent on the Dutch, and I'm sure the Dutch don't miss a chance to remind them. I get this whole inferiority complex coming out of Aruba, masked as superiority sometimes and apathy towards Americans, who they also rely upon.

I'm also pissed off by this victim mentality, as if something had happened to them, other that the exposure of their 'one happy family' mentality (read your latest, and it's right on).

I look at Natalee's family and I see this naivete, that Natalee probably also possessed. The expectation that people are basically good and always do the right thing, and if in the tragic eventuality that they don't, then they would be held accountable. I don't think anything could have prepared them for the ugliness that has reared its ugly head in Aruba, and it's only just that they have conveyed their experience to the rest of the world.

Aruba had its chances to redeem herself. She failed miserably.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Aruba's future: Paulus van der sloot?

Calling any Police with courage?

The sound of silence.

Two dirty fat old men put out to pasture in Aruba. They used their friendship to protect the boy. They probably did have good odds of getting away with it.

2 dirty old dead men. Cowards.

Remember the outrage when the Prime Minister confirmed "mistakes were made" and the confirmation by Rudy Croes of Natalee's death. The Prime Minister saying "they found blood."

All later retracted. "Misinformation." Coming from where? The Police no doubt. Misinformation is Aruba Dirty Police's description of the truth. It's a mystery! There is no truth in mystery. It's a pretty word to describe your covering up the murder of Natalee Holloway by Joran van der sloot.

The politicians were right. They spoke the truth until Jan rode back in to whitewash the evidence and spin alternative theories.

Don't build a case, deconstruct it. These were the actions of van Straaten. Sadly supplanting the victim's rights with that of the suspects.

Aruba is so used to marketing itself it's can't speak plain truth. Release Paulus and you will tell the world that the Dutch do not value this one american life.

The boys don't go down without the old men. They are co-dependant criminals. All roads may indeed lead to those 3 as you said but they go through van straaten and van der sloot don't they Chief Dompig?

If you release Paulus van der sloot from suspicion you have signaled the case is over and the coverup complete. Is this a way for you to get Paulus off the island to go work in Holland? Then claim you've performed some type of justice?

Van straaten and van der sloot. Let them walk and your future is behind you too.

Paulus and Jan know. On November 11th you can either tell the world Paulus is not a suspect and he can sue for wrongful arrest or you can take a stand. Another chance for Aruba to get it right. So far you've blown every chance. Oh yes, the legal proceedings will be handled by Karin Jannsen.

Where's the body Paulus? Where's the evidence Jan? Do you dream about what they did to Natalee that made it necessary to have her disappear completely?

Still no corroborated timeline for that night and Paulus is not a suspect? Chief Dompig, if you are to have any credibility, you cannot allow Paulus to continue this charade.

These 2 men, van straaten and van der sloot are denying Beth and Dave the honor of paying the final respect to Natalee.

Beth and Dave will not be finished until they can complete the cycle. Burying their daughter. Her and Dave have more people behind them that you can even think of buying.

And we will stay on you until the dirty old men never see the light of day, ever again.

"Happen to Aruba."


"Hello Aruba Customer Service, how may we help you?"

"Yes I'd like to report my daughter missing"

"I'm sorry but my system is down"

"But my daughter missed her flight"

"I'm sure she'll show up at a crack house or Ladies Night at Carlos n Charley's."

"Can I file a report?"

"I'm sorry, our systems have been down, it looks like we have a virus and someone has hacked into our system."

"But I need help, can you help me?"

"I can take a booking for you"

"I don't want to make a reservation, I want to find my daughter."

"Hold please...These tourists are such a pain."

"Mrs. Holloway, I have good news, we've arrested 2 black security guards and should have answers very soon, now, would you like to make a booking?"


Your fat-assed American media guru's hooking cannot mask the ugliness which is Aruba.

What went wrong in the those first 48 hours? What mistakes were made? What's the difference between what actually happened and police procedures?

It's an unusual case that Aruba tried to make usual. But the Aruba Dirty Cops won't come clean. They are the reason there is no evidence. Where's that procedure manual anyway?

You always knew this was a murder case, how? It's pretty obvious this is no longer about finding out what happened but proving it, and proving it in a way that covers a whole lotta asses, isn't it Chief Dompig? How about that surveillance strategy and the interrogation tapes, any idea where they are?

"Never could I have imagined that this could happen to Aruba. We put all our effort into tourism. We live for tourism and have nothing else."

Marcial Ibarra, director of business development for the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association.

"Happen to Aruba?" Ms. Ibarra plays the victim card. Again, showing no understanding of the customer's pain and anguish as if Natalee is the cause of your concern. No, Ms. Ibarra, Natalee exposed the fraud and greed of your slovenly nation. The total corruption of your Police Force that knows exatly what happened here.

Aruba blinded by it's own perverse logic to protect one of it's own and tourism you made a mistake for which you still cannot own up to.

"Happen to Aruba?"

You hide from the Holloways and the Twittys because you can't stand the grief you've inflicted on your customers. Don't want the world to see it. You see them as a problem yet Anita van der sloot is still teaching your children.

You ask "why punish a whole island for an isolated case?" Why protect a local predator at the expense of your island's reputation? Because Natalee is the mirror that shows the depth of your greed and corruption. An island where "everybody lies" and there are no consequences for it.

Is it true that most of the tips are coming from Police Officers themselves? Trying to remember the evidence they didn't collect or were told not to?

Why weren't the 3 last known to be with Natalee brought in immediately for questioning? You still have no corroborated timeline and the lead investigator says it would take 2 days to go over Joran's inconsistencies. 2 days that could have started in June. But oh yes he has studies to get to.

A college student in Holland who can't get his stories straight. I'm sure he's doing real well.

"Happen to Aruba?"

Speaking of running and hiding, are you going to release Paulus van der sloot from suspicion and pay him for the inconvenience? Give him a chance to feed off the system some more or will you stand up to this virus, this walking crime scene?

Karmageddon has made a booking.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Paulus van der sloot cleaning house


Strapped for cash, Paulus van der sloot is digging again. Seeking back pay for days missed while arrested for suspicion, Chucky is suing the Country of Aruba. Paulus believes he was wrongly arrested for suspicion. He missed valuable time in the prosector's office helping police cover up the disappearence for which he was being held."If I had not been arrested, I could have used that time to make myself less suspicious," said a frustrated Paulus (aka "Chucky"). "Now I'm in a position where I must do light housework for Dennis Jacob and some of his friends to keep them on message."

Paulus wants the legal cloud removed so he can expand his unique niche defense skills into a career. He has already helped Ben Fawley and Saddaam Hussein by having them enroll in school.

"Aruba has become a hot spot for universities looking to enroll students" said one official. "We sponsored a pizza night at the local prison for those being held on suspicion and the turnout was excellent," said one university official.

The inmates were moved by Anita van der sloots speech. "She's the next Tony Robbins" said one black ex-security guard being held for suspicion of being a scapegoat.

"Life is creation, creation is art" Anita has a life mission "to become a spiritual leader," and also stating "My mission as an educator in this life is to touch students’ hearts and to lead them on the path of discovery and self-expression."

One inmate said this, "If the seed of Chucky can go to school in Holland why can't I."

Rik Smid dropped by on his way to dinner with Karin Jannsen.

"Smiddy (Judge Rik Smid) is a big supporter of the Dutch Educational System," said a giddy Jannsen.

John Pauly was on hand to sample 8-9 slices of pizza and make sure there was a smattering of blacks on hand.

Chucky is spending alot of time cleaning even though it's likely that after the sale of his house, it will be demolished. Because it is really 2 seperate residences, Joran must first sign off on the plans.

The Strategic Task Force and are in a private bidding war over the purchase of the van der sloot property. The Natalee Holloway fund is offering 1.25 million for the crime scene while Arubatruth has countered with 1.3 million for the Historic Landmark.

Ruben Trapenburg said, "the property will have to be demolished completely but we think it has value being in the hands of local ownership." Like a company buying back it's own shares Arubatruth sees it as a good investment in tourism.

The tip line seems to have a glitch. Police officers claim that when they use the phone to call in tips they get a busy signal. One officer said he's been going to another office and then dialing the tips number and it "seems to work okay."

Chief Dompig has set up a lost and found evidence bin. "It's hard trying to solve this case and protect my police department," said Dompig.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Paulus the Coward celebrates Natalee's Birthday


Will there be red or white wine tonight Paulus and Anita? Joran okay? He has enough batteries for his Ipod?

Did you hear Dave Holloway is back in Aruba trying to organize a search of the ocean and maybe a landfill? He's looking for his daughter, you remember her don't you Paulus?

It's her birthday and he's looking for her dead body. Did it ever cross your mind to help him? Oh no, we forgot there are legal issues right Paulus? Still hacking into the Dutch legal system.

Any interest in counseling Dave on some permit issues so he can find the corpse of his girl. You know, the one your son "dropped on the beach" and the last known person to have been with her?

Maybe on Natalee's birthday you could ponder just what crime scene your son created that necessitated obliterating all trace of Natalee?

Why does Dave come to your community and you cower in your own house? Or should I say your own crime scene. Because you Paulus, are a crime scene.

Where's the body?

Dave just wants to bring his girl home and say goodbye, forever. And what do you want to do Paulus? Protect your son? Why start now? Natalee was a wake up call to your failed life.

Dave and Natalee have something you never will nor can't comprehend.

Take a look at Dave from beyond peeking out of your window. Look at what courage and sprituality are.

But you can't come out can you? You're already dead.

Shawshank Redemption Aruba Part 2 starring Deepak Kalpoe


So the wooden dummy can read cue cards. Longing to break the typecast as a van der sloot puppet, Deepak Kalpoe is dreaming of Hollywood.

Lawyers seeking to clarify the infamous tape are now calling it a "screen test" claiming that he was reading from a script. Deepak assumed he was meeting with Steven Spielberg and testing for a part in an upcoming movie.

"Skeeters was holding up giant flashcards and I just read what was scripted". "We must have done 5 or 6 takes." Skeeters kept pushing for "more emotion" said Kalpoe.

"He told me I did great." "He said I was real believable."

"He's got real talent for projecting rage" said Skeeters. "You felt the hatred for the victim and women in general, it was a powerful performance." Deepak has experience in the theater having once played Chino in West Side Story as a boy in Suriname.

Deepak was attracted to the project by the strong storyline. In the movie, a guy who committed rape and murder plots for the day he can rightfully lose his freedom. Spending his life with the guilt of having escaped prosecution for the murder of Natalee Holloway he plans to break into jail by spending years building a tunnel from the Cybernet Cafe to the KIA prison.

The climax coming when he triumphantly burrows through sewer pipe and does what the Dirty Cops couldn't or wouldn't do, put him behind bars. Finally breaking free of the van der sloot strings.

When the audition was over Skeeters asked how he thought it went and Deepak responded by saying "you wouldn't believe how easy it was."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Deepak's Date Rape Tape Trap


The defenders are already deciding on the validity of the Deepak tape, before giving Aruba the chance to do their own analysis. These are the same defenders that criticize the media and "leaked" information, and denounces Beth. All evidence pointing to the guilt of the van der sloots and Kalpoes are lies and rumors.

Makes you wonder the motivation behind the preemptive Skeeters bashing. It must be getting warm in the Dutch Oven.

Actually the tape is not only authentic, it's more damaging than has been revealed. It's already been certified by both the FBI and the Netherlands.

It's a small part of an ongoing investigation into the people supposedly doing the investigation. It's a trap for Karin Jannsen and the police. Deny it's legitimacy and the cover up heat gets full blown.

It's a moot point about it's effect on convicting the suspects, it's not yet evidence. But it will be evidence of a different kind if official word from Aruba proclaims it's invalidity. It will confirm the coverup is multilayered.

But Aruba tried to immunize itself from criticism didn't it?

So Ms. Jannsen and the Aruba Police Department what are you going to do? Will it be evidence or go where the blonde evidence has gone, missing?

Who will be doing the editing? You claim it was hard to come by? Any clue that maybe your procedure manuals need a little dusting off?

Do you even know what evidence is? It is Deepak's one way ticket to Palookaville.

Where's the body Paulus?

Deepak and Paulus: Puppet and Puppeteer


Deepak bringing back the fine art of ventriloquism. He sits like the Charlie McCarthy dummy. Paulus is his Edgar Bergen.

His puppeteer wasn't there to provide the words so he spoke for himself. He and his lawyer won't question the validity of the Skeeters tape only the credibility of the dummy. It was Skeeters doing the voice with his hand up Deepak's shirt moving his mouth they'll say. The dummy had a Arachnoleptic fit caught on tape.

Paulus has lost control of his puppets. The seed of Chucky is on his own.

Chucky's in Holland to prey again. No more strings to pull for Paulus. He waits for the knock on the door. The van der sloot playhouse just a crime scene.

Karmaggedon is coming for Paulus and his puppets.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Rape Tape for Momma, Paulus wetting his bed

The rape tape arrives in Aruba on Wednesday. Paulus is cleaning and the momma Kalpoe is thinking of saving one "good boy" rather than lose two. And momma van der sloot is teaching children again with sunglasses on. Lest they see the guilt in her eyes.

They will not deny the authenticity of the tape, only the authenticity of Deepak.

John Pauly advising the politicians to remain quiet between stuffing his face with cobbler, his drool cup slung over his shoulder while Dompig is telling the public they have their perps.

Ruben checking bags at the airport keeping an eye out for Beth so Jannsen can dash off on a moments notice for her 2 week vacation. "Please Rik, I'll be there shortly, be patient."

The dutch boy still with his finger in the dike of truth is finding it "awkward" to have a GPS planted in his ass by his pimp daddy.

Paulus expanding his client list now counseling Fawley. But Dennis Jacobs is calling, he wants a blowjob, so the sweatmaster obeys, he owes, bigtime. Paulus is sitting in his own urine. No more favors to give, sleeping with one eye open.

Where's the body Paulus?

To Corporate Holland you're a liabiltiy not an asset. You're alone now.

And Beth, a women who raised a beautiful and accomplished daughter fights on. Suffering pain impossible to articluate. An unknown, inarticulate an unprepared woman has inspired millions.

Paulus doesn't inspire loyalty, Beth does. Paulus' army deserts and runs. Paulus and his belly buddies will lose this streetfight.

Natalee is the tattoo on their faces.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cooking in a Dutch Oven


Paulus van der sloot back in Aruba to keep the lid on the pot of lies. All the talk about the search of his house, the Kalpoe tape and missing documents, Paulus came back to assume his role as chef of this stinking stew of corruption.

Where's the body Paulus?

Holding hands with Deepak and Satish? Calling Dennis to make sure they are on message? A few beers with the whore John Pauly? Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

Just why did you need Arubatruth to pay for the whore Pauly to orchestrate media coverage of your son's release? Who were you trying to impress, Corporate Holland?

They like everyone else know your future is behind you.

Your son has become your career now because of his accomplishments. Worried about the boy on his own I bet. You're managing now. Ever stop to think about Natalee? Worried your boy may rape and kill again?

Your legacy.

The van der sloots: The living dead.

Dennis Jacobs: Point Man of Coverup and Paulus' Bitch


Dennis Jacobs read the statement given by Beth Holloway Twitty and called Paulus van der sloot who had it read to it him. Paulus then asked Dennis to eliminate part of the statement that were incriminating to Joran and Dennis complied. He then rewrote the "story" and tracked down Beth at a restaurant and claimed the changes were only dates. Dennis Jacobs altered police officers statements at the behest of Paulus van der sloot.

Dennis Jacobs there is now a target on your back. How long can Jacobs go covering for his friend Paulus? Is it worth the reputation of a whole island? Is it worth bringing to justice those who raped and murdered Natalee?

Are you another coward Mr. Jacobs? Who's bitch are you? You have a chance to correct the "story" and tell the truth or will you lie to cover a lie?

Is it worth it you cowardly bitch boy?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Paulus van der sloot still in contact with police officers


It seems Paulus hurried back to Aruba when the Deepak tape became a hot topic and when Beth began revealing that key parts of her statement were omitted. Also, the 2 police officers who were there the night the van der sloots and kalpoes were confronted are finding themsleves the target of an investigation by their own coworkers.

Paulus van der sloot is communicating daily with these dirty cops to ensure they stick to their story and their " I don't remember" defense. "Paulus worked with these guys on a daily basis and directed them to delete incriminating parts of Joran's comments knowing full well he was admitting to a felony. This is something the officers wouldn't have known at the time" and adminstrative assistant told this source.

Paranoia is running ramapant as the dirty police cannot seem to trust one another. It appears that the same officer, a "white" dutch officer is seen repeatedly escorting deepak to and from jail and the courthouse constantly whispering in his ear.

"Officers are very anxious as they know it takes only one to come forward and finger who gave the orders to omit the key elements." One officer is quoted as saying. "They never imagined this case would gain this much attention and are very nervous that their careers could be in jeopordy."

A rift has formed between the ones less culpable who want to come forward with details of the cover up in return for a promise not to lose their jobs. It's still all about money and not just tourist dollars. If tourism declines though, budgets could be effected and Corporate Holland may not be willing to fund a larger police force or be very interested in higher compensation. "The whole force is freaked out" said one officer.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Holloways to Aruba, Jannsen on vacation, Croes and The Reihl World View "sells out."

Aruba: As Beth Holloway is set to return to Aruba, Karin Janssen will be taking another 2 week vacation. "Coroporate Holland does not allow me to carry over my accrued vacation time so I thought now would be a good time to use the vacation I've earned." Jannsen is said to be travelling to Curacao to visit her good friend Judge Rik Smid. The judge and I have become good friends and I'm looking forward to the visit.

Steve Croes is thinking of suing Beth Hollowy. Croes said "before this case only the people of Aruba knew I was a liar, scumbag and loser, now the whole world knows and I hold Beth Twitty responsible." He went on to say this is his chance to cash in on his worldwide celebrity as a liar, loser and scumbag.

Sources say that Arubatruth is expanding it's PR efforts via the media by paying a website Riehl World View a large sum of money to promote more of it's "stories." By paying these sites to make up stories with anonymous sources and defend the van der sloots and kalpoes with often seemingly hypocritical views, we feel we can target a mostly teenage market. These teenagers are quite proficient in using the internet to spread our "stories and easily manipulated.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Paulus van der sloot assisted Prosecutor in case against Natalee Holloway

Aruba: Paulus van der sloot entered the prosecutors office unescorted to "clean out his desk" while Karin Jannsen was on vacation as late as August of this year. Karin Janssen said, " I have an open door policy when it comes to the family of the victims of a crime." Jannsen went on to say, "Paulus wanted to review the evidence against Natalee Holloway in the sexual assault of his son Joran."

"We reviewed evidence and as we have done many times before he took some of it home to work overtime in assisting me. He likes to work late into the night."

Meanwhile, the Strategic Communications Task Force is petitioning the Supreme Court to prevent the mother of the suspect, Beth Holloway, from entering the country.

Kalpoes one way ticket to Palookaville

From the film "On The Waterfront"

While waiting for the morning's work, Terry is approached by representatives from the Waterfront Crime Commission. The commission is getting ready to hold public hearings on waterfront crime and underworld infiltration of longshore unions. When questioned by them about what he knows, being the last one to see Joey alive, Terry pleads ignorance:

I don't know nothin', I ain't seen nothin', I'm not sayin' nothin'

Let me tell you what stooling is. Stooling is when you rat on your friends, the guys you're with. Johnny wants a favor. Don't think about it. Do it.

In the church meeting with only a handful of longshoremen in attendance, Father Barry speaks out against the controlling power of the mob and stands up for moral principles against the corrupt bosses. He preaches about the reality of the situation:

"Isn't it simple as one, two, three? One. The working conditions are bad. Two. They're bad because the mob does the hiring. And three. The only way we can break the mob is to stop letting them get away with murder."

The priest is told by Kayo Dugan that there is a code of silence, called "D 'n D" on the docks: "Deaf and dumb. No matter how much we hate the torpedoes, we don't rat."

Father Barry persuasively argues that they must break the code of silence and
testify, but he feels defeated when the men don't respond to his words:

"There's one thing we've got in this country and that's ways of fightin' back. Gettin' the facts to the public. Testifyin' for what you know is right against what you know is wrong. Now what's ratting to them is telling the truth for you. Now can't you see that? Can't you see that?"

...But Pop, I've seen things that I know are so wrong. Now how can I go back to school and keep my mind on things that are just in books, that aren't people living? I'm gonna stay, Pop. And I'm gonna keep on tryin' to find out who is guilty for Joey.

And what does Christ think of the easy-money boys who do none of the work and take all of the gravy? And how does he feel about the fellows who wear hundred-and-fifty dollar suits and diamond rings, on your union dues and your kickback money? And how does He, who spoke up without fear against every evil, feel about your silence?

"You want to know what's wrong with our waterfront? It's the love of a lousy buck. It's making the love of the lousy buck - the cushy job - more important than the love of man! It's forgettin' that every fellow down here is your brother in Christ!

But remember, Christ is always with you - Christ is in the shape up. He's in the hatch. He's in the union hall. He's kneeling right here beside Dugan. And He's saying with all of you, if you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me!

And what they did to Joey, and what they did to Dugan, they're doing to you. And you. You. ALL OF YOU. And only you, only you with God's help, have the power to knock 'em off for good.

Terry is confident of what would happen to him if he told what he knew about the murder. And he is reluctant to "put the finger" on his own brother and Johnny Friendly, a life-long friend:

Terry: You know, if I spill, my life ain't worth a nickel.

Father Barry: And how much is your soul worth if you don't?...

It's your own conscience that's got to do the asking.

It wasn't him, Charley! It was you. You remember that night in the Garden, you came down to my dressing room and said:

'Kid, this ain't your night. We're going for the price on Wilson.' You remember that? 'This ain't your night!' My night! I coulda taken Wilson apart! So what happens? He gets the title shot outdoors in the ball park - and whadda I get? A one-way ticket to Palookaville.

Terry: You was my brother, Charley. You shoulda looked out for me a little bit. You shoulda taken care of me - just a little bit - so I wouldn't have to take them dives for the short-end money.

Charley: I had some bets down for you. You saw some money.
Terry (yelling, and heartbroken): You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.

Let's face it ...It was you, Charley.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Jannsen praised, Trapenburg out of hiding, Pauly blocks sun

Aruba: A secret memo from Corporate Holland praising the work of Karen Janssen has been leaked to the media. The memo congratulates Jannsen in her efforts regarding losing evidence, improperly collecting dna, falsifying statements, poorly writing warrant requests, acting as if she cared (although it was stated she needs improvement) being unresponsive, ignoring the suspects family and insuring the victims were released the moment the U.S. became distracted.

She was praised most of all for keeping overtime hours to a minimum. High marks for streamling the documenting and filing process.

Janssen appears to be positioning herself for a promotion very soon and may be off the island by Christmas. Her charging Holloway with sexual assault is the kind of out of the box thinking the Dutch relish.

Ruben Trapenburg on Rita Cosbly tonight gave his insightful comments on the situation. Trapenburg said this: "

Also, as reported on Scared Monkeys, a subcontractor for a damage control company was hired by the Strategic Command Force. His name is John Pauly, a rotund media advisor.

"I know both sides of the story," said Pauly. "I'm both a pimp and a whore."

Deepak denies "slut" comment. Joran seeks counseling.

Aruba: Deepak Kalpoe denied he ever said that Natalee Holloway "dressed like a slut."

Interviewed today at his workplace, Kalpoe said, " I said she dressed like a sloot." Referring to Anita's penchant for mumu's.

Kalpoe also said that he was responding to a comment by Jamie Skeeters regarding 2 coffee drinks that Deepak brought along for the interview. "Skeeters asked about how I made the double, non fat, no whip, tall, vente, vanilla mocha frappucino's and I said, you wouldn't believe how easy it was."

He said he misunderstood a question regarding sex. He claims Skeeters asked him if they all "did ex with her?" Referring to the drug exctasy.

In other news it has been reported that Joran van der sloot has sought counseling and has joined a therapy group for victims of sexual assault. One member of the group, who spoke on condition of anonymity says, " Joran has been traumatized and is struggling with his sexuality."
Apparently he is uncomfortable with sex since the attack. "He is quite open and honest in admitting he needs to give himself Rohypnol just to masturbate."

Joran is taking it day by day. "His new girlfriend is very sweet and lucky to have a boy who can be sensitive to her narcolepsy,” said the source.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Interview with Judge who refused search of Van der sloot home

Curacao: In a rare interview and one that may cause controvery, the judge who denied Police warrants to search the home of Paulus Van der sloot gave a candid interview tonight.

When asked why he didn't feel a search of the van der sloot property was necessary he stated, " it would have been a conflict of interest as I was staying with Paulus and Anita at the time."

The judge said he often stays with the family when he comes to Aruba to preside over hearings. "Paulus and I have worked well together for years so it was nothing unusual."

Prosecutor to re-arrest Security Guards

Aruba: Prosecutor Karen Janssen already holding the ocean for suspicion in the case of Natalee Holloway is set to rearrest the security guards.

Jannsen has been going back to square one re-evaluating the case from the beginning. "We like Joran's first story, it fits with our thinking and it included 2 black suspects" said Jannsen.

"Joran is a victim, traumatized and scared. He lied when he lied about lying regarding the first lie."

Jannsen went on to say that she is "appalled at the stereotypes regarding blacks and the ocean." "It is not beyond the realm of possibility to think the guards worked with the ocean to cause the disappearence of the suspect, Natalee Holloway." Ms. Jannsen says she heard the 2 guards are actually excellent swimmers.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Aruba For Sale?

Holland Inc. announced today that efforts to streamline it's operations and maximize it's investment in the subsidiary of Aruba, it will be outsourcing it's Judicial System and move towards an innovative new "selfserve style" brand of Police Force. Holland Inc. is also looking at innovative ways to generate revenue and reduce cost.

The Aruban Police believe that there is more profit in positioning itself to accept reward money and fees- for-service for crime solving while allowing parties to a crime to spend their own money searching for missing persons or utilizing experienced private investigators than expending resources from it's own budget.

"It frees us up from having to be held accountable for our actions and at the same time service a more select group of clients, mostly Dutch citizens and friends of ours that work for Holland. It's a real win win situation." said outgoing Police Chief jan van straaten. "I didn't come to Aruba to work this hard," said van straaten.

The ex-police chief, who denies his early retirement was a move by Corporate to punish him, claims he was rewarded for his work on the Holloway case. "You must be creative and think out of the box to resolve problems" said van straaten.

Critics have claimed van straaten took advantage of the unique and subtle changes to lying under oath.

In America, the expectation is to "tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."
But in Aruba the word "truth" is replaced by the word "story."

"We take a more narrative approach, and like to tell the story, the whole story and nothing but the story" said Prosecutor Karen Janssen. "Our clients, co-workers and fellow dutchmen are well represented here" said Jannsen.

Prosecutor Janssen said "we are still working hard on the Holloway case." She reportedly is warehousing evidence in an off-site location. When asked if it was a conflict of interest to be holding evidence at the home of a former co-worker Jannsen said, " the van der sloot residence is the ideal storage facility: protected secure and out of the view of the public."

The move to generate revenue from digging licences, boat searches and broadcast fee increases comes amid speculation that some police officers may be attempting to cash in on the large reward money offered to solve the Holloway disappearence. Officers and investigators are lobbying to be reclassified as "consultants."

Janssen who is currently holding the ocean in custody is not ruling out bringing in the landfill for questioning.

Janssen released a statement via email and fax to radio stations, newspapers, local TV, international cable and foreign network news criticizing the Holloway family for using the media. A warrant remains for Natalee Holloway on charges of sexual assault with a minor. Prosecutors are seeking compensation from from the Holloway family for local businesses who lost at least half a day productivity when islanders took time off to search for the accused, last seen by Joran van der sloot swimming towards Venezuela.

It is also reported that Mattel Inc. is negotiating with Aruba to manufacture action figures with a substantial licensing fee going towards the depleted police budget. Justice Minister Rudy Croes is the leading canditate for a rollout of this line.

A spokesperson for Mattel, Jim McMichael said " we think a Rudy Croes doll would be very poplular. It will be able to speak out of both sides of it's mouth and it's ass."

Friday, October 07, 2005

Prosecutor to Charge Natalee Holloway with Sexual Assault

Aruba: Prosector Karen Janssen is considering charging Natalee Holloway with Sexual Assault with a minor, capitol inconvienence and statutory rape on a dutch boy.

"We have reason to believe that an assault was committed against a underage dutch youth. We are lucky to have a courageous victim willing to come forward with his story" said Jannsen.

The victim, Joran van der sloot, was lured from his house while studying for exams and forced to have his friends drive him to a location on the beach where the attack took place.

When asked why charges weren't brought sooner the prosecutor said the dutch boy was scared and traumatized and may have lied.

Search warrants were issued for the ocean and police believe Natalee may have fled to Venezuela. Joran claims he last saw Natalee swimming in that direction.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Prosecutor Holding Ocean for Suspicion of Murder

Prosecutor Karen Jannsen has issued arrest warrants for the ocean in the disappearence of Natalee Holloway. "We have reason to believe the ocean may be responsible for the disappearence from a credible source" said the Prosecutor.

Ms. Janssen acting on a tip from Joran van der sloot who admitted to "dropping her in the ocean." He maintains she was alive and well floating on her back when he left her.

When asked about the reason for believing the story to be credible, Ms. Janssen said, "He's Dutch and I have tremendous respect for his family."

She maintains they have had the ocean under surveillance for some time and are bringing in Dutch specialists to handle the interrogations.

Corruption in Aruba Police Department


Rudy Croes, the Minister of Justice in Aruba, has every opportunity to question the Holloway investigation to assure that there is justice in Aruba even against the people that he did favors for and those he received favors from (the Dutch judicial officials).

Aruba is in a very difficult situation and this is not because of the American press, the Holloway case and most definitely not because of a web site by the name of "to hell with" Aruba is going through an extremely difficult period because of a nasty and corrupt government that owes favors to the different departments of the judicial system. The current government in Aruba, MEP has serious problems with the Dutch justice department yet they can not take a stand and voice their concerns due to the favors that they received over the years. The MEP government is maliciously leaking out information to the press about the Dutch police commissioner Jan van der Straten instead of confronting him or any other member of the justice department to ensure that there is no cover up in the investigation of the Holloway case.

The minister of justice, the political party MEP and the Dutch judges are portraying their partiality by bringing in a judge from a different Island to rule over the case yet the officials that are preparing the investigation are all friends and family of the suspect. How partial is this? Those who are preparing the investigation/case have access to all declarations, forensic reports, suspects and suspects family. Several reports by the international press have proven that the van der Sloot family is very close to the investigating team (The Dutch prosecutors office).

The habitual impartiality has been demonstrated in the past with several cases, one case in particular stands out. The case of Alexander Mathew against a Dutch government official, Ben Vocking whom now goes by the name of Ben King . In this particular case documents disappeared, forensic reports were over looked and witnesses were denied, these documents were in the favor of Alexander Mathew. Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office. King was reportedly seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence. Mathew's entire case was tampered with. King said that his friend Paul van der Sloot helped him in the Mathew case. How many cases has and will Paul van der Sloot help cover up?

Mathew was isolated for two years and eight months to ensure that the truth would not surface. The Arubian press and the minister of justice, Rudy Croes played a large roll in the defamation of his character to justify his isolation. Now that the truth has surfaced, certain politicians and senators have raised concern that this corruption will repeat itself in the Holloway case and justice will not be served. The minister of justice Rudy Croes is attacking Alexander Mathew, the politicians and the senators in the local newspapers based upon lies. The minister of justice is even accusing Mathew of owning the website "to hell with Aruba. Com," this is a false accusation that is being supported by the Arubian newspaper "Bon Dia Aruba."

Mathew states that the government and the prosecution department is corrupt and is harming the Holloway family and the entire Arubian population. If the Holloway case had been investigated appropriately from the beginning it would have been resolved by now and Aruba would not still be suffering.

The Holloway family must be aware of the corruption that encompasses the Arubian government and judicial system so that they can obtain the appropriate international aid to assist in the search for the truth, justice and most importantly their daughter Natalie.

The government and prosecution officials should offer to take a lie detector test. Assure the world that there is no cover up in the Natalie Holloway case. Help clear Aruba's name.