Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Will Alexander Gottenbos Save Aruba?

Is this the man that can save Aruba?

Alexander (Lex) Gerardus Maria Gottenbos

Father of Koen and Sander Gottenbos, tennis players and friend of Joran's

Boat owner

Resides in Malmokweg

I C A Insurance Center Aruba N.V. A limited liability corporation

Incorporated 12/31/96

Director: Alfred Daniel Wapenaar

Born 1957 Netherlands, son of Breugel.

Koen Gottenbos Gotten Caught!

He's Dutch and he's the source.

Koen Gottenbos' alibi for Joran has been blown. His Daddy (these pimp-les sure need their Daddy's alot) is a wealthy Dutch Businessman and used his Dutchness to hold off the Aruba cops.

The FBI knows he's the source and were asking a rhetorical question of Aruba before sending in the dogs.

He has a 22ft boat and along with Joran and Deepak took Natalee out to sea.

Koen and Joran continue to email each other daily and it's Koen's intention to come to the U.S. to go to school.

But he can't...the FBI is waiting for him the moment he arrives.

In the future, after Aruba closes the case the noose will actually get tighter around these murderers unless they stay in the Kingdom.

The finger police are after the Gottenbos and we don't fear a fat Dutch businessman. He's in Holland and is the one being hunted.

Now we know exactly who the Prosecutor was talking about last month when she released this statement:

ORANJESTAD - The team in charge of the investigation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway has a strong suspicion that the young lady in question has lost her life as a consequence of a punishable crime committed against her.

Also, the team is of opinion that there are person(s)who have more information that have not given statements to the police. With this communication, the investigative team is asking all persons who can give more information in relation to the case of Natalee Holloway to contact the police. The team guarantees that all persons who call will be able to speak directly to commissioner Dompig and will remain anonymous.

FBI Tells Aruba to Pound Sand

On a day when Paulus van der sloot told the court in Aruba that his reputation has been damaged and he and his family should be compensated the FBI told Aruba "enough of the BS already."

How ironic that as the van der sloot was airing his bullshit the ALE was asked for a reference before sending in the dogs. Even if the van der sloot is awarded money from his golf buddy, it comes at the expense of Aruba.

Protecting the van der sloot is costly isn't it Aruba?

Anyone who's ever bought stock on what they were told is a inside "tip" knows the only good information is illegal information.

And anyone that has done business with a company in free fall knows the frenetic sound of "everything is fine."

The FBI may delay the search in the dunes and yes, Aruba probably will not give up the source but we haven't drawn the river card yet either.

It's a good source because it's from someone Dutch.

Aruba style plea bargain under the radar of Dutch Law which doesn't allow it? Where's Ms. Schippers now?

It's pretty sweet to steal a line from the haters and ask Aruba, source please?

Is Paulus burning the midnight oil tonight? Calling his son to see how his homework is going? I bet you regret now he didn't learn French? What was the name of that school he's attending because the finger police can't seem to get confirmation on his academic progress?

Aruba may be able to round up some kids in crisp white shirts to degrade themselves in the desert like petty criminals doing their community service cleanup duty but the FBI needs a little more convincing. They don't sell the real FBI jackets in the Hyatt gift shop.

The Dirty Police desperate to hold on to power, cannot be seen to lose face to the poor and innocent they intimidate.

A bully never can. Dennis Jacobs, you're future is behind you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Van der sloot, No Justice

The assualt against Natalee and the aftermath was and continues to be a hate crime. Whether the pimps misogny or the Dutch anti-american bashing of the U.S. as a defense in the search for Natalee, their hypocritical stance behind Dutch Law.

This is a battle. No doubt about it.

If the Van der sloots get away with this crime, do you think the "poor innocent people" the faux intelligensia in Aruba hid behind will be more trusting or more afraid of the Dutch?

The "poor and innocent" will be as poor as they were before Natalee only now more afraid.

That's the slave trade angle in Aruba, not some kick the dog story to include sex that's de rigeur for a damage control company's Carribean procedure manual.

A battle to control the story.

Aruba fears what it can't control. They spew their hate and stomp their feet acting like Joran when they don't get their way. A titanic inferiority complex thinly masked as arrogance. Their just not used to being caught.

This is about corrupt national politics seeping down to the police investigators who have nothing to gain other than the approval of their higher ups. The most effective cop is a media advisor.

A dozen investigators working around the clock for eight months and we get boy scouts poking the sand with sticks? Who was that photo-op for, Corporate Holland?

Natalee stood up to a misogynistic psychcopath and he killed her in a rage of anger when confronted with bounderies. Paulus van der sloot is paving the way to keep those bounderies undefined. Joran's lawyer and bully. And Aruba has gone all-in behind them.

Beth is standing up to Paulus Van der sloot and deserves our support. If we don't demand justice for those around us how can we demand justice for ourselves?

It's a glimmer of hope that a Dutch legal mind thought that judgeship and judgement were related when denying Paulus Van der sloot a robe. Like when a Croes in Aruba says about another Croes, "we're not related." Oh yeah, take me home country roads.

Rep. Bachus, you have been a disgrace. To give audience to a low-life defender of this hate like Arlene Schippers when one of your citizens, Beth, is not invited, on our soil, is an insult of proportions you don't seem to comprehend.

Rep. Bachus did you tell Ms. Schippers about us? How large notions of vigilantism and self-preservation loom in the american consciousness for a nation founded on the right to bear arms.

Aruba cannot muster the courage to shun and shame the murdering Van der sloots. But we can.

"You're either with us or against us." Where have I heard that before?

The first Van der sloot story included blunt trauma to cover the truth. Then Paulus wrote a new story and Natalee was assaulted again.

When Paulus Van der sloot discarded Natalee is when he struck a nerve. The egomaniacal arrogance to throw into the story that Natalee was left on the beach wanting Joran's attention. What sick human beings the van der sloots are. Their lies include smearing a girl who cannot defend herself anymore. This continues to be a hate crime.

Are you with us or against us Rep. Bachus and Governer Barbour?

If you took every person in Aruba at any given moment and transported them to the U.S., after a few days who would stand out?

Why is that?

These people do have truth buried in their lies:

"No one is above the law." Nelson Oduber

Translated, it also means "The Dutch in Aruba are the Law, and everyone else is below them."

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should." Eric Zaadam, President of the Police Union

For the police union it means that the corruption and incompetence will go uninvestigated. They will maintain control by fear. Continue to threaten the spineless Mr. Oduber and the poor and innocent because they are the law and "no one is above the law."

"I didn't even know who she was" Joran van der sloot

No you didn't, just another victim of the van der sloot. They don't have women like that in the Van der sloot world.

"No body, no crime" Paulus van der sloot

The truth of that statement rarely used by anyone other than a defense attorney representing a guilty client. No dout Paulus has seen that trump card before. Like hitting on a 17 right Paulus?

"Hanging Joran won't bring Natalee back" Anita van der sloot

Neither will smearing Natalee and Beth. But hanging Joran will prevent him from taking more victims. Because he will kill again.

"Enough with the BS already." Deepak Kalpoe

Exactly Deepak, hopefully the last words you hear before someone puts you out of our misery.

"We can't go rushing in like cowboys..." Karin Janssen

Why not? You did with the security guards. But you can't get a search of the VDS property? Or keep Paulus a legal suspect? You have done nothing, nothing at all to show you are representing Natalee.

I have to resign myself to knowing Natalee's fear was short, and her death a small part of her actual life.

But the Van der sloots are being surrounded. Joran's no pimp, he's a pimple. The out of reach dreams of judgeship for Paulus, now reduced to sweating it out in a law office cubicle. One illegitimate son a drug dealer and the other a murderer. Quite the family man.

"No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin." Those words evolved into the Texas Ranger creed.

Keep comin' Beth, in the modern world the committment to see this through is done at our fingertips, connecting each other like leeches on the Van der sloots.

We'll be there to pounce and continue to tell the story of Aruba and the Van der sloots and the Dirty Cops who will not protect americans.

There won't be justice in a Dutch court without accounting for taking a Van der sloot lie as a clue and going after the security guards. No justice without a search of the Van der sloot property.

Can it be more obvious?

Justice will be extracted excrutiatingly slow as the leeches amass. Going all-in behind Beth.

One Riot, One Ranger. It's in our blood.

Natalee in Two Places at Once?

Just a few weeks ago, Tim Miller repeated that Gerold Dompig again led him to believe they had good information and a specific location offshore in which to search for Natalee. This supposedly from a reliable and "new" witness.

Then, just as the word of Eguusearch's intention to bring equipment back to Aruba to search deep water we have another "new" lead focusing on the lighthouse.

This doesn't make sense. 2 solid leads with different stories?

The last time Tim Miller was thwarted by Dompig he clearly stated, "maybe we're getting too close."

Isn't that exactly what is happening now?

Aruba needed a friend of Joran's to tell them to look near the lighthouse? It's absurd.

The consistent pattern in this case, and the instinct of those who really care about finding Natalee has been that when they are getting close, they are redirected.

The way they were redirected from early on away from the Van der sloot property.

A friend of Joran's? Haven't "friends" of Joran been used to create distractions? If they coordinated lies before and got away with it what makes anyone believe this time is any different?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Van der sloot's Family Law Practice: New Clients?

No wonder Paulus van der sloot wanted to be a judge.

When you have alot of people to protect it's just cleaner that way.

It seems now that he has set up his family law practice inside Antonio Carlos's office he may be taking on some new clients soon.

But the dark suspects in this case, who not surprisingly don't have the finances to pay what will no doubt be large legal bills, may or may not convince their lawyers to work for free.

So where will they turn?

It just so happens there is an attorney who specializes in these types of cases. Better yet, he specializes in this exact case.

Better still, he has motivation to ensure they get excellent representation at very good rates.

The lawyer Paulus van der sloot.

Far fetched? Hardly, we're talking about Aruba here.

His new practice is already generating revenue. By charging his son via Antonio Carlos it allows him to dip into his wife's family money to pay Carlos and keep himself employed.

His failure as a father necessitated him being a lawyer to defend his failure as a father.

Natalee was a victim of these vampires. Wouldn't it be simpler to just drive a stake through this guy?

For Natalee and for the next victim of the murdering Van der sloots.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aruba: In Defense of Steve Cohen

As a representative of an organization (ArubaTruth) and a country that has so insultingly and corruptly handled this case, one has to wonder why Steve Cohen would want this position and if anything he could say would satisfy the American audience?

I for one welcome his opinion that the 3 are guilty. I welcome the difference between the shrill and lying Ms. Schippers who's bias was evident from day one.

I like the fact that he's not a lawyer and doesn't lecture us on Dutch Law.

It takes a certain amount of moxie to ask us to forget the past mistakes and be realistic that we need to focus on today and tomorrow.

It's tough but it's true.

That doesn't mean that the dirty police will be forgiven or forgotten, it just means let's focus on accomplishing finding out where Natalee is and bringing Joran van der sloot and his lawyer to justice. We'll worry about the rest later.

I'm willing to take that challenge and give him at least some time.

I don't believe he's in it for the money. He actually listens unlike the bobblehead Schippers who's defensiveness, lying and blaming destroyed her credibility. Mr. Cohen has not engaged in the blame game the way others have.

He has done something no other person in Aruba has.

He apologized to Beth, face to face on national television.

A huge leap from what we've seen so far. I mean let's be fair, it could not have been easy to apologize for the depravity of others, I don't care what you're motivation is. He took responsibility. In some ways, he's too good for his clients.

Imagine if you were the press secretary for Bill Clinton and were asked to go in front of the nation and explain what the meaning of is is?

His vanity and ego are an asset. He doesn't need to kiss Dutch ass to ensure he has work or maintain benefits from a nanny state like Trapenburg, Schippers or Dompig.

That fact will come in very handy down the road if he is made to look foolish again by his employers.

An opportunist? So what? Arent' we all? Isn't that the American way? Why criticize him when we have Sphincter Boy Bachus and Barbour and a host of slimeballs making money on the Natalee story? To me, he's actually earning his money.

A spokesperson for a bad client is a delicate balancing act and you're going to eat alot of crow. Thick skin a requirement. Something noone in Aruba seems to have.

It can only be encouraging when some in Aruba are unhappy with his comments because he, as someone who has been there from the beginning knows what happened in this case.

The trust level is so low, so rock bottom that there is no danger of him "fooling" us. Any spokesperson for Arubatruth will be treated with heavy burden of skepticism. So what's there to lose by hoping he can bring clarity?

Whether you believe him or not when he said it was painful when he opened the door for the suspects when they were released, let's support him and root for him.

Let's root for him to be there when they close the door behind the murdering Van der sloots.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Aruba: Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

It's a good thing the ocean and the sand dunes don't have an attorney or they would never be searched again.

Prime Minister Oduber today called for an investigation into the activities of the police handling this case. Great words, great idea. But his spineless leadership has made this just another empty promise from an empty politician.

Aruba has an exit strategy. Integral in this strategy is diverting attention away from the dirty cop who at the critical moment, with the suspects right in front of him...

... went after the security guards.

This is no longer about covering for Paulus Van der sloot. It's about covering for the cops who not only didn't do the basic work they are paid to do, but sabatoged this investigation.

If it were just the Kalpoe's does anyone really think it would have went down this way? This is a police force ripe with racism and if your skin color is too dark you make up for it by kneeling before your Dutch Masters. Favoritsm based on being Dutch.

Gerold Dompig was silenced for speaking the truth about the murdering Van der sloot. He's risen not by outstanding service but by castrating himself for the Dutch elite.

As I've written before we are seeing a de facto plea bargain.

If Aruba thinks finding Natalee is going to end this sad saga they are again underestimating the rage, their own stupidity always on display. They subconsciously taunt their largest customer and in an excrutiatingly painful way, display an incompetence that makes giving up an option for the faint of heart.

Beth and Dave are not faint of heart. Their courage inspires, and Aruba has never seen the likes of them. The anti-americanism a sorry excuse when you consider these two. We're lucky and proud to call them our neighbors. And you have Paulus van der sloot. Parenting from a cubicle with his nose in Dutch Law.

How pathetic being your son's lawyer when you should be his father.

Dompig, Janssen and now Cohen have all said the 3 are guilty. The question you haven't answered is who brought us to this point? Janssen and Dompig have been officially silenced, Cohen soon to follow. In Aruba, when you speak the truth, you are told to shut up. But Cohen is different.

Steven Cohen is not beholden to Aruba and it's nanny state for work. He has covered his bets. Unlike Dompig and Janssen, he can command more money for his silence. If he isn't fired we'll know he's used his own leverage well.

Pay me or I'll talk. And he could tell quite a story, he's been there from the beginning.

How much money do you have Aruba?

Aruba has the tourism numbers but refuses to release them. Exactly what they are doing with Natalee. They just cannot figure a way out so they start lashing out, acting like the teenager they are defending. Even after all this time they cannot write a consistant story. It says something when you cannot even coordinate a lie.

That's how deep the corruption is and how horrific this crime was.

Prosecution is not possible in this case because it would not only include Paulus van der sloot but the dirty cop, Dennis Jacobs.

The Police in Aruba have closed ranks. Unwilling to police itself.

Are we seeing an internal turf war in Aruba? No doubt. We are also seeing a fishing expedition for a scapegoat. Interviewing the MB students just a farce after 8 months.

Reverse Logistics: Rik Smid back to Antonio Carlo back to Paulus van der sloot back to the security guards back to Dennis Jacobs back to Jan van der straaten back to Paulus van der sloot back to Joran van der sloot back to Natalee.

The one close to Dennis Jacobs, this is your moment, grasp it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Aruba: Lack of Evidence is the Evidence

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Security Guards Eaten by Dennis Jacobs

If I said the man in the picture is an Aruban Air Conditioner salesman, would you believe it?

Or a tourist from a cold place who doesn't really like the sun, but tolerates it for his family?

If I said he is the man responsible to find Natalee and prove exactly what happened to her what would you think?


Is it any wonder the Twittys and Holloway's knew this case was in trouble from the beginning?

It's instinct and they were right.

This is the man who asked Dave Holloway "how much money do you have" at a time when he was searching for Natalee. Ponder that experience for a moment.

This is the man who bought the van der sloot lie and went after the security guards. The collection and organizantion of evidence is his ultimate responsibility. He is in that role now and was from the beginning.

Aruba would rather have this sleazeball run the investigation and not the FBI? I wonder why?

Instinct is who we are.

I see a man who may be hiding the strangely quiet security guards, figuratively and literally. I know Eguusearch doesn't have equipment to give this guy a thorough search.

Maybe only the Dutch Navy is capable of giving this Dirty Cop a colon cleanse.

Meet Dennis Jacobs. Lead Investigator in the case of Natalee Holloway.

Why did you become a cop Dennis? And how in the hell did you attain the title of lead investigator? Or is that a role you play only when a Dutch guy is in trouble?

Do you see a sense of urgency or purpose? Poffertjes couldn't get this guy to move.

Aruba reorganizes it's marketing tactics, hires consultants because it's concerned about Aruba's sinking reputation. But Jacobs is still the lead investigator. No need to change the team I guess.

This can only mean that they believe he's done a good job. No need for the FBI, Dennis Jacobs is in control.

The first 48 hours when the lies were taken as evidence and the truth as lies is in Dennis Jacobs sizable lap.

Still haven't searched the Van der sloot property but raided the security guards?

Because of Dennis Jacobs.

Dennis Jacobs is the Aruba Dirty Police. As unpleasant as a task as it may be, this man needs to be searched, investigated and outed as the man who executed Paulus van der sloot's fiction.

The man singularly responsible for the "mistakes" in this investigation. But it's in the translation, they weren't mistakes for Aruba. Just standard operating procedures right Dennis?

Dennis Jacobs, too good for the FBI. But he didn't want the FBI and Paulus went to court to back him up.

Why would the Dirty Cops of Aruba and Paulus van der sloot not want the FBI to take over the case?

Dennis Jacobs role in this story has yet to be told. But you can't hide (obviously) any more.

I want more pictures of this man and his family. The cell phone shots are not acceptable.

You're dirty Dennis, the sharks are circling.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Aruba: A Woman for the Ages

Don't you just wish you could write the ending to this story?

Replace the current writer, Paulus van der sloot,with a human being.

A lone figure rises from a place where concern for life and human decency have deteriorated. A person who stares down corruption and greed.

Someone who goes right to the source and put's a bullet between his eyes.

The guilty community looks the other way (again) and doesn't have the energy to protest anymore because they've spent it avoiding their own shame. Spent it on attacking the wrong target. They wish "they" could have done it themselves but they knew it needed to be done.

Movies have always made these heroes men. Big, mysterious, violent and with a rigid moral code. Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Charles Bronson etc. But they are just actors, iconic but not real.

But we have a real hero in this case.

How ironic, how beautiful and powerful it's a woman.

Beth Holloway Twitty is not the archetype and that upsets people. They can't get past the facade and see the fire inside. The dormant qualities explode and in full bloom.

She is real and an icon. If you need People magazine to tell you who the beautiful people are you're missing this moment. An epic moment.

There is no more beautiful woman in the world that Beth Twitty. Displaying the range of qualities that scares insecure teenagers and pompous Dutch beauraucrats. It's animalistic without the brutality.

The usual artillary was brought out to try to diminish her. The slander, the cowardly smear of Natalee's reputation by those who didn't know her. It exists because it works most of the time. Cowardly men hate to be challenged. But their anger reveals their fear and fuels the misogyny.

The power of Beth Twitty and her stunning courage is destroying little men like Paulus van der sloot, Dennis Jacobs and anyone else Aruba wants to front.

We don't need the Dutch Legal System to define anything.

Her motherly rage and fury in the face of a mountain of corruption is an epic moment if you care to see it.

She's like anyone else? Maybe. But there are those moments when one person's call to arms is everyone's wake up call.

The van der sloot's weren't paying attention, and their failure cost Natalee her life and gave rise to a woman the likes of which Paulus van der sloot has never seen. The kind a woman that Carin Janssen cannot even look in the eye.

And the kind of woman Joran van der sloot didn't know existed.

The few adults in Aruba think they can wash their hands of accountability. That's Natalee's story. But the story of Beth Twitty is the one the adults don't want to face.

I tell everyone I meet the importance of this story. You can tell it from many angles, the juvenile Arubans, the corrupt government, the slime that is the van der sloots, the father/son dysfunction, but there is one story that leaves it's mark.

It's the story of Beth Holloway Twitty. If you can't get behind her, what can you endorse in this life?

A beautiful woman, still fighting for her daughter. Unafraid of the bloated van der sloots and the van der strattens and Dennis Jacobs. The greedy americans in Aruba and the punks like Arlene Shippers, Jeff Lesker and Julia Renfro. All just whining cowards in the face of real courage.

She's iconic and real.

"I wanted to make sure that she would be as proud of me as I am of her in accomplishing our one goal and that is to find Natalee."

An epic woman, an epic moment if you have the courage to see it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Aruba: Natalee Lying Between Lies?

What if Tim Miller finds Natalee's remains?

We know the second van der sloot lie (dropped her on the beach) may have been more believable if told first. But if Nalalee is found at the spot now targeted we'll know that the second story could not have been dreamed up and told that first night.

Because she wasn't put there yet. Or Paulus was not informed of the truth to write another story.

If they find Natalee in this spot in the ocean it would confirm she was taken there between van der sloot lies. It would mean that she was still on the island that first night.

This old tip is not a tip. It had to come from someone who knows who, how and when Natalee was taken to the spot Tim Miller is going to look. Someone on the boat. A suspect or a witness. And you couldn't convince a judge to hold this person?

So if it was someone else, why are they not in custody? How can the Investigating team produce this lead yet without a suspect or witness who would have been on that boat?

If Natalee is found than doesn't that make Dompig's stonewall obvious. Tim Miller was there months ago and Dompig shut him down. If in fact she is there, Dompig would know the credibility of the source. So he would have shut Equusearch down even though he knew she was in the exact same spot Tim Miller will be searching in the coming weeks?

If she's found are we to believe a police department could prove where she is yet can't hold anyone accountable? The boycott doesn't end with Natalee, it just begins.

The Dirty Cops. More cruel and sadistic behavior on the part of the principles in this case.

Does Aruba really think if Natalee's remains are found you'll be able to keep where the information came from a secret?

Is this your plea bargain?

Aruba wanted the van der sloots motion to prevent the FBI from looking at evidence. The ALE didn't want to be seen as stonewalling, they wanted cover. If not, they would have involved the FBI more deeply and much earlier.

Beth is a target yet the Aruba Dirty Police sit back while Paulus van der sloot is essentially calling them incompetent and wants compensation. Where's the outrage? The outrage by the U.S. over the Dirty Police is called unfair and hurting the innocent but when Paulus van der sloot goes into a Dutch Court to say the same thing, and ask for compensation, where's the outrage?

And just exactly who is hurting the innocent people of Aruba?

Paulus essentially continued to work with the Police Department in the same manner as always, trying to write the story. The power of a judge, to influence the meaning of right and wrong.

Why did you want to become a judge? Why did you become a lawyer? Why did you become a police officer?

What is Paulus van der sloot protecting? When is someone in Aruba going to stand up and protect the next van der sloot victim?

When Joran said he would tell us more in the future he really meant once his father wrote the story and told him what to say. After a life of "looking the other way" Paulus now must somehow defend that, defend all of Aruba just looking the other way.

A horror show of adult dysfuntion and irresponsibility.

Maybe it's easier, to not want to accept the brutality of this crime. How can anyone possibly think of Natalee and not feel rage at the van der sloots?

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is? His son murdered her and called daddy.

He'll take care of it, just like always.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Buying Time in Aruba

Now, 3 stories are emerging from Aruba at the exact same time.

1. The case is closing.
2. Aruba wants a high-profile PR firm to help them.
3. Tim Miller is going back to search the same spot he was ready to search a few months ago.

Why now? At this moment.

Time has been good to the van der sloots.

Out of reach of prosecution, are we seeing a de facto plea bargain in the event Natalee's remains are found?

If they treated the 3 like the guards, there wouldn't have been time.

There are no coincidences.

Or is this a coordinated backup plan now that Paulus has had 7 months to come up with another story.

Will the depravity of Paulus van der sloot continue? After all, his son left a girl on the beach, a girl begging for that special Joran attention.

Is the scumbag van der sloot concocting more scenarios in an attempt to have us believe it's a "mystery?"

It's not hard to imagine what Paulus van der sloot is capable of hinting may have happened after she was "dropped at the beach."

The full van der sloot sleaze is drawing near. She drowned, she killed herself, Deepak came back and killed her... This sick pathetic man, Paulus van der sloot, has no shame.

Let your property be searched, voluntarily. No, you're too holier than thou for that. That's for black guys in Aruba, not an aristocrat like you, right Paulus?

The one place that cannot be searched, off limits to anyone, legally is the main suspects property. Even though Joran is still, after 7 months, the last known person to have been with Natalee. And it's untouchable?

But the worst story of all is the one he doesn't want told.

The truth.

Mickey John is one of the security guards. This an interview where he's asked about what he spoke to Deepak about when they were both in jail.

JOHN: He said a story being made up about dropping the girl of at a Holiday Inn, was all something being made up. He, and the Dutch guy, and the Dutch guy's father, they sit and made up the story.

VAN SUSTEREN: The father, too?

JOHN: All of them. They made up...

VAN SUSTEREN: Did he specifically say — Deepak specifically say to you the father was part of that?

JOHN: Deepak told me that he and the family sit down and they made up the story.

VAN SUSTEREN: So family and not father?

JOHN: Well, I don't know who the family consists of. But I know the father was involved, according to him. They made up the story, and they say that they didn't drop the girl off, because they said they would give the police something to (INAUDIBLE) when somebody is missing in Aruba, they would find them a few days later by a crack house or with some beach bum or something.

VAN SUSTEREN: How certain are you that that your memory is correct that the family or the father was involved in creating this cover-up story?

JOHN: Well, he told me — he, all of them, sit and make up the story. He, Dutch guy, and the family. He told me they made up a story that they said they dropped the girl off at the Holiday Inn. She was talking to a black guy, security guard specific, dressed in black pants, black top.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what percentage certain are you that he said family or father that was involved in this?

JOHN: He said family.

VAN SUSTEREN: So you're certain?

JOHN: I'm certain.

VAN SUSTEREN: He thought the Dutch guy would remain in custody?

JOHN: Yes, he said, "We would be out soon," but he told me the Dutch guy will remain in custody because he know he was the last — they dropped him off with the girl at the Marriott. And I think he's holding back something, the guy (INAUDIBLE) the father made up the story. He should know what took place.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Aruba Herding the Innocent

They only come out at night.

Aruba acts like the kid playing hide and seek who continues to hide long after they've been found.

It's not the messenger, it's the message.

It's official, Dilbert is the spokesperson for Aruba. The ads in the U.S. say Aruba Forecast: Sun mixed with savings. Wow, a bank with a skylight.

Paulus van der sloot will hold the complicit at bay like a legal sniper terrorizing Aruba. Instead of a rifle he lobs Dutch Law books with a picture of him and Judge Smid at the minions. A legal cattle prod herding the "innocent" people of Aruba. Like the Arawak's of 500 years ago.

But bungling and blaming doesn't mean there is widespread love for the van der sloots.

His son, a boy not yet mature enough to prevent being used to tell a story about dropping a girl at the beach. These are Paulus's stories, not Joran's.

The truth isn't for sale in Aruba. You make it up as you go. A reason why lying is not an issue. Classify me in a way that allows me to lie. When classifying someone is crucial to one's ability to lie freely, who makes those decisions?

The walk from the spot where the supposed second story of Joran placed him as the last person known to be with Natalee back to the hotel is not the place where a random abduction happened without a trace of evidence.

A concocted longshot scenario and do-over attempt at an alibi from the mind of Paulus van der sloot.

Leave it to a van der sloot to have the least of your offenses dropping a girl on the beach in the middle of the night. Oops, sorry. Then adding that it was her begging for your son to stay. What kind of man would add this particularly cruel fiction to a story when Natalee can' t defend herself? The misogyny is deep. The ego off the charts.

Maybe only in Aruba can one man's ego survive an overreaching that knows no bounderies.

If van der sloot and the Kalpoe's were treated like the security guards there would be no second story.

No time to coordinate, again.

Why the new story? Unless there are only 2 security guards or 2 black men in Aruba why at that moment, did a new coordinated story come out? The hotel tapes would not have been evidence anyway. What would be different if they held on with the dropped her at the hotel story?

The new story was meant to seperate the Kalpoe's from Joran van der sloot. Seperating them could actually allow Joran to lie as a suspect but not the Kalpoe's as witnesses. Options for Paulus. Aruba really did want a prosecution, but it could not include a van der sloot. They tried everything, but only one judge had to believe them, and he did. It didn't work quite perfectly as planned so sound the alarm and head for the lifeboats.

Dropping the case?

It was inevitable.

Joran channels the truth from Natalee, speaking about himself telling us about his mistakes. He "shouldn't have gone out that night." It takes Natalee's words to get him to say something truthful. But it applies to both of them. Paulus coaxing Arubans to believe some type of moral equivalence between the two. Rallying Arubans to lessen Joran's guilt and heighten Natalee's.

Beth, Mamma Kalpoe and Anita know. They know what happened and where she is. Strip away the connections and these 3 would eventually have consensus.

Natalee exists in their minds every moment. The connection so obvious. Anita uses the legal details to not face the big picture. Her husband's abuse manipulating her to believe the law defines the truth.

But she knows. The explosive boy who repents in such a sweet and sensitive way. But she can connect the dots if she wanted to. Anita never thought, or really dreaded, it would come to this.

It was inevitable.

Paulus van der sloot, the first adult to know Natalee was gone.

The attacks, the victimhood, the anger all lashing out at different times like ammunition going off to ward away accountability. Teenage behaviour wrapped in the blanket of a Dutch legal insider.

Anita still getting pummeled by the men in her life. Yet for her, feeling valuable again requires giving up your dignity. Suffering in silence. The only female in the family and the inspiration for a teenager proud of his prodigious drinking and "pimping." A boy watching his father to learn how to treat women.

Paulus and Joran are the same person. Paulus using a teenage boy strategy to deny, distract and blame the victim. Any parent of a teenage boy knows exactly who Joran van der sloot is.

It's tough, but it's the truth. Beth and Anita wishing that it was later rather than sooner.

It was inevitable.

The van der sloot, not Natalee and Beth drive the interest and intensity in this case. The hate stronger than the love. Aruba and it's elite never cared about Natalee. They care about "image," in some ways, making the incident a referendum on their feelings about the United States. The envy and hate.

Every Aruban seems to want to give off the aura of "knowing." Like a pretentous desire to have people believe you have money in your pocket.

One local's opinion is that of surprise. Not surprise at the anger directed at the ALE but that somehow the U.S. expected more. "They do not have a sense of right and wrong, only what outcome they want." What is common understanding in Aruba seems lost on Americans. "Aruba allows people to come and work at low wages but gives them little rights so they can control them and use the law to threaten. This is how an elite like Paulus van der sloot was able to get away with murder. " He said that the people on tv claiming the U.S. would be hurting the "innocent" people of Aruba is more insulting to him than to the U.S. customers. "These people have much more to lose, I can go anywhere to make the money I make, my risk is much less."

These same people, the Julia Renfro's would throw those same "innocent" locals overboard if there was some benefit for her.

A complete boycott is the only answer to Dennis Jacobs, the lead investigator. He the one who asked Dave Holloway, "how much money do you have?" It's time for the U.S. to answer him and show him how much money the U.S. doesn't have for Aruba.

Joran van der sloot is a product of this rest stop, a place that believes it's own hype. A warped belief it's somehow an international cosmopolitan place. Joran himself is the truth. Aruba has killed before and it will kill again.

It's inevitable.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Mountain Brook Student Ruse


In another example of distract and delay started by Anita van der sloot in her August interview in which she suggested we "look in other directions" both the Chief of Police, local newspapers and Arubatruth have propped up the the Mountain Brook students as being crucial to solving this case.

What could they have to offer when the bar for truth telling has been dropped by Joran van der sloot and the Kalpoe's?

I'm happy that Aruba assumes the students would tell the truth but what's the difference?

If Joran van der sloot's first lie was taken as truth to arrest two security guards who were actually telling the truth how could whatever the students have to say matter?

Or will Aruba classify them in a way that compels truth in the hopes to catch someone in a lie and spin the tale of a mystery?

Suppose they were to say they saw Joran kill Natalee would that be acceptable in a prosecution?

You may have duped Bachus but the FBI doesn't trust your intentions.

Still no timeline for the van der sloots and Kalpoes. How can the students help you?

Why were the security guards property searched but not the suspects? How did Joran claim not to know who Natalee was when the police arrived then later said it was her that was pursuing him? Did she call him?

Dompig has said in the VF article that they are actually working from the theory that Joran really did drop her at the beach. Believing another lie. So that being the case, and Aruba now thinks his story is true, what could the students bring to the case?

Oh, I know. A student and part time hit man happened to find Natalee walking back from where Joran dropped her and killed her and disposed of her without a trace and with no witnesses.

Other than reading websites, what evidence is there to warrant speaking to the students? Yes of course, the same evidence you arrested the security guards with. The same evidence you arrested the Kalpoe's with on premeditated murder and rape.

The word of Joran van der sloot.

The real strategy here is to run out the clock or wait for another American disaster and drop the case.

Joran will kill again, and you will have more blood on your hands.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Spencer van der Bachus: Sphincter Boy

Alabama, 6th district:

We warned you, but you tried. Your friends are at it again.

Couldn't resist the strap-on from Arubatruth?

Did Arlene at least give you the courtesy of a reach around?

I know, she's frigid, discourteous and a little Stepford wifey in that Aruba kind of way but, come on... Why did you give this proven liar an audience?

So now what are you going to do? Being a politician, you probably bend over alot so donors can shove cash up you ass but can you make an exception in this case?

Speak out and I'll drop some rolls of laundry quarters in your freshly plowed piggy bank.

Did they offer you a condo on the beach next to the security guards?

Your silence is very unbecoming of someone who is considered a straight shooter. Someone briefed on the case about information Natalee's parents don't have access to?

There is an endless cycle of unaccountable crimes. This one is bad.

What's the difference if they showed us the tape like some Middle Eastern beheading?

Yes it's political. Think base voters. Take a stand. They outmaneuvered you by not allowing any representation of Natalee at a meeting they now tout in their annual report.

Did you check the Arubatruth website at least? They refused Beth's attorney to be present?

YOU SHOULD HAVE DEMANDED THAT MS. SCHIPPERS WAIT OUTSIDE!!!!! Don't you know all roads lead back to the van der sloot defense team?

When you bent over did you manage to grab your ankles or could you only reach your knees?

You know, if you embrace the downward dog, you may even be able to open the bank a little wider.

It's got ratings, a great opportunity for a budding politician.

Speak up now Spencer or forever hold your little piece.

And now the high road: Excellent post and excellent site with great advice on where this needs to go now.


Noblesse Oblige in Aruba: The Van der sloot Plea Bargain

Dutch law was not meant for the noblesse oblige...

...when Paulus and Joran van der sloot are out of reach from the law they'll tell their newest version of the story. But Paulus van der sloot knows she's not just missing. He knows she's gone and he knows where she is. The arrogance of telling us they are withholding information until the case is over is a stalling tactic and a de facto plea bargain.

No Paulus, it's over when you are brought to justice, one way or another. For now, Aruba is paying for you're actions and those of your son.

Should be interesting to see who hires you.

But for now van der sloot is plea-bargaining. Despite the fact that Dutch Law doesn't provide for it, Paulus continues to make it work for him in Aruba.

Paulus van der sloot twice encouraged his son and the Kalpoes to lie to the police.

In return for backdoor communications of where Natalee is, Paulus wants to be free from prosecution and the same for his son. Only then, will he have finished writing his story, mostly blaming Natalee. Joran as the victim. So Aruba tells the Holloway's to be patient until there are no legal options. The continuing conspiracy in Aruba.

It's up to the largest customer of Aruba to render judgement now. A complete boycott the perfect response. No, it may not bring back Natalee but it will be justice for a populace of cowards. Your minister of Justice cowers, afraid to release tourism numbers for the past 6 months while telling it's people there is no effect.

Cowardly to still refer to the Holloway effect and not the Van der sloot effect. Too cowardly to question the Dutch Law we are lectured about. Let the clock run out, then throw up your hands.

Are you even a country, or do you just play one on TV?

Gerold Dompig was there when Joran confessed. What disinformation campaign? The van der sloots are a disinformation campaign.

He was also there when Jan van der straaten stepped in. Hopefully the new liver won't take and the corrupt pickled in vodka Dirty Policeman can go have a talk with Natalee.

He is the witness to exactly why he can't proove what he knows, that "the 3 are guilty as hell."

Chief Dompig what exactly are the 3 guilty as hell of? How did you come to this conclusion?

But Dompig is being manipulated. Being advised by legal minds that information he reveals may damage the case. What they mean is, "keep it a mystery until the van der sloots are legally free from prosecution and we'll move on.

How do you expect witnesses to come forward when their leaders do not? Dompig was a good choice as spokesperson, until he bought the PR campaign. He is a decent man tainted by the van der sloot virus. Did you get the copy of "High Noon" we sent you?

The KIA warden didn't lie, yet he was suspended and forced to apologize. And Beth's apology alone is enough to enjoy Aruba's assisted suicide.

Apologizing for the truth?

We don't need a judge from Curacao coming to Aruba to tell us what went on here. He is merely deciding on the quality of work of the aruba dirty police and the prosecutor's office. Paulus''s office.

A complete boycott is our decision. If you go hungry, take it up with the Judge.

You took a van der sloot lie as a clue and went after the security guards. You took the second lie as fact to "look in other directions." You took a van der sloot lie to arrest the Kalpoe's on premeditated murder and rape. You are using a van der sloot lie to smear Natalee and cast suspicion on MB students without a single shred of evidence or a corroborated timeline for the van der sloot and Kalpoe's.

You talk about evidence and yet again, you are taking the lies of the van der sloots to "look in other directions" without evidence. Somehow trying to bring the MB students under suspicion again borne out of stories of the van der sloots.

Dave and Beth Holloway have inspired support in their simplistic desire to bring their daughter home. To honor the promise that arises when you first lay eyes on your child.

The Aruba Brand no longer conjures up beaches and sun. It's all about the murdering van der sloots and those who coddled and protected them.

What's your marketing plan for the new year? Rehire Paulus van der sloot to help in the investigation? Blame Natalee?

Explain the one question you keep avoiding. How, why and who took a van der sloot coordinated lie as evidence to go after 2 innocent men? Why was the van der sloot lie given more weight than the guards truth? Who's budget paid to silence the security guards?

Aruba van der sloot.

Here's a phrase you know: Last call. Take one more shot Dompig, you may be the last hope.