Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Aruba: The Money is with Natalee Holloway

Just a little late on the gravy train, those Aruban Cops. Not the best time to be negotiating. Same for the new Colombian witness. He may get only scraps. Aruba is tapped out, the security guards, John Pauly, Joe Tacopina and the 9 lawyers, they took their money when the getting was good. It's not good anymore.

And it's not because of the tourist dollars. It's the drug money that is moving away, out of the limelight. There won't be any crime to pretend to fight anymore. Nothing to look the other way about.

The police are integral do everything that does and doesn't happen in Aruba. You can only collect favors for looking the other way when you know what you're looking away from.

The Aruba Police know, and know some of the police are involved in the covering up of multiple crimes. The Police had to be a part of Natalee's disappearance.

Karin Janssen, Gerold Dompig, Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten know the truth. They were told of Natalee's fate. But the instinct of the soulless cost them and a growing number of victims of the Van der sloots. They cannot answer to how they know Natalee's fate and cannot prosecute the Van der sloots. Because the plea bargain failed.

Dennis Jacobs is a narcotics cop in a place that has a reputation for being friendly to drug dealers. Of course his procedures and by default those of Aruba were not set up for a victim like Natalee. They didn't spend money on prosecuting a crime, but on defending the Van der sloots.

But they have done nothing about it. Where's the drug dealer who sold Natalee drugs? It's almost hard to believe the fiasco of Dompig's work. Now he's a spokesman for the police? Insane and Unprofessional.

The absolute falsehood that people should have to shut up or else hurt the case, is another piece of propaganda that over time we see was a distraction. Propogated by the complicit Arlene Schipper. We believed it in the beginning. But what a fascist lie that was. Don't speak about the case or hurt tourism and what? What's different about Dompig's latest brainstorm wanting police to be paid for "special events" and Van der straaten's threat to Beth to stop pestering her or he'd shut the case down?

The Aruba Dirty Police are admitting they can be bought.

The legal system really is like the Titanic, never been sailed but she's really ready for anything. Well maybe not everything.

Joran was afraid? Afraid of his innocence for 10 days? And his logic kicked in and said lie to the police and misdirect them away from somewhere? How smart is that if your innocent? Then hire thugs like Joe Tacopina and Frank Rizzo to defend yourself?

How much money do you have, Dennis Jacobs? Such sweet irony that you're most famous quote is coming back at you.

Time has a way of clarifying things. Just what were you doing talking to an 18 year old girl at a casino Paulus? An 18 year old named Natalee who disappeared that same night and was last seen with your son.

Did your presence make your property safe? How would anyone know the Paulus when his wife was away?

She came back to your house Paulus, you have no corroboration for any of your stories after your house. It's consensus Natalee was there and the rest is unsubstantiated.

Oduber's pride before the fall leads him to use the Chavez stick which is more like a twig because he couldn't and can't ask the U.S. for help. Just when you have nothing left to lose is exactly when you should. Right now, a little tension between the U.S. and Holland will benefit you and the Holloway family.

The only way you survive at all is to come clean, completely. Even if you're involved, it's the only way.

You want to "go it alone" as opposed to what?

Your Dennis Jacobs moment is the statement that "Nobody is above the law." Curious you made that remark about the Van der sloots over a year ago. I'm sure it wasn't a worry about the Kalpoe's or the security guards getting special treatment.

A little moment of Dutch Authority don't you think when the Dutch leave jail with their pillows and blankets? Never miss a chance to show you whose thumb your under.

People like the Van der sloots, the Van der straaten's and Tacopina's strike a nerve. But this is unprecedented.

Who cares what the judge in New York does? Who cares what becomes of Aruba? There will be the Van der sloots, the murdering Van der sloots who by their own indecency need to be stopped at all costs. But there has been more criminal behavior in favor of the Van der sloots than there has been energy to find Natalee.

Yet there exists no justice under any legal system that can begin to be considered fair to Natalee. Only our persistence in her memory to never break the chain around the Van der sloots can be considered even reasonably fair.

The legal system never really existed in Aruba. The precious budget was never meant to deal with prosecuting crime only managing it. Talk about looking the other way, the legal system was no more than a suggestion box. Paul Van der sloot has been waiting for a decision on his settlement since February. Do you really think there is some legal protocol here or is the judge waiting so as not to embarrass himself? Just what is he waiting for?

Because of Natalee and her parents, the Van der sloots are unforgettable.

Dave and Beth have stood the test of time. But the runaway, insurance scam, the Schipper's "vanished" theory, the MB students involvement, the beach flasher, the overdose have not. They look like hokey childish comments from children caught red handed.

Janssen, Jacobs, Van der straaten were not in Aruba to stem the flow of drugs and the surrounding money. Obviously.

They were more like managers. After all, without that currency who would fund anything on Aruba? Which is what we are seeing. The ones that operated under the radar have fled. The tourists only another distraction. Aruba's real troubles are it's fleeing "base." And it's not American tourists.

End the suspicion and the spotlight will go away. Not even a story about corrupt cops will warrant a blurb from any U.S. news program.

But John Pauly didn't tell you that? Or is it that Natalee wasn't the victim of an isolated incident? You had one of those moments where you knew it finally had gone too far? The freewheeling was over?

And you all lied and continue to lie. Inflicting more pain on Natalee's family than is necessary. Your sadism is what makes you famous.

But your cowardice is your legacy.

Tell us how Natalee went from murdered to missing to murdered to disappeared? How does the word pre-meditated fit into this crime Ms. Janssen? Heavy Battery?

Did you ever think that maybe when Paulus told you Natalee was dead he was lying?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Dave Holloway: A Beautiful Father

Telling the truth is not mandatory when you tell the father of Natalee that you'll do anything to protect your son. It's a violent reaction.

Protect? Your legal head trip and you failed the test, again, Paul Van der sloot.

Dave Holloway came to Aruba, to the Van der sloots and everyone he met as a man of peace. It was obvious, a gentle man. Sometimes it was infuriating because I wanted you to be lawless and ruthless in seeking answers and finding Natalee. That's all you ever wanted and for me it wasn't enough.

But you were right, and I was wrong. In the big picture, when given a spotlight few ever want or are prepared for, you showed a part of what being a man really can be by the simplicity of your love for Natalee and the pride.

Just a quiet and gripping father. I want some of that for my own life.

It gave us a window into what Natalee was like because it just had to be, it's blood.

At this moment in time, you stand as a father to be recognized and it's a gift to me and I know to others.

I can only imagine that Natalee would be proud and thank you for giving someone the chance to say "Happy Father's Day," and actually mean it.

This is forever.

Your Friend,
Frank De Simone

Aruba Police Threatening to Exercise

Aruba Police are threatening to walk out. Well who woke them up from their nap?

Walking out requires actually doing something, so that's a good thing. Does it look like Dennis Jacobs does any walking? I mean where are they going to go?

Is this actually a threat? It sounds to me like Aruba would be safer after the walkout. Just don't take that suicide stamp you use to close out the paperwork and who would notice?

All for Joran and Paul Van der sloot, this whole thing?

It's hard not to wonder exactly how many people are involved when you consider tourists care more about clean towels than Aruba corruption and politics.

Mistakes were made? That has to go down as a classic understatement.

Police walkout? Ho-hum

How about taking a walk over to the Van der sloot property and end this nightmare for everyone?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oduber Threatening U.S. and Name Dropping

The truth about what happened to Natalee must be more than Joran van der sloot. Nelson Oduber threatens the U.S.

From A.M. Digital Today:

If Holland, supported by the U.S., wish to lure Aruba in certain direction, don't forget that Venezuela and our friend Chavez are right there, declared Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.

Many in Aruba could not believe their ears yesterday when listening to a statement made by Aruba Prime Minister Nelson Oduber via a radio station in Curacao. Although the statement was meant for local consumption, it can do harm to Aruba.

The statement was made in connection with events that are taking place in Holland related to the Kingdom tripartite meetings...

For the rest, read here

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why Canada Matters

Monday, June 12, 2006

Holland Scapegoats and Gets Blue Job From Jet Blue

I can't tell if we are witnessing a country, or as they like to say, a Kingdom, acting like a large corporation or a large corporation acting like a country.

"Not functioning properly"

If I had a job review like that, the word resume' would come to mind. Yet, Karin Janssen, Gerald Dompig, Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten are still on the payroll.

In fact, has anyone been held accountable for this performance review?

If you read a statement by Karin Janssen posted below, she clearly states that Holland is in control of the Natalee Holloway case and always has been. She even goes on to say that only Holland will decide to prosecute when and if they want.

Who said something to the effect that "I have more to tell, but I'm just not ready to do that right now?" Well it was Joran Van der sloot sounding alot like Karin Janssen or is it Karin Janssen sounding like Joran Van der sloot?

Didn't both Anita Van der sloot and Gerald Dompig say "look in other directions?"

Holland is now trying to paint this as taking over the Aruban Legal System, but they have already had it. Slap a coat of paint on it and call it the new Aruba? What are they doing now that they couldn't have done before?

Natalee's family pleaded for a change and it fell on deaf ears. Now we are supposed to believe that Holland had nothing to do with this mess?

This is about the murdering Van der sloots, not the security guards or the Kalpoe's alone. They would have been toast long ago is there weren't Dutch citizens involved.

It's a total smokescreen, and classic politics. Blame the very people you won't discipline because you know that they know you approved of what they've done, even if they publically say something different.

Yet the Dutch who like to see themselves as concise, are sure extremely vague and abstract when it comes to this case. They refuse to be specific when discussing what went on here.

Shame on Fox News for giving expertise to Arlene Schippers and Julia Renfro. Talk about not doing your homework.

"She just vanished" Arlene Schippers
"There was no reason to believe the boys were lying" Julia Renfro

But there was reason to believe the security guards were lying? Why?

And why charge them with rape and murder and claim "more than circumstantial evidence."

When asked about the racist angle, Ms. Schippers, said on Fox, "we don't like to talk about that." Wonder why?

Beth interfered with a coverup and not a prosecution.

Janssen, Dompig and Jacobs have a story to tell. They have jobs to prevent them from telling it.

Do you have any doubt that if they found themselves without income, they may have something someone might pay to hear?

We're at higher levels now. Rik Smid no doubt has some explaining how you can find cause to hold someone in jail for 3 months but not enough evidence to issue a search warrant for the suspects property?

I mean is it a coincidence but does it seem like the "legal system" in Aruba is waiting on a U.S. Court? Why? What possible connection is there?

Oh I know, I'll have to wait for Greta to ask Julia Renfro or Arlene, relative of Guido Wever, what the connection is?

So now we hear that the Van Cromvoirt's have left their big house and white contract to move off Aruba. Joining the Gottenbos' in picking up and leaving. Where to? Holland, of course.

All under the watchful eye of Karin Janssen.

Just curious Karin, if you found out Beth was related to Hitler, would that be a good thing? Do you see Hitler when you see a picture of Natalee? Is that why you refused to meet with Beth because you were too busy?

Way to stay focused. You have been shameful beyond words.

Who Blue whom, to sell insurance along with a $99 fare to Aruba? Why charge at all? We know that fare is not much more than buying lunch on a plane now so why bother when you're really trying to sell the value add's on you're lovely honeymoon in paradise?

The insurance, the weapons, the personal bodyguard, the drink taster... All the little features that make Aruba a cut above.

The Jet Blue Scapegoats, the security guards have benchmarked the price of a prison sentence on your behalf. A cynical marketing campaign aimed at Joe Tacopina's clientele and other New Yorkers. Not to mention the Philadelphia transvestite market and it's leader, Frank Rizzo.

But seriously, my son used to travel Jet Blue cross country 5 times a year, until yesterday. Its a small statement to be sure. But it's my own and it feels like freedom.

The suffering over injustice, over the horrific Van der sloots, is the flip side of freedom.

So it's just one little sign and about $2500 in fares, but hey it's nothing personal Jet Blue when I go elsewhere. Your future is People Express's past.

Blue me!

This is part of the statement released by Karin Janssen on 10/7. It sure sounds like Holland has always been in control of this case. It's time to revisit the differences in the way the security guards were treated and the Dutch suspects were treated.

'In the prosecution of criminal acts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office operates completely independent from the Minister of Justice and the Government of Aruba. The Public Prosecutor’s Office does not have to justify its actions with regards to the prosecution of criminal acts to the Minister of Justice or the Government of Aruba. All the accounting that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has to do, will be done before the Common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Only the Common Court of Justice judges if the Public Prosecutor’s Office has done its work, the persecution of criminal acts, correctly. If that’s not the case, the Common Court of Justice can give the Public Prosecutor’s Office the necessary instructions. The Minister of Justice and the Government of Aruba do not have a say in this process. They cannot give instructions to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute somebody or to start a criminal investigation.'

Reporter: Okay, let me ask you about the search of Joran Van der Sloot house. Apparently this kid lived in an apartment that was connected to or sort of adjacent to his parents house.

Dompig: That is correct

Reporter: And the police only searched his apartment, deputy chief?

Dompig: That is correct. The fact is that we as a law enforcement agency always try to get the maximum. Meaning that we want to search as much places as possible. We were not granted by the judge a search warrant for the complete house, we only received the warrant for the apartment.

Reporter: But what about after Paul Van der Sloot was arrested, couldn’t you get a warrant to search the house then?

Dompig: It was also denied, we were a bit disappointed with that. The judge was coming from another island I must point out. He said we didn’t make a good enough case to get a warrant.

How do we know that Karin Janssen even knows how to request a search warrant? Her dna samples on the 3 suspects were thrown out by a judge.

Holland and Aruba are no more clear than the stories of the 3 suspects. Getting answers from anyone is difficult. It shouldn't be, it's real simple.

No Van der sloot, No Justice

Friday, June 09, 2006

Aruba: Killing A Brand

...it's rough to stay on board, but it sure does give you thick skin. The infighting is a sign of how much intensity there is, still. The downward spiral brings no joy for anyone. Would you have done something different given the chance Aruba?

The quiet in Aruba a kind of perfect justice. Can't you see Julia, Arlene, Croes, Oduber and the Van der sloots huddled in a room trying to guess if they should peek out the door and see if "they" are still out there?

Yes they are, and don't let the quiet fool you. New York or not, nobody is going anywhere. The guilty are just as easy to pursue in Australia as they are in Aruba.

Now "the poor and innocent" are taking to the street. And still, too much pride to ask for help. What other entity started with so much good will, a customer, the U.S. willing to help, and were turned away. Not only turned away but hated, attacked. One of our own, slandered in damage control techniques so outdated. So ineffective.

With the rock painting and Paulus talking with Natalee videos going unanswered for, it looks like "no answer, is the answer."

Anonymous people in anonymous places doing better work than high priced New York lawyers. And they are winning.

I hope it keeps Aruba up at night realizing that their own corruption was not of interest, the media had no market for it before Natalee. And if Aruba had done even a basic investigation and prosecuted this crime, the perceived "secrets" being used as leverage would have had no value, nobody would have cared.

Justice for Natalee would have meant resolution and prosecution, not what it has now become, a complete country under scrutiny and people who have become permanent fixtures in our mind and on our fingers. We didn't want Aruba to say "uncle" we wanted them to say "help." But they just couldn't bring themselves to do it, not for Natalee or for themselves.

Dave and Robin were told by the FBI that the information they had seen showed Natalee was dead. I believe that occurred on the 8th or 10th of June.

This appears to be the final and most definative statement made to the family. Several things about this are disturbing. Van der Stratten was still in charge. Marianne Croes was the spokesman for the ALE. The FBI only saw what van der Stratten wanted them to see. Three weeks later Janssen made her statement that she knew of no information that would indicate that Natalee was dead.

Recent charges against Guido Wever and GVC fell apart because they included a charge of murder and no such charge can be supported. Wever said as much in his cryptic comments.

The attention on Aruba is unprecedented. So if you think interest is waning, because something isn't on television or a cable news show, you'd be underestimating the shift that has taken place. The traditional media has never looked so old or slow.

Aruba is overwhelmed, surrounded. Just 5 years ago, this would never have happened. Ironic for an island that has a relationship with the internet. While they may lash out at a media, or the media that they can't control, there is no doubt, Aruba and the Van der sloots are surrounded.

The corrupt and the complicit in Aruba are acting like crewman on a submarine not wanting to breathe so as not to tip off the enemy of their location. They are waiting for the sound of a pin to drop before the explosion.

It's way beyond Natalee now.

By anyone's measure, especially anyone reading this, Beth and Dave have moved mountains. No longer must we question whether Aruba is incompetent or corrupt.

The Aruba Brand is already ruined. What remains is how to take as much flesh from the bone as is left. Sharks like Joe Tacopina got his chunk, just in time. What better way to get money out of Aruba than overpay a dated legal bully.? One who's comfortable dealing with criminals. But even that old school approach seems kind of ridiculous. Who was that guy? Wasn't he going to sue someone, maybe even Beth? Or was that Steve Croes that was going to sue Beth? Steve Croes, the guy who came forward on his own to corroborate the Van der sloot story that Natalee was dropped at the hotel. Now what innocent person would go to the police on his own and lie about a lie?

Why is there no difference between fact and fiction in Aruba? Aruba lost control of the story because even in a world of "misinformation" they're fiction didn't add up, laughable stories that may have worked in the past to fool locals. Just mountains of lies and there is that point where you can't keep track of lies and it all falls apart. You know, the point when the guilty get angry and blame the accuser for pointing it out? Think teenagers. The internet ate up and spit out information with speed some people still don't get.

Paul Van der sloot ain't Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

An expensive attorney was no match for a grannytoad, Pearl or a tamikosmom and not especially for an ordinary and ferocious mother.

A trailblazer, Beth Twitty, not taking the bullying from Aruba or New York. The parental rage to fight the testosterone and misogny of the Van der sloots and their attorney. Beth's rage is beautiful as is the rage of other women taking up her fight and raging furiously with her.

Still at it, over a year later.

Beth and Dave are an inspiration. As is Grannytoad, Tamikosmom, Pearl and others. They can castrate Tacopina faster and with more clarity than Greta can say "Tito Lacle." They're parenting is what keeps the connection strong, especially to other parents. If we can't support them, who can we support? What kind of mind can endorse the Van der sloot's behaviour, for what reason?

I can guarantee you that Grannytoad and others would accept no amount of money to come on television and try to sell us that when Joran walks around Aruba people come up and hug him. That visual still provokes a smirk. And the thought of Paul Van der sloot sending ideas to his attorney Joe Tacopina. "Consensual, community service, Hitler, Natalee was the agressor, the media, sweet kid"... and on and on. That must have been quite a blamestorming session.

I support Beth and Dave. Joran Van der sloot never had parents qualified to take on that role. It took Natalee Holloway to say no. But she never had a chance. The Van der sloots continue to endanger those around them. The arrogance alone needs a response.

Like Natalee, Aruba never really had a chance. They acted like you do when a police car gets behind you on the highway, you think they're after you for something, anything, even though you can't remember exactly what for, but you feel guilty. They over-reacted, over-reached in the sterility of the cover up. No evidence? Really? Did Natalee exist after Carlos n' Charlies?

The Gottenbos didn't run from Aruba because they just happened to be "ready for a change."

How fitting that the noose is tightening around "nobody is above the law" Nelson Oduber? He, desperately trying to get off Aruba. Or "how much money do you have" Dennis Jacobs having to look over his shoulder. I assume you realize you are the prime scapegoat target, don't you?

Or like Dompig, were you doing what your "superiors wanted?"

But some things, upon reflection, look different. "It's Beth's fault" for instance. Seems epic to me, like a compliment. Paul Revere wasn't raised to be a hero either, he just was.

But we are suffering. Janssen throws around "heavy battery, premeditated murder, rape" all over this case and leaves it at that.

Are you kidding? Deepak Kalpoe admits he had sex with Natalee and he doesn't deny leaving the last place she was seen alive with her and he's walking free?

The experience of moral suffering tells us something important about ourselves. It tells us we have a soul. Suffering is one of those points in which man is in a certain sense 'destined to go beyond himself.'

There's no joy whatsoever in this situation. There's no satisfaction watching Aruba disintegrate. Nobody cared about corruption and favors. We just wanted justice for Natalee Holloway.

It's not a local crime anymore. It never will be.

Natalee, not the U.S. or anyone one of us, deserves justice. She, herself, has sacrificed enough, the family has worked too hard and made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you can't stand behind that, what can you stand behind?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Post on Aruba Dirty Police

This is the first article I read regarding Aruba almost a year ago:

Rudy Croes, the Minister of Justice in Aruba, has every opportunity to question the Holloway investigation to assure that there is justice in Aruba even against the people that he did favors for and those he received favors from (the Dutch judicial officials).

Aruba is in a very difficult situation and this is not because of the American press, the Holloway case and most definitely not because of a web site by the name of "to hell with Aruba.com."

Aruba is going through an extremely difficult period because of a nasty and corrupt government that owes favors to the different departments of the judicial system. The current government in Aruba, MEP has serious problems with the Dutch justice department yet they can not take a stand and voice their concerns due to the favors that they received over the years. The MEP government is maliciously leaking out information to the press about the Dutch police commissioner Jan van der Straten instead of confronting him or any other member of the justice department to ensure that there is no cover up in the investigation of the Holloway case.

The minister of justice, the political party MEP and the Dutch judges are portraying their partiality by bringing in a judge from a different Island to rule over the case yet the officials that are preparing the investigation are all friends and family of the suspect. How partial is this?

Those who are preparing the investigation/case have access to all declarations, forensic reports, suspects and suspects family. Several reports by the international press have proven that the van der Sloot family is very close to the investigating team (The Dutch prosecutors office).
The habitual impartiality has been demonstrated in the past with several cases, one case in particular stands out. The case of Alexander Mathew against a Dutch government official, Ben Vocking whom now goes by the name of Ben King . In this particular case documents disappeared, forensic reports were over looked and witnesses were denied, these documents were in the favor of Alexander Mathew. Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office. King was reportedly seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence. Mathew's entire case was tampered with. King said that his friend Paul van der Sloot helped him in the Mathew case.

How many cases has and will Paul van der Sloot help cover up?

Mathew was isolated for two years and eight months to ensure that the truth would not surface. The Arubian press and the minister of justice, Rudy Croes played a large roll in the defamation of his character to justify his isolation. Now that the truth has surfaced, certain politicians and senators have raised concern that this corruption will repeat itself in the Holloway case and justice will not be served. The minister of justice Rudy Croes is attacking Alexander Mathew, the politicians and the senators in the local newspapers based upon lies. The minister of justice is even accusing Mathew of owning the website "to hell with Aruba. Com," this is a false accusation that is being supported by the Arubian newspaper "Bon Dia Aruba."

Mathew states that the government and the prosecution department is corrupt and is harming the Holloway family and the entire Arubian population. If the Holloway case had been investigated appropriately from the beginning it would have been resolved by now and Aruba would not still be suffering.

The Holloway family must be aware of the corruption that encompasses the Arubian government and judicial system so that they can obtain the appropriate international aid to assist in the search for the truth, justice and most importantly their daughter Natalie.
The government and prosecution officials should offer to take a lie detector test. Assure the world that there is no cover up in the Natalie Holloway case. Help clear Aruba's name.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dismantling Aruba: Pound by Pound

"As CEO and Founder of Curves International INC., I want to personally apologize for not responding in a more sensitive manner to the initial inquiry from MS -------- regarding the sweepstakes in Aruba.

The response from our Customer Service Department was sent without my review and certainly does not reflect the concern I felt over the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. I have a thirteen year old daughter of my own and cannot imagine the anguish being felt.

Curves was founded and built on the principle of strengthening women and helping them live happier, healthier lives. While we didn't create the promotion or develop or pay for the ad featuring the Aruba sweepstakes, I agree that any association between Curves and Aruba at this time is unnecessary and regrettable.

To this end, I've instructed our marketing department to make sure that any future advertising related to this promotion is cancelled and that any prize winners have the option of accepting a cash equivalent to the featured trip.

I would like to thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. Again, I apologize that we didn't respond more appropriately last week. Most importantly, Natalee and those who love her are very much in our prayers and the prayers of the family."

Gary Heavin

CEO and Founder

Curves International.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Justice For The Van der sloots: Only the Beginning

Register with an email address and you get a bumper sticker that says, "No Van der sloot, No Justice, No Aruba."

327 people registered yesterday alone.