Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Courage and Cowardice in Aruba

Just what exactly is Paul Van der sloot being compensated for? A procedural error? An error in police work? A mistake of what sort? If it was procedural is it the same as the inability to get a search warrant for the main suspects property? The tossing out of court of the dna samples taken from the main suspects?

Not one of the suspects statements can be used against them. Who's responsible for this? This sounds like a procedure Aruba Style. The indecency towards Natalee and her family must be fought without pity, without end.

Beth: I'm looking for my daughter who was last seen with your son. Do you know what happened to her?
PVDS: No body, no case

Beth: Your son says he dropped her at the hotel, but now says he dropped her on the beach, what was it? How did he get home?
PVDS: "No body, no case.

Beth: Have you ever met my daughter, Natalee?
PVDS: "No body, no case."

Beth: Your son now says he went out 30 minutes before Carlos n' Charlies closed and left with my daughter only to leave her on the beach saying he didn't have a condom or he had tests or something. Why would he do that?
PVDS: "No body, no case."

Beth: What have you done with my daughter?
PVDS: "No body, no case."

Dave Holloway: Officer Jacobs, I'm trying to find my daughter who's missing.
Dennis Jacobs: "How much money do you have?"

Dennis Jacob to Dave Holloway: "Go have a beer, I'm sure she'll show up."

From Jessy at SM:

  1. Jessy Says:

    A death of Natalee Holloway under the known/suspected circumstance is a simple matter to understand. Death could have been by intent or by accident.

    The investigators (such as they are) appear to go with a probable accidental death and have since mid June, 2005. Of course and accidentally death does not rule out or rule in a crime against the person of Natalee Holloway prior to an accidental death. Nor does it rule out or rule in that a crime against Natalee Holloway could have contributed to the accidental death. But there appears to be no physical evidence of anything (for whatever reasons) absent the body.

    It is the absence of a body that is a big problem as to evidence as well as big mystery in this case. It is totally illogical to conclude that the body of Natalee Holloway would have been disposed of so as not be found if it was just an accident. Logic dictates that if an accident, somebody involved believed or knew the accident was preceded by a crime or a crime contributed to the accident. And that leads one back to joran van der sloot who has yet to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who Else Was at the Van der sloots One Year Ago?


1. The act of speculating, arranging, or plotting in advance
2. Law. the contemplation of a crime well enough in advance to show deliberate intent to commit the crime; forethought

And we to believe what after one year? That Aruba knows Natalee is dead but can't use the evidence they base this on to bring anyone to justice? Of course, someone we already know of has seen her dead and confessed to that fact, but why refer to "a body" if there isn't one?

A distraction or...

One year later, Paul Van der sloot awaits a judge's decision as to the size of his compensation in an Aruban court while Beth and Dave Holloway are hoping for a longshot to be allowed to even present a case in the United States.


The Chief Prosecutor hasn't spoken to Natalee's family in 9 months. Beth has been accused of interference yet the attorney for the Van der sloots keeps getting paid to interfere without criticism. Still no corroborating story for Joran's actions the last night anyone saw Natalee and he wants to be added to the Aruban settlement. Joe Tacopina has not yet apologized to Aruba has he?


Without proof of Natalee's existence the prosecutor(lost, unprofessional) and 2 police chiefs believe Natalee is dead. They cannot reveal how they know, but feel compelled to hint.

One year and no person is in custody for "heavy battery," "murder," "overdose," "vanishing," and the most suspicious word of all consistently coming out of the Prosecutor:

Premediated, why Ms. Janssen, with what evidence?

The U.S. State Dept. Report:Netherlands, 2005

...trafficking of women for sexual exploitation was a problem...trafficking of girls for sexual exploitation was a problem..

...the law criminalizes trafficking in persons; however, was a problem.

On January 1 legislation came into effect, which increased the maximum sentence for trafficking in persons to 12 years' imprisonment in case of serious physical injury and 15 years' imprisonment in case of death...

Deepak to Joran: "they're going to give you 15 years if they find the girl"
Joran to Deepak: "For what, for what?"
Deepak to Joran: "That scholarship of yours, Byeeeeeee, you can forget it!"

Amost a year ago...

Tim Miller, Equusearch: Well, Nancy, I think if we leave this island, I believe the search is totally over with. We evaluated some things the night before last, felt as though maybe we`ve not covered everything as well as we wanted to.

We found an area up close, a fisherman`s hut, that we were interested in. We actually rented a backhoe. We went in there, cleared some debris out. There was a couple of mounds of dirt that we went ahead and cleared out.

And where we found that area today that kind of looked like a grave, which looked exactly like a grave -- we know what that looks like -- I`m not thoroughly convinced yet that that didn`t at one time or another have something to do with Natalee. We actually got a...

GRACE: Well, Tim, what makes you think it doesn`t? Why are you convinced it doesn`t?

MILLER: Well, see, we actually got a lead on that from a guy that we searched in one area on the total other side of the island that told us that we needed to go over there and what to look for. And when we walked in there, he said, "Stay away from that hole, because there is probably evidence there."

So it was like maybe somebody knew something and was sending us over there. So, you know, at this time, I really don`t know. You would have had to see what we saw to really understand what I`m saying.

And so, it`s things like this that we`re finding every day that ends up, at the end of the day, we may be disappointed, but you know what? If we stay and we continue, there is that small, small chance that we may end up and find her.

Insane, unprofessional and lost...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aruba: Bad Business Gone Bad

"She just kind of vanished," Arlene Schippers

This insane and unprofessional quote again begs the questions, are these people stupid or corrupt? It seems to be a question that defines Aruba now. How on earth Arlene Schippers could make such a moronic statement considering she herself has said that she has seen the complete police file?

How can she make a stupid statement contradicting 2 police chiefs and the Prosecutor? Van der straaten called it a "murder." Dompig called it and "overdose" and Janssen called it a "homicide."

Yet Arlene Schippers says in the latest People magazine, "she just kind of vanished." This from a "lawyer" who for months lectured us, sometimes inaccurately on the Dutch Legal System.

So why then Arlene is Natalee's status not considered vanished instead of dead? So the charges against the 9 suspects should include premeditated vanishing?

Ah yes, your cousin is Guido Wever isn't he?

The night the police and Natalee's family arrived, Paul Van der sloot was hiding. If he had invited everyone inside and spoke the truth with a willingness to find Natalee, it would have happened all right there at that moment.

But the Van der sloots were hiding an awful truth and ran away. He told Joran not to speak, he refused to allow a search of his house and he went to court to prevent the FBI from getting involved in the case. Not the actions of someone wanting to clear his name.

They did not want anyone, especially the parents of Natalee, to know the truth. And now lash out like it was some sort of insult to want their daughter, now the victim of slaughter at the hands of the Van der sloots.

We always accuse Aruba of being more about money, but even at that, they are blowing it, big time. Spending money first on damage control by hiring John Pauly a media "specialist" backfired. And now, hiring Joe Tacopina, who seems to jump into the fray on issues that should be out of his concern, has only made both Aruba and the Van der sloots appear more guilty.

Throwing good money at bad money. Not only as a legal matter but as a lesson in business, this has also been "insane and unprofessional."

Paul Van der sloots judgement is the source of frustration again for Aruba. He blews his chance for an "accident" scenario and now it's too late. Nobody wants to talk about what really happened, only how to get out of this PR mess. But whether Aruba builds oil derricks or cranes or dreams of a Chinese take-out island, bad business is bad business, not built for the long haul. Without the clean money you can't hide the dirty money any more.

At that moment on the VDS property the Van der sloots and Kalpoe's controlled Natalee and the story of what happened. Still one year later they cannot corroborate any of their versions. They also wrote the altered future of Aruba, no doubt about that now. And now it's a battle to write history.

But why does the truth seem to cost so much? Or is it the lies that have cost Aruba so much.

Ms Schippers and the rest of the "elite" in Aruba deserve misfortune for what they have done. Her pleading for the poor people of Aruba and her response when asked about the security guards, "we don't like to talk about that," show an almost inhumane soul.

Schippers is both corrupt and stupid.

Vanished: To pass from a visible state to an invisible state, to fade, as vapor vanishes from the sight by dissapation.

So add her definition of what happened to Natalee to the others and it still doesn't matter.


Holloway Case: ‘Holland, intervene’

Amsterdam: Exactly a year after the disapeearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, the investigation is stuck.

Criminal law expers and Natalee’s Mother only see one solution: Holland has to intervene.

Dutch detectives have to take control of the policeteam that on Aruba is investigating the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. This is argued by criminal law expert Peter van Koppen.

After a year the investigation of the disappearance of the Amarican teenager is stuck. At least nine persons are accused of having kidnapped and murdered Natalee, more than 280 witnesses have been heard and there’s a file of over 40,000 pages. But what happened to Natalee in the early morning of may 30th 2005 on Aruba ? The investigators don’t know.

Criminal law experts and people involved have the impression that police and justice on Aruba are completely lost. It seems like the Arubans are capturing suspects randomly, says Van Koppen.

It would be wise if ‘a Dutch team takes over the case instead of having the Arubans dragging on the investigation. The current policeteam is apparently not able to distinguish ripe from green. A good Dutch team could manage it.

Lawyer Gerard Spong, who as lawyerr of the suspect Guido W. got to know the file agrees with Van Koppen. Spong calls the Aruban investigation amateurish. According to him the case is so complicated that a college of three judges should handle it. This is not possible in Aruba.

Also the mother of Natalee Holloway, Beth Twitty, hopes that Dutch detectives will eventually shed some light on the case. In an interview with the AD she calls the investigation on Aruba sofar a mess.

Aruban lawyers notice that witnesses and suspects are continously being called for questioning again. People who have been interogated twenty times already, get sick of it. Several suspects refuse to even talk to the police anymore, according to a lawyer. Police and justice on Aruba refuse to comment.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Who in Aruba is Paying the Legal Bills?

Why does it seem there is more money behind the "victimization" of the Van der sloots than behind the real victim, Natalee?

Fox News Kissing Boeti and Blowing the Story in Aruba

"I wouldn't believe me."

"thats not the normal way a mother of a missing girl should act" Joran Van der sloot.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Aruba Dirty Police & Joe Tacopina

Interesting evening...

First on Catheleen Crier we hear Joe Tacopina's private eye tell us he's been on the case for 6 months and then disagree with Julia Renfro as to who picked up Joran. Julia says it's Satish, the PI says it's Deepak.

Then Tacopina in a panic tells us that Joran called Guido to apologize for his inconvenience and "getting him dragged into this mess." Now he wants Janssen fired. Something hit a nerve as now he, representing the Van der sloots agrees with Beth and Dave, months ago.

Then Guido's lawyer calls him a "victim of being friends with Joran Van der sloot." And oh by the way he's gay so a violent misognystic hate crime just ain't his thing.

We find out that there were 9 witnesses who came forward describing scratches on Guido and Tacopina says it's impossible since the police interviewed Guido early on and they would have seen it.

"They would have?" The same officers who didn't recognize or want to recognize Joran's lie for 10 days? It's now become, Aruba how much money do you have?

We also learn that Guido was interviewed in Michael Posner's office in the casino. And his house in Aruba is being searched a year later. Looking for dna maybe?

It's very obvious that millions of dollars in legal representation is not being spent to protect some kids.

This from the Wesport News in a profile of Tacopina: "but his defiance of convention means that his law practice must operate differently from most. Because trials are so time consuming, he accepts fewer cases and charges more money. Prospective clients sometimes suffer a kind of legal sticker shock."

"mobsters accused of murder and...his specialty, police officers accused of violent acts."

Stanley Zaandam, ex commisioner:

2 Days after 5/29, the body of Natalee may have already been found and the Police Commissioner looked the other way to do a favor for Paulus van der sloot (ex-Chief of Staff of the Prosecutor General J. Zwinkels) To exculpate the son of Paulus, the Police Commissioner and Fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of 2 security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom for 10 days.

According to Zaandam, the nominations of among others, Commissioners Bernardina, Dompig, Hassel and Richardson, along with 34 high-rank 1st class inspectors, which are against the law and hierarchy of the KPA (police corps), have serious consequences for the quality and integrity of work in KPA. None of the high-ranked commissioners has the qualifications nor experience to conduct a judicial investigation.

He also claims this is how Commissioner van der straaten was appointed to this case. However, according to Zaandam, this should not be work for a commissioner.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Aruba: Breaking News, "Victim of Joran"

The lawyer for Guido Wever said tonight on Fox News that his client is a "victim of being friends with Joran Van der sloot."

The Van der sloot's Heavy Battery

Are the Wever's right in assailing the media? Are we really listening to what some say when it appears they blame the media and not the Prosecutor?

The collateral damage may in fact be coming from the Van der sloots via their army of lawyers who it is becoming clear do not get paid by the Van der sloots. Stories and lies from the van der sloots as they rewrite history.

The strategy to "look in other directions" is not borne from investigative curiousity but rather from a defense strategy to attack, blame and continue to assault Natalee.

The Wever's may be talking about the media being led around by lawyers with agenda's rather than really seeing what is going on here.

In August, 2005, Anita Van der sloot told CBS news "hanging Joran won't bring Natalee back, they need to look in other directions."

It didn't sound like she was saying, Joran is innocent, let's find the real guilty parties, it sounded more like, leave us alone and get out of our face. It also sounded like she knew Natalee wasn't coming back.

More curious, after Dompig had said "the 3 are guilty as hell" and was chastised, he blurted out the same comment in the October. "We need to look in other directions."

Following his recent comments that "he was only doing what his superiors wanted" you can sense there is a concerted effort in Aruba to defend more than just the van der sloots, and defend is the key word as opposed to prosecute. How dare we seek justice, just get out of our face.

But the "look in other direction" strategy has been in place, or the look anywhere but Joran strategy from the first day, the first lie, look at the Holiday Inn and the security guards.

That first night, standing in front of the VDS residence with Joran and the Kalpoe's, the police were told to "look in other directions." Namely the security guards and the Holiday Inn.

And it took them 9 days to figure out they were lying? Or, were the police following the mantra of "look in other directions."

Joe Tacopina, who is not accused of interference, is throwing out all sorts of scenario's to get the media to "look in other directions."

Are the Wever's saying they are collateral damage from anyone not understanding that this is about the Van der sloots? They are pissed because the scapegoat lottery landed on their son?

"Nobody is above the law." Nelson Oduber

Why is it that someone is peddling proof that Joe Tacopina has never been compensated by the Van der sloot family. In fact, none of his lawyers have. He is being paid to threaten, attack and blame. Anyone but the Van der sloots.

"He's only lied 3 times" Thanks for that Joe, and he's only murdered Natalee once. You do it over and over on television every time you show your greasy face.

For a yet undetermined sum someone is willing to prove it. Why is this important? It's often been asked who is pulling the strings in Aruba or rather who is working hard to make sure there is no trial or accountability in Aruba?

Would knowing who is funding the Van der sloots legal representation shed any light on what happened to Natalee?

Maybe not directly, but it may shed light on who helped sabatoge this case.

Fox News has become suddenly old and defensive. Greta Van Susteren yesterday, warned viewers to be wary of bloggers, as they often publicize rumors.

Yes that's true Greta, but you forgot to mention that the blogosphere disseminates rumors and information much faster and with more rigor that you or your network does. Cable news is slow and almost always behind the story. Yet where do think they spend much of their time doing research?

I sensed a little fear, even Fox, like aging rock stars, who become the very people they once rebelled against, seems old and out of touch.

Are the Wever's right about the media? Fox is allowing lawyers to control their own no spin.

Greta's booty sniffing is so phony, she could easily get an interview with him couldn't she? Or does he have a lawyer too?

The whole island of Aruba seems lawyered up, why is that?

The attack mode of the attornies in this case adds to the sadism and cruelty that continues to eminate from Aruba. Why is it we don't

What is Karin Janssen saying by using the words "heavy battery?"

It all leads back to the one person held the longest, the main suspect Joran van der sloot. The strategy from the beginning even before the world knew she was missing was "look in other directions."

Anywhere but the Van der sloots.

"One day, I will explain exactly what happened, but, right now, I don't feel ready to do that."

Joran Van der sloot

Joran van der Sloot: My father doesn't like casinos at all. He doesn't want me playing in casinos at all, either. But I convinced him to come that day to the casino and play that tournament because he... because it was a free tournament. I said, I have the chance... I want you to come with me and you can just play one time and see how it is. So you see, you know, why I go play, too, because it's just a social thing. It's a... it was a fun thing to do.

And yes, so my dad had come with me. And halfway through, he... because my mom at the time was in Holland, halfway through, he had to go back home to my little brother because he was home alone. And I took his place at the poker tournament because I had lost earlier. So I went in and I took his place and I played for him.

And this statement, released last fall by the Prosecutor's office:

ORANJESTAD - The team in charge of the investigation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway has a strong suspicion that the young lady in question has lost her life as a consequence of a punishable crime committed against her.

Also, the team is of opinion that there are person(s)who have more information that have not given statements to the police. With this communication, the investigative team is asking all persons who can give more information in relation to the case of Natalee Holloway to contact the police. The team guarantees that all persons who call will be able to speak directly to commissioner Dompig and will remain anonymous.

“JANSSEN: The father has spoken with those three suspects and he said he gave them some legal advice, but I think the advices was going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case and that was already in the first day after the disappearance. And secondly, the father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran, the suspect, the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. That is, well, I can say, was an obstruction of the investigation.

Paulus van der Sloot: Together with the fact that I alledgedly instructed the boys, Deepak, Satish and Joran what they should do, say or do, in case of a possible apprehension. And indeed, I have, when I foresaw that they could go from witness to suspect, explained them the procedure with the intention that they will not panic. But also that was enough for the prosecutors office to suspect me of complicity.
__Translation of"%20rel="nofollow"

KOCK: Yes — let's say, not that it was a meeting, no. I mean, these are friends that visited the house of Joran and the father, so it wasn't like a meeting was arranged and they just came for that meeting. They just were there, spoke with the father, like also happened before May 30.,2933,166635,00.html

Now if you're innocent, white and Dutch in Aruba, would you be afraid of being framed? Would you try to eliminate yourself from suspicion and let the police search your house? Would you lie over and over again? Would you be able to have a corroborated story after one year? Would you be afraid of the police?

And if you were white, Dutch and innocent in Aruba, would you hire Joe Tacopina?

Les Levine, Tacopina's PI said tonight that Deepak picked up Joran, Julia Renfro said Satish picked him up. Mr. Levine said he's been on the case for 6 months.

6 months? Maybe we do need to see those Tacopina bank statements after all?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Holland: "A National Embarrassment"

The more sedated or "out her mind" a girl is, the more exciting it is for these predators. Their games the most exciting thing in their lives, the charge of premeditation chills most people into not thinking about those implications. Like snakes that harm your family, they are scary but you know you need to kill them, and quickly.

"heavy battery" is one of the charges now. Added to premeditated murder, rape, kidnapping and the assault on Natalee continues.

These are the moments that continue to hurt, just when you worry that interest in drying up, another assault against Natalee is revealed. It hurts and it seems a perfectly organic response to fight back.

Fight back the way Natalee did, against these abandoned predators, their vices nurtured by parents whose lives had become vicarious.

Now Holland is exposed more directly with what a reporter called a "national embarrassement." They may not like the U.S. but they like less the prospect of being embarrassed. Despite our own embarrassment, Greta Van Susteren contining quest to sniff more booty.

These suspects are not fighting the truth or Natalee's family. They're fighting each other in a high stakes game of finger pointing. But it's comforting to know the pressure is still on the Van der sloots, where it belongs.

When it's revealed who exactly is paying for Tacopina, the whole structure will become more clear. The Dompigs will really seem innocent by comparison. I only hoping that the Netherlands plays the part lacking these suspects, and define the limits of acceptable behavior and lack of accountabilty. Or even, just good business sense if you want.

Is the premeditated part of all these charges because of the casino? If premeditation is another level of crime, then the casino's a sort of ground zero for the connections to this case.

It's who can we make most liable, regardless of the truth. A power play, the same male power play that created these misognyst predators.

I really believe the truth in this case is something even the most cynical of those who want justice for Natalee will find horrifying.

You can feel it.

The suspects and complicit just coming out of shock at what they've done. They know their life is a sentence now.

The parents know what happened, but paying an attorney to speak about your children, for me, says it all.

When you can't speak about your father without an attorney involved and vice-versa, well you were out on May 29th, 2005. Tacopina and now Spong, these lawyers have their niche for a reason. They represent those in deep. The kind of deep that scares most people.

Tacopina sound a little nervous himself, even incoherent at the moment, as if he and his client's have taken a body blow. Time will tell how damaging it is.

"Heavy battery?"

I think I want to speak with my father, what's his lawyer's number?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Arrest In Holland: Arlene Schipper's Cousin

on Dutch TV news.

The arrested person is Guido Wever, father is Frohverd Wever, he is a cousin of Arlene Schipper, he is still in The Netherlands, being interrogated, daily.

He seems to have moved from Aruba to the Netherlands 14 days after Natalee disappeared.
He was a "croupier" at the HI Casino and had been questioned before by Aruban police.

The reason for his arrest is, murder, kidnapping, sexual assault

The police seem to have some 'evidence'.

He was questioned as a witness before 3x by Aruban police and 2x by Dutch police.

Last bit of the news report.... he has retained a very well known Dutch lawyer, Gerard Spong (He is Surinam/Dutch). One of the top 3 Dutch lawyers

Hey Tito, why you lie to Momma?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Janssen and Jacobs: Company Men

In October of 2005, Dave Holloway met with Chief Dompig in a parking lot in Oranjestad. The purpose of the meeting was to request that Dompig conduct a thorough interrogation of Koen Gottenbos. Dave Holloway told Dompig that he believed Koen was ready to crack.

Koen's name first surfaced in June when Beth Twitty was shown some of the suspect statements by the Prosecutor, Janssen, and in those statements Joran had made reference to Koen's father's boat. The same month Dave Holloway was told by one of Joran's classmates that they used Koen's father's boat to get rid of the body.

Koen Gottenbos lied to the police and the Gottenbos'have moved off Aruba. The assistant Prosecutor resigned over Janssen's refusal to question Koen. Only the father came in to speak for him.

Dave Hollowy requested they bring Koen in for questioning and that someone other than Dennis Jacobs conduct the interview. Dompig told Dave Holloway he would have to consult with Jacobs.

Later that evening Dave kept getting urgent phone messages from Dennis Jacobs. Dave was unable to answer his phone because he was searching a swamp but was aware of the calls. Dennis Jacobs even called Dave's office in Mississippi and told them it was urgent that he speak with Dave.

When Dave finally answered Jacobs calls he was frantic, almost panicked, wondering why Dave had met with Chief Dompig? Jacobs told Dave that he should not meet with Dompig without first consulting with him. Dave felt Jacobs was concerned that Dave would relay some info or evidence to Dompig without him being able to control it.

Insane and unprofessional?

Dennis Jacobs, the man who Dave first approached and was asked "how much money do you have?". Dennis Jacobs, a career narcotics officer ILLEGALLY appointed as lead investigator without experience in missing persons by Jan van der straaten. His appointment created hard feelings within the police department.

He is one of the only constant figures in the entire investigation, the man responsible for EVIDENCE.

Dennis Jacobs interviewed the suspects on May 31st, 2005 and he admitted that there were inconsistencies in their statements, however, he didn't think it was necessary to re-interview them for days after they lied about dropping Natalee off at the Holiday Inn. If Beth hadn't told him that she reviewed the video camera film at the Holiday Inn and Natalee was not on it being dropped off by the suspects as they insisted he may not have re-interviewed them at all. But he already knew that Joran and the Kalpoe's had lied about dropping Natalee off.

Dennis Jacobs, the career narcotics agent, was instrumental in orchestrating the arrest of the security guards along with the Prosecutor Karin Janssen. They did this after knowing full well that the 3 had lied about dropping Natalee off.

Booty, the beach bum drug dealer was the one who swears he saw them going in and out of Natalee's room and the reason Janssen stated they "have more than circumstantial evidence" to hold them on kidnapping and murder charges.

Now we are supposed to believe Janssen had "more than circumstantial evidence" against the security guards but not more than circumstantial evidence against Joran Van der sloot?

Art Wood found a belt similar to the one Joran is holding in a photo in a spot searched by Fred Golba. At one point the search dog began digging in the sand in the exact spot and dug up pieces of plastic that Fred Golba wanted to record and enter into evidence. Dennis Jacobs threw them into the wind saying "they were of no value."

In October, Dennis Jacobs took a statement from Dave Holloway regarding the meeting that Dave had with Paul Van der sloot in August. Jacobs questioning lasted 3 hours and when Dave saw an english translation prepared by Jacobs it was reduced to one page. Three hours of questioning and it failed to even relate to the subject that they covered. Instead, it made refernece to Beth and Jug and the Natalee Holloway fund. The statement was witnessed by another Police Officer who was not even present during the testimony.

Insane and unprofessional?

Later that month, a young dispatcher in the police department informed Dave that Jan van der straaten was a frequent visitor to the office. To meet with Dennis Jacobs.

After one year, there appears to be no evidence and yet Jacobs and Janssen are still in place.

It was called a murder when the guards were arrested, why? You have the Prosecutor calling it a homicide, Dompig says it was an overdose and van der straaten called it murder. How? On what evidence can they make these statements yet cannot connect them to a suspect?

Insane and unprofessional?

What type of prosecutor would take a job where there is supposedly very little crime? Can it be possible that Dompig and Jacobs were simply at odds over procedure but both had the same goals? Or is it more likely that one was trying to sabatoge the investigation?

With Dompig having stated "the 3 are guilty as hell" and confirming Natalee's death then being forced to retract it, does it not appear that Dompig was trying to tell us something?

And now he's gone, and not Jacobs or Janssen.

Karin Janssen could not get DNA from the 3 suspects? A procedural mistake? This alone is highly suspicious. How is it possible that Joran Van der sloot could be held for 3 months and yet Janssen failed to get DNA from him and the Kalpoe's whom she arrested twice?

Insane and unprofessional?

And if you have Paul van der sloot arrested and Joran as the main suspect, how is it possible you cannot get a search warrant for these suspects property? The incompetence is so great that you have to wonder if that is the plan.

"We have ways of dealing with these things." Nelson Oduber

Karin Janssen, by normal standards has appeared to be so completely incompetent that it has to be considered just what exactly is the role of a prosecutor in a place that claims to have little crime yet is world reknown for drug trafficking? Does anyone think Jacobs and Janssen are where they are to eliminate the drug trade from Aruba?

Her consciousness of guilt manifested in her inability to communicate with Natalee's family, her 2 week vacation prior to the suspects release, her inability to secure DNA from the suspects or convince a judge to issue a search warrant for suspects she arrested, and her failure to prevent Paul and Joran van der sloot from being compensated, and she is still even has a job?

Or is she doing exactly what she is supposed to?

Is it a coincidence that an Aruban court that we were continually told has laws we don't understand seems to be waiting for the outcome of civil trial in the U.S. to decide on the amount of Paulus's compensation? How are they related? It seems to be a make it up as you go legal system.

And is it a coincidence that Joe Tacopina claims to have re-read thousands of documents and suddenly at the very same time we have a flurry of new arrests that went nowhere?

Just what is she doing? Promising fireworks and writing the U.S. Justice department asking if Beth is related to Hitler.

You can only surmise that Karin Janssen is part of a coverup to sabatoge this case. Dompig has intimated that he was only doing what he was told by superiors. I believe him. I believe he thought he would be the Chief of Police and was trying to broker a de facto plea bargain whereby he would confirm Natalee is dead without finding fault for Dutch Nationals the Van der sloots.

But on whose order? It can only be Nelson Oduber.

Karin Janssen came to Aruba for a reason, and it was not to clean up crime. By any standard she has failed Natalee completely, yet probably succeeded in carrying out the wishes of her superiors.

3 women had come forward before Natalee arrived in Aruba claiming they were raped by Joran Van der sloot. 2 of them have been paid for their silence. This comes right from police reports. A third was handled by a child advocate. The security guards have also been silenced. Not even one interview? Nothing. They were scapegoats, now rewarded for their inconvenience and convenience to a coverup.

The question remains, how do they know Natalee is dead? Is it the blood in Deepak's car? The Joran confession that "something bad happened." Or the Chicago videos where on the day Natalee was confirmed dead, there appears to be a coroner's van and the VCB working in large numbers around an obvious crime scene?

Those videos are begging an explanaition. The first was they were preparing to put up a sign. But when asked why a coroner's van, the VCB and men in suits were needed for placing a sign 50 yards away, that answer was retracted.

Now a new reasoning will be brought forth, they actually did find something, but I can only guess that we will hear another familiar phrase.

"It is of no value."

That sums up the sadistic and barbaric nature of these people in Aruba and their feelings about Natalee. The depth of anti-American feelings used as a reason to defend a sociopathic liar, like Joran Van der sloot. Still the last know person to be with Natalee.

Can a case close when Joran first said he dropped her at the hotel, then the beach and Deepak picked him up, then the beach and Satish picked him up?

Finally, from Tamikosmom, these "theories" are based on what? Why is it so difficult for them to name names?

How anyone can not see what this type of speculation does to the family of Natalee is obscene. To be able to put out these "theories" while the people they are theorizing about are walking free is sadistic and cruel and will not be forgotten.

Janssen and Jacobs will also be held accountable and deserve to be subject to the very same treatment they have dished out.

Karin Janssen and Dennis Jacobs, you are cowardly men and will receive no mercy when your day of reckoning comes. You have fooled some people but not all.,2933,159252,00.html
June 11, 2005

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body. However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a "misinformation campaign."

Gerold Dompig, Deputy Police Commissioner
June 12, 2005

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case admitted “something bad happened” to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and Dompig Himself refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.

Dompig says he believes Paulus Van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance.

The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.

Took the time to carefully hide the body? Who gave them time to do this?

Karin Janssen and Dennis Jacobs of course.

  1. Maggie Says:

    This is from Nova where Paulus says he is a replacement judge and step down when Joran became a suspect, so maybe that is what Joe T was talking about. What I don’t understand is how he can be a replacement judge, if he didn’t pass being a judge in training?????? If there was a video of Natalee in HI with Frances.. the prosecutor would be on that story and JQK would know about it.

    Reporter: Which function do you have here at the island? Because many stories go around about that. What is your function?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: I am a replacing member of the joint court of justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba [plaatsvervangend lid van het gemeenschappelijk hof van justitie van de nederlandse antillen en Aruba] and I am appointed for a period of three years, from January the first, 2003, until January the first, 2006.

    Reporter: So, you are replacement judge?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: Yes.

    Reporter: Do you know the people very well, for example, the people here from the public prosecutors’ office that ordered your detention?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: Yes, for sure, because, before that, I have worked for eight years as chief of the cabinet of the prosecutor general [kabinetschef van de procureur generaal].

    Reporter: So, you also know the current prosecutor general?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: Yes.

    Reporter: Mrs. Croes.

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: Yes.

    Reporter: Yes, and what does that mean when your colleagues stop by to arrest you?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: That gives a feeling of absurdity. It is indeed almost unimaginable that by someone you actually know very well, where you worked together with for a long time, that that one comes to tell you that you are suspected of complicity to murder.

    Reporter: Who was that in your case?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: That was, in this case, that was the leader of the team of police commissioners.

    Reporter: Jan van der Straaten.

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: That was Jan van der Straaten, yes.

    Reporter: And you know each other very well?

    Current Suspect Paulus van der SLOOT: Yes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No Johnny Cakes for the Liar Joe Tacopina

Johnny Cakes Tacopina continued to lie and lie and lie...We can only hope that lying to a judge in this country gets you in legal trouble.

Some more gems from Joey:

"Paulus lost his judgeship because of this case." Wrong Joey, but that would mean Aruba has made a good decision, clearly.

"Joran is the most articulate and mature kid he's ever met." Wow, then can he explain again how he got home from his second lie about dropping a girl in and out of consciousness on the beach and then didn't remember her name the next night?

Oh, I forgot, he was scared, too much gambling, is he still scared now?

I spoke with the Van der sloots and "they were gracious as usual."

Yeah, that's what you think of when you think of the Van der sloots, gracious.

But, if you're a Van der sloot, you have to pay someone to speak that way about you.

Whether the decision goes in Natalee's favor or not, it's far from over, and Tacopina will be long gone trolling for some more murderers to defend.

Insane and unprofessional?

Add this from Tamikosmom to the statement that the now ex-Chief said that the "3 are guilty as hell" and that "one of the suspects has confessed and is leading authorities to the body."

It's all coming down to a few cops and a judge, one sitting and one failed.
June 29, 2005

JANSSEN: We have much more information than only that. I can‘t tell you the details about that. I only can say there‘s telephone, e-mail, chat sessions, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) messages and that‘s the sort of communication that we are investigating now. And it gives us a clear picture of where they were and how they communicate and what they said to each other.
July 1, 2005

Janssen said the prosecution was centering its case around e-mail and cell phone text messages written between the suspects the night Holloway disappeared. Janssen declined to offer further details about the messages, but said not having a body would make getting a murder conviction "more difficult but not impossible."

JANSSEN: Well, the father has spoken with those three suspects and he said he gave them some legal advice but I think the advices were going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance. And secondly, the father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran, the suspect—the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. And that is, well, I can say was an obstruction of the investigation
August 27, 2005

(CNN) -- After being detained and then released last month in Natalee Holloway's disappearance, two brothers were arrested again Friday in Aruba on suspicion they acted "together with other people" in raping and killing the Alabama teen, the prosecutor's office said.

Without elaborating on the evidence, the office said in a statement that "new facts and circumstances" led them to re-arrest Satish Kalpoe, 18 and brother Deepak, 21.

"They are suspected of the primary criminal act of together with other people committing premeditated murder, alternately together with other people murdering somebody, more alternately rob a person of her liberty with fatal consequences and even more alternately raping somebody," the statement said.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Aruba: Gateway to Nowhere

If there's any middle management fat left in Corporations, they would look like the governement of Aruba, only more mature. The sheer amount of incompetence is only matched by the amount of cowardice on display by the men in this picture. One can imagine this photo was taken after someone asked how Oduber's China "Gateway" initiative is going?

Nelson Oduber, the nominal eunich of Aruba, just back carrying a gift from his Chinese connection, a fortune cookie, is again reshuffling the same deck of cards. Now Rudy, "this will blow over," Croes is said to be the "victim" of this new "new" restructuring.

But he keeps control of the police, the Prosecutor and Legal Affairs. Huh? I guess when the consultants for the Head Office in Holland calls the operation insane and unprofessional, it's Rudy who's got that "portfolio." Or will he? Both lead investigators are gone and one, Van der stratten is off the island, the Public Prosecutor is leaving and it sound like Rudy is next to vacate.

All of them too cowardly to stand up for anything meaningful. How sad, Croes is not even embarrassed to be called a "victim" again by an Aruba Newspaper. Just as he was a victim of disinformation when Joran confessed and his office confirmed her death to the world, he is now the victim of the cold shoulder. These men in Aruba have tremendously thin skin.

For a guy that's supposed to lead he sure seems to be victimized often. Weak Rudy. No more whores to take care of, no more power, just the cabal of Dirty Cops who own you now.

But you'll bail on them, they just don't know it yet. Just like you're once co-conspirators are seperating so will you from Van der straaten and Jacobs. The 3 of you acting like the suspects blaming each other, pointing fingers, defending yourself by giving up any credibility.

To continue to defend the Van der sloots is to reveal a cowardice, souless and insecure nature. A hate which reveals the bitterness of your own life, more proud of your corruption than embarrassed by your incompetence. All good things come to and end Rudy, and it is for you and Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten. There is no clock to run out, it's more like baseball and we're only in the middle innings.

Both Croes and Nelson Oduber know what happened that night almost a year ago. But moving out the ones who are complicit will not save you or them. Regardless of the civil trial or the case in Aruba, you've made mistakes in a world where running takes you no further away from the mess you've made.

Nothing is local anymore.

"Mistakes were made." And those mistakes, which still yet to be defined haven't been corrected have they?

How long until the blame goes right to the source, Joran and Paul Van der sloot?

Forgot which side your bread is buttered? Got between a mother and her daughter? Defended the murdering rapist, Joran van der sloot and allowed their paid empty suit to continue to enrage your largest customer.

But your own words Mr. Oduber will be your epitaph, "Nobody is above the law."

And I thought you were referring to Paul Van der sloot when you said this.

I bet, Nelson, if you open your fortune cookie it will say this:

No Van der sloot, No Justice.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Joran Getting "Back on Track" To Rape and Kill Again

With all the writing regarding the Kalpoe's car and the evidence not collected, it really needs to be reminded that this was a car for hire. Joran and Natalee occupied the back seat.

Only places where Joran was, which means where Natalee was, are of interest if you are looking to either prosecute or save someone. You can't destroy evidence unless you find it.

Maybe asking to borrow a car, but asking your new friends to drive you around? This doesn't come without some sort of financial or silent agreement.

Just as a cop wouldn't cover up something that didn't relate to Joran, the Kalpoes weren't just drivers without some vested interest in the car ride around Aruba with Natalee.

You don't make yourself liable to something you weren't liable to in the first place. Isn't that right Steve Croes?

The car, and the van der sloot property, not Joran's apartment are all part of the crime scene trail, places unsearched properly for a reason.

No doubt one of things that even some vaunted Dutch Criminal Law Experts called "strange and unprofessional" and, "total madness."

Unless of course it was meant to be that way.

Not even Joran's clothes were taken for forensic testing, and this even after he obstructed the investigation and is still the last person with Natalee when she "disappeared."

Is she "disappered" or dead?

Why are we believing Janssen and Dompig and Van der straaten, they called it a murder when the security guards were in custody, so how good is their word, or "opinion."

Is it based on Joran's words? The same words used as evidence of suspicion to arrest the security guards?

The crime scene was the Van der sloot property, what happened there Paulus? There was no rave party, the party was at your house, because you were alone. Natalee would have more likely gone willingly to a house where the father was. In every other world but yours that would seem safe to an 18 year old girl.

But just how did you raise a son capable of "dropping a girl on the beach? And care's so little to not even remember her name?

Where's Natalee, Paulus?

And the Van der sloot attorney, Joe Tacopina, made an appearance on the cowardly pro-Joran websites, This site frequented by people who are not sleuths and certainly cowards. They find the truth about Joran offensive, they don't find Joran offensive only the truth about him since it requires them to disregard the facts and get focused on hating what?

Question #5 from the Canadians.

The massive amount of publicity against your client for the last 11 months has irrevocably affected his life for the worse. Even if the civil lawsuit is dismissed after oral arguments on the 17th, how important is it for you to publicly clear his name, by presenting the true facts as well as making examples of those who slandered him?

Joey's response:
"It is very important which is precisely why we have conducted ourselves in the manner we have. (Threatening) Going on an agressive campaign in the media to show his innocence and to actively deploy investigators to uncover facts that provide some answers to what happened on May 30. As a dendendant, we have no burden whatsoever to prove anything. And as you know Joran is not charged with any crime however, because I care greatly about this young man and his family, I intend on doing everything in my power to help him get his life back on track and to hold those accountable who have slandered Joran."

Never has such a load of totally laughable bullshit been spoken. Except by Joran.

You, Tacopina, are the only one who has slandered Joran. Wasn't it you who said he was a "sweet kid" who left a girl coming in and out of consciousness on the beach? Wasn't it you who said he has done "tons of community" service.

Clearly you slander the dirty name of the murdering raping van der sloots.

And what about Jossy Mansur? He is releasing very damaging information taken from the same source as you, the police reports. Nothing to say about them?

What have you come up with Joey? Nothing. And now you back track by saying you don't have to prove his innocence. Sounds like Mr. Mansur has called your bluff and you folded, pal.

Get his life back on track? I guess you've arranged a date with one of your daughters in Atlantic City, and given him some gambling money too?

And the casino's are right on the beach. But tell her to wear a name tag.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Van der Sloots Have no Answers

From Jossy Mansur, waiting for a response from Joey Tacopina.

"They are far from being smart. If they were, they would have come clean with an accidental death theory. But, they persisted in lying over and over again, and that has gotten them into worse trouble than they expected."
"We believe that Natalee was buried for one night near the fisherman's hut, then was dug up by other people close to Joran (or his father) and disposed of at sea. That is what we believe, but cannot prove. One key person in this case left the island hurriedly one or two days after Natalee disappeared, and that is Koen. He was sent to Holland and has never come back. Now they are selling their home at Malmok, giving us to understand they have moved permanently to Holland. We believe he had a strong hand in this affair."

"Joran has always been a problem child. Ever since he was 10 he was known by neighbors to bombard houses and passing cars with stones. Of Deepak we know very little, only that he flies off the handle in a jiffy and is known to have had anger problems before."

"What the information we were able to obtain in the course of this investigation, Paulus has been described by people who know him well as a womanizer and a gambler. I can't imagine how, being a member of the Ministry of Justice staff, he would go out with Joran to casinos and sit with him at the blackjack table to gamble and drink together. In casinos, they normally serve free drinks to gamblers, perhaps to entice them to spend more money or to force them to slacken whatever control they might have over their impulses to throw away money. That much I can inform you about these two characters. We know a lot more about Joran, but I think we covered that ground before."

"… In Greta's interview with Joran, Joran told her emphatically on two occasions that he never received counseling by a psychologist. But, in Paulus' statement to the Police, he says that Joran did receive psychological aid because he beat up his younger brother at home and something about his parents money disappearing! We will publish the document also and our interpretation of it."

"We also recently obtained the original video recording that Jamie Skeeters made (not the one shown on Dr. Phil!), and in it Deepak compromises himself seriously. We will continue to publish the documents that we have tomorrow and everyday thereafter, until one of them breaks down or starts to counterattack."

"I don't know what KJ will do, but she is getting a lot of help from the pressure we are putting on the three suspects. I don't totally discard the idea that they could be re-arrested, but have heard nothing from the authorities to indicate that as yet…the right person could work out a plea bargain with one or two Kalpoes so that the end of this painful affair might come to a close."

Aruba: Coverup is Undeniable

The 2 links below are worth reading and have been posted before. With all the talk about "higher ups" it doesn't take much to figure that out.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Democrats Seek Justice in Aruba


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Joran looking for that "black street cred":Bangbus in Aruba?

The title of this group photo is Bangbus crew. It's from the tickle site mentioned below:

Message from Poster:

BMS DUDE swa bo sa bon bon cu bangbus core no ta faya jun trip swa i si no tin trip nos ta traha un sigur sigur boy bebemento allout anto Bati Party na ordo hahahahahaha bms no por faja esey Bms Bro jega bo tin cu Jega pa nos destrosa caya swa heheheheh PEACE OUT IGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo entitled bulletproof nigga with guy in bulletproof vest.

Also see Army of 3 photo. Joran's former girlfriend Melody is listed as friend. Poster Rashid tells him to keep on pimping and PRODUCING.

So many of these refer to Bahia, C&C and Chose a Name bars.

White kid looking for black street cred? It may be normal for kids to look for role models but as parents, we all know where the line is. It's called being responsible parents, to know where that line is.

Joran crossed that line, with ease.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Loverboy (2003) Dutch TV

Who's internet name was Loverboy, Anita?

This is a review of a Dutch film:

This film is about loverboys, men who seduce young girls/women and force them in to prostitution. They're not very friendly people, usually using violence so that their victim is too afraid to do anything about their situation. So what do you do when you make a movie about loverboys? You make the loverboy a nice guy, someone who falls in love with his victim, awww isn't that romantic? Yes it is and that's the whole problem about this movie. It totally underrates the problem. Never is there a real threat, Denise the victim never seems to be stuck in her situation, she isn't forced to become a prostitute, she isn't forced to stay one. At the end she finds out that the loverboy has other girlfriends and then she just quits with the guy. Just like that.

One can argue that it wasn't the intention of the makers to make a film about the real problem, the actor portraying the loverboy did acknowledge that in real life the loverboy situation is far more violent. However since this film is about the only one about loverboys it's regarded as a good source and a good representation about it. And that's the real disturbing part since the film more or less promotes the good side of loverboys more than emphasize the negatives. At least the previous commenter also knows better.

In the Dutch show 'Cut (2003)' there was an episode about loverboys as well, but handled so much better. Especially since it didn't have a happy ending, and the girl that was the victim disappeared just like many do in real life.

Another coincidence Anita? Do you even know what your son was doing at night? Like father like son.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Karen Janssen is Smiling

Her incompetence is astounding. But she wasn't hired to be a prosecutor was she? From what we know of Aruba is there any doubt that the job does not require going after criminals in Aruba?

Her incompetence is what Aruba uses to allow criminals to flourish. Now, she's mad that Diario has released a statement taken by a police officer. A statement by Joran Van der sloot.

She has been silent while the Van der sloots have been on television doing interviews and while their attorney has been almost nightly reading from police files trying to point fingers at anyone but Joran. But Tacopina is not accused of interference?

That's okay, but not this statement? She ignored Natalee's family, took her 2 week vacation right before the suspects were released and now is leaving the island. No doubt she's spent time looking for other work and a place to live.

Her utter weakness has benefitted her fellow Dutch murdering Van der sloots who are all running to leave Aruba. Leave it in shambles.

How interesting the case has dragged on, her promise of fireworks, her written statement that Natalee probably was murdered but people were not talking, duh!

If I wrote on this blog that the prosecutor had written the U.S. Department of Justice asking if they could confirm or deny that Beth Holloway was related to Hitler it wouldn't be believed, some sort of bad joke. Sadly, it's true.

She didn't write for help she wrote to inquire about Natalee's mother's heritage. Does the cruelty never end? How is this relevant?

Janssen can be forgiven for being over her head, that's why she got the job. But her lack of class and her utter lack of professionalism and cruelty to Natalee and her family is shameful.

How sad that we got our hopes up because she seemed upbeat, smiling. Now we know why. She was said to be happy just before we found out she was leaving Aruba, it never had anything to do with prosecuting the guilty.

I only wish she had done something, anything to give Natalee that same chance, to leave Aruba and go back to her loving parents.

Enjoy next Christmas with your family Ms. Janssen.

Hey Anita, What was Joran doing on the Internet??

"A sweet kid" "tons of community service",2933,186707,00.html
March 3, 2006

VAN DER SLOOT: ....... And you're like, you know, what, you know what are
you doing? Because it was - it was a normal - it was a normal thing for us
to do, you know, go to our friends, go to the beach, talk to American
tourists, you know, then go out with them and have a good time and, you
know, nothing - nothing ever bad has ever happened. I mean it's happened
probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong.

Anybody who has ever been anywhere near a computer knows exactly what the bangbus is and what we're all about. We cruise around in our pimped up van and pick up stupid sluts who think we're going to pay them for sex. After we're done fucking their brains out we kick them to their ass to the curb. You've gotta see it!

Click here to get your pass now!

Click here to get your pass now!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Aruba: The Bangbus Is Speeding

Since I posted the story about Bangbus, the sites referencing someone specific are being taken down right now.

There is a guestbook:

het was weer een topper gustere hey lub wanneer komen
de foto's op de site en ehhh die hazes toegift houwen
robert de wit
27 Dec 2005

Judge BoB Wit handled the Ponson case. There was also this post from the IllNino board last summer by "Crazy Spic" "nah they still haven't found the body. According to like Enquirer she was filming a porn with some dud, b4 she mysteriously disappeared. I guess those guys from the bangbus just went too far, leaving those bitches stranded on the road and stuff.

On Friday, Judge Bob Wit ruled that Paul Van Der Sloot cannot visit his son in jail, but that the boy's mother may. Wit's reasoning wasn't made public. Anita Van Der Sloot visited her son late Friday.

Bob Wit
Rob Wit
Robert Wit
Rob de Wit
Robert de Wit