Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aruba: Not fading away...

The Natalee Holloway story was the most most widely read crime story in 2008. Almost 4 years after Natalee was murdered by Paulus van der sloot, a Dutch Citizen and employee of the Aruban Prosecutor's office.


For islands that compete for tourist attention, you can't buy this kind of coverage. And yet, the new head of AHATA, Alfonso Riveroll, is saying that Aruba has "fared well" in it's handling of the media.

The amazing thing is these people actually believe this. They feel victimized. It's not that absurd when you think of the narcissistic cases of greed all over the place.

But it also says something about Aruba that nobody really wants to stand behind justice or Aruba. Nobody really cares enough despite all the words about the "good people of Aruba." You know, the ones we never see or read about. Where are they and what are they doing?

For more money they would overnight be "good people of Martinque" or the "good people of Anywhere." What's the difference?

Mickey John, the innocent security guard they tried to frame for Natalee's murder said it early and said it best, "it's a Dutch mess."

Now how would he know that? Mr. John no doubt appalled, but not surprised, and his own treatment at the hands of the Dutch, but the treatment of Natalee at the hands of the Dutch.

"You're own father, unbelievable." Deepak Kalpoe to Joran van der sloot.

Paulus van der sloot, Jan van der straaten, Karin janssen, Hans Mos. None of these people has told the truth, none of them.

"Faring well?" Look for this story to remain the most read next year and any year until one of these people is compelled to tell the truth.

When you witnessed a crime like this, and that's what it feels like, you almost cannot stop until the savages receive justice. And Natalee's parents, who have battled so hard, and made us believe we would be that way too, can bury their daughter.

So thank you for everyone who's kept this story in the spotlight. And a special thanks to Paulus van der sloot for "protecting his son."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aruba: Hope a' dope

It's not only Barack Obama who's doing the hope a' dope to dodge the truth, to articulate a story to soothe the ego, and avoid any honesty at all. Floating ideas not based in any reality, like high paid defense lawyers for the guilty. Where proving it is more of a campaign and a game than a committment to justice.

Creating distractions and fracturing the guilty and making even the targets of corruption impossible to pin down. Dodging and weaving and lying.

Racehorse Hanes, the Texas lawyer who got many well-heeled defendants off from serious charges had a wall in his office which displayed the murder weapons of his "innocent" clients...

Holland has been doing this for 3 1/2 years in Aruba and it's depravity on every level makes it the portrait for how violent a world we're in. And how much violence it takes to resist this kind of savagery.

And self-styled diplomats talk about human rights and victim's rights but unless it's on a large enough scale they just ignore all the little people. The Holloway family suffers it's pain in public so the Dutch can feel shame in private.

The Defensive Dutch, so self-conscious about "appearances" that they actually believed the black on white crime story they floated would work. And the innocent black men were just collateral damage. "It could be true" if we say it enough times.

And because accountability has been so diluted, and the story pieced out so scattershot, filtered by lies meant to distract, it's just too much work for weak and self-conscious populice in the U.S. and in Holland. Haley Barbour, the bloated senator would blend easily in the Dutch Parliment.

Jan van der straaten and Karin Janssen knowingly arrested 2 innocent black men for 10 days to clean up Natalee and the mess they made of her.

It rings even more sick as time goes by. The shame living inside these people is like a bomb that's ready. And shameful people act suspicious and use deceit to keep their minds occupied.

"We'll get back to you."

Like Obama's arrogant "we'll tell you what really happened" so has Aruba tried to describe a possible scenario. But the Public Relations description is just a story.

How can 9 people be arrested for charges ranging from premeditated murder to heavy battery to rape to kidnapping and at the same time call this a "disappearance?"

Maybe the tourism board really is in charge of the investigation. But they have clearly failed, despite the rhetoric, every time AHATA does the translation of murder, or rape, it comes out "disappeared."

"It's like she just vanished," said Arlene Schippers, this comment from an Attorney in Aruba paid to speak for AHATA and interpret and translate the charges.

Yet they also call it a "tragedy" and "mistakes were made." All words vague enough to attempt to create doubt. Yet they never get to a point, just a jousting of phrases, retractions, misunderstanding of the Aruba legal system.

A place where there is no reason to tell the truth, where there are no consequences for lying and deceiving. Dodging and weaving, letting out snippets of what was a savage crime.

The self consciousness and denial so blatant, so detached from any believability and scattered as to remove any target big enough to be caught.

Now there is a call from Rudy Croes to investigate the investigation. But they already said "mistakes were made." What mistakes? And are they "mistakes" like Natalee is "disappeared?"

The guilty go quiet, don't want to discuss it, move on, we have other things to do. Trapped by their own shame they can't even think about the next victim. Watching the downward spiral of Joran van der sloot is like a Dutch Truman Show.

Paulus van der sloot is the only one arrested for premediated murder. Why? Where in the beach story does that fit?

The van der sloot house is the one place they never speak about and yet the court in Aruba has already confirmed that Paulus had at least 2 contacts with Natalee the night she "disappeared."

What? 2 contacts with Natalee, when ?

There was hope in Hans Mos, and yet the reality is he has displayed the same arrogance and lack of spine as all the other Dutch officials with titles. Like a constipated bird sitting on his shitload of evidence making sure no one sees how much he hasn't done, he tightlips his comments like an insane teenager. Petty, self conscious, totally phony.

Exactly like the last Dutch Prosecutor, Karin Janssen. False hopes that never had a chance. Mr. Mos is now saying he has some more evidence that's just come in, and he may not be able to close the case this month. His dodging and weaving, or shucking and jiving, the hope a' dope meant to outlast the call for justice.

Is it finally clear that all this resistance is not for Joran van der sloot? I'm almost ready to call him irrelevant at this point. He's just a by product of his elders, specifically his father.

Paulus van der sloot. Arrested on charges of premediated murder.
Paulus van der sloot. The court in Aruba finds he had 2 contacts with Natalee Holloway on the night she "disappeared."

That doesn't seem like a coverup, that seems pretty clear to me. Now Aruba, how about the rest of the story?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alfonso Riveroll: Lost in Transition

Alfonso Riveroll the new head of AHATA, not to be confused with ATA or ATIA , the new spokesperson, gave a speech considered "excellent" by the paid bobbleheads.

"He was visibly excited" said A.M. Digital, a local paper. I wonder what that means in Aruba? Was the reporter under the podium?

A business owner, stepping in, probably hasn't been to Aruba in years, but is he doing this out of necessity? Is this really a pleasure Alfonso, or "just business?" With the recent comments by Hero Brinkman and Rudy Croes regarding the former Chief of Police interfering with the crucial first days, the cover up of a crime, will AHATA be commenting? Or will you support this investigation? Whatever is most profitable is the obvious answer but can that be accomplished with the truth about what happened to Natalee or is that impossible?

Is keeping her "disappeared" the strategic plan or will you help her family bury her?

Riveroll says "Aruba's image has been tarnished" and they have "fared well." "They have fared well?" Does that mean another American girl will be sacrificied soon? So you can fare well-er all over again?

Alfonso did say "they need to minimize the impact of the Natalee Holloway disappearance."

He of course doesn't mean the impact on Natalee or her family, I guess he's referring to the impact on Aruba, the country that has "fared well."

So the obvious question is how is he going to do that? Up until now they have been trying to erase the event, the crime, the savagery, from reality. Let's see: they have blamed it on Natalee and that didn't work. They have tried to frame two innocent black guys and that didn't work.
They tried to blame the media and that didn't work. They tried to use the media to paint their own picture, and that didn't work. They tried to blame Natalee's Mom and that didn't work.

They haven't tried blaming the Dutch van der sloot, the Chief van der straaten or Prosecutors Mos and Janssen. I guess because that may be awkward, the truth can do that.

Even though when the guards couldn't be framed, the Aruba Police told us that AHATA was actually in charge of the investigation, they have no legal authority.

And it's pretty obvious that the term "fared well" is a corporate slogan meant to, I don't know, do something...I guess. The brand has been damaged, he knows that, so what is he planning?

If the American market is still in their sights, they will not succeed. This is the group who pays Joe Tacopina and John Pauly, guys who don't make anyone say, "gee, I need to go to Aruba." They make Aruba seem seedy by their employ.

Will a name change help? That will not only lessen the impact of the Natalee Holloway disappearance it will be like declaring bankrupcy and starting over. So the new Aruba, whatever the name is will not be the same Aruba. Mr. Riveroll has tried this before. Last year he suggested to the Detroit Lions that if they changed their name to the Detroit Grizzly Bears they would win the Super Bowl.

It's all in a name. Aruba-murder-Natalee-vandersloot-Dutch.

They continue to pitch the word "disappeared" instead of "murdered." It's now clear this was their idea, a strategy. When it's the black guys it's murder, when it's the white Dutch guys it's "disappeared." When your a tourism board, in Aruba, you define reality.

But what now? Will Alfonso call out the Dutch? Will they do something to compel the Dutch to tell us what they already know? Will they give Natalee back to her parents so they can bury their disappeared daughter?

I'm betting no. It's still the island of blame.

Accepting reality and working toward finding Natalee is a concept lost on Aruba. Why is that? For years we've know the reason is that the truth is failure for AHATA, the truth will only forever alter the name Aruba.

Natale is not the only one to go from "murdered" to "disappeared." The Dutch have done this to Aruba also. But this is a step up from the "truth" or the murder and cover-up. Hence, they've "fared well." The truth was the goodbye wave. So the disappearance and the "mystery" is still a better option than the truth of a premeditated assault on a tourist and her murder. Will they build on that or confront the truth? "Mistakes were made" was an early-on slogan Aruba pitched. More marketing ideas from the group of letters.

Who's left to blame? Is this one last shot before you write this investment off?

Keeping Natalee "disappeared" is "faring well" in Aruba or we don't understand their "language."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Dutch Christmas

Monday, December 08, 2008

10 Days in Aruba

If Natalee went from Carlos n Charley's to Deepak's car to the beach and then out in the ocean why would there need to be a coverup?

Only Deepak's car would have had any trace of Natalee.

Yet van der straaten and Janssen gave van der sloot 10 days by arresting the security guards for murder. For murder, and they had evidence, they had her body.

10 days, really.

This means there was alot of evidence.

It's not the beach that needed cleaning.

It's the van der sloot home, that's why they needed 10 days. She died at the van der sloot home and was there when Beth arrived.

They gave Deepak and the van der sloots 10 days.

This crime is unspeakable, and it's not surprising they don't want to talk about it. Do you realize how many people are silent?

The Shame is killing them.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dutch Shame: Aruba

It wouldn't take a 10 day cover up attempt and false charges to hide an accident when a lie would suffice.

And if Natalee died of an overdose it would only take lies to blame Natalee. But no body, no overdose. So why did and does the cover up need to go on 3.5 years running?


And why would the Chief of Police and Prosecutor implicate themselves, after the fact, in serious crimes, to protect a 17 year old?

They wouldn't.

But they didn't come to Aruba because they were the top of their professions. I think van der straaten and Janssen actually believed they were doing their job. Their loyalty to their friend, a metaphor for the ruling class on a barbaric island.

These people don't make these decisions without their own cover. Calling Holland?

As easy as it is to see the cover up, it's just as easy to see it doesn't stop with a hack like Karin Janssen. Her silence now, and her coldness and inability to meet with Natalee's mom says it all for me. She lives with shame. Her only rationalization is her loyalty to Mother Holland.

But this crime was not an accident and it was certainly something that needed a reason for it's brutality.

Blame the black guys. How cynical, the Dutch didn't want the world to see who they really are, they figured they would hide behind what they believed, it had to be the black guys.

But it wasn't. It was the ruling Dutch, who don't want the world to see the worst of the worst.

Van der straaten, van der sloot and Janssen are the worst of the worst. Joran is just a by-product of how degenerate their soullessness is. Aruba is to Holland, what Joran is to his father. The repository for their waste, a reflection of the worst part of themselves, maybe all of themselves.

Natalee was still at the van der sloot house when the citizens searched Aruba. What seemed like a chase was the few honest Aruba Police chasing the dirty Police in a race to find her before she was obliterated.

The main suspect has now confessed for about the 25th time and the Minister of Justice has accused the Chief of Police of covering for his friend.

And Hans Mos, the chief Prosecutor is worried about the lack of starch in his shirts.

So another Christmas. Natalee would have been graduating from college this year, off to medical school.

Instead we have video of Joran trying to traffic girls from Thailand to Holland and Natalee is still missing, and no person is in jail.

Can you take a moment this season, and write officials in Holland and simply ask why?

Be nice, if you can, and ask that we get Natalee back to her family, back to her home. Can you forgo a few moments of time for Natalee?

Pick any name on the list, email, and ask why? Why all this pain, why all this self-consciousness?

For Christmas, let officials in Holland think of Natalee, and let them feel the shame.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Aruba: The Obvious is obvious again.

It's news again that the obvious is obvious?

The Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes, the guy who's office released a statement saying Natalee was dead, one of the suspects had confessed and was leading Police to the "body" is admitting that Jan van der straaten conspired with Paulus van der sloot to cover up a crime.


But while it's taken 3 1/2 years to admit the obvious, what that crime was, is the next horror to come from this nightmare.

Even if they are all lies, what kind of people dream up words like rape, heavy battery, kidnapping, premediated murder, slave trafficking, and just toss it into their "stories."

9 people were arrested with this kind of language and both Janssen, the prosecutor and van der straaten the Chief of Police have admitted Natalee is dead. But they won't tell us how they know?

But you arrest people with those kind of charges and still call her "disappeared." I guess that's true but why not arrest someone for jaywalking in this case? What's the difference.

Or is it that it's all true? She was targeted and slaughtered and thrown away, like a do-over when all the poison of the Dutch had a zit pop in Aruba.

It's true that a Minister in Holland didn't want the fact that Joran was Dutch to be obvious. And They call Americans arrogant.

The shame is holding these savages hostage, and you know it takes alot. What happened to Natalee hasn't hurt Aruba, it is Aruba. Maybe Rudy Croes knows it.

Basically van der straaten, and the prosecutor Karin Janssen, decided that placing the interests of a friend ahead of the kidnapping, raping and murder of anyone, was the right thing to do.

Blacks are for framing and women are disposable. This is Dutch ruled Aruba.

How does someone get that way? And the cynism of using 2 black security guards. This is an island, not Amsterdam. Natalee was not on the beach. She wasn't in the dunes, people were looking there and they were looking on the beach.

She was where they didn't look, couldn't look, covered up.

She was at the Van der sloot house, and the Chief of Police knew it. Karin Janssen gave him 10 days.

He and Janssen called it murder and arrested 2 security guards, knowing Natalee was dead at the van der sloots.

10 days, the break for Paulus and he cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and paid for help cleaning and paid to get rid of Natalee.

If there was enough committment to this story, then we are not even half way through.

These cowards and thin skinned Dutch in Aruba have nothing else but this crime and they don't realize it. It's their King Kong, without it the islanders, they have nothing. Just poseurs that Hans Mos comes in all clean and professional looking, lots of serious promises, then nothing. Just another arrogant coward. Not a call to Beth Holloway, ever?

If jan van der straaten was covering up, what do you call what Hans Mos is doing? Him and Janssen. He wears shoes and socks on the beach and she in heels. Yeah, they are real "hands on."

Natalee has been chased and pushed from the bar to the van der sloot house to the dunes to the pond to the beach to the ocean and to a cage on the ocean floor to Venezuela.

And she was dead the whole time. For an accident? I don't think so.

This was a bad crime and I really believe the truth will be numbing. And is gives me some solace to know, just know, that van der straaten, van de sloot and janssen see Natalee's face every day.

I know it.