Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beth Holloway and Peter DeVries Need to Confront Van der straaten

Forget the attacks on Beth Holloway and accusations of improperly exploited what she's been though and going through.

It's a waste of time to spend any energy on it.

Who knows what happened to Natalee? Joran and Jan van der straaten the Chief of Police when Natalee disappeared, and good friend of the late "premeditated murder" Paulus van der sloot.

He's on Aruba again, just sitting on the crime, sitting in his own shitstorm and Natalee's remains.

Would he talk? His reaction to Beth will say it all, like Paulus running away, cowering while Dave searched the garbage dump for his daughter.

Van der straaten is the case now.

Everything else including Joran is a distraction. The last pieces of their house of cards are van der straaten and the van der sloot property.

Confront van der straaten again and ask him exactly what evidence he claims to have seen that warranted the comment, "This is murder, I've seen the evidence and you haven't?"

This was his answer when he was asked about the 2 security guards who were in jail, accused of murder.

How did Natalee go from murdered to disappeared? Van der straaten knows.