Thursday, December 29, 2005

Aruba Preparing to Drop Natalee Holloway on the Beach

Where are the innocent people of Aruba we are being told would be harmed by a boycott? We never see them.

We see the American Julia Renfro telling us about them. Or Arlene Schippers or Jeff Lasker another cowardly American.

Why are all these people speaking as if that class of people are separate from themselves? Are they saying they are not innocent or are they saying they will not be personally hurt, but others will?

We've seen the type. Athletes saying, "it's not about the money." Yeah sure. Or politicians saying that campaign contributions have nothing to do with the way they vote. Yeah sure.

Julia, Arlene, Jeff, John Pauly and anyone else that wants to hide behind the "innocent" people of Aruba who are you? You think you're richer or more educated so an American boycott won't effect you. Yeah sure.

A minimum wage local losing their job is more catastrophic than say Julia Renfro losing her income? Who has more to lose? It doesn't matter anyway, Aruba doesn't need U.S. Dollars. Yeah right.

The Head of the Aruba Police Union Mr. Zaadam has said: "I want to believe that the people rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should."

That's exactly what a complete boycott will be. Justice proceeding as it should.

So who will hire Paulus van der sloot now? Steve Cohen clued us in that the case will be complete in 8-10 weeks. With all the expenses even a rich guy needs to work. It's a cash flow thing and how much housecleaning can one man do? He's been leveraging the truth with the "I know something you don't know" pitch.

The truth, like cash, is held in varying amounts. But the facts around what happened to Natalee, where she is now, and who is helping cover it up, are mostly held with Paulus Van der sloot. He has the most truth/leverage.

It's probable that Joran van der sloot doesn't know how much each FOP (friend of Paulus) is involved in protecting the Van der sloot. After all this is stuff for adults with experience and connections. Paulus has had paid media people, Pauly and Cohen on his side. Arubatruth and 14 full time investigators working to defend him. All while still on the payroll.

But there is no doubt, Paulus Van der sloot has used the facts about Natalee to distract, defend and attack, all to prevent anyone from taking his truth as he pushes his pencil creating stories.

Worlwide coverage of an event where the whole of Aruba is on trial? Nanny state employees sure blew a boatload of publicity and wasted money again.

Think Arubatruth. It's so blandly corporate I forgot Dilbert was on the Aruba payroll also.

There is a girl living right now that will by fate meet Joran van der sloot. Her life will be in danger.

If a girl goes missing in Aruba tonight and she was last seen with Joran van der sloot what would be different?

What's the Aruban definition of a search? It doesn't include the van der sloot property or the landfill. What's the fee to dispose of bodies in an Aruba landfill?

Aruba continues to hold Natalee hostage. Her case not even shared with her mother. The arrogance and cruelty is almost unimagineable.

Even those that are convinced that the van der sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are responsible for Natalee's disappearance cannot fathom the extent of how barbaric this crime is. They say, she may have died accidentally or from a drug and alcohol overdose. Still unable to comprehend anything more vicious. The truth is just too unsettling.

But to water down the possibilities because the truth is so bad the defenders don't want to believe these 3 could be capable of such horrific crimes.

Most people just cannot accept the extremes that human beings are capable of. This whole case has shown such extreme behaviour. Appreciating Dave and Beth's courage and strength is a challenge but feels right. Starting with Beth, the trashing of anyone that, maybe for the first time in their lives, stands up for justice and commits to it, the hate is eye opening even for people who think they've seen it all.

Accepting the depravity of Joran Van der sloot, Paulus Van der sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish kalpoe is challenging, unsettling and leaves a scar.

Even the ways your mind conjures up justice can be revealing. Every person following this case has been lit up at some point.

No pain is too unjust for the van der sloot, Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot or Karin Janssen.

The poor innocent people of Aruba? The collateral damage Aruba whines about shows their arrogance and hate. Unable to get off their own island. When they speak, those that hear, care less.

Only fuels the rage, the same type of rage that Joran van der sloot directed at Natalee Holloway. His violent male psycopathic hate.

His juvenile misogyny.

Fortunately it doesn't happen often but the violent level of anger and desire for revenge or justice, whichever word makes you feel better, is so evident with the van der sloot.

I first noticed it in the Death Wish movies with Charles Bronson. I remember the audience cheering when he blew criminals away. Taking out revenge for his family's brutal random assault. Clint Eastwood went after the ones specifically responsible in his dramas. But I never heard cheering like when Bronson blew away any criminal to bring a small measure of alignment to the world.

A shotgun blast to the faces of the van der sloot would bring the same reaction. I wonder if Aruba would care, it the tide was turned?

Would the murder of the van der sloot be prosecuted? Is it in the budget? Or, is it just economical to arrest the security guards again. After all, nanny states have a lot of mouths to feed.

Paulus had less than 24 hours to come up with the hotel lie. He had a week to come up with the "dropped her at the beach" lie. Although he did separate Joran from the Kalpoes at that point. Why? Now he's had 7 months to concoct a new story. But he still can't make the pieces fit into a timeline. Paulus is trapped, so either the case is dropped or they need the guards again. But the guards have been spoken to. So look for the case to remain " a mystery" and some part of the Dutch Law, yet to be written, keeps the file closed for as long as it takes Paulus to envision his next story.

Nothing personal against Natalee right Joran? She was just a girl. So who were you preying on that night? Who instilled the sense of entitlement in you?

Joran didn't drop her at the beach.

Aruba, for the first time, is preparing to do it right now.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Aruba 2005: Hell Freezes Over in the Year of the Van der sloot

Aruba is trapped in a world wide web. Some of it's residents not just names but data to be hunted, as long as they exist. The Van der sloot virus infected Aruba.

Whenever the Van der sloot worm pops up, the tracking cookies will swarm. A virtual quicksand for the murdering family.

The water should be safer for an island than the web. But a Van der sloot won't go in the water. How can they run? They are an island. It's a choice for Paulus, leave a hole of snakes only to face relentless wolves?

Like a breath in your ear whispering, boo! Paulus sleeps with one eye open.

The security guards acting scared, like the suspects Aruba wants them to be. "We'll work something out, just remain silent."

The worst moments of 2005:

1. The picture. Someday it may hang in a museum alongside a Bosch, the Dutch painter of barbarism and secrets.

Joran, smiling with his arm around his dishevelled mother. Her nose jammed in his armpit. Paulus standing there stoic with his lizard pose. An expression so unique, it looks like a cross between a smile and a smirk. Paulus looks like an ulcer ready to pop. On the left, Steve Cohen dressed all in black is whispering to Antonio Carlo, Paulus's lawyer. Or is it Joran's lawyer?

Such a proud moment for Aruba.

Bosch paintings look evil 520 years later.

Just what were the media men, Pauly and Cohen trying to convey with that production? What is Mr. Cohen talking to Mr. Carlo about?

Mr. Cohen trying to broker a resolution without Paulus and Joran Van der sloot going down?
Where are the Kalpoe's in this set piece? Where are the hugs and cheers for them?

Aruba blames anyone and everything including the media but orchestrates a public event for Joran van der sloot's release? Why?

This picture is Aruba, in all it's slimy resonance.

2. Arlene Schippers accusing Natalee's mother of lying and saying she has video proof. This from a spokesperson of Arubatruth. Schippers was lying, never produced the tapes. She gets paid to do this. Defending the Van der sloots, defending themselves. She then was able to meet with a congressmen and discuss "confidential information" regarding the case. So after attacking Beth she is embraced by Arubatruth. Disgraceful.

3. Hundreds of local "volunteers" taking time off to walk the island. No doubt walking right past the Van der sloot residence to search for Natalee. Right past the landfill. All this while the Van der sloots are holed up like rats. This is Aruba's idea of a search. Not, calling in specialists but a walkabout that didn't include the VDS residence, the landfill or the ocean.

4. The "Natalee made me do it" interview by Joran Van der sloot outside his school. Such a bright future, as the next spokesperson for Arubatruth.

In 2005 Aruba became a blog. Only less honest.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dompig: The Lap of Online Justice In Aruba


Since you won't have the chair surgically removed from you're ass Chief, why not interview the suspects online? Why not the MB students? Rather than sitting back waiting for everyone to come to you.

What's the difference between the Kalpoe's doodling under questioning and Joran talking story, and a blog that can say whatever it wants?

What are you reviewing? Thousands of pages of stories culled from the minds of Joran and the Kalpoe's. How is that going to bring you to finding Natalee?

Does the word urgency apply here? Natalee is missing and you've got your feet up posing for Vanity Fair with a sign that says "call me?"

Don't you want to know what happened here? Or do you already know? Is that what you meant when you said "the 3 are guilty as hell I just have to prove it."

Guilty of what, exactly?

The law has become your excuse and that chair your anchor. When you open your presents I hope Natalee crosses your mind at least once.

Why does it seem the prosecution is on the defensive and Paulus is on the offensive?

His property still hasn't been searched. Doesn't that bother you a little?

Steve Cohen is a step up as a spokesman for Arubatruth. So far, he hasn't flamed out like Dompig, Schippers and Trapenburg. They were too biased and puffed with an obvious defensiveness. Cohen so far has tried to answer every question and brings a much more mature attitude to the situation. Just needs to erase the Christof video of Steven sauntering around the Joran release event, whispering to Paulus's lawyer and generally playing media puppeteer.

I'm hoping he'll realize the sadistic nature that he possesses more knowledge of what happened to Natalee than her own parents. Which means so did Schippers and Trapenburg.

Cohen, in his last interview with Rita Cosby ended a discussion with a very large clue.

"...just get down to putting our energy on both sides of this issue because I think we're all on the same side, and try to get as much faith and power together to solve this case."

I found it very powerful when he did not hesitate to tell us that the authorities had no plans to interview Paulus Van der sloot. The cold factuality of that answer is appropriate at this time, regardless of how you feel about it. It says alot. That's the other side of the issue.

This worldwide mystery was not created by 3 immature punks... was created by 3 mature punks.

No plans to interview Paulus van der sloot, Jan van der straaten and Dennis Jacobs.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Aruba: The Pardoning of Paulus van der sloot

Aruba is gambling on American's ability to forget and move on. "This will blow over" strategy. The U.S. is trying to pressure Aruba to tire of protecting Jan van der straaten.

The former Chief of Police and good friend of Joran van der sloot has done the equivalant of what departing U.S. Presidents do when they will no longer be returning to office.

They Pardon those that have been "friends." Essentially erasing a record that criminal activity ever happened.

Think Marc Rich, one of the most wanted criminals in the U.S. getting a pardon from Bill Clinton.

Free from the backlash or accountability, like the outgoing President, Jan van der straaten was on the bubble, retiring, earned benefits, a lame duck.

He essentially gave a pass to his friend Paulus van der sloot, giving him time to clean up any evidence and now he's danced out of the picture.

His silence, and the security guards silence is getting louder.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Aruba: Dirty Police Under the Microscope

John Kelly the lawyer representing Beth Twitty, zeroed in on the moment this case went corrupt.

By arresting the security guards, the ALE could claim that Joran and the Kalpoes were witnessess as they lied to police with their "dropped her at the hotel" story and implicated the guards.

But at that moment we know they lied. If the lie was rejected and they were brought in immediately they would have been suspects.

In Aruba, it's okay for witnesses to lie but not suspects.

Who would know this? This is the key moment as Mr. Kelly points out.

"The question is, who classified the 3 as witnesses and not suspects?"

There lies the Aruba Dirty Police, this was not a group decision. This decision gave the 3 the opportunity to change their story again without consequences.

Who would know this would work?

El Diario called out the citizens of Aruba again, claiming there are many who could come forward but won't. Fear and laziness and the theory of hemchi. "If one of the crabs wants to grab the rim of the hemchi to come out, the others pull it down."

Dennis Jacobs and Jan Van der straaten, no doubt working on their "story." All that's left is to protect those benefits and get off the island.

Just before the fire at the Van der sloots

Size Matters to Arlene: Aruba Planning more Murders


Reports from Aruba claiming a 7% rise in tourism having given way to talks on the effects of murdering tourists.

Arelene Shippers from the task force was quoted as saying, "that means if we have 10 more murders, tourism will rise 70%!"

Ms. Shippers was happy to show the "file" to Rep. Bachus. How a member of ArubaTruth is allowed to carry the prosecution's file must be one of the hard to understand things about Dutch Law.

She was impressed by the size of the file. Rep. Bachus himself was quoted as taking notice.

The Dompig experiment seems to have failed. Having the Chief of Police as the spokesperson for ArubaTruth he suddently wasn't commenting on the "3 are guilty as hell" but trashing Natalee and Beth to Vanity Fair.

In the spokesperson role for ArubaTruth he began touting the "look in other directions" scenario first suggested in August to CBS news courtesy of Anita van der sloot. I wonder if they ever search the VDS property will they only search her side of the bed?

No word on whether the Strategic Task Force is going to recruit Joran Van der sloot to murder some more. He probably is negotiating to make sure Paulus is on the payroll first.

Either way, he will kill again.

Aruba Budget: Plundered by the Van der sloots

It must be really bad, to keeping denying the obvious, and pointing fingers in "other directions."

Nobody believes your delusional denials and weak attempt to place blame.

Hinting at money constraints, experience constraints, lying constraints and the family interference factor, the Aruban Delegation appears to have trotted out it's spreadsheet analysis of the situation.

Any mention of the Paulus factor?

ArubaTruth comes to Washington to tell us that Aruba spent 40% of it's security budget on the Natalee Holloway disappearence.

So? What's in the budget? Or, who's in the budget?

The arbirtrary nature of the word budget is equivilant to asking "what's the meaning of life."

EguuSeaarch was volunteering yet you sent them away? The FBI is available, yet you say "don't call us, we'll call you."

Just how much of the Van der sloot defense team expenses have you picked up? Or did you just save them money? And the settlements with the security guards and Paulus van der sloot, do they come out of the budget?

Who's paying for the media men, John Pauly and Steve Cohen? Did you carve them out of a few investigator spots in that budget?

You're laws may be different but the budget process isn't. And like this investigation, you're sticking your finger in air trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

Paulus Van der sloot continues to be compensated. His property remains unsearched and he is now legally not a suspect. Despite the opinion of the Chief Prosecutor and the Chief of Police.

Would we even be here if there was no Paulus Van der sloot? But he'll be gone before you wake up and admit you've been victimized, not by Natalee's family but by the Van der sloots. Probably right after the mysterious fire at the Van der sloot residence.

Paulus Van der sloot has been protected. Van der sloot is the one who the KIA warden had to apologize to personally on MSNBC for saying bad things about Joran and referred to him as "Paul." A nice companion piece to Beth's public apology. He was silenced, Dompig was silenced, the security guards and the Prosecutor. Aruba wants us to believe it's to prevent damaging the evidence and it's value in court.

Something about being asked questions bothers the Aruba elite. No doubt borne from the same logic that doesn't place consequences for lying to authorities.

The Aruba self serve legal system allowed Paulus Van der sloot to be first in line. But now we hear that "leaks" may have prevented some surveillance in the early days. No doubt forgetting about Paulus's legal conference at his house with the Kalpoe's.

Natalee was missing and you were going to eavesdrop on the suspects when her life was in danger. Or did you know she was already dead?

Arresting the security guards was a tactic too I guess?

It worked well for the Van der sloots.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Schippers Comes to Bloomingdale's

What's it like Arlene, defending the Van der sloots?

Flying to Washington thinking you're some type of diplomat. Do you ever think of Natalee? She was going to be a doctor.

She was raped and murdered not far from you home. And you know exactly who's guilty.

Anything that doesn't include, "Jan van der straaten cut his friend and co-worker a break and gave him time to destroy evidence" will be an incomplete description of what has gone on in your swamp of cuntry you call home.

Are you going to pitch the Van der straaten security tax, imposed on all American tourists, who may need insurance to pay for an investigation? Or will it be the Jacobs Tax?

If Condoleeza Rice comes by, she's the Secretary of State, so don't snap your fingers and ask for more water. Do your powerpoint and you can make it to Bloomies before they close.

You still think we don't know. You think we need the Dutch Legal System to tell us.

How are you going to condense what is going on in the investigation into a short presentation, say 60 minutes? Oh, what I mean is what are you going to do with the remaining 59 minutes after you say "nothing."

Or you could tell a very simple truth.

Just say, "Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs, Paulus van der sloot, Joran van der sloot and Karin Janssen."

We'll know what you mean.

Then, at last, we'll be on the same page.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aruba Police: Back In-Action


Dompig and the team are back in action.

Out of the short stint in rehab, ready to kiss some Van der sloot ass for a little longer. The pattern is played out again, every time the Dirty Police are feeling heat, they distract.

Now, one day after claiming they would stop working on the case, there is a 60 day deadline to close the case. Must have touched the most sensitive nerve this time.

The truth about the first 10 days. The Aruba Dirty Cops.

Steve Cohen just finished calling Dompig locquacious and honest when he responded to a question reminding him that the locquacious and honest Dompig has said the 3 are "guilty as hell." He was asked if this is the assessment of the Aruban Government?

"I think the assessment of the government is that that's the most likely scenario, but we've looked at 4 or 5 scenario's, every single scenario is being tracked..."

Notice how he said "we." So Christof has been working with the ALE too.

But he is slick. He forgot to mention the 5 scenarios:

Joran Van der sloot murdered Natalee at 3.00 a.m
Joran Van der sloot murdered Natalee at 3.10 a.m
Joran Van der sloot murdered Natalee at 3.30 a.m
Joran Van der sloot murdered Natalee at 4.00 a.m
Joran Van der sloot murdered Natalee at 4.15 a.m

Where is she Paulus?

He will kill again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Aruba P.M. Oduber was Right: "Nobody is above the law"

Why would the Prime Minister make the statement "nobody is above the law" early on in the investigation?

"Above the law" applies usually to people who may, because of their position, be able to escape accountability.

The suspicion of a cover-up was there from the beginning. Of course “above the law” does not apply to the Kalpoes or the security guards, it applies to the Van der sloots.

Associated Press, June 10th.

Oranjestad, Aruba-Finding 18 year old Natalee Holloway is “priority No. 1” for Aruba and no one will be above the law in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the American’s disappearance, The Dutch Carribean Island’s Prime Minister told Fox News on Friday.

Prime Minister Nelson Orlando Oduber called a meeting Friday morning with Aruba's chief of police and other officials to determine if more assistance is needed in the search, which has so far turned up no evidence of Holloway's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, one of the attorneys for the five men arrested in the case so far said Friday that Holloway went to an Aruban beach with the Dutch teenager in custody the night she disappeared and had sexual contact with him in the car.

Holloway drove with him and two Surinamese brothers to Arashi beach, on the northern part of the island, Noraina Pietersz, a court-appointed lawyer representing one of two former security guards arrested in the case, told The Associated Press.

Pietersz read from testimony given to police by the two brothers last week.

"We are very excited about the progression of the investigation. We feel the three boys last seen with Natalee have some clue" about her disappearance, Linda Allison, an aunt of Holloway's, told FOX News Friday.

After Holloway and the three men went to the beach, they drove her back to her hotel, where she stumbled and was approached by a man wearing a security guard uniform, another defense attorney, David Kock, told the AP.

Kock said his client, Satish Kalpoe, and his brother told police they saw a black security guard approach Holloway in the parking lot in front of the hotel lobby before they drove off.

"That's why [two former security guards] were detained," Kock told the AP.

The three men told police they dropped off Holloway at her hotel around 2 a.m. May 30. Holiday Inn employees, however, say security cameras did not record her return.

Van Der Sloot's father is a prominent official in the Aruban justice system. The younger Van Der Sloot met her at a hotel casino two days before she was last seen, Aruban Police Commander Jahn van der Straaten told reporters.

Jonathan Serrie, Liza Porteus and Catherine Donaldson-Evans.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Aruba Police Drop Natalee on the Beach


If an American goes missing today in Aruba, there will be no investigation

A union work stoppage over "an investigation into the investigation." An investigation by Aruba and the Police are using Natalee Holloway as leverage? Calling Condoleeza Rice!

Why to most people does this seem like a good idea except to the Police Union?

You may not have gathered or destroyed enough evidence to convict the murderer Joran van der sloot but you, by your blackmail, have given the U.S. State Department enough evidence to declare Aruba a safety risk to all it's citizens.

It's time to turn out the lights on Aruba Ms. Rice. It is clearly unsafe when an American girl and her mom have been treated this way and now used as leverage to prevent a performance review of a still unsolved crime with no one in custody.

Ms. Rice, you essentially control more than 70% of the revenue stream to this country and if there was ever a time to remind Aruba, now would be it.

Karin Janssen's list of failures in just this case is long and she showed a lack of leadership. The fact that agents for Arubatruth had more access to her than the family is reason enough to suspect her of losing sight of her job. She simply forgot about Natalee Holloway. A Prosecutor turned van der sloot defense attorney will have to turn over her file. A woman of titanic cruelty probably already looking for work elsewhere. Or was it on your August vacation to Holland that you knew you were over your head? Now the police department has "dropped Natalee on the beach."

Who will be next?

Jan Van der straaten:

On June 11, Jan Van der straaten was asked by a Dutch jounalist if he had any hopes for a postitive outcome? Straaten replied, "you always have to be hoepful, but I don't believe anymore that we will find Natalee alive.? When asked why not, he replied, "because I know the details and you don't." But he's retired, or in hiding.

Dennis Jacobs: (When approached by Natalee's father who was looking for her)

"How much money do you have?"

It's all coming down to the Aruba Dirty Police. As it should. The last ones standing when the flush is complete. Unions oblivious to their biggest customer displaying a lack of business acumen as well as revealing their corrupt ties to the defendant's father.

The Dirty Aruban Police Force that doesn't want their work questioned or reviewed. Displaying the same strategy as the Van der sloot defense team.

The Police Union is upset that there is an investigation of the investigation. Only in Aruba can that be considered progress. Is there any more evidence to hide?

Aruba is crawling towards Dennis Jacobs. You can't hide what you haven't done forever Mr. Jacobs. We're only waiting for official word of your corruption. Or you could offer yourself as a witness before you are forced to become a suspect?

Standing before you that second night were the Kalpoes and Joran van der sloot. Was it not suspicious that the 3 just happened to be together in the middle of the night at Paulus's house? On a school night? They told you a story. Admitting to taking Natalee for some sightseeing and then dropped her at the hotel. And you believed them?

You want us to believe you?

Next to them are the security guards. The 3 boys pointing at them. Were they treated differently? The had a story too. The difference is they were telling the truth. But you decided to pursue them for the next 10 days, why? Why were they not believed and the Kalpoes and van der sloot were?

Paulus van der sloot, that's why.

Racism, Favoritism, what ism to describe this blunder away? Not one of you didn't think that these 3 left a bar with Natalee and she was never seen again and you didn't find that suspicious enough? But you found their story believable enough to barge into the security guards homes and arrest them in front of their families and news cameras?

You want us to believe you?

The van der sloot home still has not been searched. Is this Ms. Janssen's fault or the Dirty Police?

3 more sitting ducks. Van der straaten, Van der sloot and Jacobs. The Police were duped by Paulus, assuming he was on the "right" side of the law. This time it was him against Beth and his colleagues lost sight of who was on the "right" side of the law. It was too late to move from denial to reality. The Aruba Police were manipulated by Paulus with lies and the belief that this was just a missing girl.

Aruba is over. It's survival as they've known it now dependant on denying access to what the Police have done with this case. If you had your best friend as a business partner you may overlook some indescretion but murder? And at the cost of losing your largest, by far, customer?

It's time to hold Paulus and his son accountable. If not, the whole of Aruba will die without redemption.

Dompig was another spokesperson parrotting the Van der sloot strategy? "Look in other directions"?

Just why did Dompig trash Beth and Natalee? Coming from the Chief of Police is sounds like a defense strategy. Wasn't it Joran in his last public statement blaming Natalee?

More talking points from Paulus?

Was he laying the groundwork for your last way out? For Joran to claim it was "an accident" and find resolution that doesn't include looking at Jacobs, van der straaten and Paulus van der sloot?

Is this the same tactic used when Joran confessed to Natalee's murder only to have it retracted? Who retracted the report? Arubatruth? Not the correct thing to say?

It isn't going to work. People inside the investigation are pointing fingers. All this to cover the "mistakes" of the first 48 hours when you were all duped by Paulus.

You were standing in front of the guilty within 24 hours after she disappeared. They were all together in the middle of the night spinning a lie.

The Aruba Dirty Police bit the bait. Can it be any clearer. Joran van der sloot murdered Natalee Holloway, and with it , Aruba.

The lack of evidence is the evidence.

Tookie and The Van der sloots

"Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption." Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The decision to allow Tookie Williams to be executed, or at least the logic behind it, has angered the van der sloot family in Aruba.

"What does an apology have to do with redemption," Anita van der sloot said.

Joran van der sloot is claiming race to be behind the execution. I have no doubt that if Tookie had a father around, really around, he wouldn't even be in jail, " said van der sloot.

Tookie supporters tried to sell the story as if an innocent man were being executed. But even the majority of supporters never questioned the guilt of Williams. They think he should stay in jail forever. Nobody bought that story even 26 years later.

There are few tears in Los Angeles today.

Joran meet your future: Executed by the people and for the people. Nobody's buying your story either.

Anita and Paulus, relieved of the burden to be over-sentenced, he will kill again.

Joran, teenage boy finding it difficult to be accountable for his actions. A father who doesn't hold him accountable.

You know this Anita. He only apologized for "dropping her on the beach" but was legally advised to stop there? The law advised you to remain silent about the truth?

As you said Anita, "hanging Joran will not bring Natalee back." But it will send him to accountability. Death without redemption.

A sense of balance restored.

While Aruba is in chaos, the whole of it's organizational structure in turmoil over a lie.

It all started with a van der sloot lie. A very large White lie that Aruba continues to close ranks around. Too afraid to believe in the truth.

Happy Holidays Paulus and Anita Van der sloot

Monday, December 12, 2005

Aruba Shock: Blacks Gain Right to Vote


In a stunning development Aruba will for the first time allow blacks to vote in the next election.

"I'd like to thank the efforts of the Dutch authorities and all Dutch people in general." said Mickey Johns, spokesperson for Aruba.

"I think it's a sign that Aruba is moving into the 20th century," said Abraham Jones.

The 2 security guards are being promoted as minorities who are thriving under the Dutch system. Just 6 months ago Jones and Johns were out of work security guards and now they own their own homes right on the beach.

"We're grateful to the Dutch for all we have," said Johns.

One local responded by saying, "it's absurd, the next thing you know they will allow women to vote."

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aruba Hires Security Guards


The Aruba Hotel and Travel Association (AHTA) has hired Mickey Johns and Abraham Jones to be silent spokesperson's for the Island of Aruba.

Jeff Lesker of AHTA released this statement: "We're excited about the opportunity to bring these men on board. For these men to cut out their tongues to accept employment and the compensation that goes with it shows a tremendous amount of committment."

"They are still suspects in the case but there is no evidence that they should be prevented from working," said Lesker.

Steve Cohen, looking suspiciously like Christof, is excited about Joran's return to Aruba. The younger van der sloot, who he calls "Truman", will be greeted by locals as soon as he can find actual locals who will stand outside and cheer when told for $5/hour.

Mr. Cohen, refused to address the recent Dompig meltdown or the one timeline that is just as mysterious as Joran's. The time the "lie" or "dropped her at the hotel" story was formulated by Joran, Paulus and the Kalpoes until the time the security guards were arrested still goes undiscussed.

Aruba is admitting it screwed up. But with the same people in place, how can it be said Aruba is safe? What exactly were the mistakes?

How and why do Janssen and Jacobs still have jobs? Only if you're happy with the work they've done or not done up to this point.

Janssen and Jacobs. Have they failed or succeeded?

So we have a Chief of Police that has been formally silenced. Joining Janssen and Jacobs. The main suspects father still on the payroll of Aruba, suing for damages and never having his property searched. The security guards are speechless.

It's a tough sell to ask Americans to spend their money in Aruba.

It's really simple, as go the Van der sloots, so goes Aruba.

Will we see a cheering crowd John and Steve? Or will we see the van der sloots shunned?

Janssen and Jacobs. Have they failed or succeeded?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Van der sloot Christmas in Aruba

The holiday season. Joran is coming home from college. Anita is decorating her classroom with the students.

Paulus is home cleaning and taking calls from his lawyer, still getting paid by Aruba. Meeting John Pauly for drinks.

No doubt Paulus saved the biggest gift basket for Dennis Jacob. "Thanks for a job not done really well." Love, The Van der sloots.

A time for the family right Paulus and Anita? Will Natalee cross your mind when you look at Joran? Any idea where she might be this Christmas? Her parents would like to say "I love you" to their daughter. Any chance you might want to help them out?

"Look in other directions", right Anita?

Well Anita at the van der sloot Christmas table, you'll be the only one looking in the right direction, if you can.

Right into the eyes of Joran and Paulus Van der sloot.

What exactly will you be celebrating? Will there be champagne to toast a New Year?

You've stolen the identity of Aruba, been complicit to your son's predatory behavior and now are hosting a murderer for the Holidays.

Anita, you can't escape looking like Shelly Winters in "the Poseiden Adventure." At least she died trying to save others. You, leave no room for redemption.

Don't forget to send a card to the the Judge, your husband's friend, Rik Smid.

You know your son is lying, still cannot account for his actions that night. He murdered Natalee and your husband helped him dispose of her body.

Silent Night, Holy Night...Anita

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dompig in Hospital: "Legally Insane"


Gerold Dompig is recovering in the hospital from a self inflicted bonfire. Doctors treating the Chief believe he is "legally insane."

Dompig apparently is blaming a Vanity Fair writer for pinning him down and holding a magnifying glass over him and setting him on fire. "Looked like the seared tuna I had for dinner last night" said Jan van der straaten II, the attending physician.

Aruba still distracting, only this time it's not the security guards but Natalee and Beth who have become the wrongfully accused. Highly paid PR men are now devising a spin that doesn't include how the guards were held for 7 days after their story of innocence was verified. John Pauly commenting on Chief Dompig, "Gerry was under stress, he needed to blow off steam and was under pressure from Paulus van der sloot to lay the groundwork for the truth to come out. By blaming Natalee it may be more acceptable when the world finds out why there was no investigation at all." "Most importantly the VF writer found no evidence of corruption."

Doctors at Barcelona Hospital in Aruba confirm that Dompig is bleeding blame."We've been unable to stop the blaming and have fears he may hemorrage, " said Pono Croes, the attending physician. "He's quite toxic."

Jan van der straaten, the former Police Chief, was seen riding a white horse around the hospital last night.

Now that you're toast Chief, who's putting the butter on your burns? Do you know which side it's being applied?

Joe Mammana is orgainizing a return trip for the MB Students to visit Dompig while he's recovering. Although Dompig is wrapped in gauze from head to toe, you can still see his eyes.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dompig Lights Himself on Fire


Gerold Domig, the Chief Investigator has poured gasoline on himself and lit the match. At least he's done something. Too bad he coudn't use some of that aggression towards finding Natalee.

The man who said "these 3 are guilty and I just have to proove it," unleashed cruel and unfounded accusations against Natalee, without evidence.

The lengths that the Arubans will go to protect Paulus van der sloot now includes suicide. It has to be one of the most disgraceful and unprofessional displays anyone will ever see.

You wanted more time? To find a missing girl and you wanted to watch the suspects?

Beth was right, she had the same guys pegged as you now call the main suspects and you didn't even interrogate them early on. You arrested two innocent men on the word of Joran van der sloot. At least you admitted you do not have a corroborated timeline for Joran's activities that night.

Now you launch unfounded attacks on Beth and Natalee? You are a disgrace as a professional and as a man.

Along with Ms. Janssen, Dennis Pauly, Jan van der straaten and Paulus van der sloot you are now a member of the Aruba Dirty Police.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aruba's "Man of the Year"


John Pauly, the media consultant hired by Aruba months ago has brought in an ex-coworker in Philadelphia to interpret the Aruba "story" with it's own brand of revisionist history.

Richard Cohen, American, is the new offical spokesperson for Aruba.

"For the past 20 months Cohen has been producing low-budget and independant films in Los Angeles, in addition to doing consulting work related to TV news."

He partners with Pauly, no doubt the two of them combined are being paid more cash in a year than the combined compensation for the investigative team.

Cohen is actually being brought in to explain this story for the American market.

Are you going to change the flavor in an effort to protect those who are paying you?

What a dumb question. Of course you are.

Jorge Pesquera, President and CEO of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) said it was a consensus by the Aruban Tourist Authority to appoint Cohen and "he has been doing a great job behind the curtains." The translation is things have been totally screwed up and nothing has worked so far, if we pay you alot of money, can you clean up the script? That woman under your desk Mr. Cohen is Arlene Ellis Schippers. John Pauly pimped her. A Dutch girl protecting Aruba taking orders from 2 American men in Aruba.

John Pauly and Richard Cohen are taking their piece. The sharks are feeding on the decaying corpse of Aruba.

Who do they have to thank? Joran van der sloot and the kalpoes? Paulus van der sloot?

They have to thank ADP's Man of the Year, Dennis Jacob.

The lead investigator has been there from the beginning. To the outside world, the lack of urgency in acting on what was obvious and instead, arresting 2 innocent security guards is where the story blew up. Jacobs protected, was loyal and followed orders. He has suceeded.

The spin machine will not address the important issues and only refer to them as "the investigation." Jacobs has managed to keep his job despite his employer's largest customer organizing a growing boycott. Despite this revenue stream hit, he is still getting paid.

And for another 3 weeks so is Paulus van der sloot.

These people must be in to something very troubling to continue to be protected or else why is Aruba throwing more good money at a bad story?

Joining Karin Janssen, recently named "Woman of the Year" by a local paper as the 2 most responsible for finding justice for Natalee have been recognized. Because to them, Natalee is not the victim. It's as if they knew when they had a dead American girl on their hands, they were all about to be victims. They saw their survival as enduring until it "blew over."

They gambled and lost. It's hard to walk away when your losing isn't it? Just one more hand and you can exit with momentum right Karin and Dennis?

Dennis Jacobs, by not be able to feed Dutch law with enough evidence controlled the execution of a script written by the director Paulus van der sloot. The one with the most to lose. The one, along with the help of Dennis Jacobs, have controlled the evidence.

No doubt Jacobs and Cohen will take in more than the 1.25 million available to produce Natalee. So now they will reproduce Natalee for Aruba, only in a way that is just a larger version of an ad campaign.

We have heard from many sources intimating that they know Joran is guilty but need proof. But we're told Jacobs and his team are working around the clock to solve this case but offered no proof. We're told to believe Karin Janssen wants to solve this case yet she hasn't communicated with the family since August. Can't face them no doubt. The not returning call routine is not unique. We've all seen it. Karin Janssen, however, can't say "she's been really busy."

Dennis Jacob is the reason there is a story here. If it took him 10 days to realize the guards were innocent and that Joran and the others had lied than this could be a long story. But we know that isn't the case.

Dennis Jacobs is scrambling, to find a way out intact. To exit without being publicly implicated as complicit. And now he has media consultants paid to market his story as a "mystery." Arubans as vicitims. But they never say victims of whom?

The truth of what happened here lies with Dennis Jacobs. It's all Aruba has left as leverage.

It's a high wire act and Jacobs is out there holding this story hostage. The lead investigator, the witness, the suspect and the accomplice. For that, ADP thinks he deserves to join Karin Janssen in the gazeebo as "Man of the Year."

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Boycott Helping Investigation


"The boycott of Aruba is reducing the number of tourists and helping the investigation." So says Jess Assker from AHTA

"With less tourists on the island, we have seen a dramatic decrease in crime. This allows the police force to focus more resources on the Natalee Holloway investigation."

Jeff Assker says hotel towel theft has decreased by almost 45%. "The Aruban police force is world class when it comes to investigating this type of crime." The Chief Proseuctor Karin Janssen responded by saying, "with less missing towel cases I can devote a few more minutes a month to the Natalee Holloway case."

Karin Janssen, recently named "Woman of the Year" by a local newspaper for successfully providing cover to the police and Paulus van der sloot in her efforts in keeping 2 innocent black security guards in jail for 10 days is considered an innovator in the field of bi-legal law enforcement.

In her book "My Vagina" Ms. Janssen says, "sometimes having the title of Prosecutor allows me to act as a Public Defender when it is in the interests of a Dutch national and friend."

Ruben Trapenburg has confirmed the boycott's aid in theft. "I'm seeing less and less hotel towels being found in departing tourists luggage and this is making life much easier for airport workers."

Chief Commissioner Dompig was asked if the number of crimes has decreased. "I have no comment." The Chief was busy trying to reach Paulus van der sloot to get permission to wipe his ass.

Arlene Schippers, still searching for the tape of Beth Holloway meeting with Karin Janssen said, "there is no proof of anything other than it's a pleasure to have met with the investigators who are working around the clock and everything is going according to Paulus, I mean Dutch Law."

Ms. Shippers was asked if she knew that the now lawyer for Paulus van der sloot visited Joran van der sloot in jail and how it was permitted before he was named as anyone's attorney?

She said, "She didn't. You wouldn't believe how simple it was."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dompig Gagged!

We learned on MSNBC last night that the attorney for Paulus van der sloot has filed a motion against Chief Dompig to essentially gag the Chief for his comments that "the 3 are guilty as hell."

We also learned that the attorney believes that the whole of the Van der sloot property was searched. This allows Dompig to cross that one off his wish list as he has previously stated it was not.

The evidence used to arrest the security guards was the lie or "story" told by Joran van der sloot.

The big Kock, attorney for Deepak showing he must have a law degree from the same place as resident bimbo Arlene Schippers, responded to a question as to why none of the 3 didn't help in the search for Natalee with some mind-boggling logic.

He said that it would be inappropriate and that anyone searching may actually appear guilty of something if they did.

Ms. Schippers, who had "the pleasure" of meeting with investigators and seems to have direct access to both the police and the Chief Prosector turned Chief Defense attorney assured us the investigation is ongoing "round the clock."

She assured us that they have to look at many scenarios. Why the media cannot seem to confront exactly what that means is frustrating. Being that they still have no corroborated timeline for Joran van der sloot one wonders if it's only a matter of time before the security guards are re-arrested.

Is there any doubt that Paulus van der sloot is in charge of this investigation? With Ms. Schipper's defense mentality and access to the case how is it possible Paulus doesn't know before anyone what the police are doing?

So Dompig states what is obvious and he will join the security guards in being silenced.

Dennis Jacobs, the man who took the van der sloot lie as a clue, twice, is still the lead investigator.

It's only a matter of time before Jan van der straaten will be brought back a second time to replace Dompig.