Sunday, April 30, 2006

Joran's Favorite Porn Site: Bangbus

Joran's alibi, Freddie Z, who has been a friend for life and lived close to Joran has connections to South Florida. He was Joran's alibi, one of many that turned out to be lies.

The porn site has this mission statement:

Yes boys and girls you have reached the one, the only, For 2 years we have gone out in our van with camcorder in hand, in search for every girl's inner slut. We have driven all over the country, and over the past year, all over the world. We have returned with footage that your brain will not want to accept, but will have to. It is undeniable. It is debauchery. It is human behavior brought to freightening is the bangbus, and the bus rides on...

The theme of the site is local guys driving around looking for tourist girls mostly who they can get into their cars and have sex with them. They all consider themselves pimps and the misogny is extreme.

The moments of truth and noted goals are marked with screen breaks:

Getting her in: Which is to get her in the car
Dropping her: The scenarios end with the "pimps" dropping the girls somewhere deserted.

This site is mentioned multiple times in the Aruba "pimps" tickle sites and elsewhere.

It's clear where the behaviour is fed and no doubt you will find this site in Joran's "favorites."

The men are always different in these sites. Some even look like Satish Kalpoe.

Anita and Paulus, where were you this whole time?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rudy Croes & Nelson Oduber: Dumb and Dumberer

...or corrupt and corrupterer?

You're leadership, or lack of it has been an epic example of corruption and stupidity, on display for the world to see.

It takes alot to make other politicians around the world look good.

But you're continual attempts to close this investigation and the phony double-speak has brought pain to alot of people, you're ineptitude epic. And of course you blame the media. Do you blame the mirror when you see the ugliness that is Rudy Croes?

You're whores cannot keep quiet Rudy, although you probably thought you could "shut them up" too.

Yes Rudy Croes, the one who confirmed one of the suspects confessed and the police were being led to her location, only later to issue a retraction.

You called it a misinformation campaign. Then showing what a fairy tale spinner you are, followed up with this limp wristed plea:

From June 29th, 2005, Aruba Urges Netherlands to End Holloway "Fairy Tales"

WILLEMSTAD, 6/29/05-Minister Croes of Aruba wants the Dutch government to show official support to the island. He says fairy tales about the dissappearance of American schoolgirl Natalee Holloway are systematically appearing in the US media.

So the same Rudy Croes who confirmed then retracted Natalee's death, a suspect's confession and spoke of shutting up Natalee's Mom is blaming the media for "fairy tales?"

Aren't you the same Rudy Croes who said this would blow over? Seems like you're the one who's sprinkled with fairy dust Rudy.

Or were you speaking about Joran Van der sloots stories? Or Stanley Zaadam's opinion that Jan van der straaten looked the other way for 10 days after Natalee was found as a favor to Paul Van der sloot?

I guess Holland did show support by calling the investigation "insane and unprofessional."

Is it money or your life you fear in wanting to shut down the investigation when you're Chief of Police has called this a murder case, the prosecutor says it's homicide and the ex-new Chief has called it an overdose? They have enough information to make these claims, yet don't have enough evidence to convict someone? What fairy tales? Are they fairy tales from the same people who spread the misinformation campaign?

You would rather rely on the self satisfaction that you did all you could but it would be self delutional and incomplete. The passion was always from your mind of protecting Aruba or someone in Aruba as if the Hollway case was a political incident. But given 2 bad options you've chosen the worse of the 2.

You don't want resolution and your energy even by it's timidity is clearly anti-Natalee. Can your foot go any deeper into your mouth when you do open it?

Where is the condemnation regarding the Van der sloots attorney coming on American television nightly criticizing the police, the prosecutor and the Holloway/Twitty families?

Why no interest in "shutting him up?"

And what of Nelson Oduber? Does he even exist? The last I heard from him, he said "nobody is above the law" and he's "tired of the case." Tired of the case? Does he get tired watching other people exercise? What has he done?

Natalee was no fairy tale, but a real person. Slaughtered by predators and citizens of Aruba. An epic display of bad leadership of which you will be held accountable for you're cowardice, stupidity and corruption.

Hey Greta, Can you Spell Premeditation?

From Aruba:

GVC was bothering Natalee on Friday night at Carlos N Charlies. She was dancing with another classmate and this guy (GVC) came up behind her and started humping and grinding on her back and groping her body. She turned around and yelled at him to leave her alone so he left.

But he came back later with this friend AB and came up behind Natalee and started doing it again, so she turned around and hit him in the chest.

GVC did slap Natalee in the face.

Then her classmate got physical with this GVC and they started scuffling but the other MB kids stopped it before it became more.

There is no doubt to me all these guys knew each other and are predators and misognyists.

But who allowed this sense of entitlement? Who didn't slap them when they got out of line. Like Father like son?

It's no wonder most of the charges against these suspects includes the word, premeditation.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Andin Bikker

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Paul and Joe: Family Men

“Effective Monday, May 1, 2006, for cruises of January 7, 2007 onwards, the Carnival Destiny will offer the new 5-port 7 Day Southern Caribbean itinerary shown below. The itinerary calls on 3 of the original 4 ports (Aruba is dropped) and adds 2 additional ports: St. Lucia and Antigua. This change is being made to provide some new destinations for our guests to experience.”

Deepak: “You don’t give a shit about the members of your own family.”
Joran to Deepak: “The only thing that I can think of is my family. I do what my family tells me to do…”
Deepak: “Your own father, unbelievable.”

"A few classmates were gambling at a card table along with and 'older man' and Joran Van der sloot.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

N.Y. The Civil Suit Already a Success?

The civil suit filed against Joran and Paul Van der sloot has already been a success. It won't bring Natalee back or even confirm she existed after she met Joran Van der sloot, but it has been revealing.

It has certainly brought a lot of things into focus. It's evident the Van der sloots are very afraid of testifying anywhere under oath. Despite the empty threats of the Van der sloots attorney to sue anyone, he has exposed himself exactly as somone who mirrors his clients, a liar. In fact, Aruba has not held anyone accountable for lying.

The van der sloots have to pay an American attorney to attempt to create a Joran Van der sloot that does not match the facts.

"A sweet boy"
"Tons of community service"
"When we walk around Aruba, people come up and hug us."
"Did not harm this girl" (seems Joe T. cannot even say the name Natalee)
"Scholarships to American Universities"
"Only lied 3 times"


He purposely misdirected the family and police as to where he left Natalee
Still the last person with Natalee
When the police showed him a picture of her. "He didn't even know who she was"
Dropped $250 at the blackjack table the night Natalee disappeared
B151, the drink he bought Natalee, "is my drink when I go out."
Said of Beth, "that's not the way the mother of a missing girl should act"
"If I see Natalee I'd be mad."
"If they find the girl, I'd laugh"
"My father doesn't know what I do when I go out."

And as you'll see below, Joran, a night after he said he had to leave Natalee on the beach because it was a school night, and a night after he dropped $250 of daddy's money, where does Paul Van der sloot say he was at 2 a.m.? Gambling again!

This suit and the fear inspired attacks again on Natalee and Beth reek of misogny and self loathing and have only helped awaken the otherwise apathetic. The van der sloots via their attorney have criticized the police, the prosecutor, Beth and the media. Yet they consider Joran's lies, "mistakes of a scared kid."

When it comes to damaging reputations, it's the people of Aruba who should sue the Van der sloots for they have laid waste to Aruba. And it's only the beginning.

It certainly appears the risk of this lawsuit, which by anyone's measure is a longshot, is very great for the Van der sloots and Aruba. Not to mention the reputation, if there was one for Joe Tacopina.

Joe Tacopina has reenergized the very people he is trying to scare off and making his client look more guilty. He has also revealed another empty suit, Greta Van Susteren.

But the silver bullet for Beth Twitty is the release of her book and the attending tour, this is what Aruba and the Van der sloots will not be able to withstand and they know it.

Even Aruba has admitted, regarding the investigation that "mistakes were made." But now, with probabably the worst example of damage control ever seen, it has to be asked again, can Aruba be so inept or are they corrupt?

Nobody attacks their largest customer without good reason. What could that reason be?

It certainly appears that this has become a politcal decision rather than a legal case. As if they are waiting to tell us how they know Natalee is dead until they can write a scenario that is even barely believable, the outcome a political statement.

I believe Gerold Dompig was trying to negotiate a compromise, a plea bargain that nobody bought. Really, who would have known, what media consultant could have predicted that in this new world of internet finger police, this story wouldn't just go away. Even Tacopina is using his Canadian anti-american finger police to do some of his dirty work.

The Van der sloots are scared. Scared of what they've done, of their complete failure as parents and in a status oriented environment, they fear those around them.

Money is very objective. The fact that those of us who want Natalee brought home, have no interest in money is very powerful because we can't be bought like Joe Tacopina. The Van der sloots are paying to have someone defend them because they cannot defend themselves.

It is some consolation that the sentence has already been meted out, they will live this way the rest of their lives.

Van der straaten, Dompig and Janssen will not reveal how they know Natalee is dead. How her status changed from missing to murdered?

This is what is holding this case from moving forward. Everyone that follows this case believes they know the answer, but fear revealing the truth, the implications.

Critics of Aruba are more right than wrong, and this story is a lesson in values and the lack of them. The passion to live in denial as Aruba and the Van der sloots do, and the passion for the fame Tacopina craves often pulls you farther from the path of truth.

But the Dirty Police and Politicians, and the Kangaroo court will not define Natalee or the truth, they're self loathing cowards. As predicted, and common of corporate scandals, the guilty are running, running like the criminal Paulus. Van der staaten is gone, Jannsen is leaving, Joran is gone and Gottenbos is gone.

But as Joe Tacopina said, "someone has to learn a lesson." But it will be learned while running on a lifelong treadmill.

The murdering Van der sloots have much to fear, and they will have only themselves to blame.

Next to Beth, Tamikosmom continues to provide devastating evidence of the guilt of the van der sloots:

When Gabriel “Alberto” Leo and Charles Croes were led to the VDS’ residence at 2:00 AM just hours following the Twittys’ arrival on the Island … Deepak’s vehicle was in the VDS’ compound. Alberto climbed the fence and recorded the license (tag) number. However .... when they retuned to the VDS’ residence at 3:00 AM with the Twitty party … Deepak’s vehicle was gone.


1. Paulus called Joran on his cell …. Paulus states Joran was at the WYNDHAM gambling. Joran claims to Greta that he was outside the RADISSON when Paulus called him.

2. Joran claims he met up with Deepak at the Radisson …… Deepak’s vehicle was observed at his home at 2:00 AM …. One hour prior to the Twitty Party arrival at his house.

J. TWITTY: We showed up at his house, as I said, at about 3:00 in the morning. His father walks out, OK, and then his father gets on his cell phone after the police talk to him for about maybe 10 minutes. Next thing I know, the police are walking back and they`re saying, “We`re going to the WYNDHAM HOTEL. he says Joran is at the WYNDHAM, GAMBLING.",2933,186707,00.html

VAN SUSTEREN: That was something different that you guys were together two nights in a row, that he would call you the second night.

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes. I guess so. It wasn't really anything. He (Deepak) just called me, asked me where I was, and I said I was at the RADISSON. And that's where he came to. Then when we actually — when he came there, and I just finished up and then we were going to play blackjack at another casino. And so we went outside of the — we went out of the — out of the casino and stepped into his car there. And that's exactly when I got a phone call from my dad saying, There's people here in front of their house looking for their daughter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aruba: White is Right

Gerold Dompig is unhappy with the criticism and lack of support. He feels he has been made a "scapegoat" for actions approved by his superiors.

Where have we heard that before? On the lie of Joran van der sloot and only the lie of Joran van der sloot, the security guards were arrested and Mickey John made this very prescient comment:

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person is society to cover their mess." Mickey John

And during this time, Joran van der sloot knew the guards were innocent and he had prevented the police from finding Natalee. It was no mistake, he wanted it that way. And now to the murdering Van der sloots, they say it was just a "mistake." No, it was a lie and "sorry" just isn't good enough.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Where Will the Van der sloots File Suit?

I thought the civil suit being filed in New York creates a burden on the Van der sloots, an undue burden?

I guess it's only if they aren't the ones initiating a lawsuit. Then of course, it's a great idea!

Or will Tacopina take his comedy show to Alabama or Mississippi? No doubt the jury pool there will warm to the New Yawk greaseball and the souless Dutchies.

But who they decide to sue, if they stop the threats and actually do it will also say who and what they fear.

From Joey's own website:

"You can discover what your enemy fears most, by observing the means he uses to frighten you."

The lying and murdering Van der sloots have smeared themselves.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tacopina To Sue The Blogoshpere When He Finds It

Joey Tacopina revealed he intends to sue, sue somebody, anybody.

He has one small problem, he's trying to figure out where exactly to sue the blogoshpere. There may be an issue with jusisdiction.

Joey asked one of his associates if the blogosphere is in South Jersey. "Yeah boss, I think it's outside Trenton."

"Okay, I want youz guyz to file papers and we are going shut the whole fuckin' town down now."

He's upset his client, the murdering rapist Joran Van der sloot is being smeared. The kid who is hugged by local Arubans, and has done tons of community service and only lied 3 times without wavering his story must not be treated this way.

After all, his mother is Roman Catholic. God damn those murdering Van der sloots, they are really doing their best to bring back the tourists.

"When I'm done with them, I'll own that town," said an angry Tacopina. "Listen, I got my people in blogosphere and they are digging up all sorts of uninvestigated leads."

Joe says that just because Rudy Croes couldn't "shut Beth up" doesn't mean he can't stop Granny Toad and Flying Squirrel and Dancing Mermaid and Midget Widget.

But Joey, you're in the game a little late, when you come looking, we'll see you, welcome you in.

Like fish jumping in a boat, you don't get it. You're trying to shoot flies with a machine gun.

Welcome to the new world, you and you're murdering rapist clients have been here all along.

"Who are those people." "They're monkeys boss." "I know they're monkey's, but who are they?" "No boss they're name is scared monkeys." "Well they better be scared!"

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Van der sloots do not want Natalee Found and Never Did

What's changed since the moment Natalee went missing? The Van der sloot stories?

"Joran's lied 3 times, his story hasn't wavered." Joe Tacopina

But the implications of the first lie still tell the relevant fact. They lied for a reason.


Letting the security guards stay in jail while they came up with a new story.


Going to court to prevent the FBI from getting involved.


Paulus giving legal advice to the still 3 main suspects, "no body, no case"


"If I saw her, I'd be mad" Joran Van der sloot
"If they find the girl, I'd laugh." Joran van der sloot


Refusing to speak to police, hiring cadre of lawyers


Paul van der sloot Directing Investigation

Although Joran has lied, and is the last person to be with Natalee, now the VDS team, with Joe Tacopina, who is not being criticized for interference is redirecting attention away from his client.

Despite the VDS's going to court to prevent the FBI from being involved they are attempting a parallel investigation, without any proof at all.

It's all a distraction, and Joran is still the main suspect and questions remain. Here is the "new" suspects. This is the beach flasher, GVC and Steve Croes.

It's a smokescreen.


"If they find the girl, I'd laugh" Joran Van der sloot

"Joran lied 3 times, his story has never wavered." Joe Tacopina

  1. Gatekeeper Says:

    An open message to the Diario:

    There has been a lot of sentiment that people on the island of Aruba have information and are not coming forward. Perhaps it would be useful to research and print the true U.S. tourist visitor statistics for May of 2005 vs. 2006 or perhaps May of 2005 vs. May of 2006. I suspect there will be far less groups of U.S. high schoolers going to Aruba this May than there were last May. This will, for certain, effect the economy of Aruba.

    The people of Aruba need to made aware that ultimately, they, and the island, will be the ones who suffer from the indignation of the Dutch in this investigation. It appears they are already sensitive to the perceived superior treatment of the Dutch GVC while in custody. Now is the time to open their eyes to the fact that the Dutch are using the native Arubns, and their island, for their own persronal interest and financial gain. The Dutch do not care about the people of Aruba and if the tourist well dries up, and the island turns into a drug haven, the Dutch can simply pick up their things and move back to the Netherlands the next day. Native Arubans do not have that luxury and need to start protecting themselves and the economy of their island.

    Without U.S. tourism a signficant number of native Arubans will become unemployed. The only jobs that will remain will be running drugs from Venezuela and to Miami. Do the Dutch care? No. It is up to the Aruban people to start making themselves heard and get this investigation resolved.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Message to Beth and Dave

Dear Beth and Dave,

I know it's getting rough and may get rougher, but don't worry.

Trust me, we are bringing her home.

Natalee is living in each one of us and the love will defeat the hate.

We are energized and committed and we will bring Natalee home.

"I wanted Natalee to be as proud of me as I am of her." Beth Twitty

She is Beth, I assure you. And so are we, more than you would believe.

With Love,
Your Friends

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Dutch Elite Holding On

On the day Natalee was confirmed dead, a truck belonging to the security company owned by the father of the current suspect GVC was out by the rocks doing what? What happened on this day, and why were there men in bio suits and why were they painting rocks? Just steps from where a belt was found, but not saved. Then six hours later, a retraction claiming Natalee was not found. "A misinformation campaing" said Rudy Croes. By whom Rudy? Which was misinformation, the confirmation or the retraction?
On the night Natalee disappeared, on the night Joran says he and his father were at the casino, on the night Anita was out of town, of all the people that could be sitting next to Natalee?

The lead investigator, a narcotics officer working his first missing person case. The case called "insane and unprofessional" by legal scholars in Holland.

2 Days after 5/29, the body of Natalee may have already been found and the Police Commissioner looked the other way to do a favor for Paulus van der sloot (ex-Chief of Staff of the Prosecutor General J. Zwinkels) To exculpate the son of Paulus, the Police Commissioner and Fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of 2 security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom for 10 days. Stanley Zaadam, ex-commissioner.

"I am 100% sure the Kalpoe's are guilty." Guilty of what Anita? How do you know?

"This case will blow over." July 2005. Good call Rudy.

"Nobody is above the law" Nelson Oduber. Except the law or if you're Dutch. Nice leadership Oduber, do you even exist?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dennis Jacobs: Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall...

The more fear, the more they attack. The Van der sloots are being surrounded, and they know it.

They are being deconstructed piece by piece. Holland is opening an investigation into Paul Van der sloots work record and Dennis Jacobs performance. Why did he save the shirt but not the belt?

Dennis Jacobs is the last wall between the truth and the Van der sloots and when he is finally confronted his loyalty to the Van der sloots and Van der straaten will be tested.

Gerold Dompig was fired before he landed back in Aruba from his visit to Holland. His 48 hours interview was already taped but not aired and when in Holland he requested resources for his futile search. His presentation was not impressive. In fact, legal scholars called the investigation "insane and unprofessional."

Dompig and Jacobs are responsible for the investigation and the opinion was unanimous.

Look at Aruba's own words and you can figure out who Joe Tacopina is defending.

Van der straaten: Called it murder when the guards were arrested, quiet since then.
Dompig: Natalee died of an overdose
Tacopina Associate: Beth is in it for the money
Rudy Croes: Wants to shut beth up

All roads lead back to Joran van der sloot, still the last person to see Natalee. It will be proven that the new suspect GVC was not on the beach. The bogus story still has no corroboration.

It has been a mantra from the beginning, the lack of evidence is the evidence. This is the focus of the investigation and the current strategy. By recreating steps in reverse, it will be shown that the case was solved and unsolved.

But the pivotal moment will still be how all these people assumed Natalee was dead and why?

Gerold Dompig tried to plea bargain, multiple times.

Most of what we are hearing are stories, written to give credence to the initial lies told by Joran Van der sloot.

What happened on the day Natalee was confirmed dead, and then the retraction? Did they have her body and then they didn't?

Until it can be determined with evidentiary proof that Natalee is dead, all the theories are just that, theories.

But there remains one important fact, and it's stayed the same since the first day.

Joran Van der sloot is the last person to have been with Natalee Holloway.

The attention will not stop until Natalee can be brought home and the authorities know this. I believe they also know exactly what happened to Natalee and where she is. But bringing Natalee home will implicate the Dutch on Aruba.

No body, no case. The lack of evidence is the evidence.

Aruba: The Dutchies on the Run

The International School has a co-op program at the incinerator facilities engineering shop to train their hotel mainainence program students.

The school has recently removed most of it's pictures.

The VCB company owned by the new suspects father has removed it's project and contacts section.

This link may be shut down at any moment. Read down the page and you will find this paragraph under Organization of Services for Care of the Population.

Here is the exact quote:

Municipal Services for Management of Solid Waste, Including Hospital Waste. For disposal of solid waste, there is a 12.5-hectare refuse dump located in Parkietenbos. Different types of waste are taken to this site (refuse from homes, offices, industry, hotels, restaurants and cafes, construction and demolition sites), but no documentation is available regarding the exact amounts. Hospital waste also is transported and disposed of in the municipal dump. Infectious waste is burned in an incinerator, which may pose operation and maintenance problems.”

Can someone find a connection with the VCB company?

Joran On a Red Sail Sports Boat at Night

This is a picture of Joran Van der sloot, still the last person to see Natalee alive. He is on a boat owned by Red Sail Sports, the same company GVC worked for. And why has the International School removed all those pictures from it's website?

We'll get the proof, and any information on the school teacher who accompanied Joran would be good, same price.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aruba: More Women Speak Out

"My heart aches for Natalee and her family. I've known from the minute Natalee was announced missing on the tv, exactly what happened to her. I have been in touch with the FBI, and they have my statement. I have been to Aruba 3 times, and the last time was HORRIBLE.
In 1996, I went with my husband and 4 friends. We stayed at the same hotel Natalee stayed at. My husband and I were both drugged, taken from the hotel casino.

My husband was locked in a back room of the bar The Rio Grande, I was taken out to the desert, and didnt come out of the black out until the next morning. I had been raped and beaten. I was fortunate enough to talk my way out of the situation, promising I wouldnt go to the police. When I got back to my hotel, my husband and a friend did go to the police is just like you've seen on the tv for the Holloway-Twitty family.

They did NOTHING to help us at all. Even with the police knowing, that the casino-workers and the Commishioner of the casino had a problem with the 'man', and were also willing to help my husband and I.

We switched hotels that day, and stayed in most of the time we were there. The night before we were to leave all 6 of us decided to go to the beach. That 'man' showed up. My husband and cousin got a hold of him, we asked a hotel worker to call the police (they took almost an hour to get there). We told them what had happened and they simply put him in the back of the police jeep uncuffed, and drove away with him.

I guess we were all in shock, my husband and I just glad to be leaving both alive. They have never mentioned on the news the brothel out in the desert behind the Holiday Inn pass the light house, thats were I was taken to, a police-woman told me that it was a Whore-House, no big deal??

I have tried to get in touch with Beth Holloway, I think I could maybe help her or at least tell her that Natalee didnt feel any pain, as I said I was drugged and I dont remember anything until the next day. A lot of parents are now coming on tv again with the same situations of missing children from all islands, but none have gotten any justice or even an answer. It seems I am the only one to have survived.

I pray for Natalee and her family every morning and every night, and badly wish there was a way to comfort her mom, who has been, and has had to be, a very strong woman. My husband had to only endure a couple hours of not knowing if I was alive or what happened. He said he cant imagine how they feel. So our hearts and prayers are with them daily. I hope this all ends soon for them, no mother should have to be put through this. I havent been able to talk about what happened to me for 9 years, but I would do ANYTHING to help Natalee and her family.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Joran the Murderer

His attorney who is paid by the Van der sloots, said Joran has been an honor student who's done tons of community service his whole life.

Is drinking and gambling considered community service in Aruba?

An honor student who said "he didn't know who she was" when confronted by police the night after Natalee went missing?

An honor student who then lied about dropping Natalee at the hotel. A "sweet" kid who then said he "dropped her at the beach."

An honor student who couldn't remember how he got home from the beach story?

In a moment when Natalee's life was in the balance he lied, and lied and lied.

No wonder the van der sloots need to pay someone to speak that way about them.

Nobody is buying it Joe.

TACOPINA: You know, they've gotten stronger obviously because of this. It's been -- they are such nice people. I had the opportunity to spend four full days with them last week with my team. We went down there and I got to tell you this family is remarkable.

The mother is a schoolteacher. The father is one of the most simple, genuine, sweet people who's obviously image were gutted when he lost everything, including his career over this and was cleared subsequently as you know.

And, Joran who then a 17-year-old boy who is now 18, Star, who has been an honor student all his life in school, who has done, you know, tons of community service, is loved in that community.

I walked around with Joran in Aruba. People, both Americans and locals, came up and gave the kid a hug, not because he's a movie star or something. They gave him a hug because I think they appreciate that at this point he is now a former suspect and he's been through something that none of us should ever be through.

He's been wrongly called a murderer, a predator, and things of that nature and he's a very mature 18-year-old boy who speaks four languages and is a genuinely sweet, sweet young man.

Dennis Jacobs to be Arrested?

Aruban Authorities are finally asking the question, what happened to the evidence? By focusing on basic guidelines and help from Holland, it appears the answer to whether the police are incompetent or corrupt is becoming clear.

They are not all incompetent, and not all corrupt. The Police who are complicit in the coverup are in the Van der sloot camp, needing legal protection. Their leverage is with those that ordered or asked them for favors.

This is where the polarization stems from. Joe Tacopina represents the Van der sloots and all those that helped them.

Expect more arrests in the next 3 weeks. If there is another break in the case and Dennis Jacobs isn't arrested, it will be because he has made a plea bargain.

The lack of evidence is the evidence.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The "New" Old Tip

From Dave Holloway:

"In late August the Diario received a recorded phone tip from a woman who said that a Police Officer named Halle took a body from the sand dunes prior to the search on June 3, 2005.
She said that Halle was a crooked cop and was friends with Paulus Van der sloot. I turned that tape over to the police and the Dutch."

The photo's of the rocks were taken in September or October and they are a direct result of Dave Holloway telling Dompig about a situation that occurred on June 3, 2005. It's a long story but there is reason to believe that a police officer recovered evidence from the sand dune area just prior to the search on June 3rd. When we questioned Dompig about it he claimed to not know what we were talking about. Following that meeting we believe that Dompig ordered a forensic team to sweep the area. Including painting the rocks with lumenal or other chemicals to identify blood.

Believe it or not those rocks and pictures are just a few yards from the sand dune where the belt was found.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Message From Natalee For the Van der sloots

"Forgive them, Father

For they know not what they do"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Opsporing Verzocht Re-enactment Re-distraction


I contend that the re-enactment of the events encompassing the morning
Natalee Holloway went missing which was featured on a special edition of
Dutch crime-stoppers program, Opsporing Verzocht, was another futile attempt
by the „powers that be‰ to distance evidence/witness that/who have the
ability to implicate Joran and Paulus.

The re-enactment implied that the Marriott Beach fishermen stated that they
did not see Joran and Natalee on the beach that morning. Why does the re-
enactment stop there? Why was it so selective? Why did it not include what
the fishermen DID observed and ..... what the Holiday Inn employee observed
and ...... what the gardener observed and ∑.. what communication records
revealed and ∑.. what the former Aruban Chief of Police suspects ∑.
regarding the activity in the Marriott Beach area?


MATTINGLY: Defense attorneys for the Kalpoe brothers tonight confirmed to
CNN that testimony from fishermen telling investigators that they didn't see
a couple matching the description of Natalee Holloway and Joran van der
Sloot on that beach the night that Natalee turned up missing. What they are
saying is that they saw a WHITE SUZUKI on that beach ∑


GRACE: OK. Jossy, is there any way to tie in a white pick-up to this

MANSUR: Yes, ma`am, because there`s another witness that, before that, told
someone that works at the hotels that he saw a white pick-up over there by
the Holiday Inn, in which three persons were also in, all of them male,
carrying what looked like the body of a girl, putting it in the back of the
white pick-up and driving away with it.

GRACE: OK. So you`ve got a white pick-up at the Holiday Inn, where Natalee
was staying. You`ve got a white pick-up at the landfill. Both eyewitnesses
state that there were three individuals, I`m assuming male. But can they
give an identification of Joran Van Der Sloot or the Kalpoe brothers?

MANSUR: None of them have given that kind of a description. They haven`t
identified the three males. But it`s very important to note that the witness
on the beach by the Holiday Inn has absolutely no knowledge of the witness
over there to the east side of the island by the landfill or dump. They
don‚t know each other, but still they give the same description of the same
white pick-up.

GRACE: OK, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Jossy Mansur, remember the
fishermen that were out in the water? Didn`t they state they saw a pick-up
along the beach that night?

MANSUR: Probably. I don`t know. I haven`t made any statements to that
effect, ma`am.

Miller said the witness claimed to have seen the men dumping the body on the
afternoon of June 1.

The witness, an Aruban man who claimed to be dropping off trash at the time
of the incident, has been questioned by the FBI and Aruban police, Miller
said. "He said he saw a face, blond hair and a woman's chest, and that the
body was dumped and covered," Miller said. "His story has been consistent."

The witness could not identify the men but said they were driving a
light-colored jeep, Miller said. The witness told his brother what he saw
soon afterward, and the brother told police, he said.


BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: I know one thing that Deepak Kalpoe did in August was,
when the gardener came before the judge of instruction to give sworn
testimony of witnessing those three suspects together in the Kalpoe
brothers' car that night at the pond, across the street from the Marriott,
it was in front of the prosecutor, in front of the defense, the judge of
instruction, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, Joran Van Der Sloot.
Deepak panicked. He panicked when the gardener gave that testimony. That
very afternoon, he called an Aruban girl to help him establish an alibi.
She, in turn, panicked. She called FBI. She dialed the 1-877-NATALEE number
and told them that she did not want to be involved in this.


VAN SUSTEREN: ∑∑.Where do the cell records place the phone that Joran is
using at 2:40 and 3 o'clock in the morning?

KOCK: Well, there's not an exact pinpoint indication, but the general area
is the area here in north in Palm Beach of the hotel.

VAN SUSTEREN: So it looks like he's not home at that hour, but someplace
near the Marriott, is that right?

KOCK: That is correct. He is in this neighborhood.


Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last
seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1
a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that
they possibly brought Natalie back to the Van Der Sloots‚ home.


The Aruban authorities‚ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very
close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body
....... .


Dompig speculates the body was hastily buried once, and that extra
accomplices may have been needed to move it to a more hidden location.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Aruba: Answer the Question: How Do You Know Natalee is Dead?

On June 13 2005 a girl named Jacy from Holland sent a video of the dunes (Rock) area of what appeared to be a polis recovery of a body filmed on 6-10-2005

There were many polis and what appeared to be a coroners van off to the left on the video. Also in the video there was a man with two dogs that she said was a man famous in Holland called Harry "the nose" Jongen. He was called the nose because he used a long stick with a hole drilled through the entire length to poke down into the ground and find bodies of victims by smell, and had success in Bosnia during the Balkan war, he discovered many victims and some mass graves. There was skepticism of everything I was seeing and had never heard of the man called Harry the nose before and Jacy thought everyone knew about him and his track record.

On 6-10-2005 Beth learned that Natalee was dead, she was told before an interview with 20/20 and was heard crying behind a closed door by the Mainstream Media.

On the day of 6-10-2005 the family received a call from the FBI on Aruba, and told to go to Beth's mother's house and to notify her.The FBI wanted to have the mother tell Beth.

After watching the video several times, I noticed that a body was not actually able to be seen but, there was enough to lead you to conclude that this was a crime scene of some sort. There were polis and other officials and there were men in bio suits (not hazmat suits) covering something with a tarp and sheets in the rock area. Again this video was shot on 6-10-2005 by a man named Ed Smith, from the aru-bay video site although we cannot confirm his name is for a fact Ed Smith. He is also know to post under a name Tony Smith.

Ed Smith filmed the video of what appeared to be a recovery and then on 6-11-2005 he returned to the same location and filmed the painting crew painting over the rocks in the video from the day before. Those videos have become known as the Chicago videos, ( named by the poster who discovered them on the site back in the late summer or fall of 2005.


The video filmed on 6-10-2005 was a part of that collection, however at the time I didn't realize there were more videos, just the one that appeared to be a recovery scene, and is now missing from the web server and backend parent list. It was removed for a reason Ed will not share with me even though we have had many email conversations. He filmed the video and went to CNN and wanted to sell the video to them, but was offered only $100.00 so he said no way and put the video on his server.

At that point Jacy found the video and forwarded it . At the time, we thought maybe it was a sea creature that washed up and they were recovering that animal. It wasn't until the fall that I realized there was more to the recovery video, because of the painting done to the rocks in the video filmed the following day. Because why would anyone send a painting crew out to the middle of nowhere and paint over specific rocks? That makes absolutely no sense unless there were painting over the crime scene of Natalee Holloway. To this day there has been no explanation from the ALE or Aruba \ Dutch Authorities as to what actually took place there and why men were painting over these specific rocks.

Harry Jongen, a very well known dutch citizen, he must have found something.

Speculation is that Dompig was delaying to distract, and move Natalee again, off the island and create a runaway story and then follow it up with finding Natalee somewhere other than Aruba.

Imagine Aruba trying to say she ran away? That would be good in one sense, but how to explain Van der straaten's comments when the guards were arrested (murder) or Dompig's (overdose) either way it is all falling apart for Aruba.

They just can't help themselves and it reeks of desperation.

If this person has or will come forward with the complete videos, they could collect one million dollars. The question is, have they already?

Is THE Aruba Dirty Policeman going down? This from Tamikosmom:


By now it was almost five o'clock in the morning. The policemen told Beth to wait at her hotel. A detective would come by and see her at eight. Detective Dennis Jacobs arrived at 8:15, took down Natalee's description, and led Beth to the police station. Beth sat in the lobby for three hours until Jacobs spoke to her again. She rose, eager to pour out everything she had learned. Suddenly, Jacobs said, "We won't be needing you." Beth stood there, stunned, uncertain what to do. After a moment she walked outside, where she ran into the first of the hundreds of television crews she would soon encounter. "That was the moment," she says today, "that I realized we were in serious trouble."

Dave: When I arrived at that police station, the detective knew I was coming and I was frantic as you can imagine a parent being who has their daughter missing. I walked up to the front desk accompanied by my brother and brother in law. I identified myself as the father of Natalee Holloway and Jacobs got up from his chair and grumbled “Well, how much money you got? ..... ”


Dave: Well, yes. I have spoken with one of the assistant prosecutors and that’s one of the reasons she resigned. It was because the police would not follow-up on her suggestions as well. She became so frustrated that she had to call it quits. You have dissensions within the prosecutor’s office. You have police officers who for some reason or other don’t trust each other. You know, we came up with the bones. When I was on the island, I was questioned about what did we do with the evidence and I didn’t know…what did you do with the evidence? We found out a tourist had found a bone and gave it to the beach police.

The beach police, rather than giving it to the detective team gave it to some police commissioner. The rumor was they did not trust the detective team. We’ve heard that over and over and over again from various different sources. You have to wonder, who can you trust?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Sand Dune Story Never Happened

Until Natalee Holloway can be buried by her family in the United States how can anyone else keep burying her? That is the savagery of Aruba.

Add the sand dune story to the list of lies and theories like the dropped her at the Holiday Inn, The security guards did it, the "dropped" her at the beach and the Satish picked me up stories.
Aruba is playing hide and seek with Natalee and have no right to imagine and sell stories of her death without proof. They called it a murder (Van der straaten) when the guards were set up and now an overdose (Dompig) to benefit themselves and the suspects.

Where's the proof Natalee ever existed and why did you change the case from a missing persons to a murder? To prevent the FBI's involvement? Until Aruba prooves with the same standard of evidence used to release the suspects that she is dead, she must be considered missing and presumed kidnapped.

By chasing suspects with stories before they could claim Natalee is dead, they purposely manipulated the system in an attempt to protect themselves from the things they fear the most. Loss of American dollars and Dutch scrutiny.

They have failed on both accounts.

Dompig's de facto plea bargain was approved. The sand dune story is bogus and another example of the Van der sloots and Aruba looking at the evidence and then rewriting history. Still keeping eyes off the likely scene of the crime, the Van der sloot residence.

What do we make of Dompig saying the property hasn't been searched and it's on his "wish list" and just last week Julia Renfro claiming it was searched because "she was there."

What is she doing there? Is there any doubt Arubatruth is working with the Van der sloots and paying Joe Tacopina?

Dompig himself, is leveraging what he knows to keep his job and negotiate a book deal.

Another in the long line of coincidences that just as the picture of Natalee in the casino sitting next to Paulus Van der sloot, there are more distractions?

Rushing into legal action, while chasing stories, they continued to push the legal system to reward the van der sloots, pay them off so they would leave the island.

It's not about toursist dollars for nanny state employees they have no sense of business. The Aruba Dirty Police fear the Dutch scrutiny that will threaten their income. They are using what they know to protect themselves. Professional slovenly blamers.

Van der sloot, Van der straaten and Jacobs live off the Dutch payroll and when Natalee's body was taken from police custody shortly after she was found it forced Rudy Croes to claim a "misinformation campaingn" without telling us by whom.

If the guards can be arrested on the lies of the Van der sloots, surely Van der straaten and Jacobs could be arrested for anything.

Van der straaten illegally placed Jacobs in a role he was unqualified for because he would provide a witness too stoned to be credible.

Karin Janssen, if you have any decency left, defy the judges from Curacao, Rik Smid and the judge who lives near the Van der sloots, John S. Kuiperdal and let them pay the Van der sloots.

Call the bluff. My guess is they will not act, further giving credence to the bogus concpet of Dutch Law in Aruba.

It's long overdue, an investigation into the ivestigation. Where the lack of evidence is the evidence and until Natalee can be proved to be dead, her fate will not be determined by stories from liars.

We will not accept stories. Natalee is being held hostage and we want her back.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Aruba Dirty Cop: Dennis Jacobs

On June 11, 2005 spokespersons for the Aruban Ministry of Justice and the Aruban Law Enforcement released statements to two major media outlets that there was an admission that something bad happened; Natalee was confirmed dead; the location of her body was known; and the suspect who made the admission was leading authorities to the scene. The FBI came to the Twittys’ hotel room at this time and informed them of the happenings that were taking place. Beth immediately phoned her mother to break the news that Natalee was dead.

I contend that Paulus had anticipated one of the suspects breaking and had arranged for Natalee to be moved to another location of the island within hours of her being put in a hastily prepared grave by Joran, Deepak and Satish. When the suspect who had made the admission could not locate Natalee where he knew she had been buried ….. The words, “NO BODY; NO CASE” came to mind and his admission ceased to exist and ….. The official statements were retracted.

2 Days after 5/29, the body of Natalee may have already been found and the Police Commissioner looked the other way to do a favor for Paulus van der sloot (ex-Chief of Staff of the Prosecutor General J. Zwinkels) To exculpate the son of Paulus, the Police Commissioner and Fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of 2 security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom for 10 days.

According to Zaandam, the nominations of among others, Commissioners Bernardina, Dompig, Hassel and Richardson, along with 34 high-rank 1st class inspectors, which are against the law and hierarchy of the KPA (police corps), have serious consequences for the quality and integrity of work in KPA. None of the high-ranked commissioners has the qualifications nor experience to conduct a judicial investigation.

He also claims this is how Commissioner van der straaten was appointed to this case. However, according to Saandam, this should not be work for a commissioner.

THE ADMISSION OF JUNE 11, 2005,2933,162272,00.html
July 12, 2005

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: Some explosive new details are emerging about the night Natalee Holloway disappeared. The Aruban newspaper Diario broke the news on their front page on Monday. Joining us live from Aruba with the inside scoop is Diario's managing editor, Jossy Mansur.

Jossy, let me get straight to the main thing that struck everybody reading that article today, that Joran van der Sloot claimed to the police to have buried Natalee. Is that right?

JOSSY MANSUR, DIARIO MANAGING EDITOR: That's correct, Greta. That happened on the second day of interrogations.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know when he supposedly made that statement to the police? Was it early on in his detention, or even before his detention or later?

MANSUR: No, it was when they had let them free. And when he came back, they (INAUDIBLE) him in as a suspect. ON THE SECOND DAY OF THAT DETENTION, HE BROKE DOWN COMPLETELY. HE CRIED, AND HE ADMITTED TO THE POLICE, HE CONFESSED TO THE POLICE THAT, WE BURIED NATALEE.,2933,159252,00.html
June 11, 2005

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, WAS CONFIRMED DEAD and that authorities KNEW THE LOCATION OF HER BODY. However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a "misinformation campaign."
June 12, 2005

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case ADMITTED "SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED" to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and DOMPIG HIMSELF REFUSED TO IDENTIFY which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.

Natalee Holloway Is Dead (VIDEO)
June 9, 2005

CHRIS LEJUEZ, ATTORNEY FOR ABRAHAM JONES: Nancy, I have seen only the statements of two of the three men. The evidence that I got, the documentation, the files that I received from the prosecutor`s office contained only two of the statements.

My colleague has asked the prosecutor why only the two, not the one of the Dutch boy? She was told by the prosecutor, at least by the prosecutor`s office, that that statement would not be relevant to the case of her suspect, her client.

LEJUEZ: Well, both the statement that I`ve read from two of this young boys state very clearly that they dropped her off at the hotel at approximately 2 o`clock in the morning. She got out of the car. She was under the influence of alcohol. And then they saw her walk through the front door of the hotel inside the lobby

One Simple Question

We are continually told by legal representatives defending the Van der sloots that it takes hard evidence, not suspicion to prove guilt.

Why then is the same concept not applied to determining if Natalee is dead?

How does Aruba, by the same standard, know Natalee is dead? What hard evidence do they have that she even existed after Carlos n Charlies?

No stories, theories, gut feelings or statistics.

But why is this simple question never posed to representatives in Aruba?

So the very same witness can confess to selling drugs as a way to accuse Natalee of a crime, buying drugs? These are manufactured and coached stories.

I believe if Aruba or their representatives can be held to answer this, does anything else matter?

This is the essence of this case.

If you understand the importance of this you can narrow the reasons why Aruba knows Natalee is dead.

They had evidence and then they didn't.

It's time to stop the attacks, the theories and conspiracy mongering and focus on this simple element.

Without coming to conclusions, what happened will become very clear. Dompig and Jacobs actions will light up.

The lack of evidene is the evidence.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Booty Call In Aruba for Rudy Croes

Well that was an interesting day.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I feel honored. A man is on fire in a cave in Aruba without legs and a crackhead drug dealer named Booty who was released from an insane asylum is Dompig's secret witness and brother in law the same stoner who was the witness Dennis Jacobs used to arrest the security guards and a report from Holland that calls Aruba insane and Gerold Dompig is fired again while Joey Tacopina says his client's alibi is a lie without mentioning he's scared and the whole police and political structure is being reorganized and they are putting web cams on the beach all over Aruba except if they show Julia Renfro in a bikini and we can't talk about the case because it will hurt the investigation and room key records from 10 month ago are the key to the key to the key to admitting selling drugs but is not in jail while Aruba re-markets it's brand to Europe and blames it on Natalee again. OOOOOh, yeah, sell it to Condi.

Fresh towels in room 209 consuello asap.

Rudy Croes, where have you been? I believe it was you who said, "this will blow over."

Good call Rudy!

Like a disabled submarine flushing garbage, you're legal dildo's ain't workin'. You and Jan Van der straaten are already outed. None of this is new.

But the world is about to become aquainted with the puppetmasters of this freak show.

Once again, thanks to Beth, who asked, "who's pulling the strings." You see Rudy, there are alot of us in government who have been waiting for the right moment.

It's coming soon for you Rudy and Jan. Paulus already is dead, I think you know that.

The scapegoating won't work.

Nice try and funny, but as I've said, this is the beginning and Aruba is about to be unloaded on. But it will be a Dutch missle, that's politics.

Why has the U.S. State Department been quiet? Because they know it was inevitable. They know they cannot bring Natalee back now.

But you can implode for awhile before we deliver the death knell Rudy, I only wish you were worth it.

The file is thick. Rudy's whore's have been talking for years. And Paulus, you are not the only one who can blow smoke. Joey T. took the bait.

Shango is Winnie the Pooh compared to the book on you. It's been 9 months since you threatened to "shut Beth up."

Does Joey do estate planning?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Natalee Will Come Home

A committment you cannot even describe. A network that has no equal and a determination money can't buy.

An army unafraid of Dutch Law, greaseball attornies and the monumental wall of incompetence masking the corrupt does not scare us.

Heroic people, acting irrational, insane and risking their jobs and relationships for a common goal.

Bringing Natalee home.

The Van der sloots and Aruba pay for friends. Not scary, not effective and passionless.

Even on Beth's worst day, she projects more than the Van der sloot posse can bring at $500 an hour plus expenses.

The wall around the Van der sloots frightens nobody. Deters noone as we march through them in a new world.

Blogged to Death is your sentence, Paul Van der sloot.

The huge amount of energy and friendship extended to Beth, Dave and Natalee is real, committed and cannot be bought.

The Van der sloots have remained in the crosshairs from the beginning for a reason.

It's only more focused now. Up close and personal with Paul Van der sloot, still hiding. Like a scared cowering naked man behind a bush. He may have to stay there but that's okay, because he'll die there.

The centralized media is losing it's power to dictate public perception. As the Van der sloot offensive is going down in flames, the technology-empowered bloggers are pouring on the gasoline.

In a world where cheap distributed media is unrestrained, there are no truly local problems.

Ready access to the means of digital communication is a force for democracy. It gives voice to ordinary citizens and disseminates vital information that those who command power and status would rather bury. More power to the heroic, censor-busting bloggers.

Call it blogger vigilantism or finger police, we disseminate information, facts and rumors at a pace television cannot keep up with.

Paying lawyers to tell us Joran is a "good kid" is so transparent. Natalee doesn't need to buy friends, she's earned our committment and we will bring her home.

Tiring out bloggers is impossible, but drying up the money defending Aruba and the Van der sloots will happen way before the energy to see this through does.

Its not about money for us, it is for the Van der sloots and Aruba.

We're married to it. No matter how long it takes, no matter the risk, we're not still here after all this time to give up now.

We will bring Natalee home.

Holland Calls Aruba "Insane"

Tuesday april 4 2006 - DEN HAAG – Dutch legal scholars are strongly critial of the Aruban police investigation into the disappearance of the missing american teenager Natalee Holloway. They are describing the methods used by the investigative team "strange and unprofessional". They are also critical of the actions of acting chief of police Gerold Dompig.

"It is unfathomable that the police didn't start looking for Natalee's body immediatly after having received an important tip-off", according to Menno Dolmam, Dolman teaches criminal law at the University of Amsterdam. The place in the dunes where they searched last week was left totally undisturbed for weeks, which could have meant the loss of vital clues.


It took a months after the anonymous source called Dompig in tears with information about the spot where Natalee supposedly was buried, before Aruban authorities came into action. "That is highly curious", according to Maastricht legal psychologist Peter van Koppen. Usually such an area is cordoned off immediately. "To dig and take samples." But not on Aruba.

Even before one shovel went into the ground, Dompig spoke at lenght with the media about this new clue and the searches that were in the planning. A really "insane" action, according to professor of Law (at Leiden University) Hans Nijboer. "It is a huge mistake to do something like that". One has to be deprived of all good senses to publicly proclaim concrete clues before the search has even started. "Experienced detectives investigate first." The media are a place of last resort for a detective, according to Dolman. "You don't want to give away information that only the true culprit could possibly know. If that happens it will be extremely hard to prove wether or not a suspect actually knew this or has just read about this in the newspaper, making it nigh impossible to verify the authenticity of the statements made by the suspect.


Gerold Dompig doesn't seem to care about that. He generously throws around details in the case. But the facts and theories he talks about are sometimes even contradictory. For example, in the US media he has proclaimed that Natalee's death most likely was due to an overdose of drugs and alcohol she took that night. Against this newspaper he told a diferent theory. According to him Natalee most likely died of a criminal act (rape and murder).

These 2 versions are contradictory, according to Dolman. He suspects the chief of police to give several versions of the events to keep newsmedia at bay. "Maybe it is an investigative tactic", theorizes Van Koppen, "he might be listining in on the phones of all suspects and others in this case." As soon as one of the suspects reveals the truth on the phone, he can arrest that one.

Dolman doesn't believe Dompig is that good a tactician. "You cannot speak of any tactics if a detective starts telling eveyone he knows where the body is hidden." That would be more of a last resource in a stalled investigation.

Source: BN de Stem

Monday, April 03, 2006

No Van der sloot, No Justice

Interview with John Kelly, April 3

Rita: In Aruba a Dutch TV show, and a brand new image from inside the casino, and some questions about that as well. Some say they show Joran Van Der Sloot's father, Paulus talking with Natalee the night she disappeared. Lets bring in the attorney for the Holloway family, John Q Kelly. John just returned from Aruba with information on alot of different developments. John, first of all, do you think there is a possibility that Paulus might have been talking to Natalee the night she disappeared?

Kelly: If you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he is the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times, and it is sorta ironic that it's the father, who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left with access to his line of credit...that put this unfortunate chain of events in process. You know, if Joran had never been there and not been allowed in there, because he is underaged and wasn't accompanied by his father, the whole rest of the night wouldn't have happened.

Rita: You know, John why would that be significant? Why is that in conflict with something else we have heard maybe from Paulus before?

Kelly: Well, he is just claiming that, you know, that he has kept an eye on his son...he's kept him on a short leash, and his son is very well behaved. It turns out he has got him into casinos...if you're under 18, you are not even legally allowed in casinos, so his son was breaking the law with him enabling it.

Rita: Did he ever say he had talked to Natalee or not before?

Kelly: NO, it has never even been addressed before, whether or not that is Paulus in the video tape there sitting next to her, and it certainly appears to be to me.

Remember this?

"Paulus Van Der Sloot, the father of Joran who was detained yesterday in the case, is being held under suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping. "

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Myth of Power: Paul Van der sloot

"If you were here, this would not have happened."

This is what Joran told his mother. What is the meaning of "this?" Unless Anita Van der sloot was away very often it certainly didn't refer to Joran's going out and gambling and drinking, he seems to have had no restrictions.

What wouldn't have happened? And just what is Anita so distraught about?

So what wouldn't have happened if Anita was home? Likely, it refers to Paul Van der sloot's going out. Like father like son or like son like father?

Joran appears again to be blaming. Blaming his mother for leaving Paulus home alone, blaming his father for getting him into this. So he's blaming his parents and Natalee. In some ways for someone who has never been held accountable, it's understandable. But is he right?

Was he used by his own father?

The reason the lies pile up and the stories don't stay straight is that these are the lies of his father, scripted for his delivery, and they are hard to remember, when confronted, he flounders.

I have yet to meet a parent that would condone, let alone finance the underage gambling and drinking of their children, except Paul Van der sloot.

If you crosschecked every time Anita left the island, would you find Paulus on the security cameras at the casinos?

The myth of Paul Van der sloot being some sort of well connected power broker is just that, a myth. He's a weak man, a coward beholden to his wife for money. Do you remember him running to his car? Only when she's gone can he go out. An embezzler and not a player. He overreached and the Kalpoe's have the silver bullet.

If he was so connected, a judgeship on Aruba wouldn't have been hard to come by, but he couldn't pull that off even without competition.

He only needed the help of one man, a friend, Jan Van der straaten. If these big fish in a little pond had any "dirt" on the real power players, they would be dead already.

Arubatruth must defend the Van der sloots but only because their goals are parallel and not because the Van der sloots hold any power. The savagery of this crime and how it was covered up will ruin Aruba for years to come and they've made a tactical error. Have they spent alot of money, yes. But not on searching for Natalee. Paying the likes of Pauly, Cohen and Tacopina to do their bidding.

In almost every way Aruba has miscalculated. Why did Dompig find it necessary to show us the radar that monitor's ship traffic if he is convinced she is on the island. Another distraction?

Van der straaten too thought he was doing a favor for his friend, and for Aruba. He never thought it would come to this, his myopia and the self created myth of power is gone. Now it's about his survival, their survival.

We're not nearing the end, only the beginning. The Kalpoe's staying silent is very smart. People focus on Joran not breaking, but he has. It's the Kalpoe's who haven't broken, they are not going on television because the don't have to. They only have one bullet to fire.

To the Aruban police, the only thing they "don't remember" is what exactly was discussed with Paul Van der sloot in the 4 hour meeting. Whether intentional or not, this was brilliant. Paulus cannot write a story around what they have not told police. The discussion, the advice, the prediction of exactly what would happen.

A man with power would not be worried about the Kalpoe's.