Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Digging for Gold in Aruba

When the usual sources of revenue dry up, what's left? Joran van der sloot. He has value to Aruba and there is money to be made. Who will be the first to cash in on the truth about the murdering Van der sloots?

Once you pay for silence, you must keep paying and paying...

There are no written contracts for these deals. Anyone who doesn't think the bites being taken out of the brand Aruba isn't a good strategy, doesn't know human nature.

The leader of the country, Nelson Oduber, tried a strategy that underestimated the American people. His island's crime against Natalee was just too far beyond anything covered in the procedure manual.

"This will blow over" said Oduber. No doubt warning the populace to hold tight and everything will be fine. He miscalculated and now has nothing to offer.

Joran Van der sloot is now prime prey for a gold digger. Women will be throwing themselves at him in the hopes that they could be the one to cash in. One slip and they get 6 figures minimum for their story, and possibly a share of the reward money.

Like it or not, the freak show that is the Van der sloots is Aruba's only commodity. Sand and aloe can be gotten anywhere. But gawking at a murdering family like some Carribbean safari may have some low level appeal.

And if you're a guy with the same misogny that the Dutch and Arubans have shown, eyeballing a girl willing to drink at Carlos n' Charlies after what we know about the place probably is appealing. Joran Van der sloot is publicity, and you know what they say about publicity.

I have to disagree somewhat with CFI www.crimefilesinternational.blogspot.com in that it may be a publicity stunt, by the fact that Joran is seen in public, but I think it's just this Dutch Family (Van der sloots) depravity on display.

And speaking of depravity on display, how about Spencer Bachus? A Dutch PAC donates money and Aruba gets a meeting with him and without Dave or Beth?

How much for you to talk Bachus, what's the price? I can assure you that you will have to answer how and why you allowed this meeting and did not allow one of your own constituents to attend?

And speaking of freak shows, Robin Holloway took time out of her busy schedule to thank some hard working posters over at BSFNRBDP.

It was a little surprising that she overstepped the single best poster on all things Natalee in favor of some unemployed Dutch guys, but, to each his own.

And of course the timing was interesting. No doubt she read the posts of a hotel manager in Aruba and 2 guys who like to tell others to shut up (where have we heard that before?) and talk about their cocks, and found it necessary to thank them.

All on her own? I'm sure she wasn't asked to do it or someone else didn't write those words for her. Just don't ask her to quote a post by any of them. Natalee is dropped on the beach again by Robin Holloway of all people. Sad, very sad.

But while freedom of speech is indeed everyone's right, what BSFNRBDP (Blogs supposedly for Natalee run by Dutch People) doesn't seem to understand is taking Natalee's name in vain is unacceptable. Are they done talking about themselves talking about how talking about themselves helps Natalee?

I guess even blogs have a kid's table.

People are behind Natalee, not blogs. The boycott is working and growing.

The Aruba Brand is dying a slow death and the Dutch have secured their place as Europe's rednecks.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Joran's Supporters in Pictures

The son of the Chief of Police? A character witness for Joran?

From CFI: http://crimefilesinternational.blogspot.com/

Joe Tacopina filing can be seen here:


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Aruba: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

When you're on a fixed income, wholly dependant on the nanny state, there is no incentive to even do your job, you're just window dressing.

Karin Janssen and the VDS defenders stunted growth comes from being manipulated, like helpless lapdogs who want to click their heels and run down the yellowbrick road back to the arms of the nanny state.

The lack of soul is never having to have one. Fostered by fascist tendencies and the duty to take care of "their own." "Mistakes were made." But who made them and what lessons have been learned are nowhere to be found? Janssen and Jacobs and van der straaten remain doing the exact job, no retraining, no demotion, no pressure. But if you're black, like Dompig, or the security guards, capitalism applies.

The ones that had a soul, were paid to "let go." Even the soothsayer, Mickey John, the guard arrested, his picture beamed all over the world with words like murder and kidnapping attached to it. Even his honest assessment, was followed by silence, a pattern followed all the way to U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus.

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person in society to cover their mess."

Mess being the premeditated drugging, kidnapping an murder of Natalee by Paul and Joran Van der sloot and the Police Union's involvement in the No body, No case strategy.

Wasn't the news of an arrest in the Jon Bonet Ramsey case out of leftfield? I had an odd feeling when I heard it.

Of course it's positive but I can't deny it seemed bittersweet and somehow bad news. As if it might take that long to bring the van der sloots to justice, and will it take that long for Natalee's parents to be able to bury their daughter?

Can we stay at it for 10 years? Well someone did for Jon Benet Ramsey, someone. A hero we don't even know and probably won't. Whether or not this guy is for real, it was jarring because it had been 10 years. The only good news is it wasn't dropped or "moved on" like Anita Van der sloot's sychophants suggest.

But because I've seen so many heroes standing in for Natalee through this whole experience, we can't move on. The small practical part of me knows I should move away, focus on "other things." Yeah, I could work just a little harder on "other things" and not have to haggle over the price of a nice car. Gee, wouldn't that be nice? So, do you put the time into making money, or into something that is purely instinctual? Something where there really will be no reward that I haven't already gotten? I've heard the "don't be quitter" thing since I can remember. An ironic statement that can also be fascist in its manipulation of who determines what quitting is. The statement always seemed shallow.

Until now.

The faceoff between extremely cowardice men in the case and the ferocious power of women refusing to go quietly is exactly what this crime was in the first place. Yes, have you noticed the most heat and the best posts come from women of experience. Do you know them? I do. Why "move on" when you're connected to so many extraordinary people. A lifetime in a cubicle or waiting on those governemnt checks will never expose you to such flesh and blood.

Courage is being a grandmother, working full time, giving of yourself to your family and protecting yourself. Years of ups and downs emotionally. Flourishing for a long time already. There are alot of women like that behind Natalee.

Do you think these women really are intimidated by anything? Or afraid of bullies?

The connection is directly to Natalee in ways more important than a last name. It's a bloodline that grows like roses. Sometimes they just bloom intensely in the strangest places.Their popping up all the time on the front page comment section of Scared Monkeys.

Have you ever seen one? There are dozens here right now, right here, in this moment. These are more than names, they are the power that makes men afraid. The violence a lashing out.

Spencer Bachus, Joe Tacopina, Jan Van der straaten, Gerold Dompig, Rik Smid, Antonio Carlos, Alexander Gottenbos, von cromfoirt. I mean, if these guys were actors they could play each others roles. Interchangeable.

Self Conscious Cowards. The lack of respect they have given Natalee is as low as it gets. Absolute shameful.

What are you standing behind when you defend the van der sloots? Money? The Law? Oh yeah that's a ringing endorsement. You know the posters who are of the same mentality, teenage boys.

How blind if you think for a minute the shamelessness with which you have acted is going to be even for a minute forgotten. It's not a threat as a bully would think. It's organic. It's obvious. These women will be there, nameless as the person who didn't give up on Jon Benet.

How do you see this? It's just names on a computer, the identity of these people comes with a subjective eye.

A teenage boy, or a late thirties loser still living with mommy may not be able to appreciate this power, but a grandmother who's been through the battles of age, can spot you immediately. A nuisance like a lone gnat.

Risking their jobs, losing their jobs, risking alot for Natalee, and Karin Janssen can't even skip a vacation? Are you wallowing in shame or doing "other things" in your life. But I know Natalee is a tattoo on your face every day, it just is.

Karin Janssen, and not Arlene Schippers is the bimbo of the century. And if I can find any beauty in this,in the savage misognyistic hate crime against Natalee, in her defenders, then I can denegrate such a poor excuse of a "professional" and woman. She was blinded by the sun or submissive to a sociopath.

Janssen lived in fear on Aruba. A title without power. A complicit criminal or a hotel concierge is her legacy.

Bachus looked like a good guy at first, I really thought he looked sincerely distressed when I saw the brief video of him. I honestly thought this was a guy who had felt the pain.

But to find out he was suffering from food poisoining and had ruined his last pair of 3 day old Fruit of the Loom underwear was just another cruel letdown.

Or maybe he's holed up in his apartment in Washington blogging with names like, Shango or Mudhoney?

Aruba has, in it's own way told us what happened to Natalee, they just refuse to give her back. Holding her hostage so the nanny state can still send those paychecks.

If you look at the Chief of Police, both of them, and the Prosecutor, you can see that they know what happened to her, they just don't want to do anything about it, they have unsolved a case they have already solved. It's in their words and actions.

Right away, Chief Van der straaten identified this as a "murder." He informed us, via his spokesperson that there was "more than circumstantial evidence."

The next Chief of Police, Dompig said she overdosed, her body was moved several times and that the 3 main suspects are "guilty as hell." He also said cryptically that in the early days (sic) you probably have already spoken to the ones responsible.

Then the Chief Prosecutor speaks via the charges, or arrests on suspcicion. It's the only way she can reveal what she knows.

"Heavy Battery, kidnapping, rape, murder" etc.

But most important, PREMEDITATION.

All of this true.

None of this comes from the media, it isn't rumor it's from their own mouths. These are the people responsible for the investigation and the prosecution on Aruba. Yet they are so helpless they want to blame the U.S. and not their own Mommy, Holland.

As time goes by, there are no other theories, no talk of running away or beach flashers. It's the van der sloots and everyone knows it. Time hasn't muddled anything, it's only entrenched people who have made themselves complicit or have lied. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

Natalee was targeted by Paul Van der sloot. Natalee sitting between the father and son. She was drugged and taken back to the VDS home where she died. I don't believe they even got around to doing all they premeditated. They couldn't claim an accident because of the presence of drugs. So they blamed it on Natalee. Classic.

Instead of calling for help, they just threw her away and began formulating stories. No body, no case became the inspirational rallying cry for the Van der sloots to enlist help, threaten anyone even remotely involved.

Gerold Dompig knows this. This theory is corroborated by their own statements. She was targeted, drugged, overdosed and her body moved and destroyed.

As for the U.S. governement. I believe they have already acknowledged, in their way, what happened here. Asking Dompig for his source was the minimalist version of saying, "you're full of shit." And to have the Director of the Violent Crimes Unit present for a meeting with the Aruban delegation that came to seduce Congressman Spencer Bachus is another sign that they knew already what happened.

But the network for Natalee is actually growing and not shrinking. I'm amazed at how many people, who once thought it cultish, seem to grow more interested. As if Beth's enactment of Paul Revere was a bell they are starting to hear more loudly. Maybe something in their own lives, where they've felt enough is enough or just realizing they haven't really given of themselves to help others.

Either way, it's growing. And the intensity, a collective female force that has the staying power to squash cowards like the van der sloots and the other Dutch men of entitlement. Just an amazing experience, a hopeful one.

Aruba's Yellowbrick Road not paved with gold any longer. Just sand. Turned to dust by a list of women too long to believe. The thorns to Natalee's rose.

It's in their blood.

Jan Van der Straaten: What Size Shoes Do You Wear?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Lies of Arlene Schippers

It appears Arlene Schippers used the bait of the 3 suspects being arrested again to silence Spencer Bachus. She knew, or professed to know Aruban Law. If you read these 2 posts from some great work at Scared Monkeys by Miss-Understimated and Maggie you can see something is not right with this picture.

Bachus in his formal release claims confidentiality and "not wanting to harm the investigation" the same line they used on Beth. Karin Janssen the Chief Prosecutor told Beth directly that the police did not want to arrest the 3 in the beginning so they could be watched. That is an absolute lie and something you do with drug dealers, not murderers. Yes, murderers as they threw that word around liberally when the guards were arrested.

It appears the same strategy to lie and deceive was in place when Arlene "my cousin arrested on suspicion of heavy battery" Schippers duped Congressman Bachus.


Well, I spoke with the prosecutors and the police investigators. And they surely plan to re-interrogate these boys again; however, what their objective is, is to make a plan of interrogation. And to do so, they need some more information about what happened the hours before. And that‘s the objective why they want to interview, re-interview also the (INAUDIBLE) students. 20 lawyers for people who know nothing and we left a girl on the beach..

COSBY: When do you think they‘re going to interview those students?

What sort of time line are you looking at, Arlene?

SCHIPPER: Well, that is an (INAUDIBLE) procedure request that they‘ve made, already more than a month ago. And basically, it is a request that the FBI has to fulfill.

We spoke to the FBI. And they promised us to look where the—where that request at this moment is, because it‘s a really difficult request. It has to go to the State Department. And they promised us, as did Congressman Bachus, to speed it up.

COSBY: Now, you said that, OK, after that, they do intend for sure to bring back in the brothers and also Joran Van Der Sloot?

SCHIPPER: Absolutely. It‘s one of the—bring in for interrogation. It‘s one of their objectives. And they‘re working on an interrogation plan, but, you know, as our laws, our procedural laws differs a little bit, that influences the investigative methods that we can use here.

So they have to carefully go about it. And to zoom in, as we call it, back on these suspects, they need to carefully do that and strategically do that.

COSBY: What about some of the suspects‘ friends?

SCHIPPER: Absolutely. That is one of the current activities of the police and of the planned objectives of the police. We gave an expose to the congressman on the current and planned actions. And one of those actions are interviewing friends, interviewing witnesses, re-interviewing witnesses. It‘s all already happening and going on.

COSBY: Arlene, when could we see—as we were looking at a picture of Deepak, and Satish, and Joran a second ago—when could we see them called in again? How soon?

SCHIPPER: Well, that is something that I cannot comment on, because that is what we call tactical information, because, as I said, they need to carefully zoom in on them. They need to work on their plan of investigation, on interrogation, because, given the information that they‘ve get of the re-interviews of the witnesses (INAUDIBLE) students, as well as the friends, they‘re going to—they have to have to reestablish, for instance, the relationship between Joran, if there was a relationship between Joran and Natalee, how the events unfolded that night, et cetera, et cetera.

So based that, they will move in on a technical way how and when they will interrogate these boys again.


And this is the official release from Spencer Bachus:


And this open letter from Tamikosmom, still the best Poster on the subject of Natalee Holloway:

Open Letter to Congressman Spencer Bachus

I would appreciate if you could provide me with explanations to my queries in regard to your meeting with the Aruban Delegation in December, 2005 concerning the Natalee Holloway investigation.

1. Why did you agree to the terms of the Aruban delegation in regards to legal representative of the family not being permitted to attend the meeting? Was the purpose of the meeting not about representing a constituent who perceived that the Aruban investigation into the disappearance of her daughter was not pursuing justice .... there was an agenda?

2. Why did you agree to a meeting with the Aruban delegation considering that the person representing the investigation was being paid by the Aruban Tourism Authority? Do you not believe that this created the appearance of a conflict of interest? .... Aruban economy? ..... Justice for Natalee?

3. What was said in two short hours that changed your position regarding a six month investigation which prior you had publicly described as "disturbing"?

4. How did you justify your new position to your constituent who, to this day, perceives the investigation as a coverup which is related to a conflict of interest in regards to the main suspects.

Thank you.



Spencer Bachus: Profiles in Cowardice

"The Arubans are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

How do you know? How many Aruban's have you met? The 3 who duped you before heading off to meet with the FBI, including Charles C. Grogorski, Director of the violent crimes unit.

Now who invited him? It seems unlikely Aruba did. This is another clue that our own government along with the governments of Holland and Aruba know exactly what happened to Natalee Holloway.

What happened to "you're either with us or against us?" Bachus, I know you know exactly what happened and your silence is your cowardice, your assimilation to Steve "I'll get back to you" Cohen and the rest of Aruba that has gone silent when unable to answer the overwhelming amount of evidence of corruption.

Or are you shocked at what you know. Did you see the picture of Paulus, premeditating at the casino with Natalee? That moment is when it all went quiet.

"The Arubans are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Jan van der straaten, the Chief of Police, best friend of Paul van der sloot, has seen the file. He called it murder, but with a caveat, he also saw 2 black men in jail for that murder.

"How can I do that to my friend?" This is as sickening a logic as I can think of. The question should be Mr. Van der straaten, how could a friend of mine do that to Natalee Holloway?

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Chief Prosector Karin Janssen formally requested of the U.S. Justice Department to research Beth Twitty's heritage and if she is related to Hitler.

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Arlene Schippers came as part of a contingent to meet with Bachus to brief him and request help in questioning the MB students. Anything come of that? This from the same people who couldn't get a search warrant for the VDS property and tried to deflect attention again.

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Did you know when you were being briefed that Arlene Schipper's cousin would eventually be arrested on suspicion of "heavy battery?"

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

And the same file that Van der stratten saw, that Dompig saw, and that Janssen works with, the one that has led them all to conclude Natalee is dead, produced this opinion from Ms. Schipper's, "she just vanished."

The first Chief of Police threatened Natalee mother, the second called her a nuisance and she was responsible for harming the investigation.

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Mr. Bachus, are you Dutch and were you born in Aruba? Because you are sure showing very eerily similar qualities to Dompig, Cohen, Van der straaten and others who continue to hold Natalee hostage and continue to assault her every day.

Where have we seen someone make a statement, a cryptic statement, and then disappear? Was it Dompig, twice fired after comments like "the 3 are guilty as hell." Or that Natalee overdosed and her body moved multiple times?

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should." Eric Zaadam. President of the Police Union.

"The Aruban's are well intentioned." Spencer Bachus

Or was it Mickey John, "Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person in society to cover their mess."

Add American Congressman Spencer Bachus to the list Mickey.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mamma's Boys of Aruba

courtersy of grande

Friday, August 11, 2006

Was Natalee Alive at The Van der sloot Residence?

Why would Joran and Paulus be looking on the internet for Drugs and Alcohol?


Could it be that she was passed out, but alive? And the van der sloots didn't know what to do?

Is this the answer to my question: WHEN DID THE PREMEDITATION START?

Is Florida a Dutch Colony?

courstesy of grande

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Spencer Bachus: Dropping Natalee on the Beach?

Does Spencer Bachus know why he is linked to Natalee Holloway? Does he understand he's been duped, manipulated and chosen? And not only by Aruba but our own FBI. Is he missing a calling and blind to the opportunity?

When was the last time a politician refused this kind of media attention and why?

The same meeting he emerged from and said that it is clear Natalee "wasn't a teenager who just wandered off" was attended by Arlene "cousin of Guido arrested on suspicion of heavy battery" Schippers who emerged saying Natalee "just vanished."

Why the different conclusions? Mr. Bachus, whether the FBI, President Bush or Jesus Christ himself advised you not to speak, you need to tell us what exactly was said in that meeting.

Did you receive $26,555.00 from a group called the Netherlands Pac? Why is that?

Spencer Bachus can praise his constiuents as being the salt of the earth hard working americans who's votes he wants. The lives he has the audacity and honor to represent. But here it is, now.

Is he unaware that those people are battling everyday for answers that he got a taste of, a meeting not even Natalee's parents were allowed to attend.

Spencer Bachus, you have to trust your heart and not the FBI. You have a chance to raise your stature to places you never even dreamed, and we will allow you to do it at the expense of Natalee Holloway.

It's in some ways even more painful, that we still have a shred of belief, that our politicians whom we pay with our hard earned money, might actually represent us. Instead you are so coy and aloof.

Let's be practical, you could come out in public and tell us your views on anything else and it wouldn't merit not half the passion or audience that revealing what you were told, on our dime, in the meeting with Aruban representatives.

It's long past the time where you can claim your silence is for the good of Natalee, it isn't.

Who's advising you? I have a few names of some women that you should hear. Women who have been far more productive with their lives than you have. You can't buy that kind of following, but you alone are in a position to do just that, by acting, now.

What's it going to take for you to speak with substance? There's only one bad option and you've chosen it.

Tell us what you heard, the Powerpoint presentation on why your country should still support the State of Aruba with American dollars?

Did the actual name Natalee ever come up or was it "that girl" or "her" or the "american girl?"

Congressman Bachus, there are few of these moments in life where you have a chance to set yourself apart, it seems risky with the FBI advising you I know. But it really isn't risky at all.

Do you have any idea how many people don't even feel risk anymore at all? Don't you want some of that energy?

Will you take the lead and help us bring Natalee home? We have starved for something positive. Think about the fact that a decent burial for Natalee is about the most positive dream we can hope for. That's how horrific an injustice this is.

Help us. But most of all help Natalee and her mother and father. Not with the platitudes and a rote response letter you can buy in the Congressional Convenience store. Give us the truth.

If you can't stand for this, what can you stand for?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gerold Dompig: Dangerous Black Man in Aruba

He scares the Dutch in Aruba. He's black and he knows what happened to Natalee Holloway.

With 60 minutes of prime U.S. television air time, the one moment that I remember from that publicity Aruba couldn't ever afford, was the nice moment where Dompig showed us the radar tracking system of the island. It's comforting they can see battle cruisers moving in and out of Aruba. Was the system still under warranty Gerald?

Essential information for tourists when choosing a place for vacation.

Yet following telling Equusearch that he has a specific location out at sea that needs to be checked, but never was and still hasn't been, he, like this case, has too much information to process and create a cohesive story. Sounds like Paulus is not only a failed judge but a poor script writer.

How do the 2 moments coincide?

He also revealed the movement of Natalee, multiple times and guessed that she overdosed. He seemed like an anchorman wired to the production room feeding him information.

Van der sloot, van der straaten, Gottenbos, Janssen, Van Cromvoirt all whispering in his ear, making promises.

Now he's interested in the security business. Have you seen the house of the man who had a contract with the Aruban Police Force? The same one who just picked up and left?

Mr. Van Cromvoirt.

Now the snakes are eating themselves. Wanting to take a piece of the shrinking pie before it's all gone. Dompig will get something, he knows too much. He'll get enough to sustain himself, keep his life and most of all, stay quiet. Like a dying business, some jump early and some stay to the very end, what's the difference?

He knows what happened to Natalee. It's his currency now. I only hope he is more greedy, more interested in his compensation, which should be alot more than Paul Van der sloot's 30k.

The market is here, in the U.S., bring your story, and end this thing.

The Law, in Aruba, Natalee's team is Karin Janssen, Jan van der straaten, Karin Janssen, Gerold Dompig and Dennis Jacob.

Do we even need pictures anymore?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gabriel Leo in Court This Month

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers are with Jan today. Like one big dysfunctional family, she is an essential voice of reason, sometimes. But always thoughtful, straightforward and passionate. We wish you the best for a speedy recovery. As long as your fingers still work, I look forward to your communications real soon.

And if you can't visit Jan in the hospital, why not check out Gabriel Leo in a Ft. Lauderdale court this month? This courtesy of Grande:

Thursday, August 03, 2006

U.S. Government Keeping Secrets in the Case Of Natalee Holloway?

Is the crying over yet?

And if we're not going to let corrupt judges decide how we feel about the van der sloots neither can we depend on a NY judge to tell us what we already know. Laws don't grow on trees, well maybe in Aruba.

I mean what has changed in one day? Nothing. A decision after a long, years long, process that the van der sloots likely would have ignored would certainly feel much more hollow than this.

Sure, there will be a "new" sheriff in town, some stooges want to endorse. Like a new "Dutch" Police Chief or Prosecutor has a white horse? More window dressing, we've had 2 police chiefs and 14 full time investigators and it's still an ongoing investigation, blah blah. But funny how the same people who are offended by the word "Dutch" when referring to the savagery against the Holloways now promote the new "Dutch" Police Chief or Prosecutor. Can you be more gullible?

This is high level whitewash and another in a long line of delay tactics until they wear the Holloways down. Your parents are dead, there is no white horse so grow up or get out of the room!

The answers are with Natalee, and if you don't want to stay with her, thanks for your effort so far, really. But this isn't for the thin-skinned or sensitive. Nothing could be as rough, nothing could be said too inflammatory compared to what these savages have done to Natalee and her family.

Targeting the van der sloots is absolutely appropriate given they are the ones who targeted Natalee, and killed her. If you don't know that by now, then go back and interiew the beach flasher. Or ask Ms. Janssen why the premeditation charges against the Van der sloots, and the "heavy battery?"In terms of the legal procedure were they made up charges? I believe Ms. Janssen was attempting to send a message, the only power she has left.

The excruciating patience and spirituality of Natalee's father Dave will prevail. He will have the answers he seeks. Justice, well, that will happen in it's own way. If anything more pressure, more intensity and more inflammatory accusations are what is needed, right now. Not healing, not stepping back, those are defensive tactics.

Aruba isn't the only place that values money over life. But they are just stupid because they failed on both counts. Just remember that next time you go on vacation. But stupid people often survive the nurturing of the massive corporate machine that is governments and in this case Holland.

More serious people, not less are still with her. If you let convention restrict you to some abstract protocol of behavior you are not with Natalee. She was targeted and killed, and we're supposed to give these people a pass? And spin it like we are doing it for the next possible victims.

It's bullshit.

"Shango does not dance with the lions, but watches with acuity from afar, through the eye of God."

Is there any doubt this is an FBI agent? Even more than Shango Riddles, Dompig and Janssen have given us the answers already. They just can't seem to get the premeditated overdose theory to work. Other than that, the focus is still Joran Van der sloot. Won't someone help him find his shoes?

When a delegation from Aruba met with Congressmen Spencer Bacchus, he came away from the closed door meeting saying, "clearly this is not a case of a teenager who just wandered off."

Yet Arlene Schippers, who was at the meeting, the meeting Beth was not allowed to attend, has most recently been quoted as saying, "she just vanished."

Well what is it? That's the best you could do Mr. Bachus, tell us what didn't happen? And why the disconnect between your description and Ms. Schipper's?

U.S. Ambassador John Rood has admitted that 26 women have been raped (that we know of) in the Bahamas in the past 3 years.

He told reporters that "although the number is large enough to be cause for concern it was not large enough for the Embassy to issue a travel advisory."

What? What number does it have to be? I have no doubt that the number would be 27 if you're daughter was the 27th victim?

Natalee is our daughter. What number is it because are you going to explain to the victims numbers 27 and beyond? Will you speak to the families when it reaches the threshold when you finally look out for them and not yourself?

The F.B.I.'s comment to Gerold Dompig that they wanted to know who the witness is before sending resources, convinces me they know exactly what happened here and who is responsible.

And if people using their own resources can start digging, we are only finding out what you already know.

The U.S. Government is covering up the case of Natalee Holloway, I assume because as the distinguished Ambassador said, it isn't quite enough. Not quite on the grandiose scale of a war or a terrorist attack. And of course not enough job well done's from whoever's ass your tongue is in at the moment eh Rood?

If Natalee isn't some teenager who just wandered off than what was she? You had access her own parents have not. Not even a phone call to Beth? Paul Van der sloot is compensated and you stand and do and say nothing?

Fortunately there are people better than you working their own angles, all sorts of them.

Karen Jannsen is sent to an outpost not a place where a "top" prosecutor goes to battle crime, she manages it. The same is true for the F.B.I. not an organization without it's beaureaucratic inactivity and paper pushing. Think Ruben Trapenburg with one of those FBI windbreakers.

I'm not a big believer in Shango because it always sounded like an F.B.I. agent with an attitude like Dompig's, "yeah we know what happened, but whataya want me to do about it?"

Others, take a more interesting angle, Shango is an F.B.I. agent and they don't care, they just go with it, culling over every piece of information like their eating a steak.

The passion is very powerful, but luckily so far for Aruba it still has been more of a scatter shot than a sniper.

Not any more.

These people can be devastatingly effective if you catch on to their curiosity, and love of digging. I am in awe of how Tamikosmom can slice up the unprepared with the public record, it's brutal and subtle. Why is she inspired to do that so often in a place supposedly for Natalee? Pearl and Justice for Natalee raging and a few other women who will remain nameless the perfect antecdote for the male testosterone and misogny that took Natalee. The same misguided misogny that is spinning for the Van der sloots, and for Aruba and for Holland.

And they blame the american media yet try to revive Gary Coooper?

If only they could meet in an open and honest forum. The predictable fear and misogny that took Natalee on display everywhere if you care to see it.

The F.B.I. has a certain way of gathering information and there are some people who recognize the language, and they see it and know it is somewhere, somewhere reports are accessible to those who know it's going to take perserverence.

Those who have seen the police files:

Jan Van der straaten, Chief of Police: "This is a murder."
Gerold Dompig, Chief of Police: "Natalee may have overdosed"
Arlene Schippers, "She just vanished."
Spencer Bachus, U.S. Congressman: "Not some teenager who wandered off."
Karin Janssen, Chief Prosecutor: "Premeditated kidnapping, murder or manslaughter"

It was explained to me that when you know Natalee's life is no longer in danger, time becomes irrelevant and patience becomes a weapon.

Natalee is with Joran Van der sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

"Something Bad Happened"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dutch Burning Crosses in Aruba 2006

Colombians in Plainview

xxxxxx continue to find documented evidence that clearly shows a link between Aruba and the North Valle Cartel. xxxxx recently reviewed some files regarding the North Valle Cartel in Aruba, and the US's attempts to stifle it's transport of Narcotics through Aruba to MIAMI.  It seems the sole purpose of the Forward Operating Location at the Beatrix Airport in Aruba was to combat the Narco transit from Aruba to Florida. 
This is where Plainview Florida Inc. comes in to play.  The Saieh brothers, registered officers of Plainview, were recently added to the Department of the Treasury's SDNT list (known narco traffickers list) in June 2006.  The other registered officers for Plainview are Staten Management of Curacao and Pedro Martin of the Terra Group.
Check out the Terra Group.  These are some major players in the real estate development industry not only in the US but worldwide.  They are currently ressurecting the skyscraper located at 900 Biscayne Drive, of which is likely funded with xxxxx Dollars. 
Interestingly enough many if not all of the Saieh brothers business registrations in Florida have Pedro Martin listed as an officer as well. 
xxxxxxxxxx purpose of filing FOI requests;xxxxxx will file a formal request on the Posner's from the Department of Justice as well as some other municipalities.  Generally speaking once the request has been processed the corresponding department will send xxxxxx a projected cost to 'pull the files'. 
Blackmore investments is the link between North Valle Cartel and the Saieh Brothers.
Pedro Martin is the link between the the Saieh Brothers (North Valley Cartel) and Miami along with Karen Overseas and other Florida registered corporations.
xxxxxx one document to date that would suggest the Posner's and Saieh's/Pedro Martin are associates.  They also seem to use the same registered agent in Mark Bryn. 
Along with that Plainview Florida, Inc. (Pedro Martin, Saieh Brothers, et. al) are just doors down from the Posners at 701 Brickell along with the other entities I will be showcasing.
It is only a matter of time before xxx uncovers more links some of which I would suggest will link right back to the Excelsior casino and perhaps the VDS' credit lines. 
xxxxxxxx discussed my findings regarding Plantation Florida.  

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beautiful Women All Over Aruba

There are so many beautiful women with their hearts in this ugliness, this horrific injustice. And sometimes amid all the violence, the charges, the misogny and male thuggishness, you can see the compassion emerge. It's not about words or style it's something more, you can feel it in the background, like you can sense someone's heart telling us why they're in it. Regardless of whether the prediction is right or wrong, the compassion and hopefulness take me back.

Andie from BFN just bloomed this beautiful post amid the violence rises above:

On May 17th, when John Q Kelly, along with Beth H-T, walked out of the courthouse in New York, John Q Kelly had a very confident demeanor. Beth did not have the same smile on her face that Kelly did. I remember thinking, Beth is no longer in "shock"...she is truly feeling she will most likely never see her daughter alive again...this civil suit was all she had left, which might possibly help her learn why. Still, she was feeling the loss of her daughter in a most powerful way that day.

Joe T. looked like a man, who had just lost his best friend...he looked strained and disappointed. It was quite a contrast in the demeanors of the two attorneys. I could be wrong, but I think Joe T. was shocked at the ruling that day.

I think the judge knows if this case is not allowed to be tried in New York, there is simply no way we will ever know what happened to Natalee...unfortunately, I believe this to be true.

There seems to be a stalement in this investigation in Aruba. It has seemed all through the investigation: one foot forward, while two feet backward.

The Holloway-Twittys have gone through so much to find Natalee...to understand where their daughter is. When they first arrived on Aruba, by all appearances that I was privy to by the news media, they were very complimentary of the Arubans, hanging in there with them...trusting everything which was being done to find Natalee.

Dave helped with the search himself, while Beth and the family worked with the new media. Beth handed out posters, and she went over the entire Island making sure everyone knew who Natalee Holloway was/is.

However, I will never forget the shock when, after Dave and TexasEquSearch worked such long and gruesome hours in the landfill, the deep levels they had worked so hard to get to...for some unknown reason...while their backs were turned, they were filled back up.

I will never forget AMERICA'S MOST WANTED interview with Dave, Dompig, and the reporter from AMW, on the Island of Aruba. Dompig was on camera telling of information he had received of a boat being launched from a specific area of beach, taking a body out to sea on the morning of Natalee's disappearance.

He went on to say he felt this area needed to be searched. Dave and the reporter were shown going to this area, and there Dave found a cross memorial, someone had erected for Natalee. It was a startling moment.

When Dave, TexasEqusearch, and other eilte searchers went back to search this specific area of beach, they were told by Dompig, no...no time to get papers signed. They were dumbfounded to hear this from Dompig...afterall, it was at his request they do this search. This search could have been done with no expense to ARuba whatsoever! While all those searchers, along with the family, spent their own time and money to do this MOST IMPORTANT OF SEARCHES, THEY WERE AT THE LAST MINUTE DENIED.

WHY was this search not allowed to go forward??? And people ask, "why the boycott?" The boycott was created out of a plea to Aruban LE to get its priorities and facts straight in this investigation. The least they could do is to keep their promises to the family of a missing girl by helping with the searches. All they had to do was to cooperate...the searches were being done by the family and other search foundations such as Texas EquSearch. I will never understand why Dompig said, "no" to IMO the most important search, which could have ever been done to find Natalee Holloway.

I think, in the beginning, the good citizens of Aruba took a day off from their posts to do a ground search for Natalee. This was done in good faith, and I think they were sincere in that search. I think the when the Netherlands sent those planes in to search was a positive action, too.

However, it was after these positive actions were taken to find Natalee...things began to fall apart. This occurred within the office of the Aruban LE. I think within those office walls is where the search efforts went terribly wrong. I truly regret that this office let its people down, but I believe it did. How can we trust that office in Aruba to do anything right at this point?

This is why I think the case will be heard in New York. Just with the above facts, the judge should see that injustice has ruled in Aruba throughout this investigation...even while extreme efforts were made by the family and others, using their own funds and precious time, to search for Natalee.

I believe this judge will rule in the favor of "justice for Natalee!"

Premeditated Paul Van der sloot

From BFN document:

Curacao Judge and Paulus

Paulus served with these Judges during his Judge in Training program for approximately 2 1/2 years.
Did those relationships affect the decisions made in the courtroom regarding his involvement in this case?

1. JUNE 24, 2005
Paulus Van Der Sloot, the father of Joran who was detained yesterday in the case, is being held under suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping.

With clear inconsistencies regarding time line given to police in declarations he gave, why was Paulus Van der Sloot released?
Are documents on Paulus Van der Sloot also missing from police files, as well as statements made by Joran between May 30 and June 9th?

2. JUNE 27, 2005
Paulus Van Der Sloot, the father of 17-year-old Joran Van Der Sloot who is still being detained, was released after a judge ruled the prosecution did not show it had a reasonable suspicion to continue to hold him.

Why was Paulus van der Sloot treated differently when he was arrested as a suspect?

3. OCTOBER 9, 2005
Reporter: But what about after Paul Van der Sloot was arrested, couldn’t you get a warrant to search the house then?

Dompig: It was also denied, we were a bit disappointed with that. The judge was coming from another island I must point out. He said we didn’t make a good enough case to get a warrant.

4. NOVEMBER 11, 2005
Paulus van der Sloot won his case against the prosecution and has been released from suspicion. Paul Van der Sloot is no longer a suspect in the Natalee Holloway case.

5. MARCH 15, 2006
ORANJESTAD – There is a strong indication that the Public Prosecutor will close the investigation in the Holloway case. This can be concluded by the interim decision of the Curaçao judge in the case of damages for prejudice that the van der Sloot family brought against the government
In an interview with Bon Dia Aruba, the attorney for the van der Sloot family, Mr. A. Swaen, revealed that the Curaçao judge said that he wants to obtain more information before he can take a decision about the van der Sloot family lawsuit.

Paulus Van der Sloot and Jan Van Der Stratten

Jan Van Der Stratten and Paulus Van Der Sloot – friends and colleagues

Nelson Oduber asked that Van Der Stratten be removed from this case.

July 25, 2005
WARD: Well, you have to understand what's going on here. As I said from the beginning, there's quite a bit of politics going on here. Paul Van Der Sloot and Van Der Straaten are very, very good friends, and from the beginning of this investigation, it's been completely hampered. When Equusearch was here and went over to search on the property, they were instructed what they could search and what they couldn't search. So that's just one thing that goes to show you.

Paulus Van der Sloot and the Aruban Law Enforcement

Paulus Van Der Sloot served as an attorney for the Aruban government for 8 years.

Paulus served as a Judge in Training for 2 1/2 years.

June 28, 2005
TWAN HUYS: Do you know the people very well, for example, the people here from the public prosecutors' office that ordered your detention?
PAULUS VD SLOOT: Yes, for sure, because, before that, I have worked for eight years as chief of the cabinet of the prosecutor general [2].
TWAN HUYS: So, you also know the current prosecutor general?
TWAN HUYS: Mrs. Croes.
TWAN HUYS: Yes, and what does that mean when your colleagues stop by to arrest you?
PAULUS VD SLOOT: That gives a feeling of absurdity. It is indeed almost unimaginable that by someone you actually know very well, where you worked together with for a long time, that that one comes to tell you that you are suspected of complicity to murder.
TWAN HUYS: Who was that in your case?
PAULUS VD SLOOT: That was, in this case, that was the leader of the team of police commissioners.
TWAN HUYS: Jan van der Stratten.
PAULUS VD SLOOT: That was Jan van der Stratten, yes.
TWAN HUYS: And you know each other very well

Paulus Van der Sloot and Arlene Ellis-Schipper

Paulus Van Der Sloot and Arlene Ellis Schipper – colleagues
Paulus’ son is the prime suspect in this case.
Arlene was Aruba’s official spokesperson on this case for several months.

June 30, 2005
ARLENE ELLIS-SCHIPPER, ARUBAN ATTORNEY: Well, I know Mr. Van Der Sloot is a very quiet, soft-spoken, kind man. I have had the pleasure actually of working with him. And we are just very shocked here on the island. And I am shocked at what has happened today.

June 30, 2005
Paul van der Sloot, a judge in training in Aruba, gave his 17-year-old son Joran van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers legal advice the day after 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared, District Attorney Caren Janssen told MSNBC in an interview

"They spoke about the situation that when there is no body you don't have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance," Janssen said.

Janssen said that the elder van der Sloot had obstructed the investigation by asking a friend of Joran, who had been interrogated by police, what he had told them. Janssen told MSNBC that he was arrested because investigators believed he was also a suspect in the disappearance.

If stronger evidence was needed for each successive request to hold a suspect for longer periods of time, then where did all the evidence go against Joran, the one suspect who was held the longest period of time?