Friday, July 28, 2006

Aruba: The Rapes Continue

From Diario today July 28th, 2006

translation todays diario aruba front page

Innocent 16 yr old female raped by man and then by schoolmates:
word has come to the paper that a group of males student aged from the same school as the victem had been loitering around .

this crime is considered to be punishable and condemming by law.
thee innocent 16 yr old Virgen was accosted by many from within her own class and school.
This was a forced act of violence agaisnt this child and she was raped anally and vaginally.
What makes this crime more sickening is that many of the male students used thier cameras on thier cellphones to record the act.
By midday the photos were circulated to other males via cellphones.
The family of the girl wishing to protect her is not wanting to go to the polis in order to protect her identity further and prevent her from bieng marked as a raped female within the community. She has been thru a horrific ordeal and they dont wish to upset her more. They will seek professional help for her but are fearing to go to the polis.
the photos continue to be distributed via MMS now more than ever diario has found out.
The family upon learning this has decided the girl will not return to school in august and instead they are looking to send her off the island with other family abroad.
Diario is supplicating to the family to protect the girl and press charges annonymously so that these group will not get away with this crime so that they may be brought to justice and not have a chance to do this to another female.
The author of the article states he cannot believe what is happening to the islands youth today. He says the goverment and the judicial branches of Arube must take a firm stance against this behavior, and prosecute these thugs.
In another case he sites that a roaming group of youngsters have terrorised an entire area in Cas Palamos. In that case polis did nothing to disband this disruptive group of young males.
In yet another case last night polis did stop a group of youngsters who were out of control after leaving a concert for the band called of the highway in area of Boegoereio. while awaiting the arrival of more polis to the scene the youths scattered in different direction.

Diario is asking that the photos circulating in JPG form via MMs cellular co be removed from airwaves.If not they risk falling as accomplices to the actions of these rapists.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Van der sloot to Donate Award for Defamation

Would you be more or less suspicious if a judge refused to award Paulus van der sloot the 300k in damages?

The same legal system that has already agreed that he is entitled to money, the same system that refused to issue search warrants for his house, the same system that released his son so he could attend college, the same system that threw out the dna samples of his son is now going to deny him the money he seeks?

I find that suspicious.

It actually seems less suspicious if they follow form, if there is any under their legal system, and award him what he is seeking. Would it be just another coincidence if the decision comes in the same week as the civil court decision? What are the odds of that?

New South Wales: Paulus van der sloot has told associates that he plans to donate his compensation from a defamation suit to various entities in Aruba. "The good people of Aruba have suffered enough and want to do what I can to help ease the pain" said the elder Van der sloot. "I think the Police Union, The International School, Dennis Jacobs and a donation to Nelson Oduber are the most likely recipients of my largesse."

Considering Arubatruth, AHATA, and everyone that has defended the Van der sloots and attacked the media, the Hollloways and the U.S. it sure seems he has already been compensated pretty well. Not to mention the loss of revenue for Aruba, I'd say 300k is a pittance compared to the overall cost.

Will you send a thank you note to the security guards?

Aruba seems to think they've paid enough for the life of Natalee Holloway. In their sick minds they have a price for everything. But Paulus, was raping Natalee worth it?

And to think, if only Anita had been home, "none of this would have happened."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The godless Dutch Raise Natalee from the Dead

The moment seems momentous now. Dave Holloway, walks up to Paulus van der sloot and extends his hand and says "I can forgive alot, I just want to find my daughter." Paulus van der sloot may have had sweat or tears in his eyes and said, "I'll do anything to protect my son."

Totally missing what an opportunity Dave Holloway, a God fearing man, was offering. What monumental inner strength to say that, at that time. The time Paulus Van der sloot was saying "no body, no case." When Joran was saying he didn't even know who she was and then that he "dropped her on the beach."

Spoken by a godless people who can criticize religion but live in a society where it's okay to sleep with your daughter but don't inconvenience a Dutch Elite unless you're ready to pay. Not even the courage to accept the offer and say he was sorry, it was an accident or something else and take Dave's decency.

Instead he chose the path of hate, attack and lies.

And just what did he do to protect his son? He sent him across the world away from his family.

So seperating himself from his son is how Paulus Van der sloot protects him? Interesting.

A specific Aruban Police officer is unhappy with the characterization of all police being dirty. I was told they are not covering for the van der sloots but for themselves. In the early days, there was no panic, the arrest of the black security guards was a procedure in place for American consumption, it's largest customer.

the panic set in when the media didn't buy the story of the guards and Aruba was shocked and had no plan on how to handle the attention. "They saw this as a public relations crisis."

It was also pointed out to me that I was wrong to assume Karin Janssen only had the word, or hotel story to present to the judge in holding the guards on murder charges.

Jan van der straaten said directly it was murder and they had the body of Natalee Holloway. But when the guards were proven innocent and Beth and the media were still there, they were forced to bring in Joran and the Kalpoes.

But it's then that there was no body, no case against the 3 and that's when Natalee went from dead to missing...

It appears Karin Janssen was duped and Gerold Dompig inherited a position that had gone on public record (Van der straaten) as saying this was murder and a police force divided by complicity.

...more to come soon

Monday, July 24, 2006

"You're own father, unbelievable."

Could Karin Janssen be so wrong that arresting 9 people with charges from rape to murder to premeditated murder to kidnapping be just completely made up?

Things seem to get awfully quiet when the picture of Paulus at the casino talking with Natalee came out. It knocked Joe Tacopina (who when asked about it, did not deny it, he said "Paulus has admitted to being in the casino") off the air and Steve Cohen vanished after saying he'd look into it. No more Arlene "she just vanished" Schippers, relative of Guido "heavy battery" Wever.

Of all the types of people sitting next to Natalee, it's not a woman, it's not a black person or a fat person or someone in typical tourist clothes. It's someone who not only is wearing the white dress shirt so many of the Dutch elite wear in Aruba but someone who you can't say is not Paulus Van der sloot. A coincidence?

Deepak to Joran, "you're own father, unbelievable."

And Anita van der sloot was quoted as saying that Joran said to her, "if you were home, this wouldn't have happened."

What wouldn't have happened?

The charges against Paul Van der sloot were: Suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping, reasonable suspicion of murder, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

What does that mean to you? What words jump out?

Premeditated and containment with the dead as consequence.

"you're own father, unbelievable."

When the van der sloots made their publicity tour they used the word "consensual" over and over again, as if to admit there was some type of sex but it was consensual. And from what we've seen in Aruba, even if Natalee was found, it could have been argued that there was no proof that it wasn't consensual, even with Joran and the Kalpoes.

But how to explain evidence of Paulus Van der sloot? That would be much more difficult and seems to necessitate that she wasn't found. That no amount of revenue loss to your precious kitty could be worse.

So what's more damaging, a blog that calls Paulus Van der sloot a rapist or a prosecutor that brings Paulus in twice on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence?

"If you were home, this wouldn't have happened."
"you're own father, unbelievable."

And Paul van der sloot advises the Kalpoe's and Joran, "no body, no case" while he's a paid employee of Aruba working in the prosecutors office? They must have some powerful Union. Hey, they do. And it ain't the people washing towels in the hotels. It's the Police Union.

"These officers are all my friends." Paul Van der sloot.

The pre-meditation charge was immediate, even against the security guards. Makes you wonder how they knew so quickly, without evidence, that premeditation is involved? And of course it's absurd to consider the racist element since 2 black guys faces were flashed on the screen in the early days followed by a beautiful picture of Natalee. You guys in Aruba were actually much better at this spin than you've been when it didn't catch on. Yeah, preying on those deep seeded feelings. Very good, subliminal. But nobody bought it.

Just when did the premeditation start?

Why is it so hard to even utter the words that this is a sex crime, a hate crime against Natalee. Her parents cannnot bring themselves to even utter the details regarding Joran's early statement about Natalee's anatomy.

To incapacitate a woman by drugging her for the purposes of sex is without accurate words in it's violence. But in Aruba, it seems common knowledge. What kind of sick mind can rationalize this behavior, what kind of savage person can even commit a sex act with a woman they've drugged? Ah, hey Dad, is it normal that I get a hard-on while watching Bangbus? Ever have one of the talks Paulus with your son? But then, who would be asking the question you or him?

These are dangerous people, and yet the same suspects are out partying again, Aruba once again looking the other way, the same lack of concern that took Natalee's life and nothing has changed.

The adults in Aruba play politics while the boys raised on porn roam free full of the misogny these adults spawned. The adults made the money on porn, at the expense of the kids, nothing but actors, bubblegum porn stars. Interesting the Kalpoe's and Van der sloots have no sisters, the only female role models being the mother's and tourists coming to have some fun, as if that's all women are? It's a warped perspective and add to that the fact that these guys had access to the internet and fed their minds with Bangbus and faux gangsta and pimp images. For as many hours as kids of my generation watch TV. I was watching baseball and Carvel commercials while these guys are watching girls get fucked and dropped on the beach.

"you're own father, unbelievable." "If you were home, this wouldn't have happend." "I dropped her at the hotel, I dropped her at the beach, Deepak picked me up, Satish picked me up" and on and on.

"That will not give Natalee back" Anita Van der sloot
"No body, no case" Paul van der sloot
"If you were home, this wouldn't have happened" Joran Van der sloot

Quite the gracious family aren't they, the Van der sloots?

Murder, premeditated murder, kidnapping, rape, heavy battery and complicity to kidnapping and intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

And the media still calls it the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Was all that necessary to make her disappear? At least tell us she didn't suffer.

Those same people who complain about slander are themselves guilty of the same thing. Slander is a legal term, decided in a court of law, and to threaten someone because they engage in slander, is hypocrisy from the "innocent until proven guilty robots."

The raping and murdering Van der sloots, the Dutch Van der sloots. Oh wait, you can't call Dutch people Dutch, it offends them. You thought Germans suffered, unnecessarily, from an insecure guilty consciounce?

And all the sensitive bloggers and the phony caring. What it really is is after the fact masochism to absorb some pain in your own life and live with it because you want to feel it has purpose, but it's really just inactive.

Look at the charges and think for just one moment about a picture of Natalee, ponder how you feel.

Then look at the Van der sloots. If you don't understand what I mean than you're lost in a decorum that weakens the group, you're like weeds.

How has it affected your own life? Can you just handle the pain of tragedy more, do you use Natalee to bash others, other countries, anything unrelated to this particular savagery?

The soulless say there are millions of cases like this, so we should ignore all of them?

This case should open your eyes to seeing the misogny and predatory behaviour everywhere all around you. How far removed are we from when girls were precious? There was even the basic human decency.

We now have people roaming free who drug, rape and kill a girl with so much promise and they see it as a "problem" or "situation" or "incident?"

And you can meet the price for Joe Tacopina's own brand of cheerleading, a paid actor. Like being confused that a group of people would pay Cameron Diaz $20 million to do a movie? Is that good or bad?

And we should follow some decorum or politcally correct speech? If you heard about the word karma, but maybe never really felt it, this is it.

Imagine Natalee in your mind and then see the words, premeditated murder, rape, premeditated kidnapping, heavy battery and intention containment of the dead as consequence and you need a fucking judge in Curacao to tell you what to do?

Get the fuck out of the way.

Do you think someone who absorbs that image and it's consequences, it's kharma is afraid of anyone? Someone who's given their life to raise decent kids, do you think they give a shit about offending someone?

Nobody enjoys this, nobody doesn't want this to end, but it must be dealt with and not left like the millions of half finished things in your life.

Only the truth will bring people together, not flowery platitudes and "proper" speech.

Their's more risk in willing to do anything, to bring balance, justice.


Friday, July 21, 2006

BFN Drops a Bomb on Aruba and Dennis Jacobs

New blog:

"Hang him, that's it.""Then we're done"
"That will not give Natalee back."

Anita Van der sloot on CBS Early Show.

Your definitive statement, spoken with confidence and knowledge confirms Natalee's death at the hands of your son, Joran Van der sloot.

"How they acted toward my family and friends is not the normal way a family acts when their daughter is missing." You may be right Joran, because you would be uniquely positioned to know. And your father agreed, no doubt he has his own experience with victims.

"There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off." U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus.

"Paulus Van der sloot, the father of Joran who was detained yesterday in the case, is being held under suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping."

Complicity to kidnapping suggests Paulus was aware of a crime while Natalee was alive.

"On 6/22 the police again questined PVDS and arrested him as a suspect for "reasonable suspicion of murder, manslaughter or intentional containment with the dead as consequence.

When he was arrested suspect P.Sloot said, "these officers are all my friends."

If you run you pay, if you stay you pay. The talk about compensation for Paul Van der sloot now a laughable joke. Like he hasn't been compensated enough? Who do you think has paid for the defense of the van der sloots? CnC's, the Excelsior and the Dirty Police. The same money pool paying for Steve Croes, Joe Tacopina and the security guards. Which line item is this expense recorded? Throw that under VAN DER SLOOT.
The same Paul Van der sloot who found it necessary to explain to his son and the Kalpoe's the meaning of "no body, no crime." No body, referenced a dead Natalee and "no crime" implying nothing to be accountable for.

Yeah, I say that all the time to my son too.

"Additionally, it cannot be overstated that were this matter to remain in this court JVS and PVS lack the ability to implead any of the casinos, bars or hotels in Aruba as third party defendants for their potential lack of security or negligent provision of alcohol."

Having friends like the judges John Kuiperdal and Rik Smid virtually grant you a pass. Were these guys with you Paulus when you raped the girls?

"A judge finds sufficient evidence to hold suspect Nick John,30 and Abraham Jones,28 on suspicion of murder and kidnapping in the Holloway case, according to defense attorneys." CBS News, Associated Press

What evidence? Karin Janssen brought what in front of a judge who found the evidence sufficient? To hold 2 innocent men?

The Paul van der sloot who did nothing to help find Natalee or demand his son do the same, then went to the Prosecutor, his friend, Karin Janssen to press charges against Tim Miller when he asked if he could search his well.

Jan Van der straaten threatened to do nothing if Beth didn't back off. He feels he's worked hard, but not for Natalee. And he was the Chief of Police.

He has a job on another island.

And Dennis Jacobs? What's in it for him? His job. Whoever holds the fate of this position is the one pulling the strings in Aruba.

Does it connect to Holland? The only police officer to implicate Joran van der sloot, Gerold Dompig doesn't have a job anymore. Either does Steve Cohen, who's last public appearance on the Rita Cosby show, promised to look at the casino tape picture showing Paulus talking with Natalee, and promised to get back with an explaination.

He never made it back on the air.

Dompig was the one who heard Joran's confession, who told Rudy Croes he was being led to "the body." Dompig also said "the three are guilty as hell" thereby implying a van der sloot guilt. Dompig also revealed the closest thing to confirming Natalee's death, even though he called it an overdose. The bizareness of him coming out in public and stating where Natalee was buried.

If you're the Gottenbos or Von Cromvoirt family, both picking up established businesses and leaving them behind, after their son's, we think, were brought in for questioning. Koen Gottenbos was allowed to let his father speak for him. As if one more year would allow him to better explain how he participated in crimes against girls?

For 2 innocent boys, we are supposed to think 2 businesses and 2 families with nice houses in Aruba just evacuated their life for innocence?

And even if the boys were in involved in a serious crime, why uproot so dramatically?

Maybe if it was more than the son, it was the father's who were running. We've seen an Aruban/Dutch father run before, Paul Van der sloot. 3 sweating men, head of households acting more nervous than anything I've ever seen.

Whatever it is, the consensus in Aruba is that the truth is fatal.

Just one girl, just one teenager? How about one life, a precious life. Aruba and the racist Dutch always throw in "american girl" no doubt to feed their hate, their jealousy as somehow it lessons the value.

Natalee was not the first victim. She was one of many victims. The truth about what happened to her is not an isolated incident. The complicit either allowed the savagery to exist or participated in the raping of women, then the threats if they spoke up.

The complicit includes members of the government and the Police Department. The predators are not the kids, but their parents. Gottenbos, Van cromvoirt, Van der sloot, van der straaten, Croes, Oduber.

No shame in giving up your business but the fear of being exposed, as an adult, father, as someone who rapes girls the ages of their sons, well that's the end. The suicide.

The reason Aruba can accept the current decline in revenue is because the truth will be a fatal blow to Aruba. Hell on earth.

While I believe Paulus is the very definition of a scumbag, that doesn't mean he enjoys wasting money. How else to explain how Joran seemed to spend money freely in large sums? Where did this money come from?

Aruba wouldn't risk it's economy on three uneducated loser kids?

But to uproot whole families, business owners who flee Aruba and claim their teenage son's are innocent? It just doesn't add up. Gottenbos and Van cromfort, no doubt with doting airhead wives complicit or fooled in denial over their own families depravity.

The dark corners of the Dutch male cowardly mind, probably answered yes to the question of would you rape a beautiful girl who wouldn't otherwise give you the time of day if you could get away with it.

Men know, more than anything else, sex is the great temptation. The apple in the Garden of Eden. Just what is the role of a Narcotics cop in a place where drugs flow like water. Success is not measured by the elimination of drugs but the revenue derived from it. Take morality out of it and it's good business.

But to condone the drugging of another person for rape is a savagery that even the complicit know cannot be rationalized.

So they run, they bully and threaten.

But they didn't realize that they have nothing to leverage anymore. When you're Natalee's parents and you have nothing left to lose, you can't be bullied. And since millions of us feel the same way about Natalee we won't let them off, ever.

Our own politicians can't face the truth here. Spencer Bacchus no more talkative than Karin Janssen but both have said something.

The word premeditated in the charges from early on. Premeditated implies Natalee was targeted, as were the others. Aruba sells it's island as a place to come and be unbound for a time from the day to day gind and then blames the same people they lure for being so carefree.

They ask you to trust them and then blame you for trusting them. The self conscious guilt is all over these cowards.

If there is one person singularly responsible for why Aruba can talk about Natalee's death but not tell us how they know and why they have no evidence, it's Dennis Jacobs.

Dennis Jacobs is responsible for evidence. Standing in front of Joran and the Kalpoe's on that night, listening to their "story" he took it as evidence and arrested the security guards. I mean, really, uh okay Joran thanks for the tip?

Just imagine that scene. He's just not that stupid, but he is that corrupt. And Karin Janssen went along with it, but she is that stupid.

But keeping it close to home, I want an answer from Spencer Bacchus. Did he believe Arlene Schippers who said Natalee just "vanished." The same Schippers who accused Beth of lying but in fact was lying herself, the same Schippers who's cousing Guido Wever was arrested for "heavy battery."

Spencer Baccchus is a fool, a disgrace and a soulless man. How he could sit through that meeting and make the statement he did and then just remain silent is inexplicable.

This from the definitive case on Aruba and Natalee. It's 68 pages of "FBI quality" writing. Delivered by BFN it's a bomb if you can stomach reading it without getting angry. An amazing document.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Aruba Aloe: Helping Police Stay Dry

Oranjestad: Aruba Aloe ( has launched a new product with the endorsement of the Aruba Police Department. The marketing campaingn is being developed in NYC and uses real life Aruba Police as spokespersons.

Radio ads beginning this week will feature Dennis Jacobs endorsing the efffectiveness of the deoderant called Aruba Dirty Police. The blogsite of the same name is not entitled to licensing fees since a judge in Curacao ruled that Dennis Jacobs and Aruba Dirty Police are essentially one and the same.

Transcripts from the ad were obtained today:

"Hi, I'm Dennis Jacobs, lead detective from Aruba in charge of the Natalee Holloway investigation. I'm also a narcotics officer and dog trainer. My line of work can be very strenuous, from destroying evidence, to witness intimidation and the occasional gangbang, I can work up a real sweat. But what keeps me cool is my new deoderant, Aruba Dirty Police, made from the finest natural resources in Aruba." Your armpits will be smiling from this product of One Happy Island."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Aruba: Who's Been Here?

"My heart aches for Natalee and her family. I've known from the minute Natalee was announced missing on the tv, exactly what happened to her. I have been in touch with the FBI, and they have my statement. I have been to Aruba 3 times, and the last time was HORRIBLE.
I went with my husband and 4 friends. We stayed at the same hotel Natalee stayed at. My husband and I were both drugged, taken from the hotel casino.

My husband was locked in a back room of the bar The Rio Grande, I was taken out to the desert, and didnt come out of the black out until the next morning. I had been raped and beaten. I was fortunate enough to talk my way out of the situation, promising I wouldnt go to the police. When I got back to my hotel, my husband and a friend did go to the police is just like you've seen on the tv for the Holloway-Twitty family.

They did NOTHING to help us at all. Even with the police knowing, that the casino-workers and the Commishioner of the casino had a problem with the 'man', and were also willing to help my husband and I.

We switched hotels that day, and stayed in most of the time we were there. The night before we were to leave all 6 of us decided to go to the beach. That 'man' showed up. My husband and cousin got a hold of him, we asked a hotel worker to call the police (they took almost an hour to get there). We told them what had happened and they simply put him in the back of the police jeep uncuffed, and drove away with him.

I guess we were all in shock, my husband and I just glad to be leaving both alive. They have never mentioned on the news the brothel out in the desert behind the Holiday Inn pass the light house, thats were I was taken to, a police-woman told me that it was a Whore-House, no big deal??

I have tried to get in touch with Beth Holloway, I think I could maybe help her or at least tell her that Natalee didnt feel any pain, as I said I was drugged and I dont remember anything until the next day. A lot of parents are now coming on tv again with the same situations of missing children from all islands, but none have gotten any justice or even an answer. It seems I am the only one to have survived.

I pray for Natalee and her family every morning and every night, and badly wish there was a way to comfort her mom, who has been, and has had to be, a very strong woman. My husband had to only endure a couple hours of not knowing if I was alive or what happened. He said he cant imagine how they feel. So our hearts and prayers are with them daily. I hope this all ends soon for them, no mother should have to be put through this. I havent been able to talk about what happened to me, but I would do ANYTHING to help Natalee and her family.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Aruba: The Dirty Police and Lorenzo van Rijn

Paulus . . . Jan . . . Rudy . . . Nelson . . . Does this mansion look familiar?
The rooftop looks odd for normal mansion, almost like . . . a watch or guard tower?
The property line walls topped by barbed-wire are very odd for a mansion also.
I would expect to see both more in a prison compound than a mansion.
What was Natalee doing there? I don't remember even one
of Joran's stories mentioning this place?

Is this the big "house" Joran claims Natalee wanted to see?


Have you ever thought something may have happened to you while on your last night on Aruba - that you may have been date rape drugged, filmed, etc. ?

Do you know someone who has?

Have you ever been at a party at this Aruban mansion before?

Have you ever seen a film, pictures, or video feed from one of these parties?

Do you have access to any pictures or films of these parties that you can send to us?

IF yes, please contact America's Most Wanted.

Provide all the information you can regarding the activities, pictures, films, and parties at this house, or your date-rape drugged experience in Aruba.
Your tips will provide valuable insights, that may make the difference to help solve this case.
To talk to a confidential Hotline specialist, call:
You may remain anonymous.
All submissions will be treated with the utmost security and privacy.
You may also use our confidential tipline:
The Natalee Holloway Case

Aruba is a member of Interpol.

Interpol also have activities in the different regions of the world to ensure that law enforcement officers understand the need to act upon requests involving children at risk, and create a global understanding on how to address victim identification and help rescue children being sexually abused and pornographically exploited


Friday, July 14, 2006

Aruba: What Went on Here Paulus?

Paulus, Jan, Rudy, Nelson. Does this house look familiar? What was Natalee doing there? I don't remember even one of Joran's stories mentioning this place?


Premeditated Coincidence?

Picture courtesy of Blonde

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Click on the picture of the Fox Broadcast....

(This courtesy of Pearl)

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body.However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a "misinformation campaign."

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber said on national radio Friday night that if something happened to Holloway, it of twould damage the reputation his island of 97,000 people, which depends on tourism and is considered one of the safest spots in the Caribbean.

One of the young men detained admitted "something bad happened" to the woman after they took her to the beach, a police officer said, while prosecutors said the investigation was at a crucial point.But prosecutors refused to comment on the statement by Deputy Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig (search), who told The Associated Press that the man who made that admission was leading police to the scene. He refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to a northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.Police refused Saturday morning to say whether they discovered anything overnight to solve the mystery of what happened to Holloway, who was last seen in the early hours of May 30.Referring to Dompig's statement, prosecution spokeswoman Vivian van der Biezen (search) said Saturday: "We neither confirm nor deny any information coming from other sources ... [about] alleged statements of suspects in this case.",2933,159252,00.html FOR FULL ARTICLE 6/11/05

Natalee's uncle, Paul Reynolds, relays from a personal perspective the H--- that the family experenced as a result of the official releases by two spokespersons for the "powers that be" in Aruba to the American media on June 10, 2005. 12, 2005PAUL REYNOLDS, UNCLE OF NATALEE HOLLOWAY: i know that my sister had a meeting with the FBI June 10, Friday. And from that meeting, she became convinced that Natalee was no longer alive. She called her mother and told her that. And our family was—was—began the grieving process. You know, we were told the report would come out the next day. Later that night, we saw the reports that confessions had been made, that something bad had happened. Shortly thereafter, it was retracted. The next morning, there was a report that said Natalee was confirmed dead. And these reports came from the deputy commissioner. They came from the spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice.And then, all of a sudden, these statements and these confessions just disappeared.

SCARBOROUGH: And wait a second. I mean, these confessions were so rock solid that you actually had the FBI coming to you, coming to your family, Natalee's family, saying, we are sorry to tell you this, but there has been a confession. One of these boys has confessed, and Natalee is no longer alive. How do you pull something like that back off the table? Have you had or has your sister had or has anybody in the family had any explanation from Aruban officials whatever happened to this confession, where they buried it?

REYNOLDS: I am not aware of any follow-up information. You know, this seemed to disappear from sight, these confessions did. At the time, we thought that because the investigation is kept secret, we thought it was ongoing, and maybe they just didn't want to release it officially at that time. But, as we see that the appeals, the hearings are showing there's no evidence, but yet we have these confessions, it doesn't make any sense. It's as if they are being hidden or taken away.

SCARBOROUGH: You know, you said—talked about June the 10th. That's when you all were told that the confession had been made, and you said that the family actually started a grieving process. What did the family do?

REYNOLDS: You know, grieving is—it's a difficult process. We were all notified. We exchanged phone calls, making sure everyone in the family was notified. I even had to tell my children, very upsetting to them, very upsetting to all of us.

SCARBOROUGH: Wait, Paul. Are you telling me, back on June the 10th, you told your children, based on the confession of one of these—these punks that took Natalee away from the bar, that Natalee was dead? This was over a month ago. You had to break it to your family, the entire family, Natalee's entire family, because of the confessions, knew that she was dead, and yet here we are over a month later, and they are still claiming they don't have enough evidence to nail these guys?

REYNOLDS: That's absolutely correct. You know, the FBI had informed my sister based on the initial interrogations that that was their belief. That information was given to our family. And it's just—it's a very difficult thing to go through. Grieving should only be a process you have to go through one time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dutch Perverts and Murderers: The Van der sloots

Who's wearing who down?

The arrogance is gone for Paul Van der sloot. You're kid wasn't special or mature. His own place was because he was intolerable. Hey Paulus, join the club. Parenting is not new Paulus just because you had to not do it. You're posturing as a victim only inflames and makes me more certain justice will befall you and your whole family. Failed again in your legal damaged mind.

The running and sweating victim. You're failure is so vast, so total and so public. Your ridicule is so deserved. Your death will not be mourned but celebrated, so Natalee can kick your ass in a fair fight for eternity, what a sweet thought. But somehow I feel she's bigger than that, and will make you feel even smaller by forgiving you. She was wiser at 18 than you ever will be.

The internet is such a learning tool isn't it? Joran's favorite site of all was Bangbus.Uh-huh, more lessons for a kid with his own place. $250.00 in a night, in hours, and you let him out the next night? After that little mess about the american girl, right? I don't even wish my father would have let me drop $250.00 because the thought is a little creepy, and when allowed to go out the next night is just a concept I can't imagine. When the most courage you've shown is telling police he was at the casino, you're sickness knows no bounds.

So he drops 250 of your money and I presume you gave him more to go out again with the new friends the Kalpoe's? "He's just a normal teenager." Except that he like to drug women to assault them and when he doesn't get his way, he murders them. All the charges in this case so far are about the van der sloots. Trial or no trial, there is nowhere to hide. You would be in Holland if you could be wouldn't you Paulus? But you can't because it's safer for you in Aruba.

Van der sloot Island, the freak show.

This kind of virus needs to be stopped.

All that time, so little brain or soul. It's learned from a father to a son.

I consider it part of my responsibility to ensure you are put down so as to not harm any more people. It feels natural and instinctual.

Prepared for the long road? I expect it. It's a power the weak and cowardly Van der sloots have no concept about.

I can't deny, for me, they are Dutch, and all of Holland is responsible. It's irrational and not logical but it fuels a power that feels stable.

I always heard that the Dutch tolerance was irresponsible. So the legal system bore out a stereotype that seems to be the Van der sloots. Joran the symbol of Dutch zombies, pasty and sick.

Good call having Joe Tacopina make the rounds telling us what a sweet kid Joran is. Do you have any idea how ridiculous and hilarious that is? Once again, the Van der sloot arrogance actually thinks the average person who would happen to hear tacopina wouldn't know what he's about?

But whoever paid Tacopina had to work harder to earn that money than it was spent. I like the defense of Joran Van der sloot that he "speaks many languages." Ooooooh, impressive Joey. Is truth a language? is lying an accent?

Sunday Morning July 9, just hours before the World Cup Final. Front page of the front section of the New York Times had a story on Zidane from France. Zadine's "masterly assurance and control." "A modest man who summons an elegant flamboyance." "A natural leader."

Source please?

It is spirtitual, this journey, hanging together with others we don't realy know, and yet we trust. Just a little bit each day. While Joran is out blowing someone's money, I tell at least one person a day, the story of Natalee Holloway.

I can assure you, I have been ridiculed, but those people won't be going to Aruba or Holland, ever. Somehow they can't not think about me when they order a Heineken. It works, it really does.

I met a Dutch couple and their family, visiting on vacation from Holland. I have no doubt they will never forget Natalee Holloway. Funny, the father runs just like Paulus.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Van der sloots: Premeditated

While being held in jail for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Paul Van der sloot was being paid by the Prosecutor's office. The same office he worked for 8 years.

And, Paul van der sloot is waiting on the size of a monetary award for his inconvenience. But then again, we just don't understand the Dutch/Aruba hybrid law like Arlene Schippers does.

And this guy couldn't pass a test for judgeship?

Would the truth be more shocking if Natalee was proven to be dead or alive? Why does it seem as the witnesses have their lives to fear regarding the truth? I mean bolting from a country, your home, seems to reveal something urgent.

Could it be that the term "premeditated" which seems to be what Janssen is telling us with the charges means that Natalee was targeted to be kidnapped but not killed? They haven't charged anyone with premeditated heavy battery, just heavy battery.

Pretty pathetic that Natalee's death would not be a surprise, but her life would be.

What does that mean? If the maximum Joran could get is 15 years and he is the main suspect, this case must be linked to more legal liability or something that would make witnesses fear for their lives.

Who are they afraid of? It's inconceivable that we are here now, this long after, without the participation, willingly of the Aruba Police.

"Premeditated." They knew something was going on, like the closet in your house you never open, it blew open. Natalee was murdered when the security guards were in jail, but now it's a disappearance?

It really wouldn't have been hard to explain Natalee's death. In fact, most people know what happened right? But why can't they explain how she went from murdered to disappeared?

Boys will be boys, could explain away the sexual assault gone bad? But what about the adults? How do you explain that?

They can't?

That was Paulus in the casino, and it is a body in the bag found on the day Natalee was declared dead.

Aruba cannot account for those still unanswered questions. Where did the body go?

"Premeditated." Would Dompig make up out of thin air that Natalee was moved several times?

Time brings it into focus. Aruba isn't chasing ghosts, and Natalee didn't just vanish like the vapid Ms. Schippers so inelegantly stated.

Aruba is chasing shadows, it's own.

Aruba and drugs, Singapore and drugs. If you wanted crime and punishment to apply when drugs are involved, which country's approach do you favor?

Dennis Jacobs knows drugs, although he forgets to take them often. Is he successful? When girls can have their drinks spiked for $20 in a bar on Aruba, does anyone believe the police were not aware of it? Or are the police protecting predators and drug dealers? Also sad that it's a dumb question now.

What kind of sick animals can endorse, even by their lack of action, the drugging of another person for the purposes of being assaulted? People who see a demand in victims and a supply of drugs just keeps flowing. This is the way they want it.

Benefitting drug dealers and predators. That's Aruba.

Frank Rizzo has pissed on hundreds of trees in Aruba. A traitorous greedy, but sadly typical U.S. politician.

The bullying and threatening was a way to prevent having to answer to the victims family. But now that they do, they crumble that quickly.

How can this be anything but a terrorist act against an American?

The Government of Holland is accountable for the actions of Van der sloot, Van der straaten, Janssen, Gottenbos...

In retrospect, the decision by the FBI to require Dompig to say who his witness is in return for belated and really, a small favor looks absolutely titanic next to Holland agreeing to Dompigs lie. And Holland isn't involved in a coverup?

We need to move off the island and hold them accountable. Any U.S. politician that doesn't back it's own citizens should go back to their rathole with Frank Rizzo.

People who care about money, really care about it, don't shrug off even 2% decreases that effect revenue. Unless the other down side is fatal. What exactly could be fatal for Aruba? It's not that Joran van der sloot killed Natalee in a fit of rage at being resisted, that wouldn't be surprising.

The prospect that Natalee never left the Van der sloot residence and was disappeared under the watchful eye of the same people watching the drug trade flourish under their nose, the Aruba Dirty Police. Who else was at the Van der sloot house that night?


Barbour for President? Not in your lifetime. Gov. Riley's stand, over time, seems courageous.

No Van der sloot, No Justice