Friday, March 31, 2006

Joran is Covering for Paul Van der sloot

Why is this picture important?

It appears Natalee is pointing to Joran. No doubt in response to the information that it is indeed the son of the man sitting next to her.

In most people's world, this would create an element of safety, especially if she were "invited" back to the the VDS home. Knowing Joran's father was around would cloud her judgement, because Paul Van der sloot is no ordinary father.

She would be comfortable but sadly, more vulnerable.

Dompig has confirmed that the beach story never happened, so we can assume that Natalee was brought to the VDS home. She would not have needed to be drugged to feel safe. Remember, from her point of view, she knew the father was home, had no reason to believe they were both predators and did not know they had "seperate" residences.

Of all the people that could have been sitting next to Natalee on the night she vanished, this one just happens to look enough like Paul Van der sloot to make you wonder? What are the chances of that? Another coincidence?

Speculation, sure. But compare this to Joran's beach story with sneakers and flashers and 3 different scenarios of how he got home and you tell me which is satire?

Paul and Joran lied about other children being home. They were not.

"If Beth Twitty can interfere with an investigation, imagine what Paul van der sloot could do."

Good News: I have been given permission by my employer to not only continue to post, but view ariel photos from space of Aruba taken the night Natalee disappeared. My employer is considering naming the next space shuttle after Natalee.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gottenbos Van der sloot Gottenbos Van der straaten

Gerold Dompig’s interview was to set Aruba’s image straightSuggestion in the CBS program that Joran vd Sloot took Natalee Holloway to his house and not the beachAs said in the initial declaration

Bon Dia Aruba3/28/2006ORANJESTAD – Joran vd Sloot did not take Natalee Holloway to the beach, but to his house. One of the many revelations and suggestions that interim High Commissioner Gerold Dompig shared with Troy Roberts of CBS Saturday night in the program ’48 Hours – Mystery’ A much anticipated program due to the information that Dompig gave that was not before known, especially by the American media. A program, that according to CBS, Dompig made with the authorization of his superiors and that had as a goal to set straight all bad information Aruba has had to ‘deal’ with during the last months.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aruba Embraces the Media

Aruba Today: March 30

The program, "Opsporing Verzocht," which means "Arrest Requested," has helped authorities solve 30 percent of cases it has featured over the past 22 year, the prosecutor's office said.

Dutch police spokesman Ed Kraszewski confirmed that a group of police officers went to Aruba from the Netherlands to help in the Holloway case, but wouldn't give details.

One source believes with the interest there is real opportunity here to help Aruba solve this case and fund more search efforts. The show plans to reenact the night Natalee disappeared in what they say is an attempt to troll for possible Dutch speaking witnesses.

Sources say the cops are not real cops but have experience playing them on the show. "They are quite realistic looking, white, strong and very photogenic," said Miles Croes, the segment producer.

"There will be a multi-lingual DVD release late this year, with additional scenes and outakes. The DVD will retail for 39.99 USD, " said Croes.

Croes said, "We wish it could be more thorough but there were alot of scenes that had to be edited out due to time constraints."

Some of the scenes to hit the cutting room floor:

The security guards dancing with Natalee (cannot be confirmed)
Paul van der sloot's calls to the Police Chief Jan van der straaten
Joran going home from the beach (3 alternative scenes will be available in the bonus version)
Juia Renfro at CnC's ordering a rum and roofies
Natalee at the Van der sloot house (no dialogue)
Koen Gottenbos going out on his boat for a late night cruise (too dark)
Dennis Jacobs telling the FBI agent to "buzz off amateur"
Joran telling the police that they dropped Natalee at the hotel
Police giving the thumbs up to Paulus before speeding off

Most of the reenactment will show Natalee dancing, buying drugs and forcing Joran Van der sloot into Deepak Kalpoe's car.

"It will be highly realistic," said Croes.

The show is aimed at Authorities in Holland and really shows how hard the Police have worked to protect their citizens.

One of the most controversial scenes shows a passed out Natalee being dragged to the sand dunes by a pantless Jimmy Buffet impersonator. Straggling behind is Julia Renfro yelling, "pick me, pick me."

"We really think it will appeal to the Holland market," said Kraszewski.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Paul Van der sloot Murdered Natalee Holloway

Inflammatory? Libelous?

There's more evidence of that statement than there is in Chief Dompig's political smearing of Natalee Holloway.

Paul Van der sloot murdered Natalee Holloway.

Chief Dompig has lowered the standard so much that he's even less credible than a blog.

The "drug" theory, like the hotel story and the beach story never happened. It's another attempt to pick up the pieces of a shattered investigation and mold it into something they can get away with. But Natalee looks like Venus de milo in the hands of Aruba.

Dr. Baden, with 40 years of experience in forensics has said Dompig's theory cannot be accurate because with Dompig's "story" Natalee would have never been able to walk out of CnC's that night if she died of an overdose a few hours later.

Aruba has hired damage control consultants working from an outdated playbook. "It will blow over" from Rudy Croes no doubt came from the advice of John Pauly.

Blaming the victim another one that completely misreads an American public that can be harsh, very harsh. The reason is we can be very forgiving.

It you knew coming clean about the Van der sloots and the Dirty Cops would triple tourism, would we be hearing from Tacopina, Renfro and Schippers? I don't think so.

It was murder when the black security guards were arrested, it was murder when the Kalpoes' were charged with premeditated murder, but when Joran cannot piece together anything believable it was an assisted suicide?

Racist? "We don't like to talk about that." Arlene Schipper. Yes the same Arlene who said Joran is a genius. Aruba makes satire obsolete.

You cannot confirm how you know Natalee is dead but believe she died of an overdose? Not a single mention of the security guards in your promotional video on CBS? But maybe you weren't playing to the U.S. market, maybe you were just a pawn, dutifully carrying out the wishes of your white masters for a promise of promotion. You do seem like someone who would sell their soul, if you had one, for a few more bars on your uniform. Did you fly to Holland to buy that suit you were wearing in the dunes?

Chief Dompig, you said a picture tells 2000 words and you showed a shot of CnC. I would like you to look at one more appropriate, a picture of Dave Holloway digging in the landfill for the remains of his daughter which you now say were moved multiple times. By people covering up an accident?

Ponder that photo for a moment if you have the courage.

I've thought about why this story has such interest, such intensity. There are alot of angles, the lying predatory teenagers, the greedy corrupt van der sloots and politicians, the misogny of the adults passed on to the children in Aruba.

But when I heard Dompig lie about having witnesses, the light went off. He has no witnessess, his "new witness" who fingered the security guards now dragged in to smoke a bowl and tell another story are just damage control. There was no investigation, only damage control public relations stories.

I feel like I've witnessed a crime and I have to come forward. I believe alot of people feel that way.

Aruba has witnessed a savage crime but hired the wrong consultants, people who are out of touch with how rapidly the world has changed. "Mistakes were made" indeed. The largest of which is viewing Americans for our worst qualities and not playing to our best qualities.

What if you were advised to come out and tell the truth? Where's the hero who stood beside Natalee and stood up to corruption and risked everything? They would have been embraced with the same intensity that is now being used to blog Aruba to death.

Dompig had his once in a lifetime shot to be the black Gary Cooper but didn't watch the "High Noon" DVD I sent him. Instead, given an audience reserved for very few he spewed his misogyny, arrogance and insecurity. A thin skinned man who couldn't seize the moment.

But you still have one last chance, which is amazing considering you're performance up to now.


Julia Renfro Trashes The Holloway/Twitty Family

Aruba's true colors. The story is the second one and a must listen if you want to see Ms. Renfro spew her hate.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aruba: The "Beach" Story Never Happened, Again

The "beach story" is a lie. Completely. It doesn't matter who picked up Joran, it never happened. It was a story created by Paul Van der sloot, to move the crime scene, to create "mystery" without witnesses. A specific location.

The hotel story was made up before legal advice and before Natalee went so very missing.

After 10 months, Aruba can't make it work, despite the PR blitz by the Van der sloots and Joe Tacopina. It now seems clear why the van der sloot has been talking, trying hard to have anyone believe them. Selling the beach story.

It's time to admit, the beach story never happened.

They still cannot corroborate any aspect of it, there are no witnesses but the 3. And they can't corroborate it either.

By looking at this case as it was in the beginning without any beach story, it means bringing the Van der sloot property and Paulus Van der sloot back into focus.

It also brings other adults into the picture. Does anyone really think that these 3 alone are why this is still a story?

But Paulus, he's on the precipice of being compensated by Aruba for his trouble. How he slithered out of trouble and accountability required the help of other adults. Connected adults. Connected to the Police, the Prosecution and the judges. What had been his coworkers and friends.

He wasn't interrogated and his property not searched. Paul Van der sloot claims he never said "no body, no case." Yet Karin Janssen confirmed in 2 seperate quotes that he did.

Paul van der sloot lied in the most critical time. If the beach story were true then Natalee could still have been alive and her life still in the balance and at that very moment the van der sloots lied over and over. Only now they claim they want the case solved.

To admit the beach story is a lie, brings a whole other level of participation into Natalee's death.

The beach story didn't exist the first night, or the second. It didn't exist while the guards were in jail. While the guards were in jail on suspicion of murder, Paul van der sloot was working in the prosecutor's office under contract.

Only after some time and a poolside chat did the bogus story emerge. It creates a fictional crime scene. But the part about how Joran got home keeps changing. Why?

It never happened.

The van der sloot property, is the central scene in Natalee's death, the only specific site that all 3 suspects admitting spending varying amounts of time.

It's alot more precise that a spot in the dunes.

Blowing apart the beach story will blow apart Aruba. It's where the lies all emanate from. The first night direction that Joran and the Kalpoes were at the hotel, then the hotel story and the guards.

10 months later and there is no corroborating evidence Natalee was ever at the beach.

If the Prosecutor closes the case without answering to what happened to Natalee we'll know they just didn't want to go near the Van der sloots figuratively and literally.

But Natalee died between the lies, between the stories. The hotel, the beach, it doesn't matter.

Because she died between the stories, the place between the hotel guards and the beach is the Van der sloot property. Between the lies.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Joran Van der sloot Has Already Confessed

The attacks on Beth and Natalee began after Joran confessed to killing Natalee.

Arubatruth is posting a statement telling us they are not corrupt and there is no coverup in the same week when a new search begins.

For the ones who don't know the language yet, this is a titanic CYA by a public relations committee trying to do public relations work and the employer of Joe Tacopina, and the mysterious Joran "supporters."

Joran Van der sloot has already confessed to killing Natalee. He also has accused Deepak of killing Natalee. Why would he do this if he didn't know she was dead? There is no beach story anymore only dunes.

Once again volunteered information that seems to jump out like size 14 sneakers, why does the publicity arm of Aruba and the van der sloots find it neceassary to attempt to profess there is no coverup, why at this exact moment?

How can Dompig's "witness" be both innocent and credible unless it's a police officer or a lawyer representing one of the parties?

As go the Van der sloots, so goes Aruba. The kidnapping and rape charges being prepared and reviewed by Aruba didn't happen on the beach, they happened at the Van der sloot residence.

For whatever reason Aruba wants to express, and they've used most of them, the Van der sloots are the story. Aruba tried to make the story about Natalee for all the wrong reasons.

Joran Van der sloot is here and Natalee isn't. No doubt the fact that she can't be heard gives the Van der sloots the bravado to attack everyone that points the finger at them. The misogny is so deep, tossed out to prevent the focus from finding Natalee. I don't see van der sloot afraid to speak about this case to anyone other than the police. As with the first night, when it mattered, the van der sloots lied and all of Aruba knows why.

And when her own parents tried to protect their daughter, Aruba attacked Natalee and Beth, threatened to do nothing, demanding an apology.

The sadism is just unforgettable.

And it all started when Joran Van der sloot confessed to killing Natalee. Only then and not when the black guys were arrested did the smear campaign begin.

Arubatruth would have never been created for the security guards. Yet they proclaimed their innocence with passion. It also wouldn't have been as big of a story. But Aruba knew that already.

Dompig was there on June 10th when Joran confessed to killing Natalee.

The only story that required a formal retraction. That should tell you all you need to know, but there is so much more.

Even before his confession, the Chief of Police Jan Van der straaten and the Prosecutor were using the word murder. Murder

They were using the word murder on June 5th, while the black security guards were in custody.

There were no stories about Natalee running away, a rogue killer or insurance scams. Nothing.

Just 2 black guys who are under suspicion of murder and kidnapping.

"Two men are arrested in a pre-dawn raid. The suspects worked as security guards at a hotel near Holloway's until a day before her disappearance, sources said. Their attorney says they are being investigated for murder and kidnapping, and denies any link between his clients and Holloway." (CBS News)

So the Police and the Prosecutor knew they had a murder and kidnapping. How?

They must have known Natalee was killed somehow?

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (CNN) -- Prosecutors in Aruba decided to further detain two hotel security guards in the disappearance of an Alabama student based on what authorities called "a reasonable suspicion" they were involved in "criminal acts" related to the case.

Asked Tuesday if the men were to be charged with homicide and kidnapping, prosecution spokeswoman Vivian van der Biezen said, "I cannot confirm it. I think I will be able to confirm it tomorrow."

Prosecutors decided to detain the suspects for another eight days. They are to appear in court Wednesday. Acting on a tip, police arrested the pair Sunday morning in the oil-refining town of San Nicolas.

Van der Biezen would not elaborate about evidence gathered in the investigation, but she did say that authorities would not have prolonged the detention if they only had circumstantial evidence.

Defense lawyer Chris Lejuez said he expects his clients to be formally accused of homicide, being accomplices to homicide, and of kidnapping leading to homicide.

The next day, on June 8th:

"A judge finds sufficient evidence to hold suspects Nick John, 30, and Abraham Jones, 28 on suspicion of murder and kindapping in the Holloway case, according to defense attornies. Local law allows for the suspects to be held for a total of 116 days without being formally charged." (Associated Press)

At the same time the judge found sufficient evidence to hold the guards, the police found evidence they were innocent, yet they stayed in jail and the Kalpoes and Joran Van der sloot were not arrested right away.

Then on June 10th Joran confessed. Dompig, Van der stratten, Anita and Paul Van der sloot, Rudy Croes, Gerold Dompig, Nelson Oduber, they all know he confessed. As did Dennis Jacobs, the lead investigator appointed by the retired Jan Van der straaten.

And the FBI knew it too, they told Beth that Natalee was dead.

Why did Prime Minister Nelson Oduber, on June 10th, feel compelled to make this statement:

"Nobody stands above the law."

He wouldn't have said that about the black security guards, he wouldn't have said that about the Kalpoe's. It applies to the son of a white Dutch Judge.

Dompig had told Rudy Croes and Joran's confession became a "misinformation" campaign. Aruba was telling us Joran's confession was a misinformation campaign? Who told Joran to stop telling the truth?

Then the smearing of Natalee started. Aruba didn't ask the FBI for help, they hired a media advisor, subcontracted by a damage control company, John Pauly.

Jan Van der straaten in an article by on June 11th:

Van der Straten doesn't believe Natalee is alive: While Chief prosecutor Karin Janssen stated this week that they don’t have any indication that Natalee Holloway is dead, during an interview this week Police Superintendent Jan van der Straten told the reporter that he doesn’t believe that Natalee is still alive. Maybe this should only be interpreted as his personal opinion but the fact remains that he has inside information and knows how the investigation is going. So he is basing his opinion on the facts. With regard to Natalee’s status, van der Straaten gave the following statement to a Dutch reporter:

Rep: Any hopes for a positive outcome?
Jan: You always have to be hopeful, but I don’t believe anymore that we will find Natalee alive.
Rep: Why not?
Jan: Because I know the details of the investigation and you don't !

How did the Chief of Police know enough to come out early on and know they had a murder? What even sliver of evidence was there?

Enough to hold the security guards, enough to arrest the Kalpoe's and charge them with premeditated murder and rape, enough to hold Joran Van der sloot and enough to arrest Paul Van der sloot who was not interrogated but arrested on premeditated murder.

Not enough evidence to search the Van der sloot propery or charge Joran and not enough to prevent Paulus from being compensated.

It's as if the evidence was there and then it wasn't.

Dompig has alot riding on these new searches. His story is that someone who wasn't involved in Natalee's disappearance just happened to be in the dunes that night and could identify exactly what was going on?

It had to be someone who was involved. Or someone involved in moving Natalee's remains not to the dunes, but from the dunes. Or an Aruba Dirty Lawyer.

How many police officers from that night are still working in Aruba? Why does it seem like everyone in Aruba has seen the case file? Is it in the same safe place as the tourism numbers?

The "witness" is a concept, an idea, not real enough to fit into any legal description.

The FBI questioning Dompig's source looks more revealing every day. Dompig, is not pulling all these resources together on the word of a black man, unless he's a white man's buffer.

It's like they had evidence, and then they didn't.

Why won't Aruba explain how a Van der sloot lie was taken as evidence but a Van der sloot confession was declared "misinformation" requiring the only formal retraction in this case?

The lies tell the truth, and the official word from Arubatruth is that there is no coverup. We waited 9 months for you to tell us that?

Why now?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Aruba Searchers Find Remains of 3 People in Dunes

Bon Dia, Friday March 17th

Aruba: Searchers in Aruba have found the remains of at least 3 bodies in the dunes. Gerold Dompig was quoted as saying, " We can confirm 2 of the remains as belonging to Mickey John and Abraham Jones."

When asked how he knew who they were so quickly, Dompig responded by saying "because I just do."

The Chief was adamant, "we did not find sneakers of any kind." When asked how close the remains were found to one another the chief said, "did I mention that we did not find any sneakers at all?"

Chief Dompig, clearly elated at the news praised his department. "All of the police in Aruba should be very proud of their hard work. This is a partnership with an american company that doesn't support the boycott and a clear example of how Beth Twitty has been holding up this investigation."

Sources believe the remains of the 3rd person are that of Natalee Holloway, but are waiting for the Forensic Institute in Holland to confirm it.

When asked why it takes longer to confirm those remains when they were able to identify the guards so quickly, Dompig said, "did I mention that no sneakers were found?"

"No seriously, Joran van der sloot and his father personally identified the remains of the security guards."

Joran Van der sloot praised the mother of Mickey John, "now that's how the family of a missing person should act." He went on to say what he saw of the unidentified remains, "I looked like the person hit their head."

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Aruba: Police Identify "New" Witness/Suspect

Gerold Dompig has been forced to expose the name of the "new" witness. The Chief managed to convince Holland that his "new" witness was indeed credible.

He sufficiently convinced the search equipment owners of the reasoning behind the specific request. The "witness is very remorseful," said Dompig.

The mysterious new beach predator is in fact the weeping witness of Gerold Dompig and the flasher who a Chicago woman suddenly recalled after seeing Joe Tacopina on TV.

Police in Aruba say they've had the witness/suspect under surveillance since Natalee's disappearence. Following this suspect at times very closely and at other times not wanting to consider him.

He is also the is the ex-husband of Julia Renfro. He is also the 3rd cousin of Rudy Croes and the step son of Gerold Dompig. He is also the half brother of Arlene Shippers and the older cousin of Steve Croes. He is also the bastard son of Jan Van der straaten who was disowned since his mother is an Aruban hooker now married to Dennis Jacobs who is partners with Rik Smid in a Dog Kennel.

A rising businessman, the witness was driven insane after 1 year of marriage to Ms. Renfro. "He changed after the wedding, and it was more than just a few cold sores" said the friend who wanted to remain anonymous, Ms. Schippers.

The witness is feared because he can only be seen in a mirror. If they look long enough and can stomach their own reflection the picture of the Van der sloots starts to appear.

They appear covered in blood.

On June 11, 2006 spokespersons for the Arban Justice Minister and the Aruban Law Enforcement released statements to two media outlets that there was an admission that something bad happened; Natalee was confirmed dead; the location of her body was known; and the suspect who made the admission was leading the family and authorities to the scene. The statements of these spokespersons were retracted.

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice told FOX News Natalee Holloway, who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, WAS CONFIRMED DEAD dead and that authorities KNEW THE LOCATION OF HER her BODY. However, Cruz later retracted the statement, saying he was a victim of a "misinformation campaign."

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case ADMITTED "SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED" to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and DOMPIG HIMSELF REFUSED TO IDENTIFY which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.

Jossy Mansur:

van susteren: Do you know when he supposedly made that statement to the police? Was it early on in his detention, or even before his detention or later?

Mansur: No, it was when they had let them free. And when he came back, they (INAUDIBLE) him in as a suspect. On the second day of that detention, he broke down completely. He cried, and he admitted to the police, he confessed to the police that, we buried Natalee.

van susteren: Did he say where he'd buried Natalee?

Mansur: He gave them indications. They put him in a police car. They brought him over here to the north of the Marriott Hotel, and he pointed towards some indistinct area by the fishermen's huts. Those are huts that the fishermen use them to guard their equipment, their nets, their knives, whatever they use in fishing.

Spencer Bachus:

"He declined to give details. “The circumstances were disturbing,” said Bachus, who formally requested the FBI’s involvement. “I can’t get into it, but it’s something the family is aware of. There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off.”

Stanley Zaadam:

2 Days after 5/29, the body of Natalee may have already been found and the Police Commissioner looked the other way to do a favor for Paulus van der sloot (ex-Chief of Staff of the Prosecutor General J. Zwinkels) To exculpate the son of Paulus, the Police Commissioner and Fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of 2 security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom for 10 days.

Tim Miller:

Something has happened to Natalee. I am not convinced in any way that Natalee could possibly be alive.

I think somebody knew what they was doing. I don't even know if these boys know where she's at.

But you know what? If we don't search, there is absolutely no chance...

ROWLANDS: What do you mean by that?

MILLER: I don't know. Something could of happened higher up with people that got more money and more influence, and stuff making sure she's not found.

But I don't know. I mean, it's heartbreaking.

Jan van der straaten:

"Sure we have shark places, but it has nothing to do with this investigation." "This is a murder case."

Steve Croes:

He comes forward to corroborate a lie and leaves saying he "knows nothing." Then he threatens to sue Beth Twitty.

Rudy Croes:

"She is back in all sorts of programs where she calls upon Americans to avoid Aruba as vacation destination. “I can’t understand her attitude. We did everything possible to find her daughter”, said Croes. He hopes of course that one day the teenager will show up, but he said that badmouthing would definitely not contribute to that. Croes does not consider taking measures against Twitty yet, but does not rule out the possibility to shut her up in the future."

Joran Van der Sloot:

"How they acted towards my family and friends is not the way a normal family acts when their daughter is missing."

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bill O'Reilly Drops Tacopina on the Beach

O'Reilly delivered the shot from which Joe Tacopina never recovered. "Why do they need you?"

A brilliant smarmy jab at a totally smarmy lawyer who had no response.

Joey was ready to whip it out and O'Reilly shriveled him into mumbling something about Joran "supporters" and "family." "Objects on tv may appear larger than they actually are."

So who would have such a stake in hiring this guy? Why would anyone spend money rehabilitating a Van de sloot? That is what's going on here isn't it? Or is to somehow rehabilitate Aruba and the whole range of the complicit?

And the Yenta from Chicago, what good is she? We already know the men of Aruba have no balls.

And Steve Croes, along with the VDS property, the security guards and the Police, seems to have emerged as another entity everyone is distancing themselves from.

"Did your client, Joran Van der sloot ever confess to anyone including Police that he killed Natalee Holloway" would have really put Tacopina away.

Yep, the mysterious half man half turtle beach Troll that lives in the shadowy world of the dunes and the fisherman's huts is making it even more clear the whole beach story is a lie. Never happened. I can see the man/turtle in front of a judge. Joran alibi number 4.

Can you say backpedal? Tacopina even emphasized "if" Joran left her on the beach.

So the beach story is even suspect to a paid Van der sloot lawyer? Sounds like Paul Van der sloot knows what happened but it also sounds like everyone else does too.

Is it still Beth's fault, or what story are we on Aruba, I can't remember? Is this troll Dompig's weeping witness?

"Never could I have imagined that this could happen to Aruba. We put all our effort into tourism. We live for tourism and have nothing else." Marcial Ibarra, director of business development for the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association.

Mickey John knows:

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person is society to cover their mess."

Used by whom Mickey?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Aruba: Another Suspect?

Dennis Jacobs couldn't nail the black security guards so the man responsible for the investigation may be trying to scapegoat a drug/addict dealer.

Desperate to find another workable alibi could Dennis Jacobs be trying to save himself? I mean for a stoner who probably doesn't know what day it is, why not say you were on the beach, what's the difference?

Anything to point away from the VDS property. If she ever was near a beach it was when she was already dead. Killed in an act of rage by Joran Van der sloot and bringing his family on the brink of ruin.

The beach story never happened. Natalee was most surely not hidden the first night and Paul Van der sloot knows where she is.

Why has it come this far? Dennis Jacobs has not been scrutinizd at all. Why is that? No doubt they will turn what could have been a less than credible witness into a credible suspect.

Any bets that they claim this is the weeping guy who called Dompig? Are they sprinkling some new forensic evidence around Aruba to make the story barely possible?

More excuses, more scapegoats and more bullying, Aruba 9 months out it's more of the same.

Paul Van der sloot is getting justice. Everytime he over-reaches like a troll in his law cubicle, I start to feel confident the walls are closing in on him.

His ultimate demise like a human oragami getting folded. Somehow that seems right. In the meantime, he's pushing legal paper looking for money for his son/client's celebrity. His fate is so aligned with Aruba's that's why they are trying so hard to exonerate him.

He and Aruba are not know for their innocence.

But what Paul van der sloot doesn't realize, because he can't, is that the passion to bring him down is much more intense and violent than the passion to "blame the world."

It's darwinian, the need to bring down the Van der sloots. Joran's the puppet for his father/attorney/agent and the Police and Prosecutor are now in his crosshair's. Joey Tacopina used that term when he threatened to take on the finger police. Legal snipers and thugs who don't realize the world has changed even since last year.

Nobody is afraid of them or they're law degrees.

For Joey Tacopina to come on national televesion and declare that he know's the allegations of predatory behaviour on the part of Joran Van der sloot are absolutely false, is either a lie or something he was hired to believe by Paul Van der sloot.

How else would you know? But you don't care, the same ethical compass that Paul Van der sloot passed on to his son/client/revenue stream, is being outsourced to Joey Tacopina.

"They hit me, the big bad men." Joran is pleading for points of compensation. Not something a normal teenage boy usually does. But Joran has become a puppet for Paul Van der sloot.

A vaudeville act of ventriloquism.

But it all may not have happened if Dennis Jacobs had done his job. Was he threatened that he was legally bound not to be suspicious for 48 hours since Natalee wasn't "legally" missing? That the parents of a girl who fly down shouldn't have at least some credibility? So the police back away completely? You're standing in front of Paulus telling you that she's technically not missing and you say, "yeah you're right."

And arrest 2 black sercurity guards.

And the most critical time in the lives of Natalee and her family, Joran Van der sloot and the Kalpoes had an elaborate story and lied and the police backed away when they should have acted.

The reason I believe there are other victims is not because John Kelly says so. It's because of the amount of energy the Van der sloots are spending trying to convince us there isn't. "He's a good kid" says Tacopina.

It's a challenge, it's a battle, staying into the story. A wild testament to one's emotions and will to keep your fingers moving and keep them connected to your brain.

Disseminating the information with love and hate darts hurled at each other on the blogosphere like some futuristic battle that ends up looking like a scene from Braveheart.

Is there committment? After all the energy to keep pressure on is much greater than the energy to do nothing, let it go, move on.

This case is not just about justice it's about balance. It's as if the whole world would be off it's axis until the guilty are punished. But the momentary pride that the desire stays strong has a constant tug of maybe it's more practical to focus on "other things."

A balance. We could probably accomplish alot with this energy somewhere else. But where is that somewhere else? It hasn't happened. The future is right here in this case.

Do you want justice for Natalee or don't you? It's a calling, a balance between totally irrational behavior and completely necessary motives. Not every war has to have the grandeur of the "big one" to be important or necessary. If we move on from this we'll never stop, just keep moving on to "other things." An endless cycle of unaccountability and savagery.

This is a battle worth waging. Not even able to bury Natalee is the sadism from Aruba that fuels the intensity that makes it easy to see Van der sloot and Tacopina as road kill. I've seen and felt the rage and it's a bomb.

Natalee was not a commission or some "rebate" part of Aruba's budget. Aruba's just not the place to make a moral stand, they don't have the passion. They're afraid.

Demanding information that not too long ago would never be available with so little effort. The pressure or the ability to exert it is a weapon.

But there just isn't enough energy left in Aruba, just shouting in the wind, free ranging like Joran in an interview. Stevie Wonder without the glasses.

Joran playing the air guitar while Janssen and Dompig bumble their way to fireworks and a new search. Pathetic.

"We didn't do anything." That's Aruba's epilogue, the blame wrapped in the truth.

The case is filled with so much hate, the Van der sloots even pulling out the race card. It doesn't get more ironic than that.

But the glaring need to prove one's innocent is very strange, almost an admission of guilt. The key moment in dispute, who picked up Joran? Will there be another Steve Croes? Someone to come forward and back up a lie for no apparent reason? What stoner will say they were on the beach?

It isn't far-fetched to think Paul Van der sloot will continue to sue his way through Aruba, the Police and Prosecutor have already been put on notice.

But I sense desperation on the part of the Van der sloots. Like everything else, the lies lead away from the truth.

Paul Van der sloot's life failure is almost complete. A man on the brink of oblivion.

Paul Van der sloot has cost Aruba dearly in every way. The Van der sloots are alone in their responsibility and no one else.

He's a man in his last gasp of life.

Joran, Paulus and now Joey Tacopina are looking more and more like each other. Blaming, misogynistic desperate bullies.

I mean Joe Tacopina is threatening whom?

Nobody cares Joey, you're shrinking in your suit.

Joran Van der sloot is a murderer.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Aruba: Judge's Rulings On the Van der Sloots goes Missing

The faxed decision from Curacao regarding the size of compensation Aruba must pay Paul Van der sloot for his inconvenience and the decision regarding Joran's complete innocence has apparantly gone missing from Gerold Dompig's desk accourding to Bon Dia, Aruba.

"I couldn't finish my sandwich and I grabbed some paper off my desk and wrapped it thinking I would take it home" said the Chief.

"I then went to see Karin Jannsen and must have dropped it on her desk. I remember asking Dennis Jacobs for a ride but we didn't talk about why I was barefoot. Shoes are not a big issue in Aruba so a little detail like leaving your shoes around town is really not important." "I was hoping Karin would shine them for me" said the Chief.

Dompig is under pressure to give more details on exactly where he left the sandwich. It's believed the amount of the award and the clearing of Joran Van der sloot may cause trouble and the internal debate threatens to paralyze the solving of this case.

"I think Dennis Jacobs may have gone back to Janssen's office after I left" said Dompig.

"We really had momentum going with the scavenger hunts planned and the foreign weeping witnesses ready to tell us where the fireworks are" said Chief Dompig.

"It's an amazing set of coincidences that I almost can't believe it myself" said Dompig.

Karin Janssen was quoted as saying, "I see no reason to believe he's lying even if he is black."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Arubatruth Spokesperson : Cloning the Messenger

They all just plug into the same story, a series of crafted statements for a purpose. The long line of Arubatruth funded spokesperson's. Remember Ruben Trapenburg? Tacopina is just the latest version of a long line of job interviewees looking for a career boost.

The message is the same, whether by Schippers or Tacopina, Dompig and Cohen, it's arrogant and defensive and rooted in lies and savagery.

But we don't fear you're lies or you anymore and the threatening is just so hollow. Nobody's afraid of Aruba no matter how much manufactured mysticism and dark corruption they try to paint to scare away the interest.

It's not scary, it's more like a film set, just actors who have to ad lib. They become almost incoherent, like the Arubatruth Spokesperson role.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Joe Tacopina: Who Will Rehabilitate You?

Joey Tacopina is sure that the charges against Joran Van der sloot of past predatory behaviour are made up.

How does he know this? "I spoke to many people in Aruba, both legal and civil, and from everything I've heard this is made up."

Tacopina is believing people in Aruba? What people? Wow, he is a good lawyer.

Yeah sure Joe.

Where have you been the last 9 months?

He's going to sue "others."

Tacopina is recanting the poor man's version of this story. He doesn't know how anyone can have information to think Joran is guilty. Amazing.

I guess he's going to sue people in Aruba. The information has all come for Aruba, not in the U.S. Or are you going to test the first ammendment rights?

I'll do anything to force the truth to come out Joey. Joran is a murderer and a predator. There are other victims and there will be more.

Wait until you see the trash thrown at these girls when they come forward.

Hey Joe, do you have the misogny in you to keep going then? You stepped into the pit and have been slimed.

Or has Paulus told you the police files will never be made public? I mean after all he is being compensated by Aruba so you assume they must know what they're doing?

Where have you been on this story? The finger police are way ahead of you.

Be ready for some time off to spend with the family. The Van der sloots and not the prosecution control the evidence and their over- reaching will take them down.

Why do legally innocent people who are not in jail spend so much energy and money trying to prove they're innocent? It doesn' make sense unless they're guilty.

It's like me spending all my time and money proving my name is deetch. Why would I do that?

Who picked up Joran? Why this goes unanswered legally is important. That's why the Van der sloots are fighting not to have to answer that in front of a judge. They can't even answer that outside of court with multiple attempts.

It never happened.

You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Joey Tacopina has fleas.

Unable to answer who picked up Joran at the beach Mr. Tacopina does what he's being paid to do, blame Natalee and her parents and anyone else he can bully.

This is how he rehabilitates Joran's image?

And rehabilitates it back to what? He claims he is a normal teenage boy, too scared to tell the truth to the police or a judge.

But Joey Tacopina, who's legal representation consists of work any lawyer could do, no doubt wouldn't let his daughter go out with a Joran Van der sloot. A "not in my neighborhood" attack dog who simply cannot answer any question of relevence.

Would Joey be so forgiving to anyone who would leave his daughter "on the beach."

Is that why you can't answer a simple question about who exactly picked up Joran at his beach?

You've already lied on national television when you coyly sidestepped the question as to how you came to this case. You distracted away from the question of who approached you. Or did you approach Aruba?

You didn't answer the question, you won't. You just blow hot air.

A normal teenage boy? If Joran Van der sloot is a normal teenage boy then why does he need you to come on television and tell us?

No doubt you can't answer that question either. You'd launch into some attack on Natalee again, debasing yourself for money and a chance to gel up for the cameras.

But Joran didn't hire you did he? That wouldn't be normal would it Joey?

I'm willing to bet you've spent more time speaking with Paulus Van der sloot than Joran.

But you've put it down. "Joran is a victim too." That comment is now all we'll remember you by as you prostitute yourself for the camera.

Who'll rehabilitate you?

He looks forward to the trial in the US. He will be represented by the American lawyer Joe Tacopiña. He will be the defending lawyer in the case against Joran and represent him in TV-show. He is a well-known criminal lawyer that appears on a regular basis in talkshows on MSNBC. Joran says that Tacopiña works pro bono. “Tacopiña doesn’t like the way the case gets blown up and wants to help me. I am of course very happy with that.”

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Joey Tacopina Jumps the Shark

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse:

Joey Tacopina has been hired to rehabilitate Joran's image. On the Abrams Report, Joey Tacopina stated"

"Joran's a good kid"

"He's a victim"

"He was just telling what he was told, something that with counselling didn't need to be aired."

"Police Investigators in Aruba believe Beth has crossed the line"

The same investigators who took a Joran lie and arrested two innocent security guards are telling us that Beth crossed the line?

I hope every American remembers that this murderer and liar claims he feels older than his age yet hasn't worked a day in his life. His lifestyle of gambling funded by his parents.

I hope every American remembers that at the most critical time in Natalee's life, Joran van der sloot lied to investigators.

Those investigators believed his lie and now say Beth has gone over the line?

I hope every American remembers fear, and remembers the fear of Natalee Holloway as she died.

A promising life snuffed out by this coward. You want to talk fear?

I hope every American remembers the Van der sloots and Kalpoes and the cowardly "investigators."

She wanted to be a doctor and earned a scholarship with hard work while Joran was gambling with his father's money.

Never forget this about Aruba and never forget about Natalee Holloway.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Kalpoe's Wild Night in Aruba

I get a call just before 11 p.m from Joran Van der sloot inviting me to hang out that night.

Sounds like fun.

So around midnight I ask my brother Satish to come with me and hang out with Joran.

He said "great idea."

We drove 20 minutes to pick up Joran. We parked the car and went into Joran's apartment where he was organizing some homework that was due the next day. It's about 12:15.

We all drive back to Carlos n Charlies and even though it's only open for another 30 minutes, it's all good.

I had a quick drink, mingled a little before closing and I went to warm up the car.

I waited for a few minutes and out comes Joran holding hands with a blond girl and my brother is walking with them.

They get in the car and Joran asks me to drive to his house. Boy, am I having fun.

We get to Joran's house and Joran says the girl wants to go see sharks so I start driving towards the beach, the beach by the Marriott.

When we get to the beach, Joran says he's going to get out and asks if I can come back later and pick him up.

Sure, I can go get some time on the computer and my brother and me drive home.

What a night! I get to drive to Joran's then to Carlos n Charlies have a drink drive them to his house then to the beach and I'm going home with my brother.

An hour later Joran calls me and asks if I will pick him up. I say okay. But I was having so much fun on my computer and a little tired from all the partying that I ask Satish if he will go pick up Joran.

Satish, being the good guy he is, says "okay." be continued.