Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Greta Van sustern is Black!

Diario has confirmed that Dennis Jacobs arrested a maid at the Marriott by the name of Greta van sustern. Karin Janssen was quoted as saying, "we have suspicion that the maid was yelling bad things and Chief Dompig believes he has witnesses who say van sustern stole some cameras."

Wow those cops seemed to be right on it. The crack police force that Joran says beat him and even Paulus Van der sloot admits (CBS interview August) "botched the case."

What kind of father gives his underage son his hard earned money to gamble and drink? Come to think of it, what father gives his son any of his hard earned money regarless of his age to gamble and drink?

But was Paulus' money hard earned? Why would he want his son, who is known as a bad gambler, to waste money in a casino?

I have to laugh thinking about asking my father for some cash to gamble and buy drinks. He would have laughed too, the first time.

But Aruba is known as a money laundering haven and what better way than to do some laundry than dropping some cash at a casino. A guy with no experience loses and loses and loses and it's all good. Paulus keeps on giving the money. Where did that money come from, the salary he was making from Aruba?

Was it drug money Joran was spending? Can someone find out what a clerk and judge in training makes in Aruba? 3 kids and there's enough disposable income to let your kid loose in a casino?

I've never heard of this. But then again, I was raised in New Jersey and that stuff doesn't go on there.

I can understand why Joran would want to protect his source. I mean does the guy know what it means to actually earn a dime? It's easy to spend Daddy's money, or was that in itself a job?

By all accounts Dennis Jacobs has done a poor job in his first murder case. His experience is in narcotics. How well could he be doing in that job if Aruba has a reputation as a drug haven?

So the lead investigator is a narcotics cop. Joran spends money freely in a casino that his father, who seems to be doing well unemployed...no it's just a coincidence.

I'm sure it's all very normal, I don't understand Dutch law I guess.

Greta does look a little black doesn't she?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Ready, Fire, Aim

This story is perfect for her.

A cross between Joe Mammana, Emiril and Wendy Murphy, Ms. Guilfoyle has sprinkled some essence into the coverage of Aruba. The former lingerie model does kick it up a notch.

She is quite a mix of brains and Jack Daniels. A smart woman who socialized in the pretentious world of San Francisco High Society became a successful Prosecutor and now seems to want to get into the low brow mudpit of Aruba.

One can only hope she joins the fray and finds the calling. Or maybe like millions of others she already has?

Now may be the time for the woman you sense can bring the pain. How about a sit down with the murdering coward Paul Van der sloot? What's 12 million times $29.95?



Saturday, February 25, 2006

Aruba: The Beach Story Never Happened

The beach story is a lie. Made up after the fact to make Dennis Jacobs look either stupid or corrupt, a potential scapegoat if necessary. The reason Joran has to attach a Kalpoe is he has no alibi. Just like his other stories, it never happened.

There is no corroboration for the beach story, a story that is complete fiction.

Because he's protecting Paul Van der sloot, repeating his father's stories. The reason he said he doesn't think people should believe him is he knows that his father/lawyer isn't to be believed.

If they went to the lighthouse it was after Natalee was already dead. But the first lie was told by the one person who certainly knows where Natalee is.

Paul Van der sloot.

When the family and police arrived, Paulus lied and said they were at the Wyndham gambling. No they weren't. Where were they and why were you 4 all together again?

The kid who forgot his shoes is playing the police for fools? I don't think so. It's an insider, Paulus van der sloot who is playing them for fools, everything a misdirection. It was never more obvious than in the interview.

When will the ALE stop believing the lies? Stop being led like stooges down dead end stories created by Paul van der sloot?

"Well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a scapegoat, used, like, a black person is society to cover their mess." Mickey John

Paul Van der sloot is the one who was with Joran, and is desperate to keep himself out of the story. Deepak, Satish, barefoot, what's next to try to make the beach story believable?

The guy couldn't buy a condom but can leave his $100.oo shoes on the beach? He doesn't believe in unsafe sex but he can assault a girl in the back seat of a friends car while his friend and brother drive? He can say he left Natalee on the beach but doesn't believe in unsafe sex? This kid has no empathy. Where did he not learn that?

Joran doesn't believe the lies himself but the police do?

The man without a career is peddling his son. The man, a judge in training who had no problem with the guards sitting in jail, falsely accused. The man who has no problem assaulting Natalee again, free because he buried her. And this was a man working in the prosecutor's office. A man at the end of his road.

Paulus is using his son/client and the Kalpoe's to protect himself. Arubatruth his willing stooges too. I wouldnt' be surprised if he takes the dunes and the ocean as clients and manages to prevent any further searches, covering Dompig's ass.

Happy to sit by and watch his son/client debase himself for his protection. Happy to let his son be the target of wrath as long as it's not him, he needs an out. He's got Deepak and Jacobs as scapegoats if he needs them. Natalee just won't work for you Paulus.

She did what you couldn't do. She said no. And you killed her. The arrogance to think Beth and Dave should just go away. Now the stupidity to think we will not bring you justice.

Natalee died at the Van der sloot house. The place Paulus didn't want searched.

It wasn't an accident and the beach story may have been believed if it was told first. But it couldn't because Natalee's remains were not securely hidden yet. Paulus took care of that and then made up the beach story.

And Aruba gets in line again.

Steve Cohen from Arubatruth, the official spokesperson:

"No, I don't think the chaperones will be questioned. We think the people who are responsible are not the kids in Alabama, but one of the 3 suspects." Responsible for what Steve? Once again, no mention of Paul Van der sloot. Still being duped.

Then in a release from Arubatruth:

"In that regard, efforts continue to construct the case, including an expected renewal of excavation of a plot of land in the dunes by the Lighthouse."

A plot of land in the dunes by the lighthouse in the middle of the night and you have a credible witness who just happened to be there and can pinpoint the 'plot of land'?

How could it be possible that it's not from someone who is guilty of her murder? One can only hope that Dompig and Janssen will be under oath someday.

How does Chief Dompig know what's credible? He, like everyone else is lying. A stooge, a token, paralyzed by wanting to please but no backbone. You have someone more credible who just happened to be near the lighthouse in the middle of the night and can pinpoint the location? It's bullshit Dompig.

For Dompig to have 2 credible and different locations and a witness who was there, in the dunes, by the lighthouse, in the middle of the night...

...no, there's no cover up.

Dompig, you are so full of shit. Hey Chief, why are the 3 "guilty as hell?" There won't be a search because you can't explain this contact, you can't explain success or failure of a search. And you won't be able to explain why the tipster doesn't want the money.

The hypocrisy of the authorities to claim they need to look at all angles when they are the ones with myopia, dazzled by the lies of Joran van der sloot, led around like idiots. Unable to search anywhere, allowing Paulus to be deemed innocent by the Kangaroo court in Aruba.

It's all about the distraction and it continues. The 3 have immunized themselves by lying so often. If a Joran confession isn't enough why are you still focusing on the 3? Because Paulus wants you to. You are willing fools as Mickey John said, stooges complicit in the cover up of a horrific crime against Natalee. So sensitive to criticism yet so easily sit by while Natalee is smeared, unable to defend herself again. But we are saying no, again, for her.

Not one person from Aruba has come forward to denounce Joran's blaming Natalee, not one?
You're depravity will be shoved back in your face.

Too cowardly to committ suicide the murdering Van der sloots will take another victim if they aren't stopped.

He was the one with Joran, the father/lawyer. Do you really think he would trust his son to dispose of evidence so completely? A son/client who can't keep track of his sneakers is going to sanitize evidence? I don't think so. It's rolling towards Dennis Jacobs.

Or do the police and prosecutor want to fall for these lies? Giving Paulus so many chances to get them out of this.

Forget the kids who can't remember their shoes, they are the messengers now. They have no connections.

Paulus knows the meaning of evidence and Natalee's remains would have sent him and his son away for a long time.

When will the ALE focus on the exact things Paulus Van der sloot doesn't want you to see? What's his timeline? He hides behind his son, the Kalpoes and his wife. Yes Joran you don't know what a real man is, I believe that. A real man would have sat next to you in the interview on camera. But he can't, doesn't have the courage, he'd rather let you take the heat for him. You're his scapegoat too. You memorized your lines, but they had no feelings. Only your prediction of hate for Natalee if she returned, not happiness and relief but hate. You're word, your father's word.

Aruba, we'll match your hate, payback, it's fair the rage is growing because of Aruba's own words. Paulus's words.

"There are issues in this case that can go beyond the obvious in their implications.
It will take time for all the information regarding this lovely child to come out.
Some of it will be hard to handle some of it will be expected ...
In my opinion, this issue has far reaching implications for all those involved. I wish us all strength
."Charles Croes

“Paulus Van der Sloot was arrested on the suspicion of premeditated murder" Prosecutor spokesperson Marianne Croes 6/24

Both of these people have had only trouble since speaking.

No problem trashing Natalee? No problem letting the black security guards sit in jail while you concoct your lies? No problem hiding behind your wife and kid, no problem allowing Natalee's family to suffer, no problem letting the "poor and innocent" suffer.

No problem running like a scared little girl from the media. Yes, I believe Joran doesn't know what a real man is because it's not in a casino. But Joran did do something his father could not do. No way Paulus could have sat for that interview.

You have cost Natalee's life in so many ways.

You're life of failures is your legacy. You have one more chance to do anything noble. Blow your brains out is our plea bargain for you.

A handful of Americans caught the interview because they were interested. Natalee is the 5th most popular search on Netscape and here's what Arubatruth has to say about the agenda's at the moment:

"The continuing need of US cable programs to use the story to hold onto slipping viewer interest."

Uh huh. Sure.

Arubatruth you're releases, while still arrogant, are getting shoddy, defensive and just juvenile. Is there anyone left in the office? Who sent that out, the janitor?

You're going down in blames.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Joran: "I'm covering for my Fathers Career"

That's what I heard.

This is a sick and dangerous freak show. Joran van der sloot is a danger to himself and those around him.

He is being totally used by his parents in a bizarre co-dependancy that continues to hurt and insult.

This kid needs help. I could see physically he needs to tell the truth but it's his parents who don't want him to.

Why is it that last night, to me, he didn't come off looking any more guilty than before but his father did?

It was truly scary the psychosis and hate the van der sloots are spewing. They don't represent Dutch people. They represent themselves, racist, misogynist, anti-sematic users.

I find it hard to imagine that any citizen, Dutch, Aruban...would not be frightened by what they saw last night.

The self hate was absolutely something to worry about. "I'm a liar, I'm a cheat, I'm not a real man, I wouldn't believe me, it doesn't look good for me, my parents don't know what I do."

Suicide is one thing, but these people take others with them. The van der sloots continue to assault Natalee and themselves.

These are sado-masochistic people the van der sloots, who have nothing left.

More dangerous now than ever. Don't let there be any more victims.

Arubatruth doesn't seem to understand the way a non-fascist country works. It is not a crime to not watch news, cable or otherwise. You don't get fined for not tuning in to Primetime Live.

The demand drives the media, not the other way around. You seem to not find fault in the van der sloots use of the media but imply they are victims of the media dragged to NYC.

Being white and Dutch in Aruba creates a holier than thou feeling for a kid of privelege. A big fish in a small pond. He cared about Aruba as much as he cared about the security guards.

But this interview is a perfect snapshot of a boy raised as much by Aruba as by his parents.

You simply cannot recover Natalee's remains without accountability and that is what's holding up the truth here. ArubaTruth now mentioning digging up a specific spot in the dunes?

This without any equipment only scouts with sticks? How can that be? How can you have this location? Credible weeping secret witnesses from outside of Aruba?

Are you planning to put Natalee there and then find her? Chief Dompig and Karin Janssen would fare no better than Joran last night under the same circumstances.

I mean Dennis Jacobs took his clues from Joran van der sloot, how screwed up is that?

I saw a guy who only looked directly at the camera when he mentioned his father or a coached lie clearly from Paul van der sloot. Every time and only when his father is mentioned does he look directly into the camera.

The Hitler comment directly aimed at a family that Joran chides as "not behaving the way a family who's lost a daughter should." This from a guy who doesn't believe himself and doesn't think he's a real man. It was words coming from the parents.

I saw Joran clearly protecting his father and not himself. It was a pathetic and scary performance. The parents by his side, while Joran does what he wants, again. "My parents don't know what I do when I'm out." No kidding, that's both a defense of the civil suit and an indictment of van der sloot parenting.

Unable to control their son. Now that son owns their careers and their lives, only making him more dangerous. Joran even admitting he needs help with his emotions.

This is the definitive documentary of a murderer and the island of Aruba.

You could hear where the Joran cult gets their truth, from a guy who wouldn't believe himself but the hater's don't see that even they are being lied to and insulted by their story teller.

He looked right in the camera when Joran said "I didn't want my father to know" and you could see that there is a seriously screwed up father/son/client/attorney relationship. The witness to his crimes, he now has secured an attorney on retainer. Hard to know anymore who's the witness and who's the suspect.

I also heard the tv media think that people still watch tv news. The internet is driving the tv audience for ABC.

"The police are fools" that's what I heard. But I've heard it somewhere else. From a black security guard.

"well like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're fools. They have to go back to school. They were used, like, a scapegoat, a black person in society to cover their mess." Mickey John

That was the security guard that Ms. Janssen believed committed murder.

The Van der sloots are not covering an accident. For the first time Paul van der sloot looked more guilty than his son/client.

Two months ago, Jossy Mansur was asked where he thought this case was going and he said the campaign to smear and blame Natalee is where it was headed.

Why would he say that and how did he turn out to be correct? If it was only Paul and his attorney strategizing he would never have known that. But you can hear the echo of Renfro and Schippers and Pauly.

Joran doesn't think the police are dirty, just stupid and brutal.

The media again never mentioned the influence of the internet but that's okay. Joran's ready to crack, and we'll stay on it until he does.

He's guilty and more dangerous than ever.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Joran Ready with the "Truth." Is Aruba?

But when it mattered and Natalee's life was in the balance he lied.

It's pretty clear that Paulus Van der sloot is Joran's attorney and not Antonio Carlo.The greed to want media exposure when you're client is still a suspect. Or do you already know he's not? Once again, the Van der sloots seem to act like their not suspects, why is that? Smiddy tell you that?

But Paulus Van der sloot is building his own cell. He doesn't really work as a lawyer in Aruba. He's working on his own legal troubles and that's all.

The intensity is certainly rising, and rising to levels that only true explorers of the wild have felt.

The media is still missing the story.

The blogosphere is responsible for pushing this story. Smothering the Van der sloots. It's absolutely the right thing to do and necessary.

The over-reaching will only get more dangerous as the whisperers start inching away, not returning calls.

There is no place to run. But staying in Aruba and rotting on the evidence is the beginning of a just sentence.

Jacobs and Smid have their own actions to answer for and the attention is rolling towards them.

The excuses are moving towards Dennis Jacobs. Janssen will seperate herself from the police. The case just didn't have enough evidence for the golfing partner of Paulus Van der sloot, judge Rik Smid?

But is there enough evidence right now? Enough to convince Janssen twice, Van der straaten, Dompig, Cohen...to think there was a murder here but not convincing to Smid?


What is the gap that allows the Chief of Police, both of them and the Chief Prosecutor to know they have a murder but not a judge from Curacao? Why should we believe anything Karin Janssen says?

If Janssen can blame the police, what evidence was she using to come to the conclusion of murder, against the guards and the Kalpoe's? She's never mentioned murder with the name van der sloot.

And we are to believe she's done all she could? She admitted speaking with Paul van der sloot but she does not communicate with Beth. How much more obvious does it have to be?

Smothering the Van der sloots is a victory for anyone who's ever clicked on Natalee Holloway.

What are the van der sloots going to do when their last employer starts finding out evidence of fraud by an employee? And if the Netherlands wants to prosecute, where will they go?

They used to say you can't get blood out of a stone. But now, you can and we will.

The whole investigation has been a publicity stunt. Let's see the hotel video of the next night, the night when Paulus said his son/client was there again, gambling.

My guess he won't be on the tape.

Janssen is now doing more damage by keeping the case open, the charade of the team of investigators working 24/7.

So what do some new black witnesses bring to the case? Nothing for a prosecutor that has used the word of Joran van der sloot as evidence twice.

End the charade Ms. Janssen and move on to an even more mediocre career. When you're moment came, you cowered. It's a joke to even call you a prosecutor, you've acted like a willing stooge.

But all the names, Schippers, Renfro, Dompig, van der straaten etc. will forever be remembered by their cowardice and most of all the smearing of Natalee Holloway without any justification. The continued assault on Natalee's name by Joran van der sloot and you sit by and do nothing but throw release parties for him?

Paulus calls Janssen a liar and she does nothing?

You are shameful and disgusting people who will not be forgotten, we'll remind your children and their children of your cowardice and cruelty.

It will be the Netherlands that finally puts the murdering Van der sloots away.

The murdering Van der sloots.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Real Joran Van der sloot

Monday, February 20, 2006

Damn Yankees: Cawfee Tawk for da' Van der sloots

Thank You ABC for giving air to the remake of "Father Knows Best 2006." We must not be hypocritical and shoot the messenger. Airing the van der sloots is always revealing.

Given another opportunity to treat his son like his son instead of a client, he preferred to fly his client in from halfway around the world.

Leave the parenting to others, he's you're client.

And thank you for reminding me of my own father, still reflecting on the knowledge that I'd still be in the hospital if I was in this kind of trouble, not bouncing around Europe. I guess they didn't do alot of takes back in the day.

Joran, that picture of your Dad with a cape on is also a lie, a fantasy. He'll throw you out of the house when the time is right. What's that? He already did?

If you left school because you were scared, the safest place should be right next to Mom and Dad. Why isn't it?

You are a victim to you're own parents and they are selling it to the Netherlands. So far, the mommy state is buying it.

Paul is earning a living, adapting to the opportunities. Being a father is not a role he's interested in.

He leaves the parenting thing to his wife. She can talk about that stuff. (she knows her lines now)

Paul brought the family to New York for money. His victimization story the only asset he has right now.

It's so obvious watching him. He's a bad liar, like his son. Or is it the other way around?

You're not getting paid by Antonio Carlo. You're just using name recognition to brand the Carlo name. Even he is learning what a risk that is.

His after the fact admission of concern about the NY trip was classic politics. Good thing the statement taking credit for a van der sloot coup wasn't read, but you did have it prepared?

Wouldn't fairness dictacte the NY judge be a golfing buddy of Dave Holloway? Is Wendy Murphy available to be flown in from somewhere? I mean what's fair is fair, right?

It's only a matter of time before someone tires of being victimized. They have to be a Dutch citizen.

Only another Dutch citizen is in a postition of authority to be credible enough, however you define it, to end this ongoing criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, it was only a Dutch citizen that allowed the van der sloots to defraud the same system in the first place.

Has Karin Janssen done anything, anything at all to inspire even the smallest amount of confidence? Has she shown any skill in her representation for Natalee?

She just never understood what she was supposed to do. She's the one that let emotion get in the way of justice. She put the interests of her co-worker, friend and countrymen first and couldn't recover. Her job was to represent Natalee and she failed.

She'll blame the police saying she's only as good as the evidence she received. Yes, the police.

The last frontier of the truth in Aruba. The dirty police.

But Janssen knew about Koen Gottenbos and knew Joran's alibi was blown. She knew Koen's boat was used and she just could not bring herself to go after the truth.

Karin Janssen knows exactly what she did and now it's too late, you can't unring that bell Ms. Janssen. There's no legal precendent for the inability to face the victims mother. It's just you're sub-conscious not speaking.

You froze. Your assistant prosecutor tried to tell you. But she told Dave Holloway and us:

"Well, she really didn't want to talk about anything. And finally, I just told her what I knew. And after I got into talking about what I knew about the case and about this witness, she finally opened up and told me, she said, Dave, I've been trying to tell them over and over and over again to pursue this witness, and they just won't listen. And she finally said, this is my country, you know, and she was just literally frustrated and didn't know what to do. And finally, she indicated that, you know, she had no other choice."

What makes Dompig's witnesses credible? Their nationality or the quality of their tears? How is a guy calling from oversease considered credible if you don't know his name? You're panicking and making up stories again Chief.

But everything you need to know about the van der sloot could be the moment ABC asks Paul if he knows where Natalee is. His response in front of Joran would be a reminder of how Joran van der sloot was raised.

Watching his father lie. His behaviour actually gives him leverage over Dad. His revenge getting to watch his dad sweat and lie to save himself. Who is running this family? It's pretty obvious that Joran is the central force in the van der sloot life.

When you watch the ABC interview think about the video of Paul van der sloot running from the camera and remember that he knows where Natalee is.

Paul van der sloot knows where Natalee is. He's being compensated by Aruba for incovenience.

He knows where Natalee is. He's running scared. He's being compensated.

He knows where Natalee is. He's is running scared.

He knows where Natalee is.

He knows.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

"...used like a scapegoat, like a black person in society to cover their mess."

Maybe Aruba is setting up the Van der sloots to hang themselves. The Aruba confessional only open to those calling in from somewhere else? Are they "chatter.?"

It's not just Paul van der sloot who knew about the past complaints against the Flying Dutchman. Include Karin Janssen, Jan Van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs and Gerold Dompig.

Yet they chose to pursue the security guards.

"This is contrary to what also reached the editorial desk, indicating that there is a girl of 17 years old who apparently will press charges against Joran to the authorities for rape. According to this information that reached our editorial desks, apparently there are 3 girls who want to press charges, but that two of them have not yet decided, but that the other does have the intention of pressing charges soon." (Diario, 8/22/2005)

Dompig's new witnesses are they all cops or do they even exist? The man who has remorse living outside Aruba an ex Aruba policeman?

The Dutch elites in Aruba are getting behind the blame it on Natalee story. The sick and depraved Julia Renfro, Arlene Shippers and the Prime Minister. Is he even alive? Are the filming "Weekend at Nelson's" yet?

John: "...He, and the Dutch guy, and the
Dutch guy's father, they sit and made up the story."

Van Susteren: The father, too?

John: All of them, they made up...

Van Susteren: Did he specifically say-Deepak-specifically say to you the father was
part of that?

John: Deepak told me that he and the family sit down and they made up the

Van Susteren: So family and not father?

John: Well, I don't know who the family consist of. But I know the father
was involved, according to Deepak. They made up the story, and they
say that they didn't drop the girl off, because he said they would
give the police something to(inaudible)when somebody is missing in
Aruba., they would find them a few days later by a crack house or with
some beach bum or something.
So they made it up. But when, when push come to shove, and nothing was
going on, he decided to tell his brother. "We're going to tell the
truth and say exactly what took place," because I guess that much, he
by that time, he and the Dutch guy were saying different stories, so
something wasn't going right.

Van susteren: How certain are you that your memory is correct that the family or the
father was involved in creating this cover up story?

John: Well, he told me he, all of them, sit and make up the story. He, Dutch
guy, and the family. He told me they made up the story that they said
they dropped the girl off at the Holiday Inn. She was talking to a
black guy, security guard specific, dressed in black pants, black top.

Van Susteren: So what percentage certain are you that he said family or father that
was involved in this?

John: He said family

Van Susteren: So you're certain?

John: I'm certain

Van Susteren: He thought the Dutch guy would remain in custody?

John: Yes, he said, "we would be out soon," but he told me the Dutch guy
will remain in custody because he know he saw the last they dropped
him off with the girl at the Marriott. And I think he's holding back
something, the guy (inaudible) the father made up the story. He should
know what took place.

Van Susteren: Did he say why he saw willing to make up the story?

John: Well, I guess they wanted (inaudible) maybe the Dutch guy have some
power on them, they all friends, and the family stick and talk and
say, "we're going to stick to that, and that's it," you know? Trade in
some black guy, scapegoat, lock him up, I guess so.

Van Susteren: Anything else you'd like to say?

John: Well, like I said before, the justice system, the detectives, they're
fools. They have to go back to school. And they were used, like, a
scapegoat, used,like, a black person in society to cover their mess.

"The justice system, the detectives, they're fools?"

Ex-Commissioner Stanley Zaandam agrees with John. He said early on, "none of the high ranking commissioners has the qualification or experience to conduct a judicial investigation."

He went on to say, "the body of Natalee Holloway may have already been found and CVP (Police Commissioner) looked the other way to do a favor for Paul Van der sloot. To exculpate the son of Paul, the CVP and fiscal Chief Prosecutor Karin Janssen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John, called this a "tactical maneuver" and denied them their freedom another 10 days."(Bon Dia, 9/19/2005)

Karin Janssen:

"The father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran's, the suspect, the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. And that is--well, I can say--was an obstruction of the investigation. The father has spoken with those three suspects, and he said he gave them some legal advice--but I think the advices were going further than that--They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don't have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance."

Attorney General Mariaine Croes:

"Paulus Van der sloot is being held in suspicion of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, not the cover-up."

Not the cover up? What cover up?

2 credible witnesses, one says she's buried at sea and the other in the dunes? Which is it? Which is more credible? The FBI asking for the source tells you what you need to know about their faith in Dompig.

This isn't about money. These "new" witnesses are fictitious. They are figments of the imagination of Aruba story tellers.

Dompig's little game. Chief, is the witness Dutch? Is his account more relevant than Joran's confession?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What's in It for Dennis Jacobs?

John Q Kelly, have you had enough of the rubenesque charm of Janssen and Dompig yet? I mean can you get her on the cell in Torino Italy today?

Can you stomach being lied to so directly? Did you find her promise of fireworks a little seductive and actually believable? I think she's waiting for you to do something. Get on with it.

You seem like a smart guy, Mr. Kelly, but you know the landscape, Karin Janssen is not a prosecutor, she just plays one in Aruba.

The hotel lie was the directive, a memo from a co-workerr.

A coached drug dealer a convenient witness for a narcotics cop, Dennis Jacobs, handling his first murder case. Evidence of stolen equipment confirmed by the Chief of Police Jan Van der straaten and Karin Janssen brings the guards in, quickly.

The coordinated lies were followed by a coordinated effort to convict the security guards by Jan van der straaten, Dennis Jacobs and Karin Janssen.

Are we to believe these were all simultaneous "mistakes?" These were co-workers. Adults. They followed the lie so unanimously.

It took 2 days to have the guards in custody, their property searched. They had eyewitnesses and the Prosecutor and Chief of Police both publically commenting on murder. And actual evidence of stolen cameras of the Mountain Brook students in the possession of the guards. Just where is that evidence?

They had it all lined up. But somehow Beth interfered. It would never have taken this long, would it Ms. Janssen?

There was more actionable evidence against the guards than there is against Joran van der sloot. Doesn't this seem just a little too sterile?

How could the Chief of Police, the Prosecutor and the lead detective so quickly get behind the guilt of the security guards?

Their coordinated actions are as suspicious as the coordinated "hotel story" lie.

When asked by Greta van sustern in June about the rush to arrest 2 black security guards, Arlene Shippers said, "we don't like to talk about that."

No kidding?

How many times does Aruba have to admit Natalee was murdered? Now tell us why and how you know?

Karin Janssen has done it 3 times. The last 2 Arubatruth spokesperson's believe Joran killed Natalee. And the Chief of Police at the time, Jan van der straaten , stated this is a murder case.

What evidence do they have to make these statements?

Janssen was quoted early on that the security guards were held on suspicion of murder. She then charged the Kalpoe's with premeditated murder and rape. 2 months ago she released a statement saying Natalee was the victim of a capitol crime.

On what evidence? Dompig, why is it easier to prove a case against the guards than against Joran Van der sloot?

Joran confessed to you. But then you, issued a formal retraction. You were doing your job and then you were told to sign the retraction weren't you? White Chocolate to please the bosses.

Dennis Jacobs too stupid to see he's on the scapegoat list. He could be convicted of crimes and not Joran. It's possible Dennis. What's in it for you?

How do you investigate this investigation when the Prime Minister's last public comments were that he's sick of the case. Or the classic from Eric Zaadam, the President of the Police Union, that...'justice is proceeding as it should.'

The direct line to Paulus van der sloot goes through the lead investigator.

Just when the MB students interview is over the van der sloots come on television to let us know that Joran is liked by girls and she went voluntarily. Went where? Isn't it obvious that the van der sloot have access?

How much actionable evidence has Mr. Jacobs given the Prosecutor?

The first actionable evidence was provided by a Joran van der sloot lie. Subsequent arrests supported by Karin Janssen.

Then, we can assume, the Kalpoes and Joran were held for lying. The next action was to charge only the Kalpoes of rape and premeditated murder. What evidence did Ms. Janssen use?

The story of Joran van der sloot and his statement that Deepak murdered and raped Natalee.

Joran can implicate the Kalpoe's but not himself? His words only taken as actionable when they are used to target others?

If Dompig was dismissed as a spokesperson for saying "the 3 are guilty as hell" one can only imagine what would have happened to his precious career if he told about knowing Koen Gottenbos's boat was used that night or that it was Joran van der sloot who confessed to killing Natalee.

The tipping point for Dave Holloway came when he approached Dompig about Gottenbos. Dompig had known since June that Koen Gottenbos had lied about being with Joran that day and he knew the Gottenbos boat had been used. But his father came in and negotiated a plea bargain. Something we are told doesn't exist under Dutch law. How else can Dompig explain not bringing in Koen Gottenbos for questioning?

How else would Dompig request a search in a specific spot offshore if he hadn't gotten information from a witness or a suspect?

When Dave Holloway met with Dompig to suggest he bring Koen Gottenbos in for questioning, and that someone other than Jacobs do the interrogation, he immediately received calls at his Aruba hotel and his work office in the states.

Dennis Jacobs was frantically needing to speak with Dave Holloway.

When Dave finally spoke with Jacobs he was advised not to speak with Dompig without consulting with Jacobs first. You have the lead investigator telling the father of Natalee not to speak with the Chief of Police?

Besides the high school politics of this, is there any doubt this structure is ripe to be manipulated in favor of insiders?

8 months and 14 investigators and the only actionable evidence are stories by Joran van der sloot? This is all the lead investigator has? Which part of his stories make you believe there was a murder? His confession or his blaming Deepak?

It sounds like mission accomplished if you are Jan van der straaten and Paul van der sloot, best friends. Rats in their corporate cubicles playing games totally outside the law.

Dompig, as an Aruban, knows the only way he gets the top job in Aruba is not making waves. The classic company man who will only rise as far as he is allowed.

Is false evidence really evidence when the goal is to convict anyone but Joran?

Gerold Dompig has known about Koen Gottenbos for 8 months and only now is asking help in searching a spot off the beach?

It's taken so long because you don't have your stories straight on the response to whatever work Tim Miller is allowed to do. If remains found do this, if remains not found do this...was it even on the law firm's letterhead? What's the van der sloot law firms name?

Get on with it John, you're dealing with imposters who are paralyzed by fear, unable to keep their stories straight. It's not the Kalpoe's and Joran only, it's Jacobs, Van der straaten, Dompig and Janssen.

What makes the hate for the van der sloot so deep and so intense is their arrogance to believe that justice can include coming to anyone but the van der sloots. It just hit a nerve. The pain the van der sloots have brought is very motivating.

But justice will come to the Van der sloots and it will be worse than the Dutch courts would have recommended.

We'll just keep interfering, telling the story with our fingers. Wanting the Van der sloots stopped from taking any more victims.

"the act of a citizen, or goup of citizens, playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. The intent of this participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires."

No Van der sloot, No Justice.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prosecutor Janssen Complicit in Coverup?

So how did Dennis Jacobs, a career narcotics agent who has never worked a murder case become the lead investigator?

When this happened it created some hard feelings within the police department. The Chief at the time was Jan Van der straaten, Paulus van der sloot's best friend.

Dennis Jacobs is the only constant figure in the entire investigation. Van der straaten retired in July but there have been many leaders come and go including Roy Tromp who was removed from the case in early September.

Dennis Jacobs interviewed the suspects on May 31st and he admitted that there were inconsistencies in their statements, however, he didn't think it was necessary to re-interview them for days after they lied about where they dropped off Natalee.

If not for Beth reviewing the hotel tapes he would not have reinterviewed them at all. On June 1st after Jacobs already knew the 3 were lying he nevertheless told Dave that Natalee had probably fallen in love or run off with someone while drinking and she would return.

Yet Janssen is talking about a murder and that she has evidence against the guards?

Chris Lejuez, Attorney for Abraham Jones, the security guard and still a suspect was interviewed in June:

"I have seen only the statemnt of two of the three men. The evidence that I got, the documentation, the files that I received from the prosecutor's office contained only two of the statements. My colleague has asked the prosecutor why only the two, not the one of the Dutch boy? She was told by the prosecutor's office, that the statement would not be relevant to the case of her suspect, her client."

Not relevant? Really?

Lejuez reading directly from the document:

"These three claim one of them was in the car kissing and a little bit more than kissing this young girl, and now she's gone missing. They clearly dropped her off at the hotel at approximately 2 a.m. She got out of the car. She was under the influence of alcohol. And then they saw her walk through the front door of the hotel inside the lobby."

"At that point, they state they saw a man dressed in black pair of trousers with a black t-shirt and, a walkie-talkie in his hand come to her, speak to her, and that's when they left."

Karin Janssen was then interviewed on television and made this statement:

"The suspicion for these two suspects (guards) range from murder, to homicide, to kidnapping with death as a result. We also have complicity or accessory to those two criminal acts."

How does Janssen know there was a murder? And this before Joran and the Kalpoe's were arrested? She made this statement while the guards were still in custody!

Paul van der sloot continued to work at his desk in Ms. Janssen's office until August.

She mentioned 2 witnesses. One of whom was someone referred to as a beach bum, a drug dealer.

Dennis Jacobs was instrumental in orchestrating the arrest of the security guards. He did so after knowing full well that the 3 had lied.

The beach bum Janssen was talking about is named Booty who hangs out next to the Holiday Inn. Booty insists he saw the guards going in and out of Natalee's room.

Remember, Jacobs is narcotics agent and he coached the beach bum/drug dealer to finger the guards. Then he was sold to Janssen as a credible witness by Dennis Jacobs.

The belt and some plastic that Fred Golba excavated in the now of interest dunes were thrown away by Dennis Jacobs who said, "they were of no value."

When Dave Holloway was questioned in October for 3 hours regarding the encounter Dave had with Paulus van der sloot, the English translated version came back as a one page document and failed to even relate to the subject it was intended to cover. It made reference to Beth and Jug Twitty and the Natalee Holloway fund. The statement was prepared by Dennis Jacobs and witnessed by another police officer who was not even present during the testimony.

Dennis Jacobs was and is responsible for taking the statements from the suspects in this case. As I've written above, the statements always seem to exlude Joran or are manipulated in his favor.

Karin Janssen arrested the Kalpoes on the specific charges of premeditated murder and rape. The only evidence being the statements by Joran van der sloot.

A dispatcher in the police department has seen Jan van der stratten often in the police office as late as October of 2005.

Dennis Jacobs was hand picked by Paul van der sloot's best friend, Jan van der stratten even though he had never worked a murder or missing persons case.

So the Kalpoes are arrested on the words of Joran van der sloot and the guards arrested on the word of a local drug dealer who was coached.

It seems clear to me that the guards were being set up by Dennis Jacobs.

When Paulus van der sloot invited the Kalpoes over and used the phrase "no body, no crime" he wasn't telling them what to do. He would not leave this work to the Kalpoe's and Joran. He was telling them what he, Paul van der sloot had put in motion with the help of Jan van der staaten, Dennis Jacobs and the prosecutor Karen Janssen.

He was assuring the eye witnesses, the Kalpoe's, that if they remain silent, they would stay out of legal trouble. He needed them. Just like he needs Anita know.

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is. Dennis Jacobs knows she was murdered by Joran van der sloot and Karin Janssen knows she was using van der sloot manufactured evidence to pin this crime on anyone but the person who committed it, Joran van der sloot.

"He's not the same boy anymore"

Despite her best Shelly Winters Poseiden Adventure act, Anita Van der sloot told us the old Joran van der sloot is gone.

So he's now someone else? The old van der sloot a rapist and murderer, self styled pimp is not the same as the one she now calls her son?

What are you going to do when you're relatives are tired of babysitting? When you've called in your favors and they don't want the liability that goes along with housing a murderer, then what?

They came on for the interview because they are already explaining why they will be financially compensated for being inconvenienced. They are preemptively trying to soften the reaction to what the van der sloot has already said is a done deal.

They are appealing to those who have made themselves willingly or unwittingly complicit in a coverup.

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should." Eric Zaadam, President of the Police Union

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Plea Bargain in Aruba: Is Janssen a Liar?

Steve Cohen, Gerold Dompig, you both said you believe the 3 are guilty.

Karin Janssen, you were quoted twice that Paul van der sloot said "no body, no crime."

Have the van der sloots been cooperative? Has Joran been cooperative?

You sit on your hands while the van der sloots once again attack Natalee's mother? You sit by silently as they spout lies, and spin the "dropped her at the beach story"? Not even enough pride to refute what you know is untrue.

Do you have any corroboration of the "dropped her at the beach story?" Do you even have a timeline for that night?

Has Joran been treated unfairly? I didn't hear the van der sloot criticize Dompig or Cohen but I did hear Paulus call Janssen a liar.

Not a single person in Aruba will step forward and refute these statemenst by the Van der sloots? Not even the police, who's actions will reward the van der sloots with financial compensation?

Dennis Jacobs, the Keurmeester, wrongly arrested Paul van der sloot, the security guards and the Kalpoe's. Were they all mistakes?

And you still remain silent? Why?

How many of you can fit under Anita's mumu? Does Nelson Oduber have a spine?

The Van der sloots interview must be addressed or are we to now accept that they are the official spokesperson's for Aruba?

1. Why the first lie, prepared and coordinated before the police arrived?
2. Why did the second lie, remove the Kalpoe's from the scene?
3. Did PVDS tell Janssen that he advised, "no body, no crime?"
4. Why are the security guards still suspects?
5. When will Gumby Oduber come out of hiding?

The Van der sloot have proven the police to be incompetent, in court, and have called the prosecutor a liar.

And you blame Beth?

"I dropped her off at the hotel"
"When the police came and showed me her picture, I didn't even know who she was"
"I dropped her on the beach"
"Deepak raped and killed her"
"My father picked me up"
"Deepak drove me home"
"I walked home without my shoes"
"I'm a pimp"
"My mommy speaks for me now"
"I didn't have sex with her"
"It was voluntary"
"I didn't have voluntary sex with her"
"I had voluntary sex with not her"
"She was coming in and out of consciousness"
"I only had voluntary sex with her in the conscious moments"
"I picked her up and but she told me to leave her on the beach"
"I have more to tell and I'm just not ready now to do that"
"My mommy speaks for me"
"I shouldn't have gone out that night"
"Natalee wanted me to come out"
"I let my father down"
"I dropped her on the beach"
"It was all voluntary"

And you blame Beth?

Just in the last month:

Spokesperson for Aruba claims new interrogations
Janssen promises "fireworks"
New tips and new searches
PVDS hearing on compensation, date set for end of February
Anita Van der sloot publicly attacks Beth Holloway
Paul Van der sloot calls Janssen a liar and tells us Natalee went voluntarily
VDS's claim they have been cooperative

And you blame Beth?

No Van der sloot, no justice.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Van der sloot GMA Tapes Altered?

The lips were moving but we can't be sure. I clearly heard them say this is a coverup and their son murdered Natalee but promises not to do it again.

The tapes may have been altered. Good Morning America cannot confirm whether we were hearing the original or an edited version? Where was the interview?

Was it at the home where the media can visit but not the police?

The van der sloot were cooperative, with Aruba.

They are simply saying they did it for Aruba. That interview wasn't for the U.S. it was for Aruba and Holland. Hey, we followed procedures to protect Aruba not harm it.

So leave us alone. Move on without searching our property, move on without investigating why a van der sloot lie pointed to the security guards, move on from the landfill, move on from the rocks, it was just cleaning fluid and chocolate, move on...because moving on from the van der sloot's means moving on from the truth. They are the evidence.

Did you hear that Ms. Janssen? You have you're orders. Move on!

Earth to van der sloot: You're dutch law book won't help you outside of Aruba. We're not impressed with your courtroom victories. You're little league home cooked legal system won't be able to help you when you face big league fastballs.

You can't threaten anyone outside of your island. In fact, you cannot afford to be under oath, so sue away, your chest puffing makes you look like a peacock.

You've obstructed justice and your client/son is a predator and murderer. You have damaged yourself. Try taking your complaints off the island and you and your two-bit employer Juan Carlos won't be able to speak behind closed doors to the judge and he's not friends with the van der sloot.

But you know that already. Your huffing and puffing is for the people of Aruba and not the U.S.

Payback to the complicit dirty police, the ones who covered for you. Now you must cover for them and coming on looking for sympathy and instructing people to move on?

If you cared about clearing your son/client, why sue to prevent the FBI from having access?

We're not ready to move past questioning the van der sloot lie and why it was taken as a clue?

Move on past what exactly Dennis Jacobs did in the first 72 hours?

I don't think so.

Move on past questioning why the guards are still suspects? Because how did this evidence get here? How did evidence linking the guards to Natalee appear?

Where's the evidence that was used to arrest the Kalpoe's on premeditated murder and rape?

I'm sure Nellie's investigation will give us answers.

Nelson Oduber wants an investigation and then follows it up by telling us he's sick of the case. Nice ringing endorsement, yeah that will drive the issue. Can there be a weaker leader anywhere in the world? When you're the Prime Minister of a country getting a once in a millenium amount of attention, you're nowhere to be found? Ruben Trapenburg has gotten more air time.

Oduber's silence is almost as loud as the suspects, including the security guards.

Or do you really have that little power?

Like walking past that closet where all your shit is that you want to clean out but you can't. It's always in the corner of your eye.

How many times have we seen this?

It would have been so easy to pin this on the guards if only Beth had not butt in, right? A little forensics spread on the crime scene from the guards and a few cameras sprinkled here and there and Paul's golfing buddy judges would have sent them away, case closed.

And you blame the media for bringing this to your largest customer's attention?

But we have to move on, move on to shaming every American who would spend a dime in Aruba.

Shame them by warning them, if they don't demand justice for those around them, they will not be able to demand it for themselves.

Let the van der sloot sell Aruba. I'm pretty confident that even Bachus and Barbour will finally get it.

Aruba asked for it and they deserve it. Why do the van der sloots sound exactly like every other spokesperson from Aruba? Who's following whom?

The face of Aruba is Paul Van der sloot.

Who will apologize for the next victim?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Van der sloot says Prosecutor is a Liar

Paulus Van der sloot said "he would do anything to protect his son."

He lied.

He didn't include, except tell the truth. But telling the truth is not part of "doing anything."

Trotting out the wife, now there's a new strategy. Where have we seen this before? The governer of New Jersey had the wife at his side when he told the world he had a relationship with another guy, someone who used that relationship as currency to commit crimes. What was the purpose of having the wife there?

Is it an endorsement of something?

Gary Hart did it, and there's Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Clinton and on and on....

"I did not have sexual relations with that girl, miss holloway.." We've seen it before Paulus.

Your wife by your side doesn't lend credibility to your lie, only to your desperation to run and hide, behind a woman. They scare you don't they big guy? Now you're taking on an ex-colleague, Ms. Janssen.

She says, you told her, "no body, case." And it's her fault?

Your interview showed us that you can control your wife, that's all. Joran was the victim of a girl, Natalee. And you want us to believe you are the victim of Beth Twitty? And now your family is a victim of Karin Janssen?

Can't seem to grasp the manhood thing can you Paulus? The van der sloot men reduced to hiding behind Mommy.

You're getting just what you deserve. You're public castration very fitting.

No Van der sloot, no justice.

Check out the website www.arubassilence.com Aruba just doesn't want to talk about it.

Just what did you find on those rocks? And why was the security guards forensics there? Who put them there? The police are confused how they could still have a link to the security guards and why they're still suspects. Which evidence did you keep, Dennis? The manufactured ones against the security guards. How did their dna get on some of this stuff?

And just why was Janssen even speaking to Paulus, did she interrogate him or was it a personal conversation? Paulus confirmed directly to Janssen? What's that about?

SAVIDGE: What did the father do?

JANSSEN: Well, the father has spoken with those three suspects and he said he gave them some legal advice but I think the advices were going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance. And secondly, the father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran, the suspect—the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. And that is, well, I can say was an obstruction of the investigation.

Janssen said the elder van der Sloot gave his son and the Kalpoe brothers legal advice, telling them that “without a body there is no case.”

“HE CONFIRMED TO ME that he told them that a few days after she disappeared,” Janssen told the AP

Friday, February 03, 2006

Good Morning Aruba: Joran is a Murderer, Voluntarily

Aruba has finally told the van der sloot's "you got us into this mess, now you get us out."

Another coincidence that the van der sloots come on television just when the searches are about to begin? The last time we heard from the couple was right before Joran van der sloot, the last known and admitted person to see Natalee, was released.

The new spokesperson's for ArubaTruth, Paulus and Anita van der sloot.

Paulus went to court to keep out the FBI on behalf of the aruban police force and now he's out pitching his story for the prosecutor's office and the Tourism Board.

Something is about to happen in this case, there are no coincidences.

Why the interview now? And why did they make sure they said Natalee left voluntarily? Sounds like another defense, for something. A defense for charges of rape and kidnapping.

Yeah, sure. He "put her at the beach?" Fuck you.

Paulus is doing what he was hired to do by Aruba.

In 1991 Paulus van der sloot thought is was the time for a new job and he found one in aruba where he was appointed for five years as lawyer for the Aruban government.

The ministers were not impressed with his stance, "I always first try to find a compromise. By simply prosecuting nobody gets wiser."

This from an interview in Brabants Nieuwsblad.

Nobody gets wiser from a simple prosecution? Sure seems like the prosecutor, judge and the police have their script. They haven't prosecuted and there is no body. And no one is in custody. Now Paulus for the defense is saying Natalee left volutarily. To where Paulus, for what? Did she tell you in the letter she wrote you? Fuck you.

As Tim Miller said, "maybe we're getting too close."

But we have a body, Paulus van der sloot.

The Aruba syle scenario almost worked. I know I turned away from the story when I read and saw the arrest of the guards.

Then one day I heard about the son of a judge, a teenager. And luckily, at the same time Beth Twitty emerged.

Any doubt the delays are because the plea pargain script isn't working, nobody's buying it? Is this another trial balloon to see if anyone believes the lying murdering van der sloots?

Or are the delays time to wait until after the van der sloots have been compensated? They get their money, and after the fire at the van der sloot home they move off the island?

Hey Dad, can I have some money, I'm pimpin' tonight? If there ever was a time to kick your son's ass that would have been a good start. If a son isn't raised to either fear or respect his father he will fear nothing, respect nothing.

Paulus, did you ever kick Joran's ass? For anything? I mean the night after your son kills a girl, he's out again? Are you kidding me? You say he snuck out that night, but the next night he was out just as late, did he sneak out then too? Why does he roll with the Kalpoe's?

You didn't drop her on the beach Joran did you? That's the story you're dad, oh I mean lawyer, came up with. No chivalry in your lie, just an innocent boy and an american teenage girl who wanted it. What kind of sick mind would even sell that story? The first lie had more class, you dropped her off at the hotel. But no, you had to make up another one, denegrate a girl your son murdered.

Joran can't tell us what happened yet because his lawyer hasn't told him what happened. He couldn't tell the beach story first because it didn't happen.

What's the deal now between client and lawyer, father and son? I promise not to do it again?

Still hypnotized by the mantra of no body/no crime? Did you ever think about what that means? Is it really true? No body, no crime? If Natalee is never found that means there was no crime? Or is this phrase really meant for the judge in this case, a fallback position because simple prosecution makes no one wiser?

The cop who took the van der sloot lie as a clue, as truth, and went after the security guards didn't hamper the investigation, but Beth did?

Message to Aruba: The boycott hasn't even started yet. But it will, soon.

There is a body, it's Paulus Van der sloot.

No Van der sloot, no justice.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is Haley Barbour an %^&*&^%? Source Please?

What is a credible source anymore? If lying to authorities is permitted, journalistic ethics a groovy antiquated thing of the past. Should we bemoan this or celebrate it?

Somehow the old days of Walter Cronkite seem a little fascist and scary.

If Paulus van der sloot said "its raining outside," Aruba would break out the umbrellas. If Beth Twitty said "it's raining outside," Arubans are gonna get wet. If the NY Times says Haley Barbour is not an asshole, should we believe them? What's Jayson Blair's source?

The concept of sourcing is supposed to lend credibility to an individuals opinion.Why? It's probably based on someone else's opinion. What was the source of that source? Vanity Fair,Bon Dia or this blog. We root for our team regardless of facts. We want to believe, I'm picking the 49ers to win this sunday.

Can you even sit through a TV news program anymore? It's like having Gilbert Gottfried read the Riehl World View posts aloud to you. After a while you go insane.

That's why the guilty usually blame the media. It's when they report the truth about a person that the reaction says more than the story. The guilty deny and blame, deny and blame. It hurts when you touch an already sore spot and the new "ouch" is to blame the messenger.

Sometimes you can find facts by being wrong. There are those that feel obligated to point out errors in everything they see.

They can't help it, it's their compulsion.

So knowingly publishing something unconfirmed is bait to those people who love to point out even the most minute errors. Meanwhile they do the research and provide you with the very information you were looking for.

Age is also very noticeable even when hiding behind a screen name. Because the internet can expose generation gaps, the need to be right is a basic profiling technique. Until one matures to the point where being right is not important or defining of who they are, the anxiety is as clear as chewing bubble gum and twirling your finger through your hair.

When you're at an age where you are desperately struggling with an identity and spending your day toiling at school where right and wrong is the only way to measure yourself both regarding grades and social standing, it's intense.

Even the ability or inability to admit you're wrong says something about you, profiles you. How many generations have been told they must know the difference from right and wrong. Paulus, where were you?

The most common posters on this topic, sadly, don't have any information. Only, source please? You know, "innocent until proven guilty" or "alive until dead" or "water is wet."

Having names that are not real, or multiple names or avatars or monikers seems to be for the purpose to hide. But the opposite is true.

Who cares what someone's "real" identity is? These id's provide a way for people to actually communicate more truthfully and in the modern world of profiling, the words they use and how they use them are very revealing.

Teenage boys use monikers that make them like superheroes always trying to convey a sense of prowess. They use the word "big" before another name or Lord or God or King or Pimp. Teenage girls are prone to create waify cartoon character names, use smiley faces trying to be cute but the words are always a little rougher like street smart bad girls. They say, "get a life", "get a clue."

I mean look at the Pimps now? Do real pimps hide behind their daddies and mommies? That would be you Joran, Koen, Deepak and Satish.

In real life you're not Pimps, your Pimples.

Then there are the mother earth types who's names are meant to conjure up a giant spiritual hug, like a boy getting smooshed in grandma's enormous breasts.

What does it say about someone who google's their name? Most people have done it once or twice but what does it say about someone who does it multiple times a day?

On the internet, I'm a Southern California Mafia guy who was gunned down in the 60's.

So what does it mean when a blog posts a headline like "Rep. Bachus: Sphincter Boy" and gets hits from new countries, for the first time?

What kind of person google's "sphincter?" Obviously, Egyptians.

And if the title refers to Ms. Janssen's new book "My Vagina", why all the action from Japan?

Did you know that Jeff Lesker googles his name often? A tourism board lackey who is reading this right now because he google's his name. Hi Jeff? It's like yodeling from the top of a mountain: "Jeff, cawl me!"

And when you average a pretty consistent number of hits over a long period of time and post the name Gottenbos in the headline. What does it mean when the volume quadruples?

It could mean many things. If the volume from the Netherlands increases 20 fold it could mean it's a common name and people with that name google themselves often. But if the hits come from a place called the Hague and from different IP addresses, well there's alot of Gottenbos in the Hague who google their name or one guy with a serious amount of IP addresses and a big ego. Or it could be something else...

Is Julia Renfro the daughter of Phylis Diller? Source please?

And Haley Barbour, drag queens in Hollywood wear less makeup. This pompous ass sneezes and it's a powder bomb. Presidential aspirations? You can't help one of your constituents and you want to represent 300 million?

I heard you were an asshole, a big one, but I can't give you the source. It's a secret.

Aruba asks Beth to Wait Outside, Again.

Aruba has again stated that the attacks in the media by Beth Twitty are hurting the investigation and has asked for her to stop.

How? How could anything Beth has to say hurt the investigation? Are they so thin skinned, so weak that they actually expect anyone to believe there is a corrolation?

More of the "it's Beth's fault" bullshit. The only reason there is any activity in this case is exactly because Beth refuses to be silent. Don't stop the momentum.

Why not stop all tourists from coming to Aruba so the 14 investigators who are working around the clock can have some quiet time?

If the same energy was spent praising Aruba would they ask for that to stop too?

They are essentially telling Beth to shut up or else. Are they looking for another apology?

Please, John Kelly don't take this bait. The request alone in enough to pursue a boycott. Maybe they should think about what happened when Natalee said no.

Their misogyny knows no bounds.

Since John Kelly only met with Chief Dompig and Karin Janssen, what are they doing making this request? Self-esteem issues with the dirty police? John Pauly and Dennis Jacobs missing their Sumo classes?

This prosecutor has had the DNA samples of the suspects thrown out of court, failed to prevent Paulus van der sloot from remaining a suspect while the security guards are still suspects, failed to get a warrant to search the van der sloot property, failed to bring Koen Gottenbos in for questioning, failed to explain how a van der sloot lie was accepted as a clue and let's not forget her 2 week vacation 10 days before the suspects were released.

Gerold Dompig is now saying they have credible witnesses to search or re-search the sand dunes and the ocean? Which is it and how could any witness be that credible and be innocent?

After 8 months?

How many times are we going to go down this road? How many more rollercoasters will you ride, the ones that Steve Cohen said are out of operation? Didn't he say no more timelines after the December debacle?

Did we miss the fireworks?

Until Paulus van der sloot, Joran van der sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are handcuffed and in custody do not take the bullets out of your gun.

Dompig and Jannsen have not earned the right to ask you for this.