Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aruba Resolution: Shut Up!

Joe Tacopina and Michael Archer,

I've been calling the van der sloots murderers and rapists for years and I don't get a letter ordering me to shut up? zoltanzion

I'm insulted.

By continuing to focus on Paulus van der sloot and those who have an interest in having someone like you speak for them, I feel I deserve the pleasure of reading your toothless fascism.

Wait, where did I hear someone else use the words "shut up" to threaten anyone who wants to find Natalee Holloway?

Oh yeah, it was Nelson Oduber, the suddenly mute Prime Minister of Aruba when referring to Beth Holloways persistent inquires into what happened to her daughter at the hands of the van der sloots.


Michael Archer, stellar pick by Joey Tacopina. Was Ruben Trapenberg busy?

This Michael Archer looks like the black sheep of Steve Croes' family, and that's way out there.

I guess everyone has their price, but how deep Joe Tacopina must have bent over to display such shallow cruelty and misogyny must have a steep price.

At least I hope so.

I highly doubt that private funds are used for paying these kind of thugs. Micheal Archer? Is that even his real name? Is he a buffer for Joey, or as he would say "buffah" you greaseball?

You make goombah's look thtupid.

So it's Aruba's budget, controlled by the Prime Minister Nelson Oduber? The man with no tongue. I mean who would actually spend their own money on these guys?

Shut up? The van der sloots raped, murdered and disposed of Natalee Holloway.

You shut up.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Van der sloot Freak Show

There's no denying it, Paulus van der sloot for as long as he remains in Aruba, will define it.

A sick man without peer who actually believes in his own righteousness in doing what anyone would do, anything, to "protect" his son/himself. He's assuming the world is against me, victim mentality.

What's worse, that he can forget, like a politician, that "what they've been through" was caused by their own savagery?

Or, that, no crime is without it's enablers?

To confront these sick people, the van der sloots, and be overcome by apathy, the very emotion that enables the criminal mind, you know why the van der sloots remain free.

And the Aruba form of justice, the decisions come before the crime. "No body, no case."

And the Arubadirtypolice made it so.